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July 3, 2014

Abbas Panics While Netanyahu Debates and Weighs Options

Since the locating by Israeli searchers of the three tortured and hastily buried corpses in a mass grave in a field in Hevron, there has been rioting complete with throwing pipe bombs and other items at police and other forms of destructions by many of the Arabs and Palestinians throughout their neighborhoods in Jerusalem as well as all over areas in Judea and Samaria that also spilled onto the Temple Mount forcing the closing of the holy site to all visitors. There have been no calls for quiet or for the rioting and destruction to stop by Mahmoud Abbas or any of the officers of the newly appointed unity government of Hamas and Fatah. Meanwhile, Abbas has been very busy making calls to United States President Obama and Egyptian President Sisi demanding and pleading that they take measures to prevent Israel from taking any action against Hamas in Gaza or against the Palestinian Authority areas in Judea and Samaria while also claiming that the new unity government had nothing to do with the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli youths even if Hamas ends up being the proven perpetrators. It likely would never ever enter into the mind of Mahmoud Abbas that if he and the others in the leadership of the Palestinians would simply not abduct, torture, murder, or otherwise harm Israelis and actually made efforts to live peaceably next to the Israelis that there would be no need for Abbas to frantically call everybody in his rolodex demanding they come and save him from any possible retribution by Israel.

There will be those who will claim that the death of an Arab youth overnight was the cause of the rioting and the Israelis should have expected such as they should expect such when they take revenge against innocent Arab youths. There are a few problems with this logic. First, the young Arab who was abducted being seen forced into a black vehicle in an Arab neighborhood in the Jerusalem area was not abducted by Jews but instead was victim of criminal elements who were part of a feud which included the youth’s family and had nothing to do with the Israelis, revenge or the events of the past three weeks. It has furthermore been determined that much of the rioting had been planned already and would have occurred with or without any further impetus. Additionally, Hamas has also been making statements threatening Israel over their assumed guilt in the murder of the Arab youth mentioned above and also threatened that they would “open the gates of hell” should Israel take any steps against them for the abduction and murder of the three Israeli youths whom they claim they had nothing to do with their fate. Meanwhile the members of Hamas suspected of the criminal deeds by Israel remain in hiding and are feared to have managed to have escaped from Hevron and are being obscured elsewhere in the West Bank likely by Hamas but possibly Fatah, Islamic Jihad or some other terrorist sympathizers or groups. While the riots played out on one front, Hamas launched at least a dozen rockets and mortars into Israel from out of Gaza yesterday probably in an effort to prove they have no fear of Israeli retributions and simply mocking Israeli leadership.

All of this begs the question of what exactly might Israel be planning? There are those amongst the leadership of the ruling coalition such as Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Lieberman who are calling for a no hold barred military strike to completely obliterate Hamas to the point where they would no longer pose any threat in the future to Israel or her people, especially her young people. Then there are the leftist liberals within the coalition such as Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid who are calling for restraint and caution so as not to do anything which might harm the peace process going forward. Surprisingly, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon cautioned that any large scale military actions could easily lead to all-out war and also recommended a more cautioned and reasoned approach. The fact that the Security Cabinet was debating at all was most likely due to the lack of leadership by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu who was very probably seeking out those who would recommend caution and more passive approach such that he could disguise his preference for timidity behind the indecisions and need for further debate in order to get a consensus from the Security Cabinet. Those who claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu is too quickly willing to acquiesce to the demands of the United States, the Europeans, the European Union, the United Nations and virtually any other expressions of concern from virtually anywhere on earth may have a valid argument.

There was and still exists a sense of unity and solid backing for the government to take any action and be supported by the vast majority of the people. Even a fair number who normally call for peace and restraint at any price and oppose military force or other forms of retribution have been moved by the heartache of the families and the near universal feeling of collective loss from the horrific deaths of Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frenkel that the only reason there has been a debate by the Security Cabinet is because when convened the Prime Minister asked for suggestions and opinions instead of simply stating what steps he foresaw as necessitated and then gave a full briefing of what he envisioned and then turned the floor over to the commander of the IDF, General Benny Gantz so he could apprise what steps were already in motion and an assessment of the expectations for the duration and exit strategy and expected gains from the coming military actions. The one thing Israelis can be assured of with Prime Minister Netanyahu, nothing will be done until every possible option has been hashed to death and run around the track a few times to see how it looks. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, your middle name must be Caution. By postponing any action all that has been accomplished is for the Israelis to have made a strong case for inaction and against strong actions thus making the defense of their nation and their children something which her enemies can now call into question. The world will never love Israel no matter how many times she refrains from taking vengeful retribution and the world will never fear Israel if she insists on attempting to find the magic formula for their love. Strange as it may seem, the world will only respect Israel should Israel be something they also must fear. Love may never come, but at least if we engender fear in the hearts and minds of those who wouldst do us harm, there will be those who will respect Israel. You will only be respected once you respect yourself and that begins by defending your children and honoring your national pride with actions to back it and to protect your honor and name. Marcus Tullius Cicero may have come well after the writing of the Torah but he still knew a thing or two about men, nations and the struggles in the honor and compassion for both and a good way to end this article is to quote him as he once stated, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

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January 18, 2014

There Are No Viable Peace Plans Going Forward

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There are rumors of plans and it is likely that some of these rumors and stated plans might actually be under consideration, though thus far only Secretary of State Kerry and his assembled battalion of experts and a collection of Palestinian leadership have remained completely consistent, though consistence may not exactly be helpful. The Palestinian’s united front can be told in a few sentences and starts with the complete rejection of everything Secretary Kerry has proposed. The Palestinians have been no less accommodating to anything that Israel has stated rejecting every single item Israeli leaders have suggested. The Palestinian official spokespeople have very consistent demands including the universal right of return for five million descendants of the refugees from the 1948 mostly voluntary departure of Arabs from the lands where Israel had declared their sovereignty and the combined forces of at least a half dozen Arab State’s Armies stood perched on the borders ready to launch a genocidal assault with the intent of utterly destroying every vestige that was Israel. The Mufti of Jerusalem and the commanders of the various Arab forces called on the Arabs residing within Israeli borders to depart so that they could simply slaughter every single human they encountered positive that they were not Muslims and promised them a share of the spoils taken from the defeated Jews upon their return after the glorious and inevitable victory, a victory that miraculously never came to fruition. They have also refused to neither ever recognize Israel as the Jewish State nor give up their so-called right to resistance, another word for terrorist activities. The Palestinian spokespersons also demand all of Eastern Jerusalem and every speck of dust that was lost to the Israelis by Jordan as a result of Jordan joining the Six Day War in 1967 on the second day of the fighting. And finally, though not the final demand coming from the Palestinians, they have stated their complete and total refusal to allow a single Israeli or Jew to ever set foot within their borders which would also include a complete denial of Jewish visitation to any of the dozens of holy sites such as the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, Kever Joseph, Kever Rachel, the Cave of the Patriarchs, Hevron, Shiloh and almost countless others returning to the dreadful days when these same places were so close yet denied to Jews when they were under Jordanian control. These positions are taken for two main reasons, first is that they are maximalist demands and second and probably the main reason is that they insult and demean the Jewish desire to be able to visit the places of historic importance to the Jewish people. But the intransigence and absolutist demands of the Palestinians are not news, so let’s discuss the rest of the leaked or stated plans.


Minister Avigdor Lieberman has put forth a plan where Israel would exchange with the Palestinians the predominantly Arab towns bordering the West Bank in exchange for the Settlement blocks of Israelis beyond the Green Line. This proposal has revealed some interesting responses from Israeli Arabs who normally are as anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-Zionist who have decried the plan claiming that under no circumstance will they stand to be traded away and placed under the governance of the Palestinian Authority. I have suspicions that this plan was not made as an actual bonafide plan but more as an offer made in order to facilitate the responses from some select people who were forced to admit their preference for living under the Jewish governance of Israel than to be handed over to the governance of the Palestinians who they constantly claim to be in such deep agreement and unity. It also has the ability to put one more item on the table to allow Secretary Kerry and his entourage to reject and reveal why it would be such a horrible plan and reveal further their desire to pry a surrender from Israeli leadership while not pressing the Palestinians for any concessions in return.


That reminds me of another item which has surprisingly not been given ample coverage in the mainstream media in the United States or throughout Europe or even the Israeli liberal media. Every word, flinch or reaction of any sort emanating from Israeli leadership is top of the fold front page news to be dissected and analyzed ad-nauseum as was the recent comments made in a private conversation by Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon, but the riots and degrading and insulting remarks and actions from the leadership and the residents in the Palestinian areas which are autonomous and completely under Palestinian control while the IDF is only allowed to enter these areas under certain circumstances and often requiring Palestinian permission. There have been literally riots, shoe throwing contest at pictures of Secretary of State Kerry and United States President Obama and included an interesting chant that I suspect they missed the full meaning behind the words when they chanted a challenge to Secretary Kerry deriding that he has set up offices solely in Jerusalem and appears, along with his entire support forces, afraid to set up a similar command center in Ramallah claiming that is an example of Kerry’s timidity. These riots are ignored while the media deliberates endlessly over an Israeli Minister of Defense speaking the truth which has to be obvious to any thinking honest observer. The mainstream press has even run to interview anybody who they can rely upon to point out that President Obama has been the most favorable and best friend that Israel has ever had in the White House. Please don’t make me comment on how President Obama’s friendship is tantamount to an executioner promising to sharpen the axe before executing you and expecting you to thank him and give him a tip, ahead of time of course.


Meanwhile, Secretary Kerry has proposed that the Israelis will be able to monitor and counter potential terrorist activity and smuggling across the Jordan River into the Palestinian state with drones and satellites. He has claimed that this method is known to work extremely well as the United States uses this exact method to hermetically seal their southern border with Mexico from illegal immigrants entering the country for years now. There has been no discussion of whether the Palestinians will permit Israeli drones in their skies and even Israeli sensors along the Jordan River. And if Israel discovers terrorist activities and rocket launching emplacements being loaded in preparation to launch at Israel or Palestinian terrorists lying in wait with MANPADS anti-aircraft weapons on the hills overlooking Ben Gurion Airport, exactly what are the Israelis supposed to do? Will the world support the Israelis mounting an IDF incursion to prevent a disastrous catastrophe when a passenger plane is destroyed coming into land at Ben Gurion Airport? How long after the IDF sends aircraft to destroy rocket launching platforms will the Palestinians be before the United Nations General Assembly, Security Council, International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice and just about every single other international body demanding Israel be sanctioned and embargoed by the entire world. Will Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama side with Israel and lead a supportive response for allowing Israel to intercede militarily to prevent terrorist acts or will they support the rest of the world’s demanding that Israel do nothing until there has been an actual attack as no member state of the United Nations should ever take up arms against a fellow member state, they should instead petition the United Nations to intercede and protect them. And we all know how such a plea will be received but we do not know how Israel will survive such a plan once enacted. Of course why should Secretary Kerry worry about such insignificant items once he has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his forming a peace between Israel and the Palestinians and succeeding in forming a Palestinian State. Secretary of State Kerry is peddling poison and knows it. He is the angel of death wearing a nice suit, a broad smile and a devious plan which will result in the death of Israel and a second Holocaust, but it is all in the name of peace. Such a peace I would prefer to avoid, so please my friends in the United States, keep Secretary of State Kerry at home and recall his minions who are tasked with bringing his evils to fruition. We will thank you and appreciate such friendship and find a way of repaying such kindness.


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November 13, 2013

Saga of Avigdor Lieberman Finally Ends

Former and reinstated Foreign Minister and MK Avigdor Lieberman finally had his long anticipated trial after over a decade and a half of legal wrangling and was found not guilty and was acquitted of all charges. There was more evidence that the entire legal persecution of Minister Lieberman was perpetrated largely for political reasons than simply the opposing political stance of the Prosecutors Office. The bringing of charges almost always were timed to coincide either with elections or during the politically charged and delicate periods immediately after an election while a coalition was being formed and ministerial positions were up for consideration and appointments. By placing MK Lieberman under charges and pending a trial at the completion of further investigations, the prosecutors placed him in a politically damaged position. Then, after a period of months, the charges were most often dropped while further investigations were being pursued and after any potential for damaging MK Lieberman’s political opportunities had passed. The one other item of not was that very often one of the charges was political turpitude which carries with it a period of suspension from holding political office.

Finally, these charges of bribery and influence peddling often pertaining to MK Lieberman’s recommendation of a particular ambassador for a new ambassadorship who it was claimed had had improper dealings with MK Liebermann which should have prevented such a recommendation from ever being considered as doing so would lead to suspicions as evidenced by the over decade and a half investigation into the affair. One would suspect if there existed any solid evidence which would have proven improper acts by either party that Lieberman would have been put on trial and likely convicted in a far shorter period of time. Taking over a decade and a half to investigate one individual’s actions over an appointment to an ambassadorial position would tend to indicate that any attempts after such an overly lengthy investigation to bring Lieberman to trial and then failing to convict would actually be more damning on the prosecutorial side than it would reflect any further suspicions of Liebermann.

Is Liebermann squeaky clean and completely above any suspicions? Very likely not but if evidence cannot be gathered in a more timely manner, the case grows cold and becomes ever more difficult to prove and result in conviction. That alone may be a large part for the not guilty verdict. Still, there would appear to be more to investigate of the prosecutors as they wasted time, funds, resources and the respect of their officers for which one would be led to believe that somebody needs to be held accountable. Should it necessarily be Attorney General Weinstein who is investigated is for a court to decide. The one thing that the people of Israel should be assured of is that any investigation into why this entire circus took place and wasted so much of the government’s time will use time more efficiently than Attorney General Weinstein’s office managed in prosecuting, or should we say persecuting, Foreign Minister Lieberman.

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