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August 19, 2014

Hamas and the Art of Compromise

Hamas and Israel have been meeting intermittently in Cairo, Egypt presumably to discuss through Egyptian intermediaries some give and take so as to eventually reach a midpoint where both parties are equally dissatisfied but willing to sign onto the same wording of an agreement. This means that Israel settles for less than her preferred stance of retaining the status quo exactly as existed before the hostilities were initiated by the abduction and murder of three Israeli teen boys returning home from their day of lessons at their respective Yeshiva followed by the revenge torturous murder by three Israeli teens of an innocent Palestinian Muslim youth in East Jerusalem which led to thousands of rockets raining out of Gaza onto Israeli civilian areas which finally spurred a response by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Up until the IDF response the world media saw no reason to cover the events other than a mention of the fact that Israeli youths had tortured and murdered an innocent Arab Palestinian from East Jerusalem causing great tumult and opprobrium in the Palestinian community comparable to the emotional reactions in Israel to the death of three Israeli teenage boys who had been missing for close to three weeks. Such slanted reporting designed to give maximum emphasis on righteousness of Palestinian insult and their cause for emotional response even to excuse violent acts while minimizing the Israeli insult and pain by reporting the Israeli teens as having died and not the more descriptive and honest description of abducted, murdered and hastily buried in a shallow grave. This slant in the reporting is furthered when during the conflict the media questioning of Israeli spokespeople was almost uniformly hostile and usually concentrated exclusively on the disparate casualty numbers demanding they explain why so few Israelis, sometimes even speaking honestly and asking why so few Jews had died while so many in Gaza had died. The Israeli spokespeople would try to explain how Hamas uses their civilians as shields for their rockets and fighters as well as launching from within densely populated areas of the cities rather than utilizing the numerous open spaces to operate and force the fighting in the conflict while Israel had invested and developed the Iron Dome and provided shelters locating them throughout Israel. These explanations were universally cut short and dismissed as unacceptable and simply more Israeli excuses for killing, sometimes claiming murdering, Palestinians wantonly and with disregard for their humanity. Often these confrontational acts the news reporter would follow up by reading word for word a press release by Hamas without challenge or commentary ending that reading with a slow long stare into the camera before cutting to commercial for maximum effect. All of this is important as it has had an effect on the discussion and negotiations in Cairo. The epitome of this position came from the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillay who stated to the press, “They have not only provided the heavy weaponry which is now being used by Israel in Gaza but they’ve also provided almost $1 billion in providing the Iron Dome to protect the Israelis from rocket attacks, but no such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling.” Yep, that’s right, Ms. Pillay actually decries that Israel did not share Iron Dome batteries with Hamas and Islamic Jihad so that they could have better protected the very same citizens they currently happily and intentionally sacrifice on the altar of propaganda using their casualties as an attack against Israel in the court of public opinion.


Calling what Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority are conducting in Cairo negotiating is a misrepresentation of their efforts. Thus far the entirety of the Hamas negotiation technique has been to give half-hearted responses to Israel and Egyptian plans and terms for ceasefires and actual agreements which would bring the conflict to a halt and restore peace on both sides. Israel has agreed to compromise on a number of points while Hamas and Islamic Jihad have responded once Israel has agreed to certain compromises providing that Hamas and Islamic Jihad grant the Israelis a few security guarantees only to have them return to their initial demands announcing they will only end the conflict when Israel meets every single one of their demands without exception while refusing to even discuss any Israeli security demands. Actually, I can see the Hamas and Islamic Jihad position and why they believe they can stand firm on their demands and force Israel to capitulate on every last point and possibly, as this morning’s latest development, additional demands as they come to mind. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have stood firmly demanding that Israel completely disband the blockade on Gaza, permit their fishing fleets universal access to the Mediterranean, open a sea port and an international airport allowing for complete and unhindered import and export through these terminals. This would allow for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terror groups which include representatives from al-Qaeda and ISIS among others, to import whatever weapons systems and other military wares without any limitations or restriction and completely free of Israeli intervention or knowledge. This would include all or part of the eleven-billion dollars of equipment recently purchased from the United States by the Qatari military. This would very soon lead to making Gaza becoming the most heavily weaponized area of land on the globe, point blank and period.


