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September 29, 2014

Did Obama and Abbas Share a Speech Scripter?

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Where it would be near impossible that both men had their United Nations speech written by the same person; though, it did appear that somebody inspired the crafting such that they each played their part in a well scripted production. What has to be incorporated into these considerations is the ugly little surprise Abbas plans on hatching with an important assist he choreographed with French President Hollande during his quick stopover in Paris. The plan is with the full backing from France, Abbas will petition the United Nations Security Council for a Chapter Seven Resolution fully enforceable demand for a solution of the Palestinian conflict with Israel within three years otherwise a preset settlement will be enforced by any means necessary. The borders for the enforced settlement will, of course, be drawn around the pre Six Day War 1949 Armistice Lines, also called the Green Line, which returns Israel to her once undefendable borders with Jerusalem divided granting the entire Old City with the Temple Mount and the Western Wall to the Palestinians. This is the plan that France’s François Hollande gave Mahmoud Abbas his full support and backing for introducing to the United Nations Security Council during the intense and heightened levels of activity which seem to occupy Turtle Bay towards the end of September every year with the opening of the United Nations General Circus Assembly and the parade of tin pot dictators and oligarchic monarchs to the podium to vilify and impugn the leaders of the democratic free world. This year appears to be shaping up as a banner year tipping the scales well into the territory of the absurd.

Mahmoud Abbas led off speaking before President Obama and set the stage with his usual bombastic rhetoric castigating Israel as the greatest of evil of nations unsurpassed through the annals of history; beyond the Mongol Hordes, beyond the excesses of the Roman Emperor Caligula and unequaled even by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. This coming from the man who arranged the financing, arranged the training and the overall coordination for the terrorist assault on the Munich Olympics where his trained and financed murderers enacted a grand spectacle before the cameras the world over which culminated in the slaughter of the Israeli Olympic team. During his speech, Mahmoud Abbas statements included accusing Israel of in this, “the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” of having, “chosen to make it a year of a new war of genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people.” He further accused Israel of “launching its war on Gaza, by which its jets and tanks brutally assassinated lives and devastated the homes, schools and dreams of thousands of Palestinian children, women and men and in reality destroying the remaining hopes for peace.” Further, Abbas reiterated his string of lies against Israel including mention of “the third war waged by the racist occupying State in five years against Gaza, this small, densely-populated and precious part of our country.” Never mind that this was the third war initiated by Hamas by raining rockets onto Israeli towns, cities and Kibbutzim after, this time around, having abducted three Israeli teens and having murdered them disposing of their bodies in a shallow grave, but why ruin such a perfect rendition of fictions regaling the majority of the assembled representatives from the least reputable nations in our world. Abbas further into his speech laid out the reasoning which was supposed to mitigate the violence and rioting perpetrated by the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria or the rock ambushing of Israeli drivers by Palestinians and other assaults on Jews within Jerusalem by excusing their actions claiming, “We must also assume that no one will wonder anymore why extremism is rising and why the culture of peace is losing ground and why the efforts to achieve it are collapsing.” His resolution is that Israelis are destroying any possibility for a peaceful resolution to the situation despite his having to refused numerous offers for a Palestinians state, one such refusal even managed to infuriate President Clinton who laid the blame for his not managing to resolve the Palestinian Israeli conflict at the feet of the Palestinians and Yasser Arafat, the man whose shoes it can honestly be said Abbas has filled with the sane tenacity demanding that the sole resolution he will ever accept must include the complete destruction and elimination of Israel. Abbas insisted that the Palestinian will “not for a moment … abandon our humanity, our values and our ethics … and we will maintain the traditions of our national struggle established by the Palestinian Fedayeen and to which we committed ourselves since the onset of the Palestinian revolution in early 1965.” This may have been his sole slip as his giving the year of the initiation of the Palestinian struggle to destroy Israel as 1965 reveals a simple fact, their struggle began at least two years before there was any occupied or contested territories as the Six Day War did not occur until 1967; so who and what exactly were his Palestinian Fedayeen fighting against and for what offense or reason in 1965? That leaves only one answer should one honestly evaluate this slip, they were fighting then for exactly the same ideal and result. They now continue their fight, the eradication of Israel. Abbas even sets the date where Israel presumably established their colonizing ways after responding to an attack by Syria and Egypt and pleaded with Jordan not to join the conflict which they ignored by attacking across central Jerusalem in the second day of the Six Day War just as Abbas stated, “Israel refuses to end its occupation of the State of Palestine since 1967.”

