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August 30, 2014

What Palestinian Unity Government Will Yield

The universally touted ceasefire, ironed out in Cairo, approved by the United States, fashioned and agreed to by Hamas and Israel, is a disaster described as a permanent peace. The central pivotal concept centers on placing the management of the reconstruction of the Gaza infrastructure and rebuilding of homes, schools mosques and other structures to the newly formed Palestinian unity government. This merging of Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Palestinian Authority has been perceived by the European Union, the individual European governments, the United States and the majority of the rest of the world as well as the United Nations as an empowering of Mahmoud Abbas. This is considered a great leap forward towards resolving the Israeli Palestinian problem as now Gaza has been reunited with and under the control of the Palestinian Authority, the presumed Israeli partner for peace. The assumption prevalent behind this line of thought is that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have surrendered and are the weaker components of this merging and that the Palestinian Authority will continue to proceed with Mahmoud Abbas at its head. These expectations also theorize that the secular centric political makeup from Fatah will prevail over the Islamist bend of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their fellow jihadists both in Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). This optimistic view ignores much of recent events and historic evidence. Ignoring any possibility that their expectations and assumptions may be imperfect, the western nations led by the United States, United Nations and European union are going full speed ahead pressuring Israel to revive the peace process and assist in building the newly untied Palestinian state with Mahmoud Abbas at its head. The only problem is these Pollyannish visions are as far from reality as humanly possible.


Apparently everybody has decided to ignore the coup attempt, which Israeli intelligence assisted by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) prevented by arresting some ninety-three Hamas and related Islamists who were the core behind this planned taking control of the new unity government by the Islamist forces which have ruled in Gaza since the 2007 coup. The difference between the Hamas coup success in Gaza against the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas and their United States trained security forces and their recent failed attempt at a coup in the West Bank failed solely due to Israeli intervention. Remove the Shin Bet and IDF and their intelligence abilities and leave the entirety of the West Bank under Palestinian Authority control as any comprehensive peace and establishment of a Palestinian state would produce and the next Islamist coup would end Palestinian Authority rule and place the leaders from Hamas and Islamic Jihad or others into control of all the Palestinian areas, both West Bank and Gaza. The real question that needs to be resolved before the formation of any Palestinian state had to be how to prevent the Islamists from taking control of that state by force a mere months or weeks or even days or hours after its formation and the removal of Israeli forces from those areas. The solutions which have suggested such things as having United Nations or European Union troops as the inspectors and monitors responsible for preventing further violence and terrorism once the Palestinian state has been formed would be a joke if the unavoidable disaster they would cause would not be so costly for Israel. The problem is when Europeans were presumably given the task of monitoring just the Rafah crossings after the disengagement by Israel under Western pressure in August of 2005, they deserted their position within weeks, spend a few more weeks hiding in their Tel Aviv hotel rooms before fleeing back to Europe never to be seen again and immediately before the 1967 Arab Israeli war which became known as the Six Day War was preceded by the removal of all the United Nations monitors from the Sinai Peninsula simply at the request of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Why should Israel now put any faith in these very same enforcers of a peaceful compliance by any future Palestinian state considering their past dire and complete failures? None of these self-anointed paragons of virtue and keepers of the peace would ever rely on such shaky guarantees when their own safety is in the balance, so why should Israel act any differently. These insignificant concerns, at least to the Western nations according to their beliefs, are being ignored and the Israelis are chided and cast as untrusting and acting counter to those necessary to form a lasting peace. But what would such a future Palestinian state allowed to be formed as the Western and other world interests are now demanding act, especially towards Israel, Europe and its Arab neighbors, in the immediate and on into the future times?