This is the only future which Hamas and Islamic Jihad desire to visualize is one where they are as well armed but with a vast number of advanced missiles to compliment a military manned by as much as forty-percent of the Gazan population ready and potentially capable of facing off against the IDF and achieve a favorable rate of attrition such that eventually they would be capable of achieving a complete and total defeat of the IDF and thus eradicating Israel and her Jews. Hamas and Islamic Jihad visualize a future where once they have all the modern weapons and weapons systems including advanced jet fighters and attack helicopters to complement their vast array of rockets and missiles that would attract additional recruits to swell their ranks and replace any lost in each confrontation enabling their war of attrition to work its way to their eventual complete victory over the Israelis. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been fortified with announcements from around the world demanding that Israel sacrifice whatever is necessary to end the hostilities. They never demand anything of the Palestinians as they are considered beyond reason and thus why waste energies and time attempting to pressure those they see a barbarians incapable of reasoned thought and understanding the intricacies of the art of negotiating. Actually, the Palestinians do understand the intricacies of negotiating and realize that nobody ever demands they capitulate but if they make demands, no matter how beyond reasonable they might be, the world will apply pressure on the Israelis to surrender as the more civilized people. This has been very evidenced in the past few days as Britain threatened Israel with a complete cancelling of all weapons systems and assemblies should they respond with military actions regardless of Hamas and Islamic Jihad assaults or rocket fire and President Obama just stepped up and put an indefinite hold on a rearming shipment to Israel or air to surface missiles and demanded that all future requests received by the Pentagon, who normally would simply receive approval and ship the supplies, especially during any conflict, must now pass the requests through the State Department where they will very likely die an unnatural death. Meanwhile the Hamas leadership has been requesting, nay, demanding that the rest of the Palestinians, especially in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) rise up and join the violent jihad and bring additional unrest and violence to their areas which would tax Israeli abilities to handle the increasingly belligerent acts and place a strain on the Israeli economy as more reservists are required being called into service to deal with the rising violence. Why should Hamas and Islamic Jihad stand down from their maximalist demands when the United States, United Nations, European Union and numerous European governments are rising up against Israel which they believe will force Israel to meet their most excessively extreme demands. With Israel apparently standing completely isolated against the rest of the world, well, except Canada and a few others, they feel they can push their demands and arguments and have them echoed throughout the world stage with the majority of nations forming the chorus doing the harmonious backup to their soloist demands, how can they not force the Israeli complete surrender. They, rightfully or not, honestly believe they have the complete support of the rest of the world in their calling for the complete destruction of Israel and the genocidal purging of her Jews and then the remainder of the Jews around the world. With the Israelis, including the majority of Israeli political and military leadership, have the support for their fighting to save the nation gaining over ninety-percent support from the Israeli public, they are not going to allow Hamas and Islamic Jihad or the Palestinian Authority, and the entirety of the rest of the globe if necessary, to destroy this last vestige of safety for the Jewish people as when we say, “Never Again!” we really, really do mean “Never Again” point blank and period.


Beyond the Cusp


August 15, 2014

Israeli Allies Turn Cold Shoulder

Perhaps this may be all the fault of Israel for going way to easy and not accomplishing absolute and complete victory as speedily as the IDF capabilities allowed. By acquiescing to the European Union and especially British and United States demands that Israel accept and abide by every possible or even rumored ceasefire regardless of where such innuendoes may have originated have lost much advantage as it has turned out to be a fool’s game. By not single-mindedly proceeding directly to total victory completely vanquishing Hamas, Islamic Jihad and whatever other terrorist forces could be rooted out of Gaza thus removing the need for any permanent ceasefire and having to bend to pressures to compromise with the likes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad Israel finds herself being twisted and pressured with threats of refusal to rearm her in the future unless Israel stands down even should Hamas and friends resume launching rockets onto her civilian populations. The United States just intervened and placed a resupply of Hellfire Missiles on hold and instructed the Pentagon to gain approval from the State Department before providing any military armaments to Israel. Such a restriction would also go towards any military supplier of military armaments in the United States which makes any kind of military request from Israel now under the whims and auspices of the extremely unfriendly depths of the State Department. In many ways this is a direct reflection on what we covered in December of 2013 in an article titled Time for Israel to Diversify her Relations in the World when we suggested that Israel would be well served to pursue additional and alternative sources for weapons and other military supplies and provisions or prepare to produce them domestically. For years the vulnerability of depending almost exclusively on one providing nation allowed that nation to have far greater influence which was going to come back and bite Israel sooner rather than later. It is beginning to look like we have reached sooner. This inconvenience will not prove to be as great a threat as it appears but it is not standing alone, there is another threat.

