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May 25, 2013

The Europe Hezballah Affair

Europe and Hezballah are running headlong into conflict on two fronts and from all apparent indicators, Hezballah will likely route the Europeans in both contests. The first is just the next chapter and verse of the European’s desperate attempts to ignore the obvious and avoid any possible consequence from actually recognizing Hezballah to be a terrorist entity. Their reasoning which they hold to is that Hezballah is actually the ruling political party of the nation of Lebanon. In doing this they completely ignore the numerous terrorist attacks and activities, the assassinations of political opponents, Western diplomats, the French and American troops and delegates within Lebanon in the 1980s, and their attacks, terrorism and wars with Israel or that the coalition through which they hold power was assembled as much by threats and assassinations more so than politically. Instead the Europeans cling to the thread that Hezballah has two wings, one a military wing and the other a social welfare wing which runs hospitals, schools, children’s camps and other social functions. Never mind that in the end all these social functions are utilized in order to supplement, acquire and train new recruits for their military wing in order to further there grand Jihad. Yet, despite all the requests from the United States, Israel and some anti-terror NGOs, the European Union will very likely still refuse to classify Hezballah as a terrorist organization and continue to pretend their own truth all the while hoping the crocodile eats them last.


On the other front is the slow and inexorable creep of the Syrian Civil War into Lebanon where some European soldiers are currently serving as part of UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon). UNIFIL was tasked with the mission of preventing Hezballah from rearming and assuring they did not return and refortify in southern Lebanon south of the Litani River or restock their weapons caches as part of the treaty which brought the Second Lebanon War between Hezballah and Israel. The European nations, currently France and Italy, which have their troops patrolling in Lebanon, have witnessed the conflicts which have erupted involving the UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement Observer Force) stationed on the Syrian side of the truce lines in the Golan Heights. There have been occasions where Syrian rebel forces have reportedly kidnapped members of the Philippine troops participating in the UNDOF monitors and thus far have released them without harming them. This has caused some degree of concern with the European nations, especially those with troops scheduled to be posted in UNIFIL. This has led to private discussions where they have considered withdrawing their support for UNIFIL. Again, when facing a choice of facing down the Hezballah terror organization the Europeans appear ready to choose flight over their responsibilities.


In London this past week the Europeans were treated to an example of what happens to a people who refuse to fight for their civilization against threats posed by a competing civilization. An unarmed soldier was run over by two Islamist extremists who then proceeded to stab him to death and behead him in broad daylight with at least a dozen people standing witnessing the entire slaughter. The Islamists likely figured, unfortunately quite correctly, that the civilized British citizens would not react and aid their soldier and their attack would serve to intimidate. They even had the gall to make a statement demanding that one of the women who had watched the horrifying events record his declaration that he and those other Muslims who follow the same violent brand of Islam he and his fellow companion in murder will never stop their war, their Jihad, against the entirety of the Western World. His chilling declaration, even with the apology of sorts that women witnessed their barbarity, is a threat that is little different from the declarations made by Hasan Nasrallah in Arabic when speaking to the Hezballah membership which he commands. There is absolutely no difference between the perpetrators of the brutal slaying of the British soldier on a London Street and the Hezballah members and there is no difference between the military wing of Hezballah and those presumably peaceful and caring political Hezballah members, they just have different preferences on how best to kill infidel but when push comes to shove both will kill a nonbeliever. To believe any different will prove fatal in time, something some like Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg, among others, found out just before they were also beheaded. Will the leaders of Europe awaken before all is lost? That I doubt but I have greater faith in the people of Europe and that leads to only one thing, an eventual level of violence comparable to the worst of the Crusades this time fought on European soil exclusively.


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January 11, 2012

It is Always Israel at Fault

Sources, as usual being referred to as anonymous high ranked officials, as if there is ever another kind leaking the information, have stated that the talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel in Amman, Jordan have produced no tangible results. Well, color me surprised. Another surprise is that each side claims the other is at fault. Oddly, the reason the other is at fault is the one place of agreement. The Israeli claim is that the Palestinians are continuing to make their all-encompassing demands for Israel to agree to end all building in all areas past the Green Line, to use the pre-1967 War lines as the basis for a border, universal Palestinian Right of Return, and the rest of the litany of demands which leave nothing for negotiations. The Palestinians claim that Israel remains intransigent on meeting their reasonable pre-conditions in order to restart direct negotiations. Well, if one is simply looking for any agreement to claim progress, then we have progress. We have progressed from the old impasse to the new impasse which resembles the old impasse to a ‘T’.

Right on schedule, there was a politician from a country which has no direct interest or will suffer no damage nor reap any gain from the success or failure of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. Truthfully, just about everybody from numerous different countries seem impelled to make comments and place the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the front burner needing their two-cents worth every time there is a meeting, somebody builds a deck east of the Green Line, uproots a tree claimed by a Palestinian, or any complaint expressed by a Palestinian. You seldom hear from these same critics who claim to be deeply vested and seriously watching everything that occurs between the two sides when rockets are fired from Gaza into Israel; large rocks are thrown through Israeli licensed vehicles, even if they result in deaths; Israeli trees are uprooted unless the event turns violent and there is film of the Israeli Jews fighting with Arabs or the liberal Israelis who often force issues and instigate confrontations; Arabs are caught at a checkpoint with explosives, bombs, firearms etc., or anything that would cast the Palestinians in a negative light or make the Israelis appear as being victimized. This time the affronted politician was British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt who said “Many will argue that now is not the time to make bold gestures. My advice is if you want stability, security and peace with your neighbors, and the best relations with the rest of the world, then making a deal with the Palestinians is urgent.” Could you imagine if a Knesset Minister had spoken in London and said that England needed to make bold and grand sacrifices as attaining a deal with Northern Ireland was urgent and necessary?

Whenever you hear a politician being interviewed on the evening news, you can safely bet their comments on the Israeli-Palestinian situation will support the downtrodden Palestinians and chastise the evil and oppressive Israelis. Somewhere down the line the debate was reframed from Israel being set against the Muslim World where they were vastly outnumbered and their military vastly under-equipped compared to the arms available to their adversaries, to Israel being the oppressor of the poor, innocent, nonviolent, peace-seeking Palestinians. Of course the world’s media tends to overlook little events such as the Israeli interception of the arms ships the Karine-A, the Victoria, and the Antigua-flagged vessel, Francop; and these are just an example of various arms shipments by sea and land prevented, chosen simply because I actually could find non-Israeli sources. These made the news simply because tons of armaments are intercepted and they include serious upgrades in weapons capabilities. One deadly example of a serious upgraded weapon being used against Israeli civilians occurred when a terrorist from within Gaza fired a guided antitank missile into Israel aiming and destroying a large, bright yellow school bus. This was an intentional act, as in order to guide the missile the attacker had to have visual contact with the target, a school bus. The attack initially seriously injured the sole passenger, a 16 year old boy who subsequently died of his wounds, and moderately injured the bus driver. The bus had let out most of the students just moments before the attack which occurred as the bus climbed an incline and came into view. Had the bus been visible just a few moments earlier the attack’s results would have been horrific. You can read about this insidious attack in the New York Times, or the Huffington Post which spends most of the article making the Israeli response appear as brutal and unnecessarily extensive, or the Washington Post which also makes sure to include the Israeli response as being too large. If you search this particular incident and almost any other incident of terror against Israelis, the majority of the articles will also list in graphic and overt detail the Israeli response and stress to great lengths that Israel killed more terror suspects than Israeli civilians who were killed by the terror attack and will go to the greatest of pain in mentioning any unfortunate apparently innocent Palestinian who was an incidental casualty. When Israel responds to any of the near countless terror attacks which occur almost daily, when including the rocket and mortar fire out of Gaza into southern Israel, Israel is almost universally painted as using disproportionate force.

The real question that needs to be faced is exactly what forces are aligned against Israel, all of which use the Palestinians as one conduit for their war against the Jewish State. We know that Saddam Hussein used to pay the family of every Palestinian suicide killer $25,000 before he was removed from the scene. One wonders how long after before that practice is reinstated by the new Iraqi government. Iran is known to be directly arming Hezballah for a total war of annihilation against Israel and also arming both Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Egypt has opened up the flood gates for weapons of virtually any sort to pass into Gaza through the Rafah border terminal, though the Egyptians do monitor who and what is allowed to leave Gaza and enter Egypt. Syria is known to store many longer range missiles just across the border from Lebanon solely for the use of Hezballah. Turkey has attempted to break the legal and internationally recognized Gaza blockade. The rebels who now rule Libya have been caught and state they intend to continue shipping arms to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Saudi Arabia has been unofficially underwriting the Palestinian Authority’s terror wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. The Sudan has allowed its shipping terminals to be used for drop points from which arms are taken across Egypt and through the Sinai Peninsula and then into Gaza. The Arab League has made numerous calls for its member states to supply the Palestinians with monies and other supplies. And Europe, the United Nations, the United States and numerous other governments all give monetary support to the Palestinian Authority which in turn admits it pays the salaries of the Gaza government employees, numbers of which who are in the security forces are also part of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror forces. Yet, the new truth continues to be that Israel is fighting just the poor, ill equipped and suffering Palestinians. These are the same Palestinians who have a higher standard of living than their Egyptian, Syrian, Libyan, Sudanese, Yemenis, Eritrean, Somali, and many other Arab brothers. And even more surprising, the Palestinians living in Gaza, with the exception of those in the Gaza City refugee camps who are kept imprisoned by the Hamas government, have the highest standard of living of any non-oil producing Arab country and rival those with smaller oil production. Gaza is even touting their new mall with luxury shopping and their new water park in attempts to attract tourists. You can read about the great vacation possibilities in Gaza here. If you should vacation in Gaza, please do us a favor and take lots of pictures and send us some prints and a story, I promise we will publish your story if you wish. Somebody needs to do it and I sure am not planning to take on that story.

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November 14, 2011

New Signs of Anti-Semitism in America

I have been ridiculed for most of my life when I would tell people that anti-Semitism not only existed in the United States but was growing and growing. I would tell people that should an economic crisis or even severe downturn in the economy occur and a sizeable number of people be unemployed or underemployed and people were losing their homes to foreclosure and much of what is happening today; then we would witness anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head and the pure seething hatred of old would spread rapidly burning down all pretenses of an egalitarian society. Crazy, Insane, Certifiable, and far worse and always the reasoning against such events were the memories of the Holocaust which would serve as a reminder vaccinating American society from repeating the horrors of the past. Those who refused to accept even the possibility of what I described whom I am still in touch with have all made their mea-culpa and expressed their regret for dismissing my warnings. Unfortunately, neither my acquaintances nor I have even the slightest clue on how to prevent this viral hatred from once again gripping large numbers across the globe.

Many people refused to stand witness and rather chose to ignore the first sprouts of anti-Semitism which began before the last of the concentration camps had been liberated. The British had been denying Jewish rights in their Mandate area on both sides of the Jordan River, including forced expulsions of Jewish residents wherever Arab riots had victimized them. When the Arab mobs attacked Jews in Jerusalem, Motza, Hebron, Safed, Jaffa, and other parts of the country throughout the twenties and thirties, even during the British war against the Nazis, the British never made any attempt to protect the Jewish victims and would only fire shots into the air when the British soldiers were threatened by the spreading violence. Each time the British fired into the air, the Arab violence halted immediately and the mobs disappeared quickly. All the British would have been required to do in order to have prevented the carnage of the Jewish people in the Mandate lands would have been to fire into the air, but that was considered to be an overt action and denying the Arabs their rights. This continued after the end of World War II while at the same time the British did all they could to prevent the Jewish survivors from the Shoah (Holocaust) from making Aliyah (returning to the Promised Land) by placing them in camps surrounded by armed soldiers and caged by fences and barbed wire. In some cases the British even used the existing camps that during the war had been German extermination camps. These are just scratching the surface of actions taken by the British to deny the Jews access to what would become Israel.

Things behind what Winston Churchill had labeled the Iron Curtain were just as tortured if not worse for Jews living under Soviet controlled areas. Where the Communists made great efforts to eradicate all vestiges of religion, they held a special disdain and hatred for the Jews who were the chosen people when it came to dispossessing people of their property and were murdered in greater percentages during the starvation and culling of the Ukrainian population. Even attaining recognition and statehood by the Jews with the founding of Israel had a dark side when many Arab and Muslim countries disposed the Jews of their savings, properties and businesses while deporting them with the clothes on their backs and, if they were fortunate, a suitcase or two of their possessions. Not a word of criticism was evident from anywhere in the world or the United Nations.

For most of the history of the United Nations a widening and growing anti-Semitism has taken hold of the General Assembly and most of the related agencies, in particular the entire series of various human rights groups. The state of affairs concerning Israel has yet to culminate but instead is still steadily increasing with no end in sight. One needs to simply look into the number of motions and votes condemning Israel that have been processed through the many arms of the world body. Israel has not fared much better when it comes to the European Union which has made supporting the Palestinians in any and every way conceivable into a virtual religion. Even aid sent into Israel has not been to assist the government or even the wishes of the majority of Israelis. Instead, these contributions have been channeled into the coffers of far-leftist NGOs which oppose the government and often work towards the destruction of Jewish homes simply due to their location within Israel. Then there have been the mutterings against Jews and Israel becoming acceptable even in what is termed “polite society” such as when the French ambassador to London, Daniel Bernard, who at a high society private dinner party was quoted as saying, “that shitty little country Israel.” Needless to say, he was not removed from his position and gave a weak excuse for an apology which only served to exacerbate the situation as far as Jews and Israelis were concerned.

Now we have been witness in recent weeks to growing anti-Semitism in these Occupy rallies. All one needs do is search the web for “anti Semitism occupy rally” and read simply some of the results. I would not expect anybody to attempt to read the complete 612,000 plus results. But even that has been outdone by an event reminiscent of Kristallnacht, also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, that occurred in Brooklyn before dawn this past Friday. Reporting in Arutz Sheva, it was reported that roaming gangs were burning Jewish-owned cars, painting swastikas on numerous properties, chiseling swastikas into benches, and other acts of blatant anti-Semitic hatred. Such actions occurring in neighborhoods in which a large number of the remaining Holocaust survivors reside makes this an even more heinous crime. Please click the link above and take a moment to read the account of this horrendous event of pure hatred, of pure anti-Semitic horrors which so many have claimed were not possible to reoccur ever after the lessons of the Nazi horrors. These horrors are threatening to rise up and strike again, and in the United States no less. Frightening, simply frightening.

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