Any Palestinian state forced into existence against Israeli better judgment, which is often very different than the official government position and sometimes, as in the recent acceptance of the ceasefire with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the government may hold the better judgment while the Prime Minister finds their own path independent from the advisories and desires of the rest of the government and even the people of Israel, will likely not produce anything close to the rosy pictures painted by those governments and others pushing their ideas on Israel. Unfortunately, as we depicted in yesterday’s article, there are those amongst the Israeli political elite who have become beaten down by the constant conflicts and pressures from supposed allies who have often pressured these political leaders to take risks and trust their promises, which almost universally fell apart, and were unmet leaving Israel facing predicaments which were unnecessary, thus leaving them ready, even anxious, to just take the path offered and avoid the aspersions and internecine arguments which in the past have combined to remove their ability to stand strong with an unbendingly strong spine and superhuman spirit which they had so many times in the past prevailed with in similar pressured political conflicts. Should that thus far and blessedly unrealized Palestinian state now be finally realized, it will very probably be less than a year before any security arrangement and any monitoring force outside the IDF, the one security option uniformly rejected by every Palestinian leader including those from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and also the Palestinian Authority, the force of reason, would have been removed or ended with claims that they were no longer necessary. The reality would be they were becoming too dangerous or costly to continue and fell victim to Palestinian pressures and violent opposition. This would be the necessary precursor to the overthrow of any secular and acceptable governance put in place by any agreement which is currently being proposed and will soon be forced upon Israel. Within weeks, months at the most, after the dissolution of any security and monitoring arrangement that Islamists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and even forces under Iranian control will take over the Palestinian state through a coup and finally the Islamist forces will have attained their dream of complete control over all of the contested regions. Once the Islamist coup replaces the secularist Palestinian government any idea of a supposed coexistence with Israel dies a hard and permanent death. While Israel would then have the “I told you so right”, that would prove to be of little consolation as Israel would be facing a foreboding and also apocalyptic threat. Any expectation of the same nations and other world organization which gave Israel the litany of guarantees and promises assuring Israeli security and safety be assured would be senseless as the complete litany of guarantors would be whistling innocently and strolling off while professing to see no evil, hear no evil, but they may start to speak some evil as they claim to perceive absolutely no real problem and continue to demand that Israel act as if no threat exists.


There would be emergency meetings held all complaining that they had been forced into session from Israeli paranoid alarmism and would call for renewed calm and see no reason for actions or precautions of any kind. When the eventual and unavoidable initial aggressions such as rocket launchings came from both Gaza and the entirety of the Judean hills overlooking central Israel, such as have been witnessed emanating from Gaza, the world would demand that both sides show restraint as they also ended all flights into Ben Gurion International Airport for security and safety reasons. The conflicting signals would be brushed aside claiming that Israeli alarmist complaints were unwarranted as there had been no or relatively few Israeli casualties resulting from the unaimable rockets and any threats had been intercepted by the Iron Dome systems while their interruption in air service to Israel due to the perceived potential dangers to flights into and out of Ben Gurion International Airport were temporary and were no definitive comment on the level of danger of the situation. This is the identical reaction to the terrorist threat Israel faces currently and throughout her brief history. Ever since the Israel shockingly quick victory in the Six Day War the world had taken the position that Israel is not under any dire threat from the surrounding Arab nations or their terror proxies and thus should not react in any overt manner to any threats they may pose. This has been most evidenced in most of the interactions by the United States, especially the Department of State, in every attempt to reach an agreement after every incursion into violence by Palestinian terror forces. This was again made apparent during the past fifty day on again off again intermittent mix of rockets with the corresponding Israeli counter attacks interspersed with brief ceasefires almost universally broken by Hamas or Islamic Jihad while the leadership and representatives of both the Western world and many international organizations repeatedly demanded Israel accept the next ceasefire and accept every intimation of peace for the real thing. This has been the insistence of the United Nations, European Union and most of the Western governments pressed upon Israel demanding they accept every offer of peace as truthful from the Arabs initially and the Palestinians since the Arab Israeli conflict was rewritten to give Israel the image of invincible, dominance and being impervious to any effort of the Arabs once they had substituted the Palestinians as Israel’s enemies in place of the reality of twenty-two Arab nations.