The other shoe dropping came at about the same time as the bombshell dropped by President Obama out of Britain. The British have threatened to cancel at least a dozen military tenders for parts which are used to keep Israeli tanks, radars, aircraft and other military systems up and functioning to full capacity. Where the British were contracted for these parts and systems, there are alternative sources and, if push comes to shove, Israel could provide these items from internal suppliers with only a slight delay allowing for setting up production equipment, dyes, train people to assemble the systems and arrange to produce or purchase components. Usually some numbers of such component systems and subsystems are kept on hand as a basic stock deemed necessary for repairs and servicing equipment to meet the demands of the nation being in a full combat situation where the majority of military reservists have been activated. In Israel that means planning for a two or three front war against possibly as many as a half dozen armies. Fortunately that is not the current situation as the current threats are restricted to Gaza and there is hopefully little threat of this conflict spreading to other fronts. Still, one hopes that the Israeli leadership takes these threats to the defense capabilities and their readiness into consideration and takes the appropriate and necessary arrangements and preventive steps such that these threats never pose the level of endangerment in the future. The rest of the world needs to understand that these threats from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist and national actors which challenge Israel stem from the same sources as the threats faced by the United States, Europe and the rest of the Western world.

But this appears to be something beyond the capabilities for these nations to comprehend as they appear stuck on believing that the terrorists belonging to ISIS (or IS) are in no way allied with Hamas or that al-Qaeda is in no way associated with Islamic Jihad, despite the little recognized fact that there are al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Gaza as well as ISIS aligned terrorists in Gaza. Further, Turkey which supports Hamas also backs ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar supports al-Qaeda as well as Hamas. Iran provides technical expertise and other assets to Hamas and Islamic Jihad as well as Hezballah being a wholly owned subsidiary of Iran and they allow al-Qaeda to train in Iran and provide them with expertise as well. The webs of these terrorist groups crisscross and tangle with each other joining them together across numerous levels and connect them to similar state sponsors making them all be mutually sourced and supported therefore all being part of the same threats. Believing that these separate terrorist groups are completely unrelated and do not work together for the goal of the universal rule of Islam across the entirety of the globe would be to believe that the United States Army and the Marines do not cooperate in theaters of war. But this is a mute argument because the current Israeli Prime Minister was educated in the northeast of the United States and comes from a generation of Israelis who feel they owe the United States a great deal and must operate largely within the guidelines and limitations placed on them by Washington. The younger and up and coming leadership of Israel are not inhibited and crippled by this phobia and the influence from Washington has its use-by-date coming in the very near future.

What needs to be addressed between now and then is where Israel will look for her weapons systems such as fighter jets, firearms, air to ground missiles, ground to ground missiles, mortars, grenades, artillery rounds, tank rounds, bullets, ship to ship missiles and other armaments. The most advantageous route for Israel just might be to plan and manufacture everything within their domestic military providers. These companies have proven to be very capable as they have designed and produced the Merkava tanks, the Iron Dome anti-missile system, the Trophy anti-tank missile countermeasure system and many of the other hi-tech systems currently utilized by Israel. Israel has proven their abilities in system design with some of the most advanced drones and combat robots in the world today. There would be some required time as these new systems would be developed thus likely forcing Israel to remain reliant on her current providers in the immediate future, but unless you start somewhere and sometime, nothing will change. As is often said about positive changes, there is no better time than now.

