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July 24, 2014

Stop Telling Us We Cannot Pay the Price

There is a multi-front assault against the Israeli operation Defensive Shield predominantly by the administration of United States President Barack Obama which is being fully supported by the European Union and the majority of European governments and the United Nations with a large supportive roll being gleefully executed by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and her organization, sent to occupy the front lines and press Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government to make the concessions demanded by Hamas just so the Israeli military actions in Gaza can be brought to an end and peace and quiet be restored to the areas and residents of Gaza. There are no demands for Hamas in Gaza to stop their attempts to infiltrate Israel through their remaining tunnels yet to be located and destroyed in order to execute mass assault of the Israeli communities the tunnels are designed to reach and attempt to kill large numbers and abduct others to hold as they did with IDF soldier Gilad Shalit pressing to trade them for the release of terrorists from Israeli prisons. These efforts are being further supported by the world’s mainstream media new sources which have stressed the numbers of Gazan casualties intimating that virtually every Gazan casualty was an innocent civilian noncombatant while stressing each and every IDF casualty interviewing those close to the soldier and others until they have sufficient Israelis they can quote claiming that Israel must cease all military actions as they have no hope to accomplish anything further and any additional casualties will all be in vain. Then there is the economic assault being perpetrated by the United States Federal Aviation Administration, a government agency which controls the entirety of the United States air carriers’ fleets, who suspended all American flights into Israel and Ben Gurion International Airport which was copied by the European airlines. Such a suspension will do far more than prevent tourism or travel plans by business people into or out of Israel by restricting the numbers of flights available because these actions has resulted in grossly restricting available flights. This ban also prevents any commercial shipments using United States or European air carriers such as Fed Ex, UPS, DHL and numerous other air freight carriers which will completely stifle and smother access to international trade by Israeli companies. Yet, almost within hours of the FAA ban on air travel into or out of Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry flew straight from Cairo into Ben Gurion International Airport in complete defiance of his own government’s ban, imagine that. Just to add to the dangerous activity engaged by Secretary of State John Kerry, he flew in on a standard executive version of a Boeing 757 airliner, not a military aircraft with defensive capabilities not found on standard airliners; it was just a nicely appointed 757 with really nice seats, and office, a bedroom and other niceties but no additional military capabilities.


The International press is also pressing every single defeatist quote they can find in their numerous interviews even if they had to ask leading questions in order to find the quote they desired. They exaggerate the demands that Israel must pull all IDF soldiers out of Gaza and deploy them within Israel and have them provide defensive functions as there will be no gains from their continued deployments within Gaza. There have been reports which make the claim that all of the Hamas tunnels have been located and destroyed. Such reports have appeared every day in one mainstream media report or another for the past week and will likely continue to appear until they can claim they got it correct. The fact that the IDF has found additional tunnels every single day and possibly every couple of hours has not dulled the mainstream media’s insatiable desire to continue the lie that there is nothing else left for the IDF to accomplish so they may as well be brought back to safety as any additional deaths will be unproductive. The overriding story is a constant beating of the further IDF operations inside Gaza against Hamas are endangering lives needlessly drums to deafening levels. That is why every mention of the death toll in Gaza makes no reference to the numbers of dead who are Hamas combatants and the mainstream media simply implies that every death is a civilian death. There is a tactic which is known well by the members of the mainstream media used by Hamas as well as numerous other terrorist entities almost in coordination with the media who accommodate this deceit by waiting for approval to photograph an area after a strike until the terrorist leadership in the area grants them their approval. The delay is used in order to transform the Hamas combatants into innocent civilians by a complex series of steps, they first remove any weapons from the dead combatant and remove any ammunition and grenades and remove rocket launchers from the area as well as anything else which might denote the corpse as belonging to a Hamas member and then presto-chango, instant civilian casualty. Israel has confirmed that at the very least they have killed approaching, if not surpassed, three-hundred Hamas and Islamic Jihad combatants but the media would never take IDF assurances as worth any credibility though Hamas press releases are sworn by as being from unimpeachable sources of the highest quality.


