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July 22, 2013

A Jewish Israel Cannot be Destroyed

The ideas that people have about the Jewish faith and Israel have as much disinformation as any of the wildest conspiracy theories. The most erroneous myth about the Jews and Israel is that the two entities can be separate. How anybody can reasonably and logically believe that the Jewish people will ever give up on building their homes in Eretz Yisroel and erecting the Third Temple in their capital city of Jerusalem have obviously missed the lesson that came to a fruition on May 15, 1948 with the reestablishment of the Jewish State of Israel after almost two millennium. The theory that is spread through many of the communities who have chosen to have a confrontational relationship with Israel and the Jews is that if they can remove the Jewish presence in Israel they will have eradicated the Jewish people. This is far from an original idea as it has been tried previously by an empire that was probably the most efficient at crushing any adversary and erasing their memory from all of history. In the first centuries of the Julian calendar the Empire of Rome decided that the tribes that made up Judea (the remaining home of the Jews after the dispersion and loss of the ten tribes from the northern Kingdom of Israel who were conquered by Assyria around 722 BCE after which it is believed they assimilated so completely as to have lost all ties with Judaism) has caused Rome measures of difficulty beyond tolerance and dispersed the population to such an extent that Rome believed that they would cease to exist as a peoples. It took nearly two-thousand years but those dispersed tribes are now leaving the Diaspora and returning to their home of Yisroel. Conquer Israel today and all that will accomplish is to cause a reverent return to the commandments and covenant by the remaining Jews who will once again claim with all their hearts and end prayer in their homes on the nights of the Passover Seder including the prayer hoping for their next Seder will be held, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

The Jewish people have historically tended to slip from their religious observance and assimilate into their host societies as long as they are accepted and comfortable. Should their brethren become threatened they have historically come together and reestablished their roots and common heritage. Part of the reason behind this reaction has a historic root that often, whether they lived in Christian Europe or the Muslim lands of Northern Africa and the Middle East, when one area begins to persecute the Jews in their particular region the Jews begin to emigrate and as their number increase in the bordering area the new concentration of Jews makes this new location fearful of their increased numbers and react often by laying restrictions on the Jews to restrain their ability to flourish and gain too much influence and when this does not produce sufficient results, they too begin to persecute their Jews thus causing a wave of anti-Semitism which ripples across the landscape over time. This has been Jewish history through much of our many thousand year history replete with a fair number of exiles from which the Jews, or Hebrews or Israelites as they were also known for much of their early history, always returned to the same Promised Lands after each and every exile whenever it seemed auspicious. The main impediment until the modern age has been the logistics and cost of often traveling great distances across borders which were not always guaranteed safe passage and often lands whose transversal would be required forbid such transit by Jews. Even now there are communities of Jews who are unable to afford to return to Israel such as the Jews in Ethiopia who when they became threatened in their homeland petitioned Israel who has taken to ingathering these threatened Children of Israel regardless of the expense. Similar efforts have been extended for the Bnei Menashe Tribe of India, the Jews of the Soviet Union, as well as taking the influx that accompanied the nearly million Jews expelled from the Arab and Muslim world in the first decade after the founding of the modern state of Israel as well as the initial influx of the remnants of European Jews many of whom managed to survive the Holocaust only to find themselves penniless and dispossessed and turned away by the former communities who had taken whatever they had left behind when rounded up and transported to either ghettos, work camps, or death camps. Israel never placed their brethren into camps for extended times and did whatever it took to absorb and accept these Jewish refugees.