In the meantime, what is Israel to do when she comes under threats from supposed allies by their forbidding their right to defend themselves and claiming they will be forced to stop providing any military equipment or subsystems should Israel respond to Hamas rockets launched onto their population centers? There were reports that Israel and Hamas were approaching an agreement midday yesterday and into the afternoon the word came from Qatar and the Hamas political leadership for the negotiators for Hamas to strengthen their demands and not only refuse any deal but to claim they are ready to push for more concessions. The news coverage soon provided the impetus which caused this refusal to reach a compromise when it became known the British had threatened Israel and the United States had cut Israel off from resupplies of armament. Hamas must feel like a boxer who was close to throwing in the towel when suddenly his opponent lost the use of his right arm and now smells a complete victory. Hamas may find that Israel still has one heck of a punch with her left arm. Hopefully the future will have Israel never again relying on scoundrels for those weapons necessary for her and her people’s safety.


Beyond the Cusp


August 14, 2014

An Idea for a Middle East Comprehensive Solution

There have been three wars all initiated by Hamas and their fellow terror groups in Gaza against Israel since Israel disengaged removing every last Jew, even those buried there were brought out and reinterred, and leaving behind perfectly good hothouses capable of producing hundreds of thousands of trade in fruits, vegetables and flowers to provide the residents of Gaza a proven source of revenue. Those were the very same hothouses which were dismantled with much of their irrigation systems turned into rockets which were launched into Israel. In some form of twisted fate, some of these rockets ended up landing not far from some of the temporary housing being utilized by the Israeli Jewish refugees who had been forced out of Gaza in the name of peace; a peace that has been brutalized by Hamas and their fellow terrorist criminals. Now Israel finds itself once again suffering the assaults by rockets and other projectiles launched with evil intent out of Gaza by those very same terrorists who initiated the last two wars all while pretending to negotiate a settlement to end the hostilities.

This war has brought with it surprises, some of which have caused mixed emotions. One such has been the tunnel complexes and their having been dug under the border and the walls and fences which demark said border and on as much as a few kilometers into Israel. These tunnels resurface near to numerous towns and kibbutzim with one exiting almost directly next to a kindergarten. These tunnels, according to plans also captured during Defensive Shield, the name given their efforts by the Israel Defense Force (IDF), referenced a massive assault into Israel for the purpose of capturing as many as a thousand or more captives both civilian and military and the slaughter of tens of thousands. With some of the infiltrators to be equipped with motorcycles found in the tunnels waiting for the assault planned for late September timed to coincide with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) while most Israelis are in Synagogue even including the majority of IDF soldiers, both active duty and reserve. Other terrorists were to be outfitted in replica and stolen IDF uniforms with assignments to either infiltrate IDF groups where possible otherwise to operate to murder as many people as they could using stealth so as to allow for their deep penetration and also adding to confusing making it so that Israelis would be unable to trust anybody wearing an IDF uniform. The plans discovered and explained in detail predicted casualties as high as tens of thousands of Israelis with potentially hundreds of IDF forces murdered and confusion preventing the effective response by the IDF as the uniformed terrorists were also being trained to give counter-productive orders to destroy unit cohesion and leave the IDF incapable of responding with their fullest forces. Destroying the infrastructure and finding the plans has likely ended this threat though Hamas will continue undeterred.

What is almost beyond belief is that despite proof of the plans and the evidence produced by the IDF during Operation Defensive Shield has shown the world the extents to which Hamas and their allied terror groups are willing to go in their disregard and transgressions of the rules of war the United Nations and numerous governments around the world, though mostly Europeans, have demanded that Israel be investigated for transgressions of the rules of war. When presented with the evidence of the tunnels which were to be utilized to infiltrate Israel and conduct terrorist acts these governments and international human rights and related organizations respond that such evidence matters not as Hamas never actually used them thus there is no reason to believe that Hamas ever intended to execute those plans. The United Nations is forming a committee selecting its members with great care making certain they have a history of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist writings and actions so that the proper and expected results will be produces, almost to the slightest detail this promises another Goldstone Report except that this time the United Nations Human Rights Commission is making certain that none of the members this time will later have a crisis of conscience and repudiate the report they chaired as did Judge Goldstone. This time the case will be made ironclad and airtight. But even this is not the absolute height or perfidy and hypocrisy.

