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October 15, 2014

Kobane Kurds Slaughtered While World Turns a Blind Eye


The Kurds in Kobane in northern Syria have been fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Group in a desperate and heartbreaking hopeless situation. The Kurdish fighters are outnumbered almost ten to one, lack tanks or anti-armor weapons while facing main battle tanks and APCs, have little indirect armaments against artillery and mortars and lack heavy weapons which ISIS has in abundance. Many reports speak of the Kurds fighting to the last man but they miss a large part of this desperate and heartbreaking reality that the Kurds are fighting to the last man, woman and child who is capable of fielding a weapon as they have little choice. The reality is they are sandwiched between ISIS and their allies on three fronts; the south, east and west; and to the north are a solid line of Turkish tanks, troops, heavy weapons emplacements and infantry blocking any retreat and promising to shoot any Kurd regardless of age or gender if they try to cross into Turkey and also to do the same to any Kurd attempting to join and assist in their desperate fight. Turkey is blocking any aid and refuses to even allow United States or allied spotters to be stationed on Turkish soil or to cross into Syria to assist in making the bombing more effective. Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad refuses to assist the Kurds seeing this as his opportunity to be rid of what he perceives as disloyal and bothersome people. Even President Obama has feared to even speak with Turkish President Recep Erdogan after the blowup and demand for apology from United States Vice President Joe Biden after the American Vice President stated some hurtful but true accusations against President Erdogan. President Erdogan also sees this as an opportunity to rid the world of a number of what he considers an accursed people, the Kurds. Everyone is blaming the Kurds for being different and not melting seamlessly into what for them is alien cultures.


What brought this about and how did the Kurdish people end up living as an alien group in four different nations, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, and in each treated as a threat and often blamed for any and all ills the government is facing. Saddam Hussein used nerve agent on his own nation’s Kurdish population just to test its lethality and rid himself of what he saw as a threat to his rule, the Kurds living in the north. The problem came after World War I just as most of the problems in the Middle East. Mark Sykes, a British Parliament member, and Francis George-Picot, a French diplomat, were tasked with organizing and setting the boundaries for the separate nations which were formerly under the rule of the defeated Ottoman Empire. The committee was tasked with forming the borders and fulfilling numerous contradictory promises which were made to the many separate tribal leaders in exchange for their assistance in defeating the Ottoman Turks. Among the promises was one given to the Kurdish people promising them the return of their nation of Kurdistan. Exactly where this promise fell apart is unclear, but if you asked me, my answer would be that it weighed heavily on the oilfields which ended up in northern Iraq near and around Mosul. The British had probably already made a deal with the Iraqi leadership for rights to their oilfields and figured why try to make a deal with the Kurds who might not be as cooperative as the British appointed leader in Iraq and thus the lands which would have likely made up Kurdistan ended up split between four nations. Why would they split up the Kurds placing them as an extreme minority in four separate countries instead of keeping them all together? The odds on this are the British and French preferred straight lines rather than actually thinking and making the nations viable. If instead each nation was set up from the beginning to have sufficient internal turmoil and internecine fighting the rulers would have to put out fires constantly and be too busy to reestablish the Caliphate which they had just defeated in World War I. There was no internal unity and tribes were intentionally split and placed on opposite sides of the seemingly randomly chosen borders. Giving the Kurds their promised homeland would have been contrary to the apparent theme of disharmonious nations based on maximizing internal strife, thus no homeland for the Kurds. The sole homeland which did manage to survive the acrimonious pens of the allied European powers was Israel which may in par explain why those very same European powers are at the forefront of the efforts to erase Israel and give it to the Palestinian Arabs or simply break it up between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Could this have been behind the recent British parliament voting 274 to 12 for the government to recognize the Palestinian state, though they did not set any borders which might define said state, nor did all the Ministers vote as over 300 abstained so one could say ‘don’t care’ won the day. Meanwhile, will anyone come to aid the Kurdish stand in Kobane, Syria or will this simply become another horrid historic event lamented often silently just like the Turkish genocidal actions against the Armenians in 1913 or the Chinese absorption of Tibet in 1951 when Tibetan rulers were forced to sign the Chinese drafted “Seventeen Point Agreement” which dictated their surrender to Chinese rule. Are we now facing the Islamic slaughter of the Kurdish Syrian population of 2014? If the world continues to slumber and ignore the plight of the Kurds I am afraid so. The question we will never get an answer to is why, why when what is necessary to save the Kurds and possibly right the wrong of the British and French perfidy of the Sykes-Picot agreement.