In his lengthy and slanderous conclusions did manage to hold some jewels of truth, except that they twisted the reality to fit his dreamscape of reality. He pontificated, “It is impossible, and I repeat – it is impossible – to return to the cycle of negotiations that failed to deal with the substance of the matter and the fundamental question.” I agree with this thus far as negotiating with Abbas can only result in one of two eventualities, the end of Israel or the end of any possibility for peace as Abbas will reject anything less than Israel’s demise and thus will once again miss every opportunity. Then he finally introduced the initial introduction of his demand which will be the main theme of his entire visit at the United Nations when he said, “there is no value in negotiations which are not linked to a firm timetable for the implementation of this goal. The time has come to end this settlement occupation” Then he laid out his claim that is coming for there to be international forces sent to impose his nightmarish solutions when he pleaded, “The people of Palestine are actually the ones who need immediate international protection.”

Skip forward and we arrive with President Obama at the podium. Perhaps there is nothing to the seeming continuity where President Obama appeared to be answering Abbas and his apparent wish for a solution to be imposed so that the final solution between the Palestinians and Israelis would not be dependent on negotiations and a mutually reached agreement. While there can be serious doubt as whether President Obama favors Islamic nations over non-Islamic nations, there is little debate discounting his apparent animosity for Israel and particularly its Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu. President Obama’s initial introductory lines as he approached direct commentary on the future he suspects concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were uncritical and neutral as he stated, “We recognize as well that leadership will be necessary to address the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. As bleak as the landscape appears, America will not give up on the pursuit of peace. Understand, the situation in Iraq and Syria and Libya should cure anybody of the illusion that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the main source of problems in the region. For far too long, that’s been used as an excuse to distract people from problems at home.” The rest of that section began to give a small hint that things were likely to get more critical as he added, “The violence engulfing the region today has made too many Israelis ready to abandon the hard work of peace. And that’s something worthy of reflection within Israel.”

The next sentence was when President Obama may have dropped the initial bombshell when he turned serious in his tone stating, “Because let’s be clear: The status quo in the West Bank and Gaza is not sustainable.” Then came the driving impetus which makes the situation untenable and in desperate need of a resolution as he stated the obvious, “We cannot afford to turn away from this effort – not when rockets are fired at innocent Israelis, or the lives of so many Palestinian children are taken from us in Gaza.” Then he left things hanging by stating a bromide which would leave most critics scratching their heads trying to figure out where he had intended to go as he concluded this section of his speech stating, “So long as I am President, we will stand up for the principle that Israelis, Palestinians, the region and the world will be more just and more safe with two states living side by side, in peace and security.” So, where was the rest of the bombshell, or did we simply miss something somewhere in the middle which held more meaning and gave a clearer picture and he simply disguised his intentions by suspending it in the middle of a lot of diplospeak?

Where this may be hyperbole and exaggeration or simply misreading President Obama or it might be the real meaning and definition of his intentions couched in an oblique set of references which might mean what I think it does. The two lines came separated as he paused seemingly as if passing from one paragraph to the next and waiting for the teleprompter to pass beyond a blank space in the text. Before the pause he critiqued Israelis claiming, “The violence engulfing the region today has made too many Israelis ready to abandon the hard work of peace.” Was this simply a reference to polling results he may have read where it stated that many Israelis were less than pleased that the recent conflict with Hamas ended before Hamas had been removed from Gaza and he interpreted the reaction of Israelis to this third conflict initiated by Hamas in the last five years and a feeling that to end these rocket attacks that Hamas would need be removed permanently to mean that Israelis desired a military resolution to the entire conflict or was it an accusation fired across the bow at Prime Minister Netanyahu and many of the leaders in the parties of the ruling coalition that they be more accommodating in order to allow negotiations to lead to a final solution and blaming Israel for the lack of peace, agreeing with the accusations made by Abbas? The next line was the pause before the storm, a throwaway line meant to place doubt if the previous line and the one following were part of the same thought and should be read together without this spacer where he added almost as a disarming giveaway, “And that’s something worthy of reflection within Israel.” Then followed the strong positing of what President Obama sees as necessary to end the seemingly never ending lack of progress stating plainly, “Because let’s be clear: The status quo in the West Bank and Gaza is not sustainable.” This echoes the statements made by Abbas in his speech where he exclaimed, “It is impossible, and I repeat – it is impossible – to return to the cycle of negotiations that failed to deal with the substance of the matter and the fundamental question. The people of Palestine are actually the ones who need immediate international protection.” Add this to the likely advice which President Obama is likely to get from the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power who stated clearly in an interview just over a decade ago that she would not be adverse to providing troops to enforce a peace and protect the Palestinians from any aggressions by the Israelis. This all might be the initial indications that even should the United States not support Mahmoud Abbas when he requests action by the Security Council in placing a deadline for an agreed peace otherwise a solution be imposed forcing Israel to surrender all claims beyond the Green Line and surrender much of Jerusalem to the Palestinians facing an international military force that the United States will also not use its veto to prevent such a vote from passing. With the French already supporting this proposal and neither Russia or China likely to veto any such motion, though Russia could surprise the world, that would leave the only chance to defeat such a proposal to the British as most of the rest of the nations currently serving on the Security Council would definitely see such a motion favorably. Perhaps the best hope is for Abbas to be spooked enough by his own doubts to decide not to take the risk and instead do as he has done in the past and simply settle for a General Assembly vote which carries no real weight but makes him appear to have made strides and might serve to aid him in any upcoming elections. The one truth known about Abbas is he fears falling from power almost as much as he fears having to preside over a real nation where instead of blaming Israel he actually has to deliver on providing water, electricity, trash removal and all the other banalities expected of governments.

One item always comes into focus and refuses to wane or fade into the background and instead claims to be important and necessary to point out once again. I try to minimize it by sweeping it aside with the thought that anyone who visits here has already heard of this fact and it simply demands attention for those first time or new readers; so I fear I must give in. This has to do with President Obama on his first inauguration day in January of 2009. After being sworn in (twice if you believe the going rumors), eventually the newly instated President Obama made it to the solitude and quiet of the Oval Office and sat down to make the customary calls to world leaders. The item of note is which world leader President Obama made his first official phone conversation with, and that turned out to be Mahmoud Abbas, President of a fan club more than of an actual State. Fortunately Mahmoud Abbas is no longer number one on President Obama’s speed dial; that honor now is bestowed on Turkey’s first elected President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Still, the prominence given Abbas initially has always weighed heavy and helped explain the disdain for Israel and Netanyahu shown by President Obama in his first term and with the two speeches this fear of their teaming up still is haunting from deep in the dark recesses of my thoughts.

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September 21, 2014

President Obama Dodging Middle East Fireballs

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There are three major items where President Obama had taken some of the responsibility for their resolution. There are the Gordian Knott known as the Israeli-Arab (Palestinian) Peace Process, there is ISIS which is beheading and crucifying victims right and left and threatening to expand their reign of terror across the Middle East and threaten to bring ruination to the shores of America and the Nuclear Negotiations with Iran to avoid a nuclear eruption in the Middle East. With such pressing and burdensome problems, one can only hope it has not put off his golf game, after all, a man has to have his priorities straight. The question which needs to be answered in each of these cases is what plan has President Obama put forth and what are the chances his plans have for success. President Obama may be batting better than one thinks, but that also depends on how the President is measuring success.

Taking the Israel-Arab (Palestinian) peace talks first. With the recent conflict initiated by Hamas against Israel out of Gaza the President actually received a saving present as nobody expected any talks or progress as long as the violence continued. We do not know for sure if the fighting is finished as Hamas has threatened numerous times to reinitiate rockets raining onto Israeli towns and cities if their demands for an unabridged and completely free of obstructions or inspections international airport and seaport and the removal of the Israeli arms embargo and the lifting of the Egyptian complete closure of their border including the Rafah crossings. Egypt has already refused to open the Rafah and other crossings between Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula as when it has allowed temporary passage in the past it almost always led to terrorist attacks on Egyptian position in Gaza or even in mainland Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who Egypt suspects are provided safe haven in Gaza and may actually have a secret base and training area within Gaza. Israel has gone so far as to agree to permit for a trial effort the supplying of Gaza with building provisions including dual use items which in the past Hamas had stolen in large quantities to build their bunkers and tunnels including tunnels into Israel for the purpose of kidnapping Israelis as well as to facilitate attacks on the communities and kibbutzim closes to Gaza. The main reason that Israel stepped up their search for the infiltration tunnels during the last conflict, Defensive Edge, was due to capturing plans which laid out the plans for a huge raid to take place this week during Rosh HaShana, Jewish New Year, replete with fake IDF uniforms and motorbikes in position in the tunnels ready for the assault. Their plans were to abduct tens if not hundreds of Israelis, soldiers and civilians, and then murder as many Israelis as possible even taking raids into central Israel Mumbai style. There is no way logically that anybody could pressure Israel to surrender any position and allow Hamas and Islamic Jihad open access to import whatever they desire, especially with Hamas main provider, Qatar, who just took delivery on their order for top of the line leading edge weapons of war such as Apache Attack Helicopters, Patriot Anti-missile Systems and Javelin anti-tank weapons systems, and in sufficient quantities such as to provide each citizen of Qatar just over $5,000 in weapons each. Their purchase came to $11 billion and one can only wonder what Qatar might be planning to do with all these weapons and why such a purchase coincides with Hamas insisting on two main demands, open borders through which they have unfettered import abilities including weapons one has to assume and the release of hundreds of terrorist prisoners in exchange for the remains of a pair of IDF soldiers. Is it just me or does demanding terrorist releases in exchange for the remains of two dead IDF soldiers sound a bit ghoulish? Peace, or at least a Hudna, has to be achieved before the Peace Process can be restarted and that will depend on the state of the ever so more quickly crumbling unity Palestinian government stands and if there will be elections, highly doubtful. The possibility of elections was one of the main reasons for the Hamas offensive, in order to give Hamas former Prime Minister Haniyeh a boost in the polls as he was lagging Abbas before the fifty day conflict, now polls have him holding almost a two to one advantage over Abbas. The other reason was possible orders from Iran to take the pressure and world’s attention off of their nuclear negotiations, which it definitely had done. President Obama pretty much dodged having the pressures of the peace process hanging over his head.

Taking ISIS next, here President Obama may have pulled a near perfect play with just the right spin and enough wiggle room and blame the Congress and Republicans that he will escape this problem smelling like a rose and unscathed without even pricking his finger on a rose thorn. President Obama gave a somewhat lackluster speech detailing in general terms his outline for initially containing and setting back ISIS on their swarming across Iraq and Syria followed by the United States providing necessary air support and tactical bombing of ISIS vital interests and supplies as well as using airstrikes to weaken ISIS abilities militarily by destroying their heavy equipment and tactical provisions. The President promised tactical assistance and left open the possibility for limited advisors but made clear that the United States was not going to provide the soldiers on the ground and that those who were threatened or may end up threatened would need to step up and do the groundwork, so to speak. President Obama was careful not to predict any resolution and especially a quick resolution or even turn of the situation from its current dangers and those results he placed squarely on the nations in the area to step up, take the lead and provide the resolve necessary to rid the Middle East of the threat from ISIS. The one area where President Obama may find difficulties down the road will come should any of the Syrian rebels who are cleared and vetted to receive aid from the United States should step up and replace ISIS as the next claimant to be the new Caliphate. I wish I had a dollar for every group whose leader thought himself worthy of leading the new Caliphate as the Caliph. President Obama also stated that all he could promise was that ISIS abilities would be degraded in the short term and that it would likely take time before any noticeable progress would be made. He stated clearly that the United States efforts alone will not resolve the ISIS situation and that a quick victory is not to be expected. He definitely made it clear that the fight with ISIS will not be an issue in this fall’s election and very well may still be undecided by the time the 2016 Presidential elections arrive and that would only be because the nations of the Middle East had not taken the initiative to resolve the problem. He will be doing exactly what he laid out and that would be it, the rest was up to those in the thick of things to take the offensive and resolve.

This is where the measure of President Obama’s efforts is dependent upon what it is President Obama intended to have for the outcome. The talks with Iran and the P5+1 (United States, Russia, China, Britain, France + Germany) have been progressing even slower than has the Iranian progress in producing nuclear weapons. The first thing any discussion of these negotiations must cover is the position of the members of P5+1. The easiest two are Russia and China as they really are not all that concerned should Iran become a nuclear power as they do not fear such as a threat to them or any of their allies. Russia has friendly relations, trading relations and is in negotiations to build five additional nuclear reactors within Iran and China is a major purchaser of Iranian oil and had friendly trade relations. Germany and France take an official position opposing Iran becoming a nuclear power and claims to enforce any embargoes and sanctions but had near immediate trade missions rushing to Iran as soon as some of the sanctions were eased up upon. Britain also takes a similar position as France and Germany but was somewhat more reserved about rushing into deals with Iran when the sanctions were eased. The United States is a bit more difficult to explain as it all depends upon which department and branch of the government you are referring to as to where they stand on Iran becoming a nuclear power. The State Department would be equally satisfied no matter which way the problem resolves. They have a fair number of highly placed individuals who believe that it would be only fair to have Iran become a nuclear power in order to be a balance against the Israeli nuclear arsenal. These same people would be simply fat and happy should every nation in the Middle East became a nuclear power balancing the Israeli power and they see no possible threat to world peace should such a scenario become realized. The Defense Department is against any nation having nuclear weapons outside the United States as such would make their jobs so much easier. The Congress has made their stance well known by their actions, though the two houses do not apparently agree, or at least do not act in harmony. The House of Representatives has passed numerous pieces of legislation demanding harsher sanctions be placed upon Iran and when the Administration eased some of the sanctions the House of Representatives went all out passing even stricter sanctions legislation for Iran sanctions. Fortunately for the President, the House of Representatives cannot force him to have to decide whether to sign or veto such legislation, at least not without the Senate also passing the legislation the House of Representatives passed. The Senate has yet to make their positions clear as the legislations from the House of Representatives never seem to find their way to the Senate floor for discussion. They do not even make it into committee for discussions and a vote. Actually, it is unknown what happens to these pieces of legislation once they are sent to the Senate, it is as if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid uses them to light cigars or something, but they appear to get lost somewhere in his office waiting for scheduling to appear on the docket for Senatorial considerations. I suspect that the Senate Majority Leader is acting as a shield for the White House and simply stonewalling the House of Representatives legislation on the Iranian nuclear sanctions.

That leaves the opinions of President Obama. Judging from what President Obama has stated on the record and in speeches and answering the Press, he is dead set against Iran ever developing nuclear weapons and is prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent such an eventuality. He has regularly stated in response to the possibility of using the military option to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb as stating that the military option “is on the table” and still a viable and available choice. Judging from what we have observed and input from several sources it appears safe to say that the military option is most definitely on the table and on the table is where it will remain as long as President Obama controls the table. It would be a good guess to say that everything that is on the table will remain there and that the negotiations will remain locked up with Iran slowly but surely diluting the sanctions and nobody taking step one to shore them up and keep what is left on the sanction in place. The most dependable action from the Administration has been the leaks at the most inopportune time when they will have the greatest effect in demolishing any plans Israel might be putting together to attack the Iranian nuclear program such that Israel is placed back at square one. This has included leaks of confidential information which Israel had provided willingly to what was perceived to be an ally and since the initial couple there has always been somewhere in the ruling coalition, even in the Security Cabinet, a mole feeding the American Administration any plans and other important items vis-à-vis the Iranian nuclear program and Israeli plans. Early on in Prime Minister Netanyahu current stint the leaks were provided, it is suspected, by then Minister of Defense Ehud Barak. Who is the responsible person currently is anybody’s guess. We have our favorites but without definitive proof it would be unwise to throw around loose accusations. From all appearances, President Obama is simply attempting to run out the clock with either proof of an Iranian nuclear devise being tested or, Heaven forbid, used proving beyond any doubt that Iran has become a nuclear power or until his term runs out and he can pass this problem to the next occupant of the White House. Another possibility is that it is known though not publicized that Iran has already joined the nuclear weapons possessing club and is making additional weapons as we speak and is simply carrying on with the negotiations so as to wait until the next President takes office and six months into power is faced with proof of an Iranian nuclear device. The probability that Iran has not already realized and made the necessary developmental requirements to produce almost any nuclear device from a simple atomic bomb to a complex Hydrogen miniaturized warhead that with selectable yields and multiple warhead design capable of delivering as many as eight warheads each individually guided to separate targets is highly likely. The only lacking item, if there is such, might be a missile system capable of reaching anywhere on the globe. That is the question, does Iran possess an ICBM capable of hitting the United States and anywhere else they may choose. Iran has placed satellites into low Earth orbit which implies they have such capability though guidance may leave something to be desired, but with such weapons accuracy is not as crucial to strike and damage targets such as cities. It will be interesting to find out how much President Obama knew and when he attained such knowledge on a number of different and disparate subjects but that will have to wait for history to reveal, I should live that long. Until then we can only assume and guess and then wait for the doubters’ scorn.

Beyond the Cusp

July 19, 2014

Israel Hamas War and Other News

Israel on Thursday began the ground operations which are intended to rout out all of the Hamas tunnels and underground facilities, bunkers, rocket launching positions, mortar emplacements, ammunition storage rooms, rocket and mortar round depots as well as their safe rooms that contain their living quarters while they launch rockets into Israel. This extensive network includes smuggling tunnels which lead into the Sinai Peninsula where they have a secondary use in attacking Egyptian military posts in support of the Muslim Brotherhood against the military government, and the infiltration tunnels which cross beneath the separation fence which is heavily guarded above ground by remote cameras in the numerous observation towers watched carefully by troops which largely are made up of the women of the IDF and these towers also have remotely controlled machineguns which are also controlled by these wonderful women. These infiltration tunnels have been found to reach as much as a mile or more into Israel. One was used this past week where the Hamas terrorists surfaced from their tunnel and readied for an assault when they realized they were spotted and the Israeli troops were waiting for them. They scurried back into their tunnel as it was struck and destroyed by an Israeli Air Force (IAF) strike. Here is the video which was released.


One final comment on the air battle between the IAF bombings and missile attacks against the rocket and mortar barrages by Hamas must be issued concerning the claims of Israel using disproportionate military might. Even if such were true, that is a desirable condition which usually leads to victory in short order. Simply ask the United States Marines who once they received their surge of additional manpower simply rolled through much of central Iraq using exponentially disproportionate force and the world somehow missed protesting that use of raw military might, and that is how it should be. The problem is that the numbers do not play out demonstrating a huge sizeable advantage in rounds delivered by the two sides. Yes, Israel did enjoy a slight edge and did get greater result for their efforts than did Hamas but that was not for lack of trying. The truth is that the ten days of fighting leading up to the ground war Israel delivered strikes on more than 2,000 targets in Gaza while Hamas launched over 1500 rockets and mortars at Israeli targets. The sole reason there was not massive loss of life in Israel was solely due to the miraculous efficiency of the Iron Dome system and the orderly manner in which Israeli took shelter when they heard the warning sirens. Had there not been Iron Dome batteries spread throughout Israel there would have been massive damage and carnage probably well beyond the casualties suffered by the people in Gaza whether aligned with a terror group or not. Now Israel is sending in her young troops to find the tunnels and destroy them, the networks of rooms and the stored arms within those tunnels. This method of going in with troops instead of simply bombing these sights into remission the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will meticulously scour every inch of Gaza seeking the entrance to the tunnels in order to destroy them and their contents with the minimal loss of life and property. If Israel had instead decided to simply use heavier penetrating bombs, she could have easily taken out the entirety of the underground systems but in the process have destroyed much of Gaza’s structures. That destruction would have included the main hospital as there is a rocket storage center underneath the hospital. That is exactly the scenario Israel often faces when fighting terrorists who will blatantly and cowardly use the women and children as their version of a bullet proof vest, and why not as even if he gets shot and the human shield is also shot the incident can be quickly converted from a terrorist shot despite his child human shield, all that is needed is to take the rifle and any munitions the terrorist was carrying and place them outside of the picture of what can now be sold as a poor Arab child and his father, big brother, or some form of relative to fit the narrative and pictures of the two will most certainly be plastered all throughout the world media taken as the gospel truth because why would Hamas need to lie about such things. Gullibility increases directly proportional to fit the individual or corporate bigotries, whatever those shall be. Meanwhile, without Iron Dome I would dare claim that Israel would have suffered far greater casualties and destruction during the first ten days, and the ground invasion on an enemy which has fortified every inch of the grounds to be covered. It would have been far more simple and antiseptic to have continued the bombing and obliterated whatever proved necessary in order to destroy the underground network which Hamas has built with much of it being built in the past year.


Malaysian Airlines has lost another jet passenger liner but this time the location and means of its destruction are known. Now all the inquiry which is bound to come is to discern which nation or group was responsible. The Boeing 777 was flying eastward returning to Malaysia from Amsterdam. Flight 17 had 280 passengers and 15 crew members who all perished in the downing of that civilian aircraft. As the plane was heading eastward, logic would dictate that the aircraft could be mistaken for any other plane but as it came out of Europe and crossed into the Ukraine from the east it would likely not be any threat assessed. Then, according to sources at the scene, the Malaysian fight had to cross into Russian airspace from the west which leaves the potential that it was mistaken by the radar operator or by the person who fired the anti-aircraft missile downing the aircraft. The Russians have ruled out their people from being responsible and the Ukrainian Leaders have done likewise which still leaves the separatists and Russian sympathizers as the most likely group. The reality concerning the downing of the aircraft may never be known as it will depend who finds the black boxes (they are actually a very bright orange) first and thus will control all reports on their contents. There is probably very little that would be pertinent as there would be no mention of anything strange until it was too late for anybody to say much of anything that these boxes could discern. We can only hope and pray that there is finality and proper blame assigned to those responsible for this reprehensible and unprovoked act of violence as well as our prayers of comfort for the families of those lost in this tragic act. All sides have announced intentions to cooperate with any inspectors. We will simply need to wait and see if this is true. One can only imagine the frustration and mixed emotions at the home base of Malaysian Air as this is the second plane they have lost almost back-to-back.


In Syria and Iraq there has seemingly been a news blackout since the start of the conflict between Hamas in Gaza and Israel. ISIS is still cleansing the lands it now controls of those who are deficient in their practice of their version of Sunni Islam. Not a Muslim and within the areas under ISIS control, get out before they find you as once they locate those who are not Muslim, a fate worse than death awaits in the form of a torturous and cruel death possibly by crucifixion. Yes, that is what I said, crucifixion, and there have already been reports of ISIS utilizing crucifixions as a punishment for crimes of religious impurity. In Syria Bashir al-Assad continues to punish anything living that does not wear a Syrian military uniform and the various rebel factions continue to occasionally fight the Syrian army and more often fight each other for supremacy from among the rebels and to prove who is the one that is the chosen of Allah, which really bodes poorly for the small band of secularists that remain from the initial revolt which they initiated and could have been aided and victorious if anybody had committed to a decisive action of arming them before the Jihadists took control of the civil war and made the conflict a war between Shiite and Sunni Islamic forces. The sole choice now in Syria is which oppressive leadership would you prefer, Sunni extremists or Alawite al-Assad backed by Shiite Iran or Shiite extremists, but I repeat myself. The horrific war in Syria has displaced millions of Syrian people and murdered thousands of innocent civilians as well as close to if not more than a thousand fighters on all sides. Perhaps the world’s media finds the Hamas against Israel a far easier dispute to follow as in Syria there are at least five or many more groups all fighting in multiple directions that it can be dizzying. There are the Syrian military, the Hezballah forces from Lebanon and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fighting on the side of al-Assad and they are well organized and are not infighting while there are the Al Nusra Front which is one of the Sunni Islamic groups, Free Syrian Army which is a predominantly Sunni group with some Christians and desires a secular state with a definite separation between religion and state, ISIS which is the fanatical Sunni extremists that even al-Qaeda shunned from their ranks due to their being too extreme for al-Qaeda, and there have been reports of some smaller militias some of which have banded together in order to prevent their being swallowed by the larger groups. Perhaps if I had to cover the Middle East I too would cherish covering anything other than what is happening in Syria, Iraq and even reaching into Iran.


Of course, we know that the conflict between the Ukraine and Putin’s Russia is alive and simmering as they just downed a passenger airliner as covered above. Japan is arming itself up to and possibly beyond the military force they possessed at the height of World War II. While this was completely against their Constitution in which after World War II the Japanese leadership and military generals demanded that a disarmament clause be included in the rules that General MacArthur was drafting for them. The Japanese actually debated and altered their restriction as they fear the hegemonic actions of China against them, the Philippines and any ships traversing the South China Sea all without so much as an excuse me from the United States. Simply put, Japan and the Philippines both feel betrayed. There is the evacuation by thousands of parents in Central and South American nations in revolt or under stifling governments sending, for the most part, just their children to the United states after hearing quotes of United States President Obama out of context implying intentionally to these desperate people that if their children can cross the border into the United States they will be permitted to remain. These ads are particularly deceitful and will cause ill will and great difficulties on all nations and individuals affected by this campaign. One might ponder whether the world could ever be in even more trouble and closer to the brink of dissolving into mass carnage. The answer might be yes, but I hope that such does not become our new reality, it’s distressing enough already.


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