The Jewish desire and drive to inhabit the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is a part of their heritage and a tenet of Judaism. Abraham was directed to these lands when his name was Avram before the L0rd instructed him to adopt his new name of Avraham. This was the land the generation that followed their exodus from Egypt and bondage that they conquered and settled. This is the one small sliver of land in which Jews desire to reside and practice their religion and commit to performing those responsibilities and requirements of their covenant with the Almighty. The Jews of Israel have no desire to spread out into neighboring lands or to convert any non-Jewish person to Judaism unless they initiate the request, and even then we ask why they would choose to convert and have them discuss the why before allowing such conversions. The Jews do not proselytize as we are instructed to simply live as an example of a proper and good life obedient to G0d and be a light unto the nations. I would not claim that my brethren or I have necessarily been anywhere near as exemplary in practice as either we would desire or that is required of us by Torah. The only reason I might offer is we have only returned home for a little over sixty years and have not exactly been allowed to live without immediate threats and we have made some gains towards this idyllic code for righteous lives. But should the most unthinkable possible future include the loss once again of our home Israel it will not be the end of the story of the Jews who will return to longing for our homes to be in Israel. As a Jew one is not truly living a complete and blessed life as they are potentially capable of living unless they live in the Promised Land. As has been the contention of many of our revered Rabbis, a mitzvah which is committed in Israel counts as ten mitzvahs committed outside of Israel and merely living within Israel is a mitzvah all on its own. With this much importance placed on building a Jewish homeland in Israel over any other location in the world no matter how idyllic, how can anyone contend that the Jews can be removed from Israel and that the love and desire for Israel can be removed from the Jews. Neither is possible. So, instead of condemning Israel could the world just once give allowing the Jews their little sliver of land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea? Then as long as we live within the borders as described in Torah and act in a manner that not only does no harm to others but is an example of how to live harmoniously with the universe, everybody simply leave us be. Furthermore, we promise to share all the medical, scientific, agricultural, manufacturing and other nonreligious discoveries we make with the rest of the world to their benefit. We have no desire to conquer the world or even establish an empire or impose our faith on anybody else. We simply want to live in peace, obey and observe Torah, give praise to the L0rd our G0d, and build a nation which exemplifies living honorably and in harmony so as to be exemplary in our dealings and be as a light unto the nations of the world such that they desire to live in peace and harmony as a result. We do not desire to expect, let alone demand, anything from those who live beyond our borders and wish to treat with kindness those who wish to live within our borders as long as they act without violence or disruptiveness thus disturbing the functioning of our society.

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July 1, 2013

Kerry Announces Great Strides in Hope Towards Resumption of Peace Process

Kerry made what at best can be called an optimistic message to the press regarding the advancement of peace accomplished by his efforts during this trip to the Middle East. He indicated that the talks were fruitful and that the distance between the two parties had been lessened leaving but a narrow difference remaining to be bridged in order for talks to resume. He expressed a general feeling of pleasure over what had transpired and reiterated that he felt that the talks had been fruitful. The real question is what the average person should take from Secretary of State Kerry’s politispeak and what the reality is regarding any near term resumption of the peace talks. The other mentions of this week’s activities were pretty much duplicates of the longstanding positions the major players had long before Secretary Kerry arrived last week. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu still holds that he is willing to return to peace talks at a moment’s notice without preconditions of any sort by either side. He further clarifies this by pointing out that this does not mean that neither side be allowed to expect certain outcomes, just that any point should be agreed upon through the negotiating process and not be forced to grant either side’s wishes before negotiations even begin. Palestinian Authority Chairman and Palestinian President Abbas remains adamant that the Israelis release all prisoners remaining in Israeli prisons who received their sentence before the signing of the Oslo Accords in September of 1993 all of whom are serving multiple life sentences for numerous murders resulting from terrorist strikes, all Israeli construction be frozen within the contested lands including all of Samaria, Judea, Eastern Jerusalem, the Old City and Temple Mount or anywhere else within the lands gained from Jordan during the Six Day War, that Prime Minister Netanyahu deliver a map of the proposed boundaries for the Palestinian State that will result from the negotiation for Abbas to approve, and Israel agree to allow for the Right of Return to within Israel for the five million plus Palestinian Arab refugees living anywhere around the world. So, what exactly was Secretary speaking of when he claimed that there had been progress and the separation between the two sides had been lessened leaving just a small gap between them and reinitializing the peace process negotiations?


What needs to be understood is that the peace process has become more about appearance than it is about reality. Because of this anything can and will be claimed and then verified as reality is of no consequence. Everybody involved, concerned, or oblivious to the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process have realized and accepted that nothing is going to change because the truth is there never was any such thing as a peace process to begin with. The entire Peace Process from the beginning with the Madrid Conference to the Oslo Accords to the Saudi Plan through the Roadmap on to whatever it is currently being named have all been about whether or not Israel would be allowed to exist. From day one the process has been a winner takes all proposition because the Palestinians as the representatives of the entire Arab and Muslim world would only accept the eradication of Israel as a Jewish State and the Israelis refused to surrender their state and live, if permitted life, as Dhimmi second class citizens under an Arab or Muslim governance. Since the distance between the two sides is unable to be bridged, even having them both agreeing to meet with an intermediary from a third party is an accomplishment. Since nobody actually expects the talks to resume in the foreseeable future, Secretary Kerry and everybody else are free to make whatever claims they wish as long as they are indefinite and do not set any actual expectations for real progress. Expect for Kerry to make a number of additional trips to the Middle East and each time report great strides being managed through his diligence, hard work, his honesty with the two parties and the willingness to reach an agreeable peace. Actually, reaching an agreeable peace is the one thing that both Abbas and Netanyahu can agree is their desire; they just are in complete disagreement as to what such a peace would entail.


Then again, Secretary Kerry may have been referring to something completely unrelated to the Israeli-Palestinian situation when he mentioned that progress had been made and the two sides were closer to reaching an agreement. Kerry could very well have been speaking about Jordanian King Hussein and the disparate groups which make up the Jordanian population and their desire for democratizing changes to be made to their governance. Democratization has been a hot button issue in Jordan ever since the start of the turmoil originally named the Arab Spring and oft renamed the Arab Winter. The Jordanian King has made some preliminary alterations and enacted laws both restricting his universal hold on state powers and allowing for a more powers to be relegated to the Parliament and additional oversights to guarantee free and open elections. King Hussein has also relented on his right to appoint a new Prime Minister allowing for that power to be vested in the elected representatives of the people. Full implementation of these new rules have not been as swift as most would like and it may be that Secretary Kerry has made some ground towards these reforms being implemented, though it did sound like he was referring to making strides on the Peace Process between the Palestinians and the Israelis and not the Jordanian King and the Jordanian people.


According to Jordanian news reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently had agreed to implement an informal building freeze, one in which the government prevents any construction but simply never announces the freeze. We call it the building freeze whose name must not be mentioned. Of course President Abbas demands the building freeze be instituted by a formal public announcement made by Netanyahu. This might lead one to think that Abbas is also attempting to force Prime Minister Netanyahu to take a public move that would result in his losing power and the current government coalition breaking thus forcing new Israeli elections. Abbas might be playing for such an end in the hopes of somebody else winning the next election other than Likud or other nationalist parties. One can understand where President Abbas would much prefer to negotiate with Tzipi Livni or Shelly Yachimovich over Netanyahu. Of course judging from the wave of new younger faces primed to take over some of the leadership roles in the upcoming Likud internal Party elections, it would be more likely that new elections would bring into the Prime Minister’s office somebody from Likud like Danny Danon if not somebody from a different party such as Yair Lapid from the Yesh Atid Party or Naftali Bennett from the Jewish Home Party; any of whom would be far more nationalistic and less likely to allow for the formation of the Palestinian state than would be expected from Prime Minister Netanyahu. So Abbas might want to be careful what he wishes for as it may not be as rosy a picture as he expects should he succeed in forcing Prime Minister Netanyahu from office. In the meantime, with Secretary Kerry’s announcement that the peace talks are not about to reconvene this week but that progress has been occurring, we can expect that Secretary Kerry will return to have another round of fruitless talks and give another glorious report about the gains and the ever closer the two sides are drawing making the restart of the peace talks almost, but not quite imminent. I love polispeak where you get to use many, many words having polysyllabic properties but being almost completely devoid of any true or real meaning or consequence.


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June 28, 2013

Netanyahu’s Sacrifices for Peace Irrelevant, Abbas’s Acceptance Counts

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The world is watching Netanyahu listening to every word, detecting every facial expression, watching his body language, gaging the intonation as he speaks, and critiquing even the slightest nuanced twitch, blink, wink, nod, and motion with a scrutiny that has no equal comparison. One would think the existence of the Solar System stood in the balance of what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says, how he acts, what he offers and even whether he smiles when he meets Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas and shakes hands. The highfalutin members of the United Nations are all lined up ready to pounce on the first presstitute that comes within their range in order to be among the first to critique exactly where Prime Minister Netanyahu went wrong, what he should have said, how much more land he would have been required to offer and every single piece of superfluous minutia explaining that Netanyahu once again blew a once in a lifetime golden opportunity to make peace if only he had done, given, offered, accepted or acquiesced one last iota to bring Abbas beyond the cusp and had him singing a peace accord. The leaders of the European Union and each European Leader and high government official along with the board members of the world’s NGOs are similarly chomping at the bit just to get a bite of the corpse of Prime Minister Netanyahu should he fail to stroke Abbas sufficiently to make peace. The leaders of the Arab World will chime in claiming if Netanyahu had simply accepted the Saudi Initiative in its entirety and surrendered the sovereignty of Israel to the Palestinian refugees from the four corners of the globe and turned every Jew, Christian, Bahá’í and other non-Muslim into Dhimmi status then there could have been peace and the Israeli Jews would no longer have the stigma of Apartheid hanging around their necks. The only problem which infects the reasoning of all of these people is the same disease that infects United States President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry, the phobia that Israel is at fault and the unfortunate and beleaguered Palestinians are blameless and truly seek only peaceful coexistence but they are denied their state and human status by an imperial Jewish State. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice displayed exactly the misconception that the Palestinians are blameless victims suffering under the oppressive cruel demeaning treatment by the Jews when she claimed she saw the suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation as being similar to her experience of being black in the Jim Crow South of the United States in her youth. As long as the world takes that type of view or any view similar in nature they will not be able to see their way to the reality of why there has not been a peace reached between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


The reality is Prime Minister Netanyahu can offer any solution and no matter what is offered, if it does not bring about the complete destruction of Israel as the Jewish State and does not place every Israeli Jew into a second-class status, then it must be rejected by Mahmoud Abbas. Should Abbas ever accept a Palestinian State, even if it includes every square millimeter of the West Bank, Gaza and Eastern Jerusalem including the entirety of the Old City and the Temple Mount, he would be murdered within the first week as he would be seen as a traitor to the Palestinian cause which has nothing to do with a State called Palestine but has to do with the utter and complete destruction of the State called Israel. This has been proven over and over from statements straight out of the mouths of Palestinian leaders. It is due to such fears that Mahmoud Abbas has set his litany of preconditions making sure to include a number of poison pills which he knows that no Prime Minister of Israel could accept as to do so would mean the end of Israel as not only a Jewish State but as even being a location where Jews would be able to reside in safety. That is the purpose of the demand of Right of Return for approximately five million Palestinian refugees from every one of the camps which are located in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. It might be noted that a number of the Palestinian refugee camps within Syria have been shelled, bombed and attacked by the Syrian Army and other forces loyal to al-Assad mostly because most Palestinians are Sunnis. If one were to look at the maps used in the Palestinian schools, whether they are run by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, PLO, or UNRWA, they would find the maps show all the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as being Palestine and there is no trace of Israeli existence. Many popular songs sung by young school children as well as broadcast on Palestinian radio and television list numerous cities which are within the Green Line as being Palestinian cities. The entire Palestinian culture is based around the concept of the total and complete destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jews residing throughout the area. There is one well known fact that should cause people to pause and consider what this one undisputed fact implies. It is granted that there will be Arabs who currently live in Israel with full citizenship and full rights with Arabs serving in the Israeli Knesset, their parliament, and as doctors, judges, restaurant owners, business owners and every other job where they often work side by side with Israeli Jews, Israeli Druze, Israeli Christians and all have the same rights but any land that will go to form the Palestinian state must be purified and purged of every single Jew as there will be no Jews allowed to live within the Palestinian state and those who own lands will forfeit their lands one way or another. If a Jew were to make a stand and remain on their land in their home on land they have a deed of ownership, once the Palestinians took possession of their lands they would murder that Jew without remorse or even a second of thought. How can the Palestinian state be a democratic nation with rights as understood in much of the world if any Jew who ever set foot within their borders would be murdered immediately just as if he had entered Saudi Arabia, another nation where being Jewish is punishable by death? That is the state the Palestinians expect to bring into existence from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea cleansed of any Jews or any trace of ever having had Jews living on their lands.


Should the leadership of many world bodies and organizations, the leaders of the majority of nations and people in general were to suddenly decide to drop their blind detestation for Israel and the Jewish people and make an unbiased assessment of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, they would immediately begin to look to Mahmoud Abbas and ask of him when he would actually be receptive to any reasonable offers for a peace agreement. They would stop judging any Palestinian leader or spokesperson when they speak in English, French, or any language other than Arabic (Farsi for the Iranians if this is to be applied to the entirety of the Middle East) and simply judge them by their words said in their native tongue spoken to their own people when they are amongst themselves. If you desire to actually see and hear what these people have to say, not just the Palestinians but much of the leadership within the entire Muslim World (one great example being Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Imam Qaradawi), visit CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America)MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)PMW (Palestinian Media Watch) and Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) and be introduced to translations into English in the first three and a fresh and different attitude on Middle East and especially Israeli news and events in the final link. There is a reason why Israel gets the lion’s share of the blame and the Palestinians always seem to get sympathetic coverage by the press. In Israel the media personnel are allowed to go about their business and gather their information both good and not so good and report what they see warts and all. Most of the Press in the West Bank is controlled by Fatah and the Palestinian Authority while all the media in Gaza are strictly monitored by Hamas. In both areas no story gets filed without being approved and no camera footage or pictures are permitted to be put on the wire before getting them approved.


One famous incident of an unapproved media film being publicized reveals the entire censorship in place by the Palestinian leadership over the media. It took place in October 2000 when two Israeli reservists took a wrong turn and as a result entered Ramallah. The Palestinian police placed them in custody in an attempt to save their lives, an honorable act for which they almost paid for with their lives. They eventually had to turn the police station over to the mob who viscously and vilely murdered the two Israelis in one of the most horrific events in history. An Italian film crew working with Mediaset, Italy’s largest private television station, captured the entire event on film and relayed it back to Italy without first receiving Palestinian approval. Immediately after the film was aired the Palestinians knowing it was shown in Italy moved to expel and forbid any Italian media personnel. The deputy chief of Italy state television channel RAI located in Jerusalem, Riccardo Cristiano, published a letter of apology in the official daily newspaper of the Palestinian Authority as a mea culpa which was demanded by the Palestinian Authority before they would allow their reporters to return to the West Bank. Mediaset was banned after the incident from covering anything in the West Bank areas under Palestinian Authority control. That is the difference, Israel you can cover everything while in the Palestinian controlled areas the media have minders or use stringers supplied by the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, depending on the location, to report the news. That restricts what is seen in the world as the truth of events, statements, and virtually anything else that is presented to the world as honest reporting on the Palestinian areas and their leadership. It is just as bad if not worse than believing Pravda during the Cold War when researching the Soviet Union or the United States.


All that taken for what it is worth, the truth is that all the fuss and bother being reported coming from those in Israel who are worried that Prime Minister Netanyahu might be willing to give away the store really do not have much to concern themselves with. Even if the rumors are true and Netanyahu will offer to surrender ninety percent of the West Bank territories to Abbas with land swaps making up the remaining ten percent, Abbas will not accept the offer as it is nowhere near all-encompassing enough. These worried Israelis only need worry that Abbas might have something in mind where he believes he can take that offer and parlay it into having the United Nations grant him the remainder by forfeiting the original United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 passed on November 29, 1947. That was the resolution which called for the original partition which would have split the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea evenly between a Jewish state called Israel and an Arab state called Palestine. The Jewish state was largely made up of the Negev Desert which encompassed two-thirds of their allotted lands while the Palestinian state contained the Galilee farmlands, the most fertile land which currently is within the Green Line and is Israeli owned. The Arabs refused this offer and declared war on Israel a few months later on May 15, 1948, the first day after Israel was founded the evening before. The result of this war which the Arabs referred to as a war of annihilation that would bring on the genocide of the Jews in Israel actually resulted in Israel gaining all of the Galilee and gaining a fair amount of territory. The armistice lines from this conflict became the Green Line which is also called the 67 Lines. This was the War in which Jordan gained the West Bank, Syria gained the Golan Heights, and Egypt gained Gaza. Those were the Arab occupied lands which Israel liberated in the Six Day War of June 1967. That war was in response to the Egyptian blocking of the Straits of Tiran which was considered a casus belli. After Egypt and Syria massed troops and tanks in attack formation on Israel’s northern and southern borders and President Nasser was heard on radio and television claiming their armies would push the Jews into the Sea, Israel launched airstrikes on the Egyptian Air Force striking most of the planes still on the ground. Jordan joined the assault on Israel despite Israeli warnings and pleadings not to as Jordanian King Hussein thought the Israelis were lying when claiming the Arab forces were being beaten and instead believed the Egyptian and Syrian claims of massive victories and attacking the outskirts of Tel Aviv. Each Arab nation lost the areas they had occupied since the end of fighting in 1949 and Egypt also lost the entire Sinai Peninsula. And, as they say, the rest is history, or in this case, history still being made.


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