This result has its best chance of becoming reality with the coming announcement by Mahmoud Abbas which will reach its pinnacle at the opening ceremonies for the United Nations General Assembly this coming September when he makes his official request that the Security Council pass a binding Chapter Seven Resolution setting a date for all Israeli civilians and IDF and security forces to be removed back behind the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Lines allowing for the birth of the Palestinian state. His argument will be that the unity government has made the formation of Palestine in its totality including both the West Bank and Gaza. He will demand that free passage between Gaza and the West Bank be guaranteed. The great hope that such is finally possible is based on the support that the United States has given to the Palestinians and the apparent animosity between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the attempts by Secretary of State Kerry to force Israel to surrender to the Palestinian demands during the recent peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority during Secretary Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy. The added impetus may have been provided by the attempted persuasion by the United States for Qatar and Turkey, chief allies and supporters of Hamas, to replace Egypt in the recent diplomatic efforts to end the Hamas and Islamic Jihad war with Israel. Even Egypt was opposed to this idea yet the Americans continued until finally Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel succeeded in resisting these efforts and reached an agreement which Hamas had little choice but to accept as they had suffered damage which they could no longer afford to continue their conflict with Israel. Should this call for a Palestinian state come to fruition, then the clock will have started in an inexorable countdown to an Islamist adversary perched on the Israeli borders. This would lead to the inevitable final war which would either bring the end of Israel or returning the conflict to between Israel and some form of Arab or Muslim entities, most likely some coalition of Islamist forces. Even if all of the Sunni Arab nations were to reach an arranged peace or coexistence with Israel, this would still leave Hezballah out of Lebanon, Syria for as long as Bashir Assad can retain power and Iran determined to eradicate Israel. These forces could also include Iraq or at least the Shiite southern Iraq should that beleaguered nations split into a Kurdish nation in the north, a Shiite nation in the south possibly being absorbed by Iran and a Sunni state in the center possibly ruled by ISIS. Perhaps part of the reason that Iran has supported the Sunni terror forces of the Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hamas is due to its loss of a stable Syrian allied state and an unpreoccupied Hezballah which is entangled in the Syrian civil war while Hamas offered to ally with Iran against Israel by willingly offering to threaten and attack Israel should Israel decide to attack the Iranian nuclear program. Either way, Hamas has been augmented in their abilities which were evidenced by their increased range of rockets in the recent conflict. This would be multiplied should they also control the West Bank as well as Gaza and this would be an existential threat which Israel could not allow. Still, this is simply one of the scenarios which Israel faces which would force her into a literal fight for her survival, a survival upon which the fate of the Jewish people rests.


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August 12, 2014

Making Historic Mistakes While Expecting Different Results

It has to have been frightening throughout history, just as it is now for those actually watching, thinking and seeing history repeat, when those with the knowledge of the past watched their leaders travel down the well-worn path of repeating the past instead of learning from it. There are two tracks which travel almost as a pair with one following the other just as night follows day and equally inseparable. The leading stimulus is attacking or oppressing some groups of people, most often from a different culture, religion, nationality or belief system with such insult and ferocity as to incur their undying wrath. The following results in the belief that your initial action has succeeded in defeating or deterring said group leaving them unable to strike back as you have military strength well beyond their capabilities and due to their assumed inferior culture, they will be unable to ever pose a forthcoming threat, let alone become a serious threat, even possibly a military threat. This is the usual combination which inevitably has brought the greatest of human empires down and laid their great cities to waste spanning the entirety of recorded history. This is often just referred to as the barbarians at the gates breaking them down and taking a ruinous path straight through the heart of an empire. Perhaps a few examples will further explain and display a few variations on this theme in history clarifying the ideas.

One of the earliest recorded records is told in the Bible, the Old Testament. The Egyptian Pharos who had not known Joseph grew to fear the sizeable population of the Hebrews within the Pharos’s borders and ordered punitive measures to break their spirit and avoid a prophesy. The most damaging of these edicts was the killing of every first born Hebrew male child throughout all the lands of Egypt, an edict which would return to destroy even the will of Pharos in the end. No matter if one takes the literal story from Exodus with the Ten Plagues resulting in the death of every first born male throughout the whole of Egypt except those houses marked with the blood of the sacrificial lamb on their doorpost or the secular description of a slave revolt, either one depicts an injured people who were considered to be cowed sufficiently that they were incapable of rising up and challenging the might of Egypt, yet perhaps that judgment was a bit hasty.

The great Persian Empire spread out from the westernmost edges of Asia all the way to the Greek city states. The Persian forces which had proven indomitable as they swept across the Dardanelles onto the Greek city-states where they encountered one of their fiercest challenges at the pass at Thermopylae where King Leonidas and his personal royal guard of three-hundred Spartans and a few thousand Greek soldiers backed by a small fleet commanded by one of Leonidas own generals, held the pass against the Persian armadas on land and sea for three days before finally succumbing when a disgruntled Greek revealed a little known goat path which allowed a Persian force to strike at Leonidas rear after routing the other Greeks assigned to guard against just such an attack. After defeating King Leonidas and his strong and determined force, Persian King Xerxes and his unstoppable military juggernaut destroyed many of the Greek city-states finally being turned back when his supply lines were cut by the Athenian fleets that cut the Persian bridging of the Dardanelles while ambushing Xerxes fleets. The Persian Empire rested on their laurels and comfortably ruled their expansive empire with little threats or challenges until a young King out of Macedonia united the many Greek city-states and headed eastward to take revenge on the Persians for their defeat of the Greeks a century and a half earlier. We know this Macedonian as Alexander the Great.

There are numerous other examples laced throughout history and spanning the globe but perhaps simply naming the adversaries will suffice. Not all such examples resulted in the destruction of nations or empires, but they did produce some defeats which are of themselves quite notable. The Seleucid-Greeks conquered Judea from the Ptolemic-Greeks out of Egypt, they never expected for the Judeans to rise up and expel them yet the forces led by the Maccabees did just that, even if it was for a brief period as the Seleucid-Greeks returned and reconquered the area. The Chinese built over a great period and numerous emperors an insurmountable defensive wall known as the Great Wall, notable today for being visible from orbit, and rested believing themselves safe as the Great Wall would not only be impenetrable, but also serve as a force for intimidation that would put sufficient fear in the hearts and minds of the barbarians beyond the wall. They grew so lax they even hired some of those same barbarians to guard the wall for them still relying on the intimidation factor and the fact they rewarded these guards with great wealth. Somehow these barbarians apparently figured they could take more treasure by allowing the rest of their fellow barbarians through the gates and destroy the Chinese empire. There has been a series of such miscalculations between the French, British and Spanish throughout their histories, most of these confrontations were between the nations while others were internal miscalculations.

After World War I and the horrific casualty numbers, the horrors of chemical weapons use, and the huge sacrifice of treasure, resources and manpower that none of the nations immediately after that conflagration was even remotely thinking of entering another war of the continent of Europe or elsewhere. The Treaty of Versailles and accompanying accords, conventions and other agreements were implemented to restrict the nations who were blamed for initiating the conflict and presumed to have lost, though the actual difference between the presumed winners and their vanquished was a victory of a minor degree rather than a definitive defeat. When the new German Chancellor after the collapse of the Weimer Republic, Adolph Hitler, began secretively strengthening the German military forces beyond what was permitted by the treaties which ended World War I the other leaders in Europe refused to accept these events as they were convinced that nobody of a sane mind could ever be thinking of conquest. Certainly the German Chancellor could be reasoned with as in that day and age there was no possibility that a madman whose thoughts and desires turned to even invade a neighboring state, let alone world conquest, would be permitted by any population in Europe to rise to power as all of Europe had suffered significantly from the War to End All Wars, World War I. When German Chancellor Hitler demanded the Sudetenland, which had been rewarded to Czechoslovakia at the end of World War I, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French President Édouard Daladier went to Munich, Germany in order to find a compromise which would grant the presumably rational and legitimate demands and dispel any possibility of war. Oh the best laid plans of mice and men.

Now we are watching an equally hapless set of rulers in Europe, a Europe which has been militarily degraded to the capability of border security and a minor confrontation but incapable of prolonged campaign, and a United States which, while retaining the military capability to meet any challenge short of an alien invasion from space, is being led by a feckless leader who appears allergic to the use of anything militarily more serious or requiring of a commitment than a drone strike and completely incompetent and hopelessly naïve of all things pertaining to foreign affairs. The American foreign policy could be best described as retreat from every conflict, praise former enemies while deserting and debasing former allies. The perfect example of the new foreign impotence was demonstrated when President Obama in a speech made at the signing an additional treaty with the Philippines which restated the United States promise to protect and defend the island nation from attacks and threats, including the claims on the northernmost islands in the South China Sea which both the Philippines and China have claimed, where the American President stated, “I want to be very clear; The United States is not trying to reclaim old bases or build new bases. Our goal is not to counter China. Our goal is not to contain China … Our goal is to make sure that international rules and norms are respected. And that includes in the area of maritime disputes.” President Obama’s commentary of not signing a mutual defense pact with the Philippines was not a commitment to counter or contain China, then why exactly did he think the Philippines were fearful and uncertain about the support of the United States that they were seeking the restatement of the American commitment.

Many people foresaw that the near complete pullout of the United States military from Iraq was going to lead to serious problems and the likely disintegration of order and the high probability that the Shiites would exact their revenge on the Sunnis holding them responsible for the tortures and offensives during Saddam Hussein’s rule. Many predicted that Iraq would be drawn into close relations with Iran and that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki would seek protection from the main Shiite power of the Middle East. What almost nobody could have predicted was the slaughter and eradication of Christian and Yazidi population in central and western Iraq. The unmitigated disaster where the sixty-thousand Christian communities which had resided in Mosul for almost two millennia has been reduced to zero happened without so much as a peep from the Western world. The Yazidi community is facing similar threats of eradication which will all but drive their existence to extinction. An entire religion murdered and wiped from the face of the Earth. And ISIS, or IS which stands for Islamic State, has declared their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to be the Caliph and declared the areas in eastern Syria and western and central Iraq to be the next rendition of the Islamic Caliphate, something which was put to rest after World War I with the end of the Ottoman Empire. President Obama made a speech declaring the bold actions he had ordered be executed by the United States military using Navy Boeing F/A-18 pilots stationed in the Persian Gulf. They had been directed to drop food and water to the Yazidis who were trapped atop on Sinjar Mountain unarmed and already dying from starvation and exposure and for them to also drop laser guided bombs to destroy the ISIS artillery. Pentagon Navy Spokesperson Rear Admiral John Kirby told the media at a scheduled press conference, “At approximately 6:45 a.m. EDT, the U.S. military conducted a targeted airstrike against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists.” He concluded stating, “Two F/A-18 aircraft dropped 500-pound laser-guided bombs on a mobile artillery piece near Erbil. ISIL was using this artillery to shell Kurdish forces defending Erbil where U.S. personnel are located.”

Perhaps it is thought that the IS terrorists are not presently posing any actual threat to United States forces and especially against the United States homeland. Not everybody is quite that sure as former CIA Director Michael Morell told ‘CBS This Morning’ that ISIS’ first goal is “to set up that caliphate and, it’s not just in Iraq and in Syria. Their second goal then is to use that as a safe haven to attack the United States.” Many might wonder where Mr. Morell got such an idea, that is unless you are an ardent Tweeter where IS has made a whole series of threats against the United States using the #CalamityWillBefallUS hashtag. Another expert, CBS News Senior National Security Analyst and former President George W. Bush’s National Security Adviser Juan Zarate stated, “ISIS is not just a threat in Baghdad or even Syria. It’s a real threat to the West, because it’s able to recruit fighters, train them, send them out, and then possibly redeploy them back West.” Since ISIS diverted many of their terrorist forces eastward from Syria swallowing up cities and towns in central and western Iraq slaughtering anyone deemed not up to their defined standards of Islam has also gained significant credibility bringing hundreds if not thousands of new recruits from around the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and potentially the United States and beyond which potentially could swell their ranks and expand their threat footprint. Still, the Western nations are showing a level of concern which discounts that IS will ever mount to be a serious threat. I would not be surprised if President Obama’s Press Secretary, Mr. Earnest, if asked if the President is concerned about the threats coming from IS would simply reply that IS is a ragtag group of terrorists which pose no threat to the United States or her allies. There was a similar dismissal of the threat posed by a little known terrorist group during President Clinton’s time in office when the Sudan pleaded for the United States to arrest Osama bin Laden and seriously diminish the threat and potential of al-Qaeda. This offer was turned down as President Clinton informed the Sudanese that the United States had no charges on which to hold bin Laden. Let us hope that IS does not surprise the United States or any other nation and that these terrorists will be blunted and rendered as inconsequential as the response to their assaults in Iraq have thus far represented. The greatest fear and worst case scenario, something I have always held should be planned for by any military leadership worth their salt, is that Iran actually succeeds in their quest for nuclear weapons and had built a stockpile of fifty or more thermonuclear warheads and the ICBMs to deliver them anywhere on the planet and IS builds their capabilities and attacked Iran gaining control of any part of such an arsenal. Such a consequence of events would actually supercede the calamities caused by the Nazi military buildup which was ignored by the allies until it had attained a level with which Adolph Hitler threatened and almost conquered all of Europe, North Africa and threatened the Middle East. If the Nazis had taken the Middle East oil fields, World War II could have had a disastrously different end. Should IS gain nuclear warheads and a delivery system from Iran in the near future, then the world could quickly turn very ugly and threatening, all because nobody thought to take ISIS seriously when they were just one of many terrorist groups in Syria and now they are taking Iraq in stages threatening the Kurds and Baghdad, where they may go after that is anybody’s guess. Perhaps we should stop guessing and actually prepare and act before IS gains sufficient strength and replaces al-Harakat al-Islamiyya, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, al-Qaeda, Hezballah, Boko Haram, Hamas, al-Nusra Front, Islamic Jihad, Jamaat-e-Islami and the rest of the litany of terrorist monstrous groups currently populating the various fronts around the globe. The complete numbers of such groups is staggering and just the thought of their coming together under a single banner to purify the world of the unbelievers is absolutely mind-blowingly terrifying.


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August 11, 2014

The Same Old Gangs Blaming Israel

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Today the typical situation which is used by Israel’s nefarious enemies will use to cast Israel as the evil force continuing the cycle of violence. Once they start pointing to the fact that Israel has not ceased their attacks despite the Palestinians agreeing to a new three day ceasefire then their supporters and their useful idiots and their cohorts in hating all things Israel which includes extremist right wing nationalists, far leftist anti-capitalists, plain old anti-Semites and others who simply are looking for something to protest or hate will all come flying out of the woodwork with the ready-made signs and chants anxious to excoriate Israel contending that the Israelis are viscous barbarians who live to murder innocent Palestinians. The way this operates is one of the plethora of terrorist groups, or some combination; agree to a ceasefire such as this weekend when the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Islamic Jihad all agreed to renew a seventy-two hour ceasefire but when the time to execute came Hamas continued firing rockets into Israel forcing the IAF to respond to defend the Israeli civilians with an attempt to silence the Hamas rocket launching terrorists. Meanwhile both the Palestinian Authority and Islamic Jihad are claiming that Israel has refused the ceasefire and are continuing to bomb Gaza despite their ceasefire agreement. They know that the mainstream media will transmit their plaintiff lament of deception word for word and then add their own commentary forcing the deceit to another level. Next thing you know there are protests across North America, Europe and the rest of the Western world. These demonstrations will instantly appear whenever Israel comes under attack and is forced to defend her citizens. It is a unique occurrence reserved solely for the Israelis.

There has been a viscous war ravaging all of Syria going into its third year and yet there has been nary the major demonstration. The violent land dispute between Russian President Putin and the Ukraine had its share of demonstrations in the news, mostly from within the Ukraine but only limited play-time around the rest of the world. There is ISIS who is crowning their announcement of their forming the next Caliphate with the blood of thousands of Christians which one would expect at least some protests, but mostly silence as their slaughter of innocents continues. Since President Obama had ordered airstrikes against ISIS we just might see some protests now, against those airstrikes, not ISIS. Mind you, the violent abduction of over two-hundred school girls in Nigeria by the Boko Haram terrorist group did manage a hashtag demonstration on Twitter which even got a determined angry First Lady but limited street demonstrations, very limited. The sporadic cross-border violence between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been completely ignored by the protest anything groups. All of the various nations in South and Central America which have spurred the child emigration into the United States as desperate parents shipped their children off hoping they would find the promise of a decent future has gained some demonstrations, against the children illegally entering the United States, not against the misery and violence which spurred these children’s parents to such desperation. Spin a globe while blindfolded, stop it and point randomly until you hit a nation and the odds are fairly even that you will be pointing to one of the numerous hot spots of violence, almost all of them unprotested by the perpetually perturbed who usually are ready to protest for any cause. But have Israel come under attack and launch a retaliatory strike and then you would think the world had caught fire by the immediate throngs demonstrating across the globe.

The truth is that the terrorist groups starting with Hamas and Islamic Jihad as the big two and numerous smaller outfits which include but are not limited to al-Qaeda in Gaza, ISIS, small groups attached to Fatah, and PFLP will all combine their efforts to cast Israel in the worst possible light. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are known for their willingness to sacrifice as many innocents as necessary to make it appear Israel is slaughtering these civilian victims of this horrific propaganda ruse. They have also learned that by dressing their fighters in civilian clothing that when a terrorist falls in combat they simply need remove his firearm and any other military gear and now they have another civilian ready for the cameras. Often the media are brought to the place where there had been terrorists struck in an Israeli airstrike who had been sanitized and then shown and photographed by the media. Some of the media who work Gaza as their assigned beat have been induced into providing support for the terrorist interests while others are simply intimidated into assisting in the terrorist rouses presenting exactly what Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the others wish for the world to witness. Any media operating in Gaza or the West Bank area under complete Palestinian Authority rule are required to have their reports approved before they are permitted to transmit or file their story. Any media personnel who report stories or file pictures or videos which cast the terrorist as, say, terrorists, those filing such reports, videos, or pictures are refused any further ability or access to Gaza or other terrorist controlled areas. In Israel the media has the advantage of freedom of the press and are permitted to report everything as they see fit. This even includes reporters and others who are known Israel bashers or even outright anti-Semites, anti-Zionists or reporters for Al-Jazeera. Is it any wonder why Israel receives critical media that actually questions and challenges Israel on their every reason and action while Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Authority and other terrorist groups receive such supportive reporting hiding the horrors and illegal actions such as their firing their rockets and mortars from amongst civilian homes, storing military stores such as rockets and explosives in Mosques and UNRWA schools, surrounding their fighters during firefights with children, using their children to explode suicide belts in public places inside Israel and aiming their rockets and mortars toward Israeli civilians rather than military targets. And this ignores the entire misinformation campaign which had become known as “Pallywood” which I will leave to your search engine to provide the evidence.

Once one takes the time to actually inspect and research the truth and discard the hyperbole and propaganda and a whole new picture and reality appears before your eyes and in one’s mind. Once you cast off the misinformation and group-think, researching the kernels of truth which often are reported in more remote and less popular news sources Israel takes on a whole new perspective and her struggle becomes one with which is at the forefront of the oncoming battle between modern progressive society and regressive barbarism. Doubt this at your own peril but there are reports of ISIS making plans to ally with Hamas and Islamic Jihad joining their terror war to destroy Israel and cleans it of its non-Muslim population. The further you dig into the real news the more you will realize that there is no difference between ISIS and Hamas, Boko Haram and Fatah, Hezballah and al-Qaeda or any of the other pairings of Islamic terrorism. Hamas is supported by Turkey, Qatar and Iran while ISIS is supported by Turkey, while Hezballah is an arm of Iran but ISIS and Hezballah are warring against one another inside the Syrian civil war. The alliances are confusing until one realizes that the Muslim infighting will disappear tomorrow if any Muslim force gained an ability to defeat the Western nations in one great conflagration. Until that one preeminent Islamic entity rises above the rest and shows that capability, the many different power bases within Islam will beck the wide array of terrorist forces as they pose the greatest destructive capabilities currently able for Islam to wage against the Western advanced nations. That is where Israel’s part in this struggle is apparent; Israel is the test case for the rest of the advanced Western nations. Should the Islamic forces ever destroy Israel the rest of Islam will take the lessons learned and apply them to conquer the remainder of the world bringing the entire world under their control; an unavoidable set of events they foresee are coming near to fruition. We hear reports and predictions that Islamic influence is rising to a tipping point in much of Europe, yet outside the Islamic nations of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Albania, Herzegovina, Macedonia which has a historically large Muslim population, and Cyprus which consists of a population which is half of Greek origin and half Turkish origin; the rest of Europe averages well under ten percent indigenous Muslim populations with the majority of nations well below five percent. Many leading military tacticians have claimed that Israel acts much like the cork in a champagne bottle which once removed would open the proverbial floodgates of Muslims into Europe, and some claiming that such an influx might be at the head of an attacking army hoping to initiate the new and their hoped for final expansion of Islam to take what they believe is its rightful place ruling the entirety of planet Earth. Whether these predictions are valid is something I would just as soon not test. Unfortunately, if you go by much of the media coverage of this latest conflict initiated by Hamas by abducting three Israeli teenage boys and murdering them then firing over a thousand rockets into Israeli over the ensuing three weeks before Israel retaliated, then one would believe that much of the Western world would desire such a test, including many European nations. Go figure.


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