There is a much higher insult being foisted upon Israel. That insult is the result of presumably friendly governments as well as those who have a previous history of antagonism towards Israel. This is the demanded expectation for Israel to negotiate with Hamas and Islamic Jihad representatives as if they were members of an actual recognized government and not to be treated with the disdain usually reserved for those terror entities which garner the ire of the United States, Russia and the Europeans. Despite the fact that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are recognized terrorist entities by the European Union numerous European governments as well as the government of the United States and the United Nations, Israel is being pressured to reach an accord through compromises regarding the demands being desired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership.

The United Kingdom has gone one step further and demanded that Israel restrain from any acts which might be considered hostile even should the ceasefire pass without an agreement and the rockets recommence raining down on Israeli citizens. Their implied reason is that more than sufficient Gazans have fallen and been injured and so few Israelis have been even anything beyond inconvenienced by the rain of rockets. Somehow the United Kingdom is equating Israeli investments and use of everything at her disposal to protect her civilian population to Hamas and Islamic Jihad using their civilian population as a protective shield for their rocket supplies thus placing them intentionally in harm’s way to maximize their casualty numbers. So the government of the United Kingdom has threatened to cancel military tenders with Israel essentially in an effort to cripple Israeli defensive and offensive military capabilities possibly, though I cannot read their minds, to alter the situation so sufficient numbers of Israelis, read Jews, die to make up for the Gazan casualty numbers. This indignation from the nation which assisted in the bombing of Dresden until the center of that city was engulfed in a ferocious firestorm which killed tens of thousands, and that was just one example of the saturation bombing by the United Kingdom and the allies which caused multiple times the casualties amongst the German and French civilians in the cities bombed than the casualty numbers for the United Kingdom. I guess when it is your defensive war that makes it different.

These expectations on Israel to negotiate in good faith with terrorists stinks of a duplicity and double standard beyond the cusp as it is stated policy of many of these governments to never negotiate, let alone compromise, with terrorists any place, any time, any situation. Never mind these governments have repeatedly broken their own stated policy, their inability to hold the line is no reason to pressure others to act in a similarly dangerous and unproductive manner. Perhaps they have not heard the main debate reportedly being fought between those Hamas leaders on the ground in Gaza and their highest supposedly political representatives sitting in Qatar ensconced in the lap of luxury beyond the reach of Israeli troops and aircraft. These terror entities are trying to discern which would be most destructive on Israel and the Gazan people, continuing the current conflict or taking what gains they can force and start planning for the next war which they have already announced they intend to start at a time of their choosing. Given that this is the choice for Israel, make concessions so that peace temporarily returns only to be broken at the whim of the Hamas leadership after they have rearmed or simply ignore the pressures from the world and do what the Israeli people by a majority would prefer, simply destroy Hamas, Islamic Jihad and every other terrorist functionary in Gaza and follow it up with a sane and workable end to the conflict, a permanent end to this conflict. That end would be facilitated by making a one time and limited offer which anybody, without any questions, could opt to accept a payment of as much as two and a half million Shekels, two-hundred-fifty-thousand Shekels per family member, to emigrate to anywhere in the world outside of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Those accepting this offer would also receive free transport to a neutral nation and tickets to the nearest international airport to their destination and would accept to never return except for brief visits for which they would be required to request a special exception.

Mahmoud Abbas should also receive notification that if he cannot restore and maintain order within the areas under Palestinian Authority control including all of Area A and Area B or the IDF will enter those areas, replace his government with Israeli governance and they would be offered the same identical offer as Gaza. Needless to point out, any terrorist elements would face expulsion by deportation from the lands under Israeli control. As long as the world is going to spend so much of their energies condemning Israel for defending herself and demanding that Israel reach accords with terror entities and make plaintiff supplication requesting forgiveness for defending her people with the world’s most advanced and effective anti-missile systems and constructing shelter as well as making it a requirement for every apartment, home, factory and commercial structure have sufficient safe rooms and shelters built into the structures while her enemies place their civilians and weapons stores together and launch their rockets from school yards, between homes, near apartments, or from hospital roofs and use those same hospitals as their command and control locations, Israel will be refrained from efforts to conclusively end this dance of death. This ability of the powers of the Western world, and the world in general, to make a distinction by which those terrorists which usual belligerence is aimed at them are evil incarnate and must be reviled and never negotiated with unless it is advantageous to some political ends such as pulling all your troops out of some Middle East or North African nation, while the terrorist group who usually attacks Israel is treated as having valid issues and complaints and should be viewed more as freedom fighters who don’t quite act with sufficiently politeness but that is understandable, they are fighting Israel, again read Jews.