The next few days will have coverage of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and United States Secretary of State John Kerry releasing sound bites to the media about their hopes and beliefs that the Israelis will soon heed the calls from the world to end the needless carnage in Gaza and quiet may soon be reestablished in Gaza. There will likely be little commentary whether or not there will be quiet in Israel or if the rockets will continue to rain on civilian areas within Israel. Hamas has made it more than obvious that they will never accept any Egyptian brokered peace initiative and their obstinacy has been strongly reinforced by having meetings between United Nations and United States personnel with representatives of the governments of Turkey and Qatar and initiated further coordination in efforts to forge an initiative which might be more presentable and acceptable to Hamas. When one considers the statements made in recent days as well as over the past years by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan denouncing and demonizing Israel and insulting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as well as other Israeli officials including Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and even Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, it is not surprising that the Turkish leadership would be completely supportive of Hamas. Their unrivaled support for Hamas is in complete agreement with their disintegrating relations with Egypt since the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood supported President Morsi and his replacement with former Egyptian Military Head General Sisi. Prime Minister Erdogan’s support for Sunni Islamist extremist militant groups even extends to his open support for ISIS. Also, Qatar has been Hamas’s most prolific and generous financial backer since their falling out with Iran over Hamas supporting the Sunni rebels against Syrian leader Bashir al-Assad. It was a twenty-million dollar donation from Qatar which United Nations Middle East Envoy Robert Serry attempted to have transferred to Hamas during the search for the three Hamas abducted Israeli teens where he first requesting that Mahmoud Abbas handle the transactions and after being refused approached Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to make the transfer. This led to Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman to demand his eviction. Why the United States and United Nations are both rebuking the Egyptian efforts to mediate a ceasefire and instead seeking to facilitate either a Turkish or Qatari mediation escapes credulity unless one is to believe that both entities desire to place Israel in the worst and most compromised position possible and are seeking as pro-Hamas an agreement as can be presented to give their full backing and force upon Prime Minister Netanyahu. This also makes the actions by the FAA to suspend flights appear more as a shot across Israel’s bow than a necessary actions for the protection of the airlines. If the airlines believed there exists a serious and present danger to their aircraft, pilots, passengers and other personnel, they would not wait for any memo or announcement from the FAA, they would cancel the flights on their own volition. The only reason that an FAA order was issued was because the airline companies probably refused an advisory notice that continuing flights into Ben Gurion International Airport was no longer safe and should be suspended and that forced the administration’s hand and the ban was then issued taking the decision out of the airline company official’s hands. Just a point of information, Ben Gurion has an Iron Dome battery placed specifically to protect it from any missile attacks and the closest any Hamas rocket has struck was over a mile from the airport presenting no danger to approaching or leaving flights but did destroy an Israeli family’s home. This was the validating reason the FAA gave that flights to and from Israel were unsafe. Proof this move was an economic threat was the additional demand that the airline companies remove all their aircraft from Ben Gurion International Airport and fly them elsewhere devoid of passengers or cargos. This will cause the restitution of flights to take at least one additional day as the aircraft will need to be restationed inside Israel.


Between the media going to great lengths to write up the story that Israelis are tired of the death and destruction and that the deaths of soldiers are mounting to heights that have sapped the will of a nation to continue the fight are false and a disgusting attempt to poison the waters. The dispatch of Secretary of State Kerry when neither side requested his assistance is another affront which signifies that President Obama believes that this just might be the conflict where he can appear Presidential and win a victory even if it is at the cost of Israel’s future and the possibility for Israel to clean out the rats nest which is Gaza. There has been an eerie silence about the disposition of the rockets found stored at two separate United Nations Relief Workers Agency (UNRWA) schools which UNRWA officials arranged to have them removed by Hamas refusing Israeli requests simply for photographs as proof of the find. There has been no explanation why the request by a member state of the United Nations, Israel, was refused yet a recognized terrorist group even by the United Nations standards was given these rockets which were illegally stored in a United Nations facility. The world media and governments simply accepted such as business as usual. It is the accumulation of so many things as business as usual and virtually all of such events favoring Hamas over Israel which leads to suspicions that perhaps it really is Hamas with the cooperation, support, backing and blessings of the world governments and agencies against Israel. Yes, President Barack Obama has stated that the United States stands behind Israel in her right to defend themselves, but he also promised that the Americans under his healthcare initiative would save two-thousand-five-hundred dollars, be able to keep their own doctor if they liked them, keep their health insurance plan if they desired, and that after every scandal just read or heard it when everybody else did on the news, so somehow I will take his actions to speak louder than his words. His reliance on Turkey and Qatar, two nations supporting Hamas and antagonistic to Israel as proof of where his intentions and emotions lie. The backing of such by the United Nations and European Union do not make such decisions any more palatable. Israel needs to decide exactly what it is they require and feel is necessitated and then work towards that end regardless of whether or not Europe or the United States desire different. Let the news stories and the full court press by those less interested in the lives and future of Israelis and their country than they are with the survivability of Hamas and Islamic Jihad scream, pound their fists, stomp their feet and call Israel whatever names that intimate her being an out of control obsessive aggressive nation and yell it from the highest mountains and have it plastered across page one of media outlets the world across including even in Israel with thanks to Haaretz. We know what is necessary and what must be accomplished in order to make our little sliver of land safe and allow many of the children who have spent much of their lives living in fear and not playing outside without one eye on the closest shelter finally only have to worry about the weather and the rain falling onto their little heads be soft water and not steeled projectiles. Perhaps this is a little harsh, but perhaps Israel should send Secretaries Kerry and Ki-Moon back to their offices in the United States and tell them that this time, we will call them and do not call on us before then, thank you. This time the Hamas rockets are able to threaten and strike virtually every inch of Israel and if there were to be another time these rockets would become larger guided missiles with who knows what capabilities including chemical agent delivery which is the reason there cannot be a next time. This is a war for the life of Israel and we must fight it as such and everybody else may scream themselves hoarse, we are not listening and frankly only care about securing our future. Were your nation under the same threats you would act exactly as we must now act, so do not bother to condemn Israel for choosing life, we meant Never Again and continue to mean Never Again.


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June 18, 2014

The Terror Plagued Planet Earth

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Recent news has displayed a planet gone mad with terrorist threats spanning wide areas and multiple continents with varying levels of violence and horrors. Across Europe there have been attacks on Jewish targets including assaults on a Jewish school where three young children and the Rabbi father of two of the children in Toulouse, France; a bombing assault upon a tour bus outside the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria; an attack on a Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium; and during the revolutionary period of unrest in the Ukraine there were numerous reports of attacks on Jews and Jewish targets such as synagogues. While these attacks were the most news worthy, there has also been a steadily increasing amount of both reported and unreported anti-Semitic attitudes and resulting actions many of which have not risen to the point of being reported other than be polls and studies which have reported these general increases across Europe and the entire globe. On another front in Europe have been the reports of governmental concerns over the increasing numbers of youths who have answered the call to arms in Syria and the serious repercussions which their return may present to these nations and their public order. But Europe is far from alone in feeling the repercussions of terrorism which are spreading across every continent.


Africa has been the place of many serious terrorist developments, most of which have not received much in depth or even mention in Western news programs. There are daily clashes in Somalia as the numerous militaristic leaders test their neighbors and defend their areas and keep their own kind of vigilante justice. There was the vicious military style attack in Nairobi, Kenya where shoppers were quizzed on Muslim prayers and Quran quotations murdering those who failed their tests. The violence between northern and southern Sudan continues despite the attempts to separate the two areas by recognizing that southern Sudan as its own separate nation. There has also been the terror across Nigeria committed by Boko Haram which recently broke into the news cycle with the abduction of over two hundred girls from a school. This large kidnapping of the school girls was simply one of a string of such crimes of varying lesser abductions. These abductions by Boko Haram are part of another source of terrorism which is the source of much of the problems in Africa, namely the struggle between Christianity and Islam for preeminence with the greatest areas of violence being in regions which are being contested between the two religions.


