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March 21, 2014

To Release or not to Release; the Terror Prisoner Conundrum

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Israel was coerced, pressured and hornswoggled into releasing one-hundred-four terrorist prisoners, most of whom were serving life sentences for multiple murders of Israelis either through their direct actions or as planners who sent numerous homicide-bombers into Israeli central bus stations, shops, malls, restaurants, wedding ceremonies, Bar Mitzvahs, Passover Seders and other places where large numbers could be murdered, simply as a bribe to get Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to agree to sit and talk for nine months without any guarantee of progress towards making an actual peace agreement. Even from the beginning of this round of the peace process there were comments from numerous Palestinian Authority spokespersons even including the actual negotiators who openly stated that they were not negotiating to reach any agreement but were only pretending to actually negotiate in order to attain the freedom for as many terrorists as possible before they would walk away from the table. The other running commentary came mostly from the mouth of Mahmoud Abbas also from the very beginning of the talks demanding that the Israelis also be forced to implement a building freeze despite turning down that choice in favor of the terror prisoners release over any other concessions from Israel. What is of further note is that this time, just as in every previous situation when the United States, the European Union, the United Nations or any other source decided to sponsor another round of peace talks, the only concessions demanded were forced from the Israelis and the Palestinians refused to agree to negotiations unless Israel met certain preconditions. Of real interest is that the Palestinians have never offered or been forced to make a single concession since the initial implementation of the Oslo Accords. The Palestinian Authority have yet to even meet the main demand they agreed to in the original agreement where they had promised to alter their charter by removing the demand to destroy Israel as the state for the Jewish People. To their credit, the Palestinian Authority did agree to appoint a committee to rewrite that section of their charter when the United States sent some monitors to assure that the agreement was fulfilled. They never did form that committee but the American observers left satisfied the demands to change certain parts of their charter would be met. So much for trust but verify. So, where do the current talks sit, one might ask.


The release of the one-hundred-four terrorist prisoners was arranged to be accomplished in four stages throughout the negotiations. Israel has released three sets with the last group to be released near the end of March. Each release has spawned great celebrations by the Palestinian Authority giving the released terrorists a heroes greeting. As a bonus for their terrorist acts the released terrorists were granted positions within the Palestinian Authority where those who committed the greater acts of terror receiving sentences over twenty years being rewarded with higher paying positions while all others receive a lesser amount. Some of the reports have put the salaries as high as $4,000 per month, a salary equal to a rank of general in the Palestinian Security Forces. The salaries are in addition to bonuses given to the released terrorists with some receiving as much as $50,000 while one terrorist, Issa Abed Raboo, will be receiving $60,000 as his bonus. Who says terrorism does not pay? These salaries are even higher than the amounts paid to the terrorists’ families and the terrorists while they were held in Israel. The Palestinian Authority is claimed to be paying as much as $46,000,000 in terrorist salaries to those in Israeli prisons this year alone.


For the past six weeks barely a day goes by without Mahmoud Abbas, one of the Palestinian negotiators or high level Palestinian Authority spokesperson demanding that the Palestinians walk away from the table as soon as Israel releases the final set of terrorists. Some even demand they end their ruse now and stop negotiations immediately. Such calls are always met with a reassuring and calm Abbas claiming the moderate mantle promising that the Palestinians will stay the course until every Palestinian terrorist has been released. Abbas freely states regularly that he is only waiting for the last group to be released unless the United States can force Israel to agree to release more terrorist prisoners including Marwan Barghouti and also implement a building freeze throughout Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, then he claims he will extend the negotiations for as long as the release of the additional terrorist prisoners are being freed. The Palestinians Authority has released numerous statements for their public to consume claiming that they have made a complete mockery and collapsed the idea of Israel imposing a life sentence for murdering Jews by forcing the terrorist releases. All of this does beg the question as to why would the Israelis release the last set of terrorist prisoners knowing that doing so will only result in the Palestinians walking out of the negotiations and there is no possibility of any gains to be made towards a real peace? The sole reason that might make sense is that should Israel withhold the final release, then the Palestinian Authority could leave the negotiations claiming that Israel refuses to take the necessary steps to reach a peace agreement. But is that reason enough?


Well, that is where everything really enters the theater of the absurd. As was hotly argued were comments, more like threats, made by United States Secretary of State Kerry aimed at Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israelis stating, “Failure of the talks will increase Israel’s isolation in the world. The alternative to getting back to the talks is a potential of chaos. I mean, does Israel want a third intifada?” Just this week a European Union delegation urged Israel to release the long term terror prisoners as doing so was essential to continuing the peace process and moving it forward. The head of the European Union delegation Emer Costello was quoted demanding, “We believe that the release of prisoners… is central to the peace process.” He also stated, “I think there is an acceptance on both sides, even with the members of the Knesset that we met (knew the) importance of the prisoner issue.” I would love to have the list of the Ministers of the Knesset with which the European Union met. I have a pretty good idea that almost none were from Likud, Jewish Home or even Tzipi Livni herself as she was quoted from her Facebook page clarifying that, “”In order to advance serious negotiations, we will all need to take decisions and prove we are determined to reach an agreement and real peace. That burden of proof is also on the Palestinians’ shoulders. Accordingly, we will examine the issue of the prisoners, meaning that the key to the cells of the Palestinian prisoners is also to be found in the hands of Abu Mazen (Abbas) and the decisions he will take in the coming days.” So, where does that leave Israel going forward?


The Israeli leadership will need to weigh what the repercussions would be if they refused to release the rest of the terror prisoners without an actual agreement signed and completed with the Palestinian Authority. Prime Minister Netanyahu might add to the offer the release of Marwan Barghouti and a number of other highly prized terrorist masters should an actual and lasting peace with Israel recognized in the agreement as the home for the Jewish People and an end to the claims of Palestinian refugees’ “right of return.” The result of such actions is easily predicted. Mahmoud Abbas backed by a chorus of other Palestinian Authority spokespeople and accompaniment by the United Nations, European Union, various European governments’ heads of state, Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama at a minimum all condemning Israel and expressing their full understanding for the implementation of a third intifada of terror and murder against Israel and demanding that all civilized nations place sanction on Israel immediately. Where this becomes completely ridiculous is that even should Israel release the last group of terrorists and the Palestinian Authority walk away from the talks the very next morning, within a week, ten days at most, I can predict what the world’s news reports and the entire gauntlet of above noted leaders will all be declaring; Israel destroyed any possibility for peace in the Middle East as they refused to release the remaining terrorists they have been holding in their prisons and insist on continuing to build more housing for Jews in the occupied territories. It is necessary that the world’s leaders take measures to implement policies that display their dissatisfaction and anger over Israeli reluctance to make the necessary compromises for peace. Mahmoud Abbas offers the best possibility for peace and the time is right that peace could be accomplished if only Israel would take the necessary steps. Abbas will meanwhile be complaining about how he was ready and willing to continue the negotiations if only Israel would be reasonable and meet their obligations for peace.


The claim we have heard from President Obama is that everybody knows what the formula is for peace and that is the 1967 Lines (actually the 1949 Armistice Lines) with mutually agreed land swaps (if permitted by the Palestinians) with the Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem (cutting the Israelis and all Jews from accessing the Kotel (Western Wall) and Temple Mount (the holiest place on Earth for Jews) and all of the Old City (the historical capital since King David declared Jerusalem as his capital in the tenth century BCE) and some consideration for the Palestinian refugees. Nobody seems to have any difficulty with this solution and think it reasonable. All one need do is remember back to just after the Six Day War when Israel has routed three Arab Armies which had massed on her border and waged war forcing Israel into a defensive war. The actual start to the war was forced by both Egyptian and Syrian troops massed on Israel’s northern and southern borders and all shipping through the Red Sea blockaded by Egypt which was casus belli thus the actual start to the state of war. Within hours of hostilities starting between Syria and Egypt against Israel and upon hearing the Egyptian and Syrian reports of their great and glorious ongoing victory and ignoring pleadings from Israel not to believe the lies, Jordan chose not to believe the Israelis and joined in what they expected would be the destruction of Israel. History recorded a nearly unimaginable victory with Israel routing the Egyptian armies, pushing back the Syrian armies and defeating the Jordanian army. Israel, when hostilities stopped at the insistence of the United Nations, Russia, United States, much of Europe and numerous Arab nations (funny how whenever Israel’s enemies are gaining on the field of battle there is silence but if Israel has the advantage the world screams STOP!) Israel held the Golan Heights, the Sinai Peninsula, Judea, Samaria, and all of Jerusalem (the West Bank). The agreement hammered out was United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (S/RES/ 242) passed on November 22, 1967 was very carefully crafted with great pains to use exact wording such that Israel was to return some, but not necessarily all or even near to all) the gained territories from her defensive war that had been imposed upon Israel. Technically, under International Law, since Israel was the victim of three aggressor nations, Israel did have the right to keep every inch of the lands she had gained. Of course, as has been proven repeatedly, when it comes to Israel the laws, international and otherwise, seem to never quite apply as they would with any other nation. Still, Israel was required to return parts of the land and retain those lands Israel determined were required to provide for safe and secure borders. Most of the world at that time presumed that Israel would likely return most of the Sinai Peninsula and retain the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza. So, what exactly was that solution that everybody knows is the necessary result of the negotiation between the Palestinians and Israel? When the United Nations passed their resolution there was no mention or even the inkling of an idea of a Palestinian people, let alone a nation of Palestine, there was Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Sure, there was the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which was formed in 1964, three full years before there was any “occupied lands”; I prefer, like many, to call them disputed lands. What was the purpose of the PLO? Their charter called for the eradication of Israel and the liberation of all the lands from the Jordanian border to the Mediterranean Sea, and that Jordanian border included half of Jerusalem and all of Judea and Samaria (West Bank). The PLO, and thus the so-called Palestinians, made absolutely no claims on Judea, Samaria or East Jerusalem and had stated that once they had liberated all of Israel they planned on joining it to Jordan, the actual and original Palestinian State. My how the world has twisted and contorted everything in the years since November 22, 1967. Those were simpler times when people spoke of such things as right and wrong and sometimes I wonder, when did everything run off the rails and become so twisted and the values we held disappear without even a trace of what we once held so dearly.


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February 14, 2014

The Real Story Behind the Offense at EU Parliament President Martin Schulz Speech

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European Union Parliament President Martin Schulz addressed the Knesset after having visited the Palestinian Authority leadership in Ramallah on Wednesday February 12, 2014 where he almost literally regurgitated word for word the absurd claims that the Israelis limit drastically the water Palestinian Arabs are permitted to use while providing unfettered access to abundant water to the Jews living beyond the Green Line often in neighborhoods adjacent to the thirsty water starved Palestinians. There were a number of Ministers of the Knesset that took such offense at these false claims berating their ears with insults that they walked out of the hall mid-speech. The majority of those walking out were members of Naftali Benet’s Jewish Home Party, a religious Zionist party. Later in the day the European Union released a statement to the press expressing their feelings of insult derived from the demonstration of Ministers walking out on Parliament President Schulz’s speech. Thus far, to the best of our knowledge, neither the European Union nor Mr. Schultz have apologized for their false accusations and speaking in such demeaning and harsh terms using slanted and erroneous information without vetting what they had been told simply accepting it as truth and beyond any suspicions that the Palestinians might have exaggerated or even, as in this case, spouted outright falsifications. We suspect that if the order of meetings had been reversed and Israeli leaders had told Mr. Schultz or any other European Union official a complaint depicting a situation where the Palestinians were favored and Israelis, especially Jews, were denied equality in treatment and privileges such as, for example, that Jews are often denied the right to visit the Temple Mount, are forbidden from praying or even appearing to pray, forbidden to carry religious or nationalist items, or are removed at the smallest complaint by any Palestinian while Palestinians are permitted completely unfettered access and often picnic, play soccer, attack Jews who visit which results in the Jews being removed and riot on an almost regular schedule as doing so leads the Temple Mount authorities banning Jews from visiting the Temple Mount for the rest of the day to as long as a week or even more. What are the odds that any European Union, Mr. Schultz included, would take this information and while addressing the Palestinian Parliament berate them for not allowing Jews equality and freedom of actions, access, and usage of the Temple Mount before they had checked and double checked the information? I would be surprised if they actually bothered to check the facts and even if they did and, as they would in this case, they were verified, they would likely just forget completely about it as soon as humanly possible as they are not the slightest interested in Israelis being treated unfairly, they only desire to berate and chastise Israelis for any perceived real or imagined evils, and mostly imagined.


There is an object lesson which gives some very deep insight to the whole situation which is making the negotiations between the Arab World and Israel thousands of degrees more difficult and probably makes peace impossible. Where many European Union and many of the European governments’ representatives will immediately believe virtually anything they hear which casts Israel in a bad light or depicts Israelis as evil, vindictive, viscous people who delight in making the lives of Palestinians as difficult as they are able. This is also true from the vast majority of European media and also can be said about virtually the entirety of the leftist politicians and many on the extreme right politically. With the vast spread of information which goes to any extreme to cast Israel in as poor a light as possible convicting them in the media without waiting for a verdict or the truth to be researched, it is not surprising that so many people hold extremely negative views of Israel and Israelis and when asked if they believe Israelis are guilty of being like the Nazis or are attempting to commit genocide against the Palestinians or are starving and denying medical aid from reaching the people in Gaza with their illegal embargo, they will immediately agree despite the truth being that none of those accusation holds one iota of validity.


Taking them in reverse order, the embargo Israel has imposed on Gaza prevents ships from docking in Gaza without being inspected for armaments, explosives and other tools and items usable in the commission of terrorist attacks only makes the ships unload at an Israeli port and after an inspection all the unsuspicious items are trucked across the border into Gaza often the next day. The United Nations has ruled on the Israeli blockade and found it to be lawful and being performed within all legal requirements. Further, the Egyptians not only also impose a similar embargo on their border with Gaza, they actually forbid more items than the Israelis and have often completely closed their border and in the past months the Egyptians have exploded hundreds of smuggling tunnels in order to deprive the Hamas and other terrorists from smuggling arms and terrorist personnel across the border. Egypt also has their own blockade against Gaza which mostly is applied in conjunction with the Israeli system as mostly the Egyptians prevent ships from sneaking in from the neighboring Egyptian controlled waters into Gaza underneath the Israeli patrolled areas. As far as the claim that the Israelis are carrying out genocide against the Palestinian population and have been doing so since the 1967 Six Day War runs into one small fact which throws the entire idea into disbelief; is it possible with Israel’s military capabilities that if they had been attempting to commit genocide and murder the entire Palestinian population in the disputed areas that there would be a single Palestinian still living in these areas, let alone their numbers more than tripling since the end of the Six Day War, if this were a valid claim? Needless to say one would have to believe that the Israeli military was the most inept in the world in order to believe that claim to be valid. Finally, to claim the Israelis are the new Nazis is the most insulting and vicious accusations and is usually claimed by people who are either horridly misinformed or are anti-Semites through and through. For a small dose of somebody who at first look would be considered to be antagonist towards Israel as she was raised in Lebanon falling victim as a child because of the horrific Lebanese Civil War, I would like to allow Bridgette Gabriel talk of her education that came as an indirect result of that Civil War which can be read here at Snopes which will save having to look for any verifications as Snopes is one of if not the best authorization fact-checkers on the internet.


Back to the claims that the Israelis are rationing water such that the Palestinians are going thirsty while Israelis are filling their swimming pools. There is not an iota of fact in the Palestinian claims in the story of depravity they wove for European Union Parliament President Martin Schulz claiming Palestinian Authority Arabs receives seventeen liters of water per day, as opposed to seventy liters consumed by the average Israeli. Truth is that the Palestinians have access to all of the same water availability as their Israeli neighbors. They are all part of the same water system in most of the disputed territories and where the Palestinians are on a different system, that system is controlled, managed, maintained and the complete responsibility of the Palestinian Authority and exists solely in Area A which is under total Palestinian Authority control. Citing reports from Israel water provider Mekorot and the Water Authority, Palestinian Authority cities consumed sixty cubic meters on average consumption by private residents annually, or 165 liters per day, while the average Israeli’s consumption is 183 liters per day. This is a far cry from the lies told to Mr. Schultz. But perhaps Mr. Schultz might be granted some leeway in hoping that the lesson he might have learned can be used to inform others that all the claims of either side need be verified before acting or speaking with untruths as one’s foundation.