The rest of the world has this dirty little secret which they think the Israelis will never figure out. This illicit desire drives their demands and threats that Israel accommodate those interests of the terrorist entities who assault her from locations within the lands which the world had originally made solemn promises would be utilized solely and exclusively for the Jewish state of Israel. The world never desired to permit that little Jewish state to actually come into existence but made the promise simply to silence a very vocal and driven group of Zionists who refused to go away or be silenced. The thought was to give the Mandate for the formation of this Jewish homeland to the British since it was their Balfour Declaration which initiated and became the standard for the establishment of a Jewish state. The British initially were to establish this Jewish emirate in the lands between the Mediterranean Sea and the border of Iraq but also had this promise to form a nation for their Arab allies and a deal to place the Hashemites as the monarchy of some lands; so they struck a Faustian bargain where the Zionists would surrender all claims to lands east of the Jordan River in exchange for guarantees that the lands west of the Jordan River would remain inviolate for the Jewish state. The Zionists surrendered 78% of the British Mandate so as to receive the promise of the British Crown that the remaining 22% would never be compromised. Well, so much for that promise. Even after that agreement the British took actions to postpone Jewish emigration to the Mandate lands and would regularly disarm Jews while largely ignoring Arab armaments. When Israel was finally permitted to become a nation, the United Nations initial intent was to divide the lands promised inviolate between the Jews and the Arabs. The Arab League nations refused that division as they planned to annihilate the Jewish state immediately after their independence. That effort failed but Egypt was able to take Gaza while Jordan retained control over Judea and Samaria. Jordan would rename these areas West Bank to remove the Jewish origin names, and Israel no longer would be permitted to reclaim those lands promised her even after regaining control over them in their defensive efforts during the Six Day War. The world was amazed that the Jews survived the efforts to quash their state in 1948-9 wars with armies from over a half dozen Arab nations.

When Israel reestablished their dominion over those stolen lands in 1967 the world shuddered in disbelief but their awed shock was soon to turn into shocking spite. Israeli leaders miscalculated by not annexing and declaring their claim on their liberated lands and instead attempted to utilize the lands they held after the Six Day War and defended during the Yom Kippur War in order to trade them for peace with her neighbors. After making peace with both Egypt and Jordan Israel remained at war with Syria though an armistice existed and also held the Golan Heights, Gaza, Judea and Samaria which included East Jerusalem. Israel has officially annexed East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights though the world had had their desires to force their surrender to the Palestinians and Syria respectively. The reality is that much of the world, even including much of the Western world and especially European nations, desire that Israel be subsumed and destroyed by the terrorists by the bands of Palestinian terrorists. These include Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which these powers are now attempting to force Israel to treat and respect as legitimate political entity, and the Palestinian Authority, which was better known in the past as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), as well as numerous smaller and mostly lesser known groups which include the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Palestine Liberation Front (PLF), Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF), Jahafil Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad fi Filastin, Jund Ansar Allah and Fatah. The fact is that there are so many terror entities aligned against Israel, more than against the rest of the world, and that the various terrorist groups who are not specifically aligned against Israel also have splinter groups who are also aligned with the other Palestinian terror groups including al-Qaeda and ISIS (or IS).

The interesting and somewhat misleading dichotomy has nations where some elements of their government worlds seemingly aiming to destroy Israel through empowering her enemies while other elements provide Israel with aid including military aid. The most glaring example is the United States whose military closely works with the Israelis as Israeli technological advancements in drones, anti-missile systems, armