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October 15, 2013

Give Gaza an Inch and They Take it a Mile

Whenever Israel responds to terror attacks they are accused of responding too forcefully. When Israel files complaints at the United Nations, the very action Israel is often told is preferable to Israel taking military steps in response to terror attacks such as rockets and mortars which land close to their towns and kibbutzim causing minimal damage and causing no casualties, the actions taken by the United Nations are laughable and often they are so minimal as to be undiscernible. So, what will be the response from the world to the latest action Israel has taken in response to terrorist activities which, had they not been averted preventing the execution of their plans, could have resulted in deadly attacks and possibly even multiple kidnappings of Israeli civilians, possibly children. Upon the discovery of a steel and concrete reinforced tunnel complex running four-hundred-fifty meters under the Gaza border wall branching out in different locations which could have facilitated a multipronged attack in several locations simultaneously causing untold horrors, the Israelis took the precautionary step of stopping all steel and concrete building supplies which they had been providing supposedly for civic and public building and certainly not for advanced tunnels complete with tracks for carts to transport terrorists and supplies more rapidly. Israel has resumed supplying these materials under duress and great amounts of pressure from the usual suspects, the United States, European Union and national governments, United Nations and so forth, all of whom gave assurances that this time would be different and that only approved projects whose plans were provided by reliable sources and were to be built by the most trustworthy of construction companies with solid international oversight which guaranteed that none of these dual use items, especially the steel and concrete, would fall into the hands of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, the Palestinian Resistance committee (PRC) or other terror related or unauthorized entities. Needless to say, the tunnel that was discovered was not in any of the approved plans presented for which Israel was supplying the dual use building materials.


This tunnel was large enough for a healthy sized man to easily stand erect inside and ran out under the Gaza Security Barrier for over a quarter of a mile and had a number of side tunnels leading to other desired locations. This tunnel was the most advanced and largest tunnel to be found connecting Gaza with border communities inside Israel and was far larger and technically sophisticated than the tunnel used when two IDF soldiers were murdered and Gilad Shalit was kidnapped and held hostage for five years. With the multiple exits spaces over a sizeable area near numerous Israeli communities and there existing tracks for use of motorized carts, Hamas could have launched a wide spread, multiple target, coordinated attacks and possibly have taken a number of hostages or simply murdered as many as they could before retreating or continuing further into Israel until caught leading to casualties and damages near unimaginable. This tunnel may have been the result of something many have suspected and feared where terrorist entities such as Hamas, Hezballah, Islamic Jihad and any others with sufficient funds and the wherewithal to arrange such transportation send teams to South and Central America and to the southern neighbor of the United States, Mexico, where the terrorists assist in the military training, bomb building and other terrorist training which the drug cartels find valuable and in exchange are given training in advanced tunnel construction and infiltration methods which the cartel members can advance the terrorist knowledge base. There may be some advantages for the Israelis and the United States Border Patrol to exchange notes and determine if this tunnel’s construction bears any similarities with the drug and human smuggling tunnels of the United States southwest. If such similarities exist then it may be time for the IDF and the United States Border Patrol to take a page from the cartel and terrorist cooperation handbook and do some combined training and exchange of methods and other appropriate information.


Meanwhile, the question now is how long will it be before Mahmoud Abbas and many Arab leaders who are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and by such also with Hamas such as Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, take to their respective soapboxes and extol the world media with the horrific conditions, lack of proper housing, and deteriorating conditions within Gaza because the most evil regime on Earth, Israel, refuses to allow building materials shipments to enter Gaza leaving the Palestinian to live in squalor without proper shelter or infrastructure. We can expect the Lady Catherine Ashton, the European Union High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to be one of the first along with Dr. Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and representing the United States it will likely be either Secretary of State John Kerry or President Barack Obama. We should also list the majority of Foreign Ministers from the European continent who are always in good voice when it comes to advising Israel how to best proceed in order to be appreciated and acceptable to the reputable nations of the world. The problem with the advice given by all these not so well-meaning officials of high title and low morals is that their advice always seem to resemble instruction on the best and fastest way for Israel to cut its veritable throat. Just once I would love to see the world give Israel the kind of advice they would demand for themselves if they were facing the threats and challenges which threaten Israel and every single Israeli citizen. We have all witnessed the reactions of these other nations when struck by terrorist threats. We witnessed the delicacy the English troops practiced in Belfast, the restraint shown by the United States after 9/11 and the Afghan and Iraq wars and drone strikes all around the globe, the reactions in France, Spain, Germany and others when facing terrorists. None of them showed restraint nor did they bother to solicit permission from every single nation who wished to advise them on exactly what amount of violence would constitute a reasonable use of force. Nope, they gathered their arms and took care of business and did so with little concern for delicacy. Just once allow Israel the same latitude and there might be a surprise afterwards, Middle East peace as such a peace will only come once the Arab and Muslim Worlds come to the final realization that nothing they can do now or ever into the future will remove Israel and the Jewish People from their ancestral homelands.


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July 29, 2013

Prisoner Release to Appease Palestinians Actually Disgraceful Threat to Israelis

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Much of the information being publicized by all parties about the resumption of the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process is confusing, contradictory, highly politicized plus causing great amount of agonized and vehement confrontations between the Israeli public and Prime Minister Netanyahu and his inner cabinet supporters. The many fronts of contention are almost too many to comprehend but the main points of controversy are over the Palestinian claim that the invitation to the talks lists agreement on using the 1949 Armistice Lines as basic definition for borders, the Palestinian claim that the start of negotiation will force an Israeli building freeze and worst of all, the hundred plus Palestinians who are to be released as a concessionary gift to Mahmoud Abbas just for the privilege of having him agree to attend talks at all. If one were to look for any bright side of this situation for the Israeli public it would have to be that at least there has not been any mention of the so-called Palestinian right of return. We can probably bet that that will remain as the final demand that will be used in order to force the Israelis to terminate any possibility for an agreement as they cannot accept such a demand and remain the Jewish State therefore Abbas can exit the negotiations and still claim he was willing to make peace if only the Israelis would have granted his one last insignificant point. Of course we all know that the right of return is anything but an insignificant point as it would mean the death knell of Israel as the Jewish State, but that will not prevent much of the world’s mainstream media from quoting Abbas and giving their whole-hearted support to the claim that Israel was being intransigent. Then everybody can return to holding their Naqba Day celebrations; their BDS boycotts, disengagements and sanctions; their Israel Apartheid Day celebrations, the United Nations annual November 29th celebrations for International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People; their Friday demonstrations taunting IDF checkpoints, Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria, Separation Fence protests; and very likely start the Third Intifada with an all-out assault on Jews north to south from Eilat to the Golan Heights and east to west from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. And we can then expect to read all about the abuses Israel will commit when they have to defend their citizens from the Third Intifada onslaught after duly showing restraint well beyond any other nation’s breaking-point on civil unrest. Those of us who follow the facts and not the popular opinions from the United Nations, the mainstream media, and the perpetual demonstrators who protest anything which stands for Western values or based on the Judeo-Christian principles labeling them as Capitalist Oppressors, Colonialist Powers, Xenophobic Zealots, Proponents of Islamophobia or simply Enslavers and Exploiters of Minorities and People of Color. But what are the actual provisions that are drawing such ire from many Israelis?


The best way to address the situation is to take each contentious issue one at a time. First off, let’s look into the issue of using the 1949 Armistice Lines, also called the 1967 Lines, as the base border from which small alterations will be allowed providing that both sides agree to the exchanges proposed. The first recognition has to be that this is claimed as a given starting point thus far only by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas while neither, as Abbas claims, United States Secretary of State John Kerry or Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu have supported this position. Factually, Prime Minister Netanyahu has directly denied that this was part of the agreement while there has yet to be any comment from Secretary Kerry. A recent poll of Israelis revealed that over eighty-five percent would vote against ratifying any peace agreement which utilized the 1949 Armistice Lines as the basis for the border between Israel and the Palestinian State. The problem with these borders is that weather permitting one can see all of the middle section of Israel all the way to the Mediterranean Sea which places seventy percent of Israel’s population, industry and vital infrastructure within range of the most rudimentary of rockets and permits those launching said rockets to have spotter, or even observe themselves, able to see the actual impact as it happens and thus makes adjusting fire both much easier and far more accurate. These borders place Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Ashod, Ashkelon, Beersheba, and among the others, especially Jerusalem all within direct line of sight from the top of the Judean Hills. This is merely the logistical argument against permitting such borders to be considered but as long as Benyamin Netanyahu remains true to his word and allows for the people of Israel to approve or negate any agreement before it is signed and validated, then such borders have little to absolutely no possibility of being accepted by the people of Israel. So, the referendum will preserve Israel from such a fool’s fate even should Prime Minister Netanyahu agree to show such an agreement to the people.


But what about the building freeze? The easy out of such rumors would be to simply quote Bibi’s pronouncement that he plans to approve over one-thousand tenders for new housing in east Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. Of course we all know by this he means only in Jerusalem and the approved main block of communities and not those wild outposts such as Yitzhar, Itamar, Tapuach or the other ones out in the extremities, as they wish them to be considered. What ever happened to the original idea under United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 and allowing Israel to annex sufficient lands to provide her with defendable borders? As I recall those dizzying days in June, July, and on through till the end of November when finally on November 22 came the edict that Israel should return the majority or at least a significant amount of the lands gained in defending against the war brought on by the massing of troops from Egypt and Syria on her border, the closing of the Straights of Tiran, a casus belli in its own rights, and the entering the war by Jordan a couple of hours after the start on the advice from Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser reporting to Jordan’s King Hussein that they were making advances on the Israelis and that the planes picked up on Jordanian radar were flights of Egyptian planes heading to destroy Israeli targets. The truth was the Egyptian and Syrians were retreating on all fronts and the radar images were returning Israel aircraft on their way home after decimating Egypt’s air power. End result was Israel gained the Sinai, Golan Heights and West Bank and has already returned over ninety percent of these to Arab hands making whatever is left, namely the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria legally retainable by Israel and that is the real international law. But any building freeze could be employed even while approving new tenders for additional housing as a building freeze is not about approving plans; it is about actual breaking ground and erecting buildings. As for whether Prime Minister Netanyahu will put in a fix that denies actually building while simply going through the motions in order to appear to be building and not enforcing a freeze, well, we will have to wait and see. That would be a question best put to the different ministers and bureaucrats who control the actual building and licensing thus doing actual research to find such an answer. We should know for sure one way or the other within a couple of weeks simply by observing if any further building is still being erected or if all projects come to a halt.


Now for the unfortunate matter of releasing prisoners which was approved by the Prime Minister’s hand-picked Inner Cabinet who were chosen for their inability to refuse the Prime Minister anything he desires. Say what you like about Bibi, he does know how to enforce his own decisions and do so with the appearance of a greater agreement from the government even if one does not exist. We will never know whether or not the entire Knesset would have allowed the prisoner release to go forward or would have stood on principle and prevented such lunacy. If there was a valid reason for permitting these terrorist masters, some of the worst of the worst, to be freed, it would have to be proven that by committing this act there were believable guarantees that the coming negotiations would produce a final end and enforceable and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians and all the rest of the Arab League nations. That does not appear to be what was promised in this case. What it appears was promised for releasing over one hundred terror planners, coordinators, trainers, bomb-makers and other nefarious and destructive individuals is that Mahmoud Abbas will allow negotiations to be carried out with the Israelis and allow such negotiations to continue for as long as Israel is being successfully squeezed into making more sacrifices and concessions and once Mahmoud Abbas believes he has gotten everything he will be able to pry loose without having to promise anything beyond worlds and false promises not intended to be kept, then he will walk away from the negotiations complaining of Israeli intransigence and hold a press conference where he will berate Israel for being immovable and unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices for peace and refusing to even consider the most basic and necessary compromises for peace. He will complain how he had made serious, deep reaching and heart wrenching sacrifices and offered the Israelis an opportunity to reach a fair and decent peace and he was rebuffed and turned away. The mainstream press in Europe, the United States, the Arab and Muslim worlds and nearly everywhere else even to include Haaretz and other Israeli news sources will repeat verbatim Abbas’s complaints and fabrications and then after a week of constant berating of Israel over the failure of the talks to reach a peace agreement, then they will interview Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu asking him why it was that he refused to give the Palestinians even the slightest requests and why was it that Israel had again squandered another golden opportunity to meet Abbas, who has done so much and sacrificed so completely and desires nothing more than making a good and solid peace, and take the necessary steps to assure that peace was accomplished. This may not be what was advertised, but it is the coming result.


Please Prime Minister Netanyahu, before even going to the first meeting hold a press conference and present your plan of what an equal and fair peace would look like. Spell out exactly what you are prepared to sacrifice in order to attain peace. Spell out in the most minute details exactly what you desire from the Palestinians and what you are willing to give them in exchange for their cooperation to make a final and just peace. For once get out in front of the propaganda that Abbas will try to spread once he has carved out his most desirous concessions from the coming negotiations. Tell the world up front what are the explicit aims, desires, wants and requirements Israel places on the coming negotiations. Stop with the Israel is ready to make peace song and dance you produce in almost every interview over the peace process. State boldly, explicitly and unapologetically Israeli expectations, requirements and desires in concrete and measurable absolutes such that there are no doubts as to where Israel stands and what Israel expects. The world knows exactly what Abbas keeps telling them that Israel refuses to meet him in making peace but nobody has ever explained to the world exactly what defines acceptable for Israel when compromises are required to make peace. No more general terminology and political maneuvers. Just spell out exactly where you and thus Israel stands and is willing to accept, willing to sacrifice, and insistent on receiving and then simply stand your ground. Yes, the United States is going to try and assist Mahmoud Abbas in his attempts to rake every last ounce of flesh off the body that is Israel. Stand up to them and tell Secretary Kerry and President Obama that you will not bend before their demands and pressures as you are their equal if not their better. Tell the United States spokesperson that you are not going to bend before their pressures and that if they believe they have the better of Israel because they can withhold American aid, then tell them that Israel survived very well without their aid for the first twenty years and three wars and that the main reason that the United States started to give Israel military aid was in order to prevent Israel from manufacturing their own weapons systems which would have competed very successfully against American made weapons on the international markets. And if they decide to call your presumed bluff, then I guess Israel will simply have to start to sell their own military products on the world stage and it is highly probable that Israeli weapons systems will outsell all competitors the same as Israeli UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) are preferred over everybody else’s products. Remember, the United States original offer to Israel was they would provide Israel with F-15 and F-16 fighter jets at a highly reduced and favorable price even including Israeli modifications when requested as long as Israel stopped their work on the Lavi 4th generation fighter jet. Perhaps a little nudge and a reminder will make your position more tenable and much more clear to Secretary Kerry and all bets are that it would be made very clear by United States Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel along with the designers and board members of Boeing, McDonald Douglas, Raytheon, General Electric and Grumman as they probably would prefer to forgo the competition. Try taking the bull by the horns and proudly present the Israeli side and stand by them in strength and you might just reap some surprising results Mr. Prime Minister.


One final footnote, these are the names and results of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet voting on approving the release of the one-hundred-four of the most notorious and dastardly terrorist prisoners ever released at one time, even compared to those released in order to attains freedom for Gilad Shalit. Perhaps this could have been made less painful but expecting the United States to release Jonathan Pollard as compensation for what Israel has agreed to authorize mostly under pressure from the United States may have been expecting too much humanity from the administration of President Obama. Voting in favor with Prime Minister Netanyahu were Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Minister of Interior Gideon Saar, Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovich, Minister for Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz, and Aliyah Minister Sofa Landver (Likud / Yisrael Beytenu); Finance Minister Yair Lapid, Education Minister Shai Piron, Health Minister Yael German, Science Minister Yaakov Perry and Welfare Minister Meir Cohen, (Yesh Atid); as well as Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, and Environment Minister Amir Peretz (Hatnua). Voting against the prisoner release were Transport Minister Yisrael Katz, Communications Minister Gilad Erdan, Tourism Minister Uzi Landau, and Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir, all (Likud / Yisrael Beytenu); as well as Economics Minister Naftaliu Bennett, Housing Minister Uri Ariel and Minister for Pensioners Uri Orbach, (Bayit Yehudi). And taking the route of simply staying on the sidelines by not casting their vote yea or nay were Energy Minister Silvan Shalom and Culture Minister Limor Livnat, both of Likud / Yisrael Beytenu.


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December 13, 2012

Is Avigdor Lieberman Correct in Accusation Against Europe?

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Voice of Israel public radio, “Once again, Europe has ignored calls for Israel’s destruction. We’ve already seen this at the end of the 1930s and at the beginning of the 1940s when Europe knew what was happening in the concentration camps and didn’t act… Europe has slapped itself in the face… When Jews are sacrificed, you have to ask yourself who will be next. In Toulouse, the terrorist who killed Jewish children also killed French soldiers… Terrorism attacks Jews but it targets all countries and Western values. Israel is just an hors d’oeuvre… Hamas calls for Israel’s destruction and refused to recognize Israel and Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) supports this position while Europe stays quiet.”

There is no denying the validity of Minister Lieberman’s references to the comments made recently by Hamas Leader Khaled Meshal in a speech during his first trip to Gaza this past Saturday where he was speaking to tens of thousands of supporters at a celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Hamas. Speaking with great emotion and fury to an aroused and euphoric crowd, Meshal exclaimed, “The state will come from resistance, not negotiation, Liberation first, then statehood. Palestine is ours from the river to the sea and from the south to the north. There will be no concession on any inch of the land. There will be no concession on any inch of the land.” He vowed that all Palestinian refugees and their descendants would one day return to their original homes inundating Israel leading to forcing an Arab majority within Israel and thus ending Jewish rule. He went further with this denunciation of Israel claiming, “We will never recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation, and therefore there is no legitimacy for Israel, no matter how long it will take. We will free Jerusalem inch by inch, stone by stone. Israel has no right to be in Jerusalem.” Among his further remarks was included promises that Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons would be freed using the same methods previously utilized; the kidnapping of Israelis and Israeli soldiers, such as Gilad Shalit who was released in a prisoner exchange after five years being held by Hamas, the PRC (Popular Resistance Committees) and other terror units as a hostage.

There can be no doubts that Meshal’s speech received not only no denunciations, but he was not even accused of making things more difficult and unhelpful in reaching the “two state solution” though over the weekend the Israeli plans to build homes in the suburbs of Jerusalem were condemned as such. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was actually relatively kind in his only pointing out the silence of the leadership in Europe as there was no comment by anyone anywhere making even the mildest of rebukes at the hateful threats and accusations made by Hamas’s Khaled Meshal. There was silence from the United States State Department who too were busy condemning the proposed construction of housing for Israelis around Jerusalem. The United States President and all his spokespeople and members of his administration had nary a comment of criticism of Meshal, though there had been disapproval made about Israeli housing plans around Jerusalem. The European Union as well as each and every member state were noticeable only by their complete silence over Meshal’s hateful language but the European Union did hold a meeting in which they took the time to accuse Israel of destroying any possibility of the realization of the “two state solution” due to announced plans to construct houses in the E1 areas near Jerusalem. Then there was the fact that the United Nations found themselves still way too busy condemning Israeli building plans and the end of chances for peace between Israel and the Palestinians despite their brave forging ahead granting the PLO statehood recognition to notice or mention the hatred and threats spewing forth from Gaza against Israel, every inch of Israel. I could continue going continent to continent, country to country, people in leadership position throughout the globe, and the sole comments that mentioned any disapproval of the vitriolic words uttered by Khaled Meshal in Gaza were restricted to Israelis. I could also list all the people and newspaper articles and editorials that cast Israel as the scourge to peace in the Middle East by their devious plans to construct evil housing for Israeli citizens, some of which will likely be Jewish, in completely vacant land that has not seen human habitation in recorded history but that would take pages and you would very likely not read it all anyway.

It is worth mentioning that Mahmoud Abbas while not mentioning Khaled Meshal, his speech, or even his historic visit to Gaza (Hamas’s and the wire services’ descriptor, not mine) but President Abbas did mention the time was ripe for seeking to unify the PLO, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority with Hamas and the other forces in Gaza so that there would be a unified Palestinian society which would facilitate the full realization of the recognized establishment of the Palestinian state. He also denounced the Israeli building plans threatening to take the issue before the ICC (International Criminal Court) as this was now an option due to the recognition given he and the Palestinians by the United Nations, but I remember many in Europe promising to condemn Abbas should he threaten such and have not heard a peep from anyone about his plans. Guess the Europeans are really good at minding their own and Israel’s business and that is their limit. Fates forbid they make even the slightest criticism of anything to do with the Palestinians. Mind you, there are those in Europe who are capable of taking a brave stance, and they can be found in the Czech Republic who was the only European country to vote “Nay” in the United Nations General Assembly when granting the elevated and soon to prove dangerous and unprecedented recognition of the Palestinians as a Non-Voting Observer State.

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