Information and accusations can take the form of a five pound lump of clay on a potter’s wheel. Depending on the inspiration of the potter those five pounds of clay could become a tall eloquently curved vase, a wide and broad based bowl, a deep planter for a favorite plant or possibly the mold for a warrior’s helmet from which an army will be outfitted for battle, it all depends on the turns of the wheel and the motions of the guiding hands. That is the same with statistics and facts which can be massaged and slanted in order to make one’s point and prove their argument. Then when confronting the other side of the equation one will hear a whole new slant and massaging of the same numbers and facts leading to the opposite conclusion. What any presentation received, especially by those who report news and facts to the public or make policies and decisions which determine the actions of governments and other molders of the future, the information should be vetted and researched and inspected in order to draw one’s own conclusion. Even then one may make errors in judgment or miscalculate drawing erroneous conclusions even after doing their own research and checking the validity of what they have heard, but at least those are errors of the individual, not blindly repeating the slant allowing one side to decide your mind and set you then as their agent owned and completely compromised. Does anybody really feel more confident going through life allowing other people’s facts be their own or is it better to get your own facts and draw your own conclusions which makes your mind your own. Five pounds of clay being used to make one item over another is not as vital for the future than is five pounds of conclusions driven forward by unthinking drones who talk influenced by the last group to tweak their ear and fill their mouths with their lies, their view which becomes his whether it is true or not. You decide what you wish for your mind and reputation going forward and please check any facts given here as I would want nothing less.


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January 12, 2014

Eulogy for Former Prime Minister Ariel “Arik” Sharon

Ariel “Arik” Sharon was the man at the focal-point of Israeli history from the fight for independence and the founding of the State of Israel to her defender throughout her wars often serving as the mainstay against disastrous potentials turning them into miraculous victories. Unfortunately, Arik Sharon will be remembered enough for his shortcomings as he will for his laudable victories both on the field of battle and within government service in the Knesset and as Minister of Defense and Prime Minister. Israel’s enemies will forever point to the assault on the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in 1982 by Christian ‘Phalanges’ militias taking revenge for the assaults and murders of Christians by Palestinian terrorists. Arik Sharon was cleared of direct responsibility for these attacks but will always suffer from suspicions that he could have taken steps to either prevent or severely curtail the resulting slaughter. Arik Sharon will also be remembered by many ardent Zionists as the man behind the destructions of the Sinai settlements when Israel traded the entire Sinai Peninsula for a potentially worthless treaty which may result in not being worth the paper it is printed on as well as the driving force behind the most disastrous political decision made throughout Israeli history, the disengagement from the Gaza Strip which resulted in allowing a Hamas governed terrorist entity that trains and launches endless attacks on Israelis living in the southern half of the country.


Where these detractions from what would otherwise be one of the most laudable men in the modern history of Israel will forever be noted in the written history, for the period of mourning for a man who served the nation and her people to the best of his formidable ability we should forgive his transgressions and pay homage and give thanks for all that the man known as the Bulldozer gave selflessly to the absolute best of his abilities. As a military commander and soldier he never showed any sign of weakness or indecision. No task he was assigned was ever too difficult as he surmounted every challenge in his path by plowing straight ahead as a bulldozer smashing all in his path. Arik Sharon was not one to shrink from challenges and was ever the bold leader needed at some of the darkest times of great challenge from the fight for independence through facing the terror threats and assaults by foreign armies. When confusion ruled the day, Arik Sharon would point his troops in the direction of the threats and always gave the same order, go forward, straight to the goal and let nothing stand to deny you your victory, and that was exactly what the troops under his command would do, executing somewhat out of fear of falling short and having to face Sharon and explain as well as because they had been well trained and had the confidence in themselves and in General Sharon.


For the time being, let us all praise the greatness as a protector of Eretz Yisroel and her people that was Arik Sharon and put aside any differences we may have had with the man who Israel could always rely upon on the field of battle. Admire a commander of troops for whom retreat was simply not moving forward as rapidly as he would have liked but never would it mean giving lands needing to pay for that same piece of ground twice. We should honor the man for whom everything could be settled with a good dose of boldness and determination, a trait he exalted on the battlefield and also brought to politics. It can be said simply that Arik Sharon did not take prisoners and could always be depended upon to advance never resting on his laurels. Let us remember Arik Sharon as a man of action who after a long service where remaining complacent was never a consideration faded slowly away allowing time for a nation to carefully consider his merits and deficiencies and hopefully the vast majority will side that Arik Sharon was a laudable man of convictions and proud in service of his country and its people. Eretz Yisroel owes him thanks for honest service in deed and thought, may he be accepted with grace, blessings, and Psalms of appreciation in Heaven.


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