The strongest area of terrorism and Islamic violence is obviously in the Middle East, North Africa and the Asian areas neighboring the Middle East. The current news has covered the onslaught by the terrorist group ISIS, which was rejected and expelled from membership by al-Qaeda over their overt and extreme violence, has assaulted all of the nation of Iraq which is outside the control of the Kurdish northern enclave currently closing in on the capital city of Baghdad. The onslaught by ISIS which had been fighting largely in Syria turned their attentions and struck into Iraq. Some have claimed the reasons that ISIS has attacked Iraq are due to the transference of supplies, fighters and other support for the forces defending Bashir al-Assad in Syria across Iraq from Iran with the cooperation of the Iraqi government. There has been a steady and destructive level of terrorism resultant from the Arab Spring which has actually resulted in a trail of violent events which have turned this wave of change into something more resembling an Arab Winter as we anticipated when the initial flare-up struck in Tunisia and spread to Egypt. This has resulted in spawning extreme cases of violence not only in Tunisia but also in Egypt as governments were overturned in successive years with Mubarak being deposed followed by his replacement backed by the Muslim Brotherhood being ousted by a military coup one year after being elected. Egypt has suffered far less violence than has Libya which has a weak government which replaced ousted dictator Gadhafi. There has also been a steady level of violence in Yemen with much of the violence a result of al-Qaeda fighters against the government. There is the violence against the government supported by the United States and their allies by the Taliban both within Afghanistan and also out of the tribal areas of Pakistan.


In the Far East of Asia there are areas of violent terrorism with the most prevalent areas are the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Also originating in Pakistan was the horrific attack which lasted three days on the neighboring nation of India’s city of Mumbai. Then there has been terrorist violence from Chechnya and Russia and terrorist against China originating in the northwestern province of Xinjiang, both of which go mostly unreported. Across the Americas the frequency of terrorist attacks are less reported, or should we say less identified. To this day the government of Argentina is still attempting to find and arrest the perpetrators of the two assaults on Buenos Aires where within a couple of years the Israeli Embassy was bombed on March 17, 1992, where twenty-nine were murdered and another two-hundred-fifty were injured; and the bombing of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) Jewish Community Center on July 18, 1994, in which eighty-seven people were killed and over a hundred people were injured. Both terror attacks are still being investigated with strong evidence that the bombing of the AIMA Center was committed by high level persons coordinating the efforts from out of Iran. There is also a terrorist stronghold located in a town in an area referred to as the Tri Border Area where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay borders meet. It is reported that this area is a hub for activities of organized crime groups, terrorist groups, and narcotics traffickers who operate beyond the reach or interventions by law enforcement officers. The largest city controlled by these lawless forces is Ciudad del Este. There are reports that Mexico has become another place which has areas in which terrorists are harbored by drug cartels and that these groups share capabilities, training, resources, smuggling routes into the United States and terror tactics designed to minimize opposition by the utilization of terrorist acts and other means of intimidation.


Still, the nation which has suffered the most from terrorist violence has been Israel. Even if one counted all of the terrorist strikes within the United States which were attributed to other reasons, still Israel has a more frequent and violent record. This does not mean that there have been no terrorist attacks which were either initially or still had not been identified as terrorism such as the Trolley Square Mall shooting from February 12, 2007, where five innocents were murdered by Sulejman Talović and was initially not classified as a case of terrorism despite reports that the shooter continued to shout, “Allahu Akbar” as he continued to shoot people. Then there was the attack which, while not actually being the first modern age terrorist strike, were the first universally accepted and heavily witnessed terrorist attacks on the multiple targets on September 11, 2001. This one assault with multiple targets including both towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and an unknown target likely in the nation’s capital of Washington DC but was forced down by a passenger assault on the cockpit crashing the plane in southwestern Pennsylvania. Another reported terrorist attack was the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013, which murdered three and caused various injuries to at least two-hundred-sixty-four innocent victims whose only act was to remain at the finish line awaiting friends or family to finish the race. There was the assault by Nidal Malik Hasan on November 5, 2009, at the Soldier Readiness Center of Fort Hood in Texas shooting murdering thirteen people and wounding twenty-nine other innocents while also shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” Despite all evidence this terrorist crime was and still is referred to as a case of workplace violence and there is no official mention of terrorism. One of, if not, the earliest terrorist attack in modern era America was the assassination of Robert Kennedy on June 5, 1968, in Los Angeles, California by Sirhan Sirhan, who was born in Jerusalem who during questioning revealed his motivations stating, “My only connection with Robert Kennedy was his sole support of Israel and his deliberate attempt to send those fifty bombers to Israel to obviously do harm to the Palestinians.”


Israel has been the target of terrorist activities even back before the Jewish State was even in existence. One of the major such terrorist attacks was the Hevron rioting on August 29, 1929, where sixty-seven Jews and nine Arabs were killed. Among the deceased were twelve women and three children under the age of five. After the terrorist rioting was finally subdued by British soldiers, the British forcefully removed all the Jewish residents of Hevron as a move to prevent further violence. There has been near constant terrorist attacks from the very day on which the nation’s independence was announced and made formal to the current time. The most recent and still continuing terrorist act is the kidnapping of three innocent teens. The three teens’ names are Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel. Between these pair of attacks there have been nearly countless attacks so many that even some news media within Israel have pretty much stopped covering many of the terror attacks which through repetition have become less than news worthy. This includes the thousands of rockets, missiles, mortars and anti-tank rounds that have been fired into Israel with designs of murdering innocent civilians. The abduction of these three youths has infuriated much of the nation and nearly all Israelis have joined in prayers for the safe return of these poor victims who were innocent despite what some have claimed. Both CNN and BBC when reporting the abductions actually placed the word “kidnapping” within quotes. The subject has received even less coverage from many Western news sources mainly because they all made guidelines ages ago. Most people around the globe have seldom heard coverage, not to mention in depth analysis, into the rockets which often rain down onto southern Israel from Hamas controlled Gaza. The question currently heard in Israeli society is centered on the kidnapping and what should the response be if their worst fears are true. Many people are holding to hope which becomes more and more difficult as each day passes with no demand or claim of responsibility for this heinous event. Hope is the main emotion but what will that hope give way towards if we find the three missing youths bodies? What is the appropriate response to a people who would revel in the abducting of three teenage boys and further, what to do should they continue the dancing while handing out candies and sweet cakes to those who pass by? That question is an important one which will be impossible to determine, or even to have polled as many have not permitted their emotions to go far enough to reach any conclusion. All that is being pursued by much of Israeli society consists of prayers and attempted mutual comforting, all in the hope that their prayers will suffice. The question over what actions should be taken should the perpetrators of this horrid act be caught is currently a place nobody desires to go. Going into that area is beyond anyone’s desires; all they wish is for the safety of the abducted youth.


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June 15, 2014

Kidnapped Israeli Teens Still Missing

As of the writing of this article the three young teens are still missing and presumed abducted. We finally know the names allowing us to humanize these latest young and innocent victims of terrorism. They are Gil-ad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach; one of which has citizenship in the United States. Two of the students are enrolled with the Makor Chaim Yeshiva while the third is enrolled at the Shavey Hevron Yeshiva. This was a case where the IDF and Shin Bet were unable to decipher and gather together the million bits of data, surveillance and other intelligence information in order to prevent this tragic crime which has an entire nation in shock but still mobilized with millions gathering together in prayer in every corner and across the small width and entire length hoping that their actions can reach the heavens and move the earth and bring back these sons. According to an IDF Spokesperson said that since 2013, over sixty-four kidnapping attempts have been prevented by Israeli forces, but, as has been said repeatedly in our age, we only have to fail once and the terrorists win once and all out past successes become meaningless and all that matters is how did we miss the big one. The truth is that any successful terrorist strike, be it a kidnapping as we are living through in the immediate, be it a suicide bombing, be it a truck bomb, a bombed bus, a plane hijacking, or something beyond our ability to imagine just yesterday, the government and law enforcement are expected to prevent every last attack attempt. There will be weeks of second guessing in this instance as well, no matter the turnout. Already the first inklings of finger pointing have begun with reports that an initial phone call had been received around 10:25 PM where a youth’s voice whispered, “We’ve been abducted! We are being kidnapped,” and lasted approximately two minutes with noises in the background. The initial response to the call was that it was probably another of the numerous false alarms received regularly by police crisis or hotlines from Arabs who often attempt to overload these lines and the police with such calls hoping to overwhelm their systems. It took the brother of one of the abducted teens arriving at the station reporting his brother and friends missing to make the police aware that the call had been real.


Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that it is suspected with relative certainty that the abduction was the work of Hamas. He added that the Israeli government holds Mahmoud Abbas personally responsible for the wellbeing and safety of the three young men and their return to their families without unnecessary delays. Since Abbas just incorporated Hamas into the Palestinian governance and extended free movement within Judea and Samaria (West Bank) that this makes Abbas equally culpable as are the Hamas leadership and the actual abductors. There has been one piece of propaganda from the Palestinians which would be absolutely laughable if not for the fact that a large percentage of the world will believe it buying the fallacy swallowing it hook, line and sinker. Their contemptible deceit was that there was absolutely no possibility that any Palestinian could have played any part of the kidnapping as the teens were taken from within an area under Israeli governance and security and any Palestinian abduction could only occur if the Jewish teens were within Palestinian governed and security areas. The implication which they are attempting to sell is that because the world believes that Israel is an Apartheid state that the Palestinians are not permitted to enter the Israeli areas but the Jews have complete freedom of movement within all areas including those under Palestinian rule. Well, their claims could not be any further from the truth as I will fully exhibit shortly. The reality is that there are Palestinians who currently live within the Israeli governed and under Israeli security areas and work within Israel next to Israeli Jews, Israeli Christians, Israeli Arabs, Israeli Muslims, and Israelis of numerous other religions who reside within the Israeli controlled areas. On the other hand, no Jew is permitted to enter the Palestinian controlled areas and should any Jew wander into those areas their lives are very likely endangered and quite likely forfeit unless security personnel are able to return them to the Israeli controlled areas before the mob is able to corner them. The truth of the situation was made undeniably evident when two reservists made a wrong turn and ended driving into Ramallah before being stopped. They were arrested by Palestinian security personnel and placed in the station’s holding cell in the hopes that they would be able to return them before their fellow Palestinians citizens discovered their presence. That was not the result as the citizens of Ramallah found out and word spread rapidly and a crown gathered and grew demanding for the two Israelis to be turned over to them for their own satisfaction and revenge. These young reservists had done nothing to anybody but were being sentenced to death by a mob, a lynch mob. With the crowd having grown in size, the Palestinian police deserted their posts escaping out the back door of the station leaving the keys to the cell holding the two reservists on the desk in the office. The mob gained entrance to the station and tore the two Israeli apart with their bare hands while placing calls to the people, including their wives, allowing them to hear the dying screams of the victims of the mob’s rage. There was a picture taken of a Palestinian youth leaning out a window near where the holding cells were located with his hands stained with the Israeli’s blood while the crowd below hollered and yelled their exuberance and approval of the carnage. A graphic photograph exists of this scene and is graphic in nature and should not be viewed by youth or those who believe their sensitivities may be upset by such realistic and graphic horrific depictions. With all due warning; the photograph of the Palestinian youth displaying his blood-soaked hands as his personal trophy can be viewed here.


In the meanwhile, the prayers of a nation and a people continue to be offered and three families wait holding on to their hopes and attempting to subdue their growing fears. Time only makes these fears grow and spread from the small core of the immediate families to the whole of Israel, the larger family as we are all related by experiences extending back to ancient Egypt on to Mount Sinai and soon afterward back into these lands we call Israel and the West Bank, the ancient areas of Judea and Samaria, home to two of our ancestral tribes. Security forces and military assets have been dedicated to searching an increasing region refusing to accept defeat in this vital work. These Israelis are determined to find the abducted young men despite the potential for many obstructions or interferences which may result as residents sympathetic with Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad or simply anti-Jews who decide to heed the call from different Palestinian spokespersons who have called for all possible resistance and impedance that they are able of placing in the way to disrupt the search for the kidnapped youths. Such calls have been issued even on Palestinian media while a vile anti-Semitic cartoon which was posted on Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Facebook page which can be seen here. There have been numerous reports of celebratory street festivities with women distributing sweet cakes and candies to people on the streets and much merrymaking and sounding of horns. The atmosphere resembles similar activities approving other successful terrorist acts such as suicide bombings, bus bombings, shootings, other abductions and also the terrorist strikes on September 11, 2001 in New York City, Washington DC and a field in Pennsylvania.


This situation is somber and many Israelis are trying as best they can to remain hopeful and continue to offer prayers and encouragement to each other all hoping as one people that their brothers are located and rescued alive, unhurt and in good health. Few have spoken of what actions might be best considered should these teenage boys not be returned alive and well or with alacrity as such thoughts are subdued as much as possible as such thoughts are foreign to most Jews during such challenging situations. We prefer to live in hope and pray for the best and push negative thoughts from our minds as long as hope remains. Should the results not be the best of possible alternatives, then we can entertain the options and choose the most advantageous and proper course going forward. No matter the results from the current events, there is one course which is guaranteed; the close introspection and scrutiny of all areas, actions, reactions and critiques of the ways that information was shared and followed through on once received and a complete review all with the aim of improving reactions times and refinement of procedures and the exchange of information and what conditions necessitate notification of higher or other units and security departments. There will probably be hearings to determine if proper and timely reactions were taken leading to determinations of where and how to improve security and protection in the future. Another discussion which must be deliberated is whether there is a need for additional mass transit such as busses or shared taxis introduced to the areas of Judea and Samaria where Israel has security responsibility thus negating the overwhelming need for youths to use hitchhiking as their primary means of transportation. It has been a known vulnerability that our youth must rely on hitchhiking in order to have access to shopping, recreation, attending services, and making the trip between home and schools be they Yeshivas or secular schools. There are numerous reasons behind the dearth of alternatives to hitchhiking such as trains and busses. There are no trains as building such infrastructure is expensive and with the state of politics in the world and the seemingly endless drive to force Israel from every millimeter of lands gained during the Six Day War makes investing in such expensive infrastructure as train lines impossible. It is obviously unreasonable to expect Israel to invest in rail lines in areas which there is a better than even chance that world pressures will force their surrender and the Israeli Jews now residing there being evicted to make the Palestinian state Jew free as Abbas has expressed as one of his red lines. Jordan also forced every Jews out from Judea and Samaria after they gained a hold on the areas of Judea and Samaria resulting from the war to destroy Israel after her birth in 1948 and held illegally and unrecognized by all nations, including every Arab nation, except Britain and Pakistan. On the other hand, bus routes could be reinstated allowing for regular service and greater accessibility. There are many problems with such plans and not all are political. The political comes from the necessity in some areas to have Palestinian permissions in order to allow busses to pass through the areas, a permission which would be impossible to attain as it has been requested before and even offered to provide bus service for the Palestinians along those routes but the offers were to no avail. The other difficulty which makes bus routes so rare is a security impediment. The problem became insurmountable during the Second Intifada when bus bombings became epidemic making continuing bus routes through the more dangerous areas monetarily prohibitive. Even the limited bus routes still being provided in Judea and Samaria are continued despite the threats of terrorist strikes as they are necessary to provide a means for employees to make their way to and from their employment and thus such bus routes are mostly restricted to such routes. How new and additional bus routes could be made secure and protected from any form of terrorist attack including from military such attacks using RPGs or anti-tank weaponry is the requirement that must be met in order to accomplish the task. The discussion will be serious and heated with some unfortunately taking these opportunities to make political points and try to place blame on those in parties with which they have differences as well as probable grandstanding by the likes as Ministers of the Knesset Zoabi and Tibi. But before everything becomes political, Israelis are as one people in prayer and hope for the safe return of our boys, or as it is stated so eloquently on Twitter, #BringBackOurBoys. The similarity between this Twitter campaign is close to the similar campaign for the abducted Nigerian young ladies which garnered even First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama and there are many here in Israel who would be impressed and appreciative if First Lady Michelle Obama were to choose to join the #BringBackOurBoys giving it the publicity just as she did for #BringBackOurGirls. I will even thank First Lady Michelle Obama in faith that she will be so driven to add her prestige and honor the Israeli families who are feeling the same horror from the same source, terrorist abducting their child, as the families in Nigeria. May all of these children be returned and find peace and a full life without any lasting damages and traumas from their horrific experiences. Amen.


Beyond the Cusp


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