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September 25, 2014

Jewish New Year Wishes and Hard Realities

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First off let me wish all a Shana Tova (שנה טובה). The wish for all is one filled with hopes for blessings and great wonders granting fulfillment and meeting all your needs at ample levels such that you are able to share your great fortune and blessings with others. May the world melt away with all its threats and menacing situations that will only grow more frightening if allowed to fester like a wound spreading its infectious poisons weakening the rest of the body of the surrounding societies. Still, for each of us we can always shut the troubled world out as we isolate ourselves in the safety and warmth of our personal castles, our little corner of the world where our decisions are the law of the manor. For the next day when again we are obliged to enter the world with all its threats and dangers which are more real and personal in some places than in others, let our steps find grace and protection from the threats and dangers which surround us each and every day. So, let us work to keep those parts of our world over which we have dominion be ordered and safe with considerations for doing that which will serve the better inspirations and avoid the poisons which are defined in the morning prayers as the evil inclinations. But still there are those threats, both near and far, which being beyond our control, consist of risks and perils which seem to escalate with each day that they are not effectively countered by those in governments with whom we have entrusted our safety and protection.

Today is also the start of the new year for the United Nations General Assembly where numerous leaders and people of prestige and importance, both perceived and actual, are given the podium where they often make speeches full of impressive words and pontifications which are full of sounds and fury but often signify little more than empty phrases. But interspersed there are those few who set in motion perils, threats and plots which endanger some in order to use the blunt power the United Nations is capable of putting in motion to grant one group favors through force of arms taking it from another group not favored in the eyes of the world which makes up the United Nations. Fortunately these threats are only encouraged and backed by the General Assembly where mob rule is the law of suggestion and little more as without the guarantee of military force there is no enforcement beyond the intimidations of popular opinion and raucous protests filled with criticisms of little minds while these same insisting demands are refused and voted down in the Security Council where the five powers which hold the greatest sway in this sole place where through Chapter Seven, the place of most serious concerns which deserve greater enforcement than their suggestions under Chapter Six, will set in motion demands which carry the force of the greatest powers in the world and the military pressures and enforcements which actually change the realities in the world.

There will once again this year be another charade with the little man demanding he be respected and that his demands be enforced and that those who he claims are stealing everything from his people, a people whose claims are made by repeating the actual history of the people they intend to destroy and vanquish taking the lands promised them by the entire world almost a century ago when the forerunner of the United Nations, the League of Nations, in a near unanimous vote granted these ancient people the rights to their homeland as described in one of the world’s oldest known manuscripts, but that must be overturned as everybody knows that their claim must be refused because they are not popular and are refused any consideration by so many people in the world and their numbers are so small they have no power to enforce their claims and we are populous and threaten any who are so impertinent as to refuse to support and give us everything we demand. These strange and verbose complaints have become a regular offering every year in September with the opening ceremonies at the United Nations where many pompous individuals go to be granted their moment in the limelight, but for this peculiar pontificator will once again make grand claims to the ancestral homeland of his people, a people whose origins can be traced all the way back to 1964 when Yasser Arafat with his second in command, Mahmoud Abbas, formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and made the original claim to the lands of Palestine which were defined as all of the lands between the Jordanian held West Bank and the Egyptian held Gaza and the Mediterranean Sea and the Sinai to the south and Lebanon to the north, also one could describe this land as the lands within the Green Line, also known as Israel. Yasser Arafat is gone so we will not be privileged to have a little man with a three day beard, fatigues, despite never having been a soldier, a kefiyah carefully shaped to resemble a map of Israel, and a loaded revolver strapped to his side addressing the United Nations General Assembly armed in a city where owning a gun is near impossible in front of a gathering which presumably seeks and enforces peace, and this little man stood at the podium armed in the halls of the United Nations. Instead we will have his original second in command and who is a man of peace just as was his former boss, Yasser Arafat, the man who invented the hijacking of planes for political ransoms, we will hear from Mahmoud Abbas, some refer to him as Yasser Arafat in a suit, who will make the same tired demands that the Israelis, the Jews, the Zionists be forced to give his people their proper ancestral lands which they have lived in for, according to his claims earlier this year, for the last nine thousand years.

Abbas has never bothered to explain how this is possible as these very same lands have a written history which tells of the Israelites after their Exodus they conquering these lands from the Canaanites killing every last one as they were considered an abomination to G0d, no Arabs were present at that time. Later these lands were conquered by the Assyrians; there were no Arabs at that time. They were conquered by the Babylonians; there were no Arabs at that time. Next, these lands came under Persian rule as they swept across the area; there were no Arabs at that time. Then these same lands were conquered by the Greeks; still there were no Arabs at that time. Then the Romans rolled through these lands on their way to conquering the known world and this stretch of land was on the way to Egypt; there still were no Arabs in these lands. The Judeans, the remaining tribe of the Israelites, were a restless and rancorous people who did not take well to being ruled and not permitted their worship in their temple and attempted to throw off Roman rule. They met with mostly failure and greater oppressions but eventually they succeeded in repelling the Romans for a short period, a period just long enough for the Romans to gather four legions returning with vengeance and a lust for complete subjugation which they were unable to fulfill as these obstinate people who refused Roman rule at Masada who after constructing a ramp were denied their victory as rather than face life as Roman slaves the Judean chose suicide (pictured below including the Roman ramp and base camp); still there were no Arabs. So, when did the first Arabs arrive in these lands you ask? Well, it was not until half a millennia, over five hundred years after the Romans took Masada, a full five hundred years after the Romans destroyed the Second Temple and carried the treasures of the Temple off to Rome, to Rome where Titus’s Arch, complete with stone relief of the Temple treasures being carried off, was erected to Honor Titus and the Roman accomplishment (picture of arch relief below). As there are historic records from the Jewish Bible, Babylonian writings, Persian writings, Greek historic poems and records, Roman records and all of these conquerors found no Arabs inhabiting these lands but they did find and record the presence of the Hebrews or Jews depending on the stage in history where these lands fell from Israelite rule.



Mahmoud Abbas headed off to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly where he is guaranteed a warm and welcoming reception from the majority of the almost two-hundred nations’ representatives and their visiting dignitaries who have come to join in the festivities. This is guaranteed as there are twenty plus Arab nations represented, another dozen Muslim majority nations, the Nonaligned Member Nations (NAM) which includes many of the Arab and Muslim nations with an additional eighty to hundred additional nations and observer nations (one of which is one of the five permanent nations with a veto in the Security Council, China) which guarantees Mahmoud Abbas will be cheered and applauded by minimally one-hundred-thirty-seven nations who will willingly give their support to any scheme or plan he presents giving Israel, a member state of the United Nations, no regard or concern even to the point of demanding Israel cease to exist as it now stands if that were to ever be set to a vote. Perhaps this is part of the reason the General Assembly is only empowered to make suggestions which need the approval of all nations involved or affected in any manner and if only one nation refuses the action of the General Assembly, even the most reviled before the majority in the General Assembly, then the suggestion is invalidated and made void. The most applicable example might be the General Assembly Resolution 181 carried by a vote on November 29, 1947, which called for the establishment of both a Jewish and an Arab state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea which was actually accepted by the Zionist Jews but refused by the Arab League as they planned an assault to destroy Israel immediately after its founding. Had the Arabs accepted this provision there would have been a Palestinian Arab state formed in 1948 but they decided to turn to war and take all the land and would have except their military assault failed. They have been attempting to erase the little Jewish state of Israel ever since and their machinations continue to this day and will be presented to the United Nations by Mahmoud Abbas in his address to the General Assembly.

Mahmoud Abbas made a brief stop in Paris, France on his way to New York to meet with French President François Hollande to implore him to support the secretive new plan to force a favorable resolution from the Security Council against Israel. President François Hollande gave his hearty support guaranteeing Abbas that he would do all in his power to pass his latest and greatest plan to force Israel to comply. This super-secret plan has one small flaw, Abbas has made this same demand every year for quite some time and this year’s secret addition, he has a new wrinkle every year otherwise his droning on with his litany of complaints and accusations of Israeli crimes would become tedious. This year Mahmoud Abbas is going to demand that the Security Council pass an enforceable Chapter Seven Resolution which will demand that Israel vacate all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem within three years or else, which includes all of the Old City and the Temple Mount which will deny the Israelis from having access to dozens of the holiest sites in Judaism. The first question many might ask is or else what. The answer is that as a Chapter Seven Resolution if Israel fails to fully retreat from all of the contested areas of which under international law Israel has a greater claim to all of the lands than does any other nation and especially the deceptive and fictional Palestinians, the invention of an Egyptian terrorist with delusions of destroying Israel, murdering the Jews residing there and taking their lands, homes and treasures and expecting the complicity of the entire world. Abbas has assumed the leadership after Arafat’s demise and has not missed an opportunity to refuse any and every compromise knowing that anything short of the complete eradication of Israel would be accepted by the terror state he has been elected once to lead. There have been elections scheduled at least twice since Abbas presumably won after his supporting staff counted the ballots and he has cancelled all of them but still claims he was duly elected. The probable result will be a General Assembly Resolution which will give Abbas the ability to claim that the Israelis must surrender and grant him his maximalist demands because he got the support of the mob of the dictatorial nations and human rights violators all who join Abbas in his hatred of Israel and the Jews attempting to force the world to grant his desires ignoring international law and the agreements, including the Oslo Accords, to which he is a signatory.

The fear is that by some misadventure of fate the Security Council Resolution to force Israel to surrender absolutely and completely before the wildest demands because there was no veto placed by any of the five permanent nations, China, Britain, Russia, France and the United States. Abbas has already received assurances from France that they are behind him completely which may explain why Jews are fleeing before rampant anti-Semitism which has exploded beyond reason across all of France. Abbas knows he has the support of both Russia and China which leaves Britain and the United States. There are some who might question whether United States President Obama might instruct United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power to abstain or actually vote in favor or there is a possibility that the woman, Samantha Power, who once stated in an interview that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could require a sizeable United States military intervention to enforce the formation of a Palestinian state and defend it from Israel with the decision of borders by executive decision from the White House forcing whatever that decision would be. The excerpt from that interview is below.

Would President Obama instruct Ambassador Power to not veto Abbas’s proposition and allow it to pass as Chapter Seven and then offer United States military personnel to enforce this edict? Would Ambassador Power completely on her own volition decide that the time has come to force a solution and that this is the perfect opportunity to deliver on her theory and how could anybody blame her for taking this opportunity to fairly and resolutely as such an opportunity to enact her theory and apply the R2P (right to protect) to protect and save the Palestinian from the potential genocide that Ms. Power has previously claimed they may face at some point because of Israeli aggressions despite the fact that Israel has only ever used military force in response to attacks upon Israelis. That would leave Britain which in the past has either abstained or vetoed such previous attempts. There has never been an actual resolution voted on by the Security Council as Abbas has either backed away from taking his demands before the Security Council fearing a veto from one of the five permanent members which would be a setback which could poison the well, so to speak. The British Ambassador would need to check with London and then it would depend on British Prime Minister David Cameron. The fact that Prime Minister Cameron is instructing one of the five permanent member’s vote in the Security Council at a time when the United States dependability to protect Israel from the animosities emerging from Turtle Bay are in question may prove to be a deliverance of fate or from a higher source. The potential for high drama starts today or whenever Abbas takes to the podium before the General Assembly and the wait to see if he will actually take to the Security Council arm in arm with François Hollande or the unfortunate French Ambassador to the United Nations who may be assigned to gather the rewards of befriending Abbas and encouraging his perfidy.

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May 25, 2013

The Europe Hezballah Affair

Europe and Hezballah are running headlong into conflict on two fronts and from all apparent indicators, Hezballah will likely route the Europeans in both contests. The first is just the next chapter and verse of the European’s desperate attempts to ignore the obvious and avoid any possible consequence from actually recognizing Hezballah to be a terrorist entity. Their reasoning which they hold to is that Hezballah is actually the ruling political party of the nation of Lebanon. In doing this they completely ignore the numerous terrorist attacks and activities, the assassinations of political opponents, Western diplomats, the French and American troops and delegates within Lebanon in the 1980s, and their attacks, terrorism and wars with Israel or that the coalition through which they hold power was assembled as much by threats and assassinations more so than politically. Instead the Europeans cling to the thread that Hezballah has two wings, one a military wing and the other a social welfare wing which runs hospitals, schools, children’s camps and other social functions. Never mind that in the end all these social functions are utilized in order to supplement, acquire and train new recruits for their military wing in order to further there grand Jihad. Yet, despite all the requests from the United States, Israel and some anti-terror NGOs, the European Union will very likely still refuse to classify Hezballah as a terrorist organization and continue to pretend their own truth all the while hoping the crocodile eats them last.


On the other front is the slow and inexorable creep of the Syrian Civil War into Lebanon where some European soldiers are currently serving as part of UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon). UNIFIL was tasked with the mission of preventing Hezballah from rearming and assuring they did not return and refortify in southern Lebanon south of the Litani River or restock their weapons caches as part of the treaty which brought the Second Lebanon War between Hezballah and Israel. The European nations, currently France and Italy, which have their troops patrolling in Lebanon, have witnessed the conflicts which have erupted involving the UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement Observer Force) stationed on the Syrian side of the truce lines in the Golan Heights. There have been occasions where Syrian rebel forces have reportedly kidnapped members of the Philippine troops participating in the UNDOF monitors and thus far have released them without harming them. This has caused some degree of concern with the European nations, especially those with troops scheduled to be posted in UNIFIL. This has led to private discussions where they have considered withdrawing their support for UNIFIL. Again, when facing a choice of facing down the Hezballah terror organization the Europeans appear ready to choose flight over their responsibilities.


In London this past week the Europeans were treated to an example of what happens to a people who refuse to fight for their civilization against threats posed by a competing civilization. An unarmed soldier was run over by two Islamist extremists who then proceeded to stab him to death and behead him in broad daylight with at least a dozen people standing witnessing the entire slaughter. The Islamists likely figured, unfortunately quite correctly, that the civilized British citizens would not react and aid their soldier and their attack would serve to intimidate. They even had the gall to make a statement demanding that one of the women who had watched the horrifying events record his declaration that he and those other Muslims who follow the same violent brand of Islam he and his fellow companion in murder will never stop their war, their Jihad, against the entirety of the Western World. His chilling declaration, even with the apology of sorts that women witnessed their barbarity, is a threat that is little different from the declarations made by Hasan Nasrallah in Arabic when speaking to the Hezballah membership which he commands. There is absolutely no difference between the perpetrators of the brutal slaying of the British soldier on a London Street and the Hezballah members and there is no difference between the military wing of Hezballah and those presumably peaceful and caring political Hezballah members, they just have different preferences on how best to kill infidel but when push comes to shove both will kill a nonbeliever. To believe any different will prove fatal in time, something some like Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg, among others, found out just before they were also beheaded. Will the leaders of Europe awaken before all is lost? That I doubt but I have greater faith in the people of Europe and that leads to only one thing, an eventual level of violence comparable to the worst of the Crusades this time fought on European soil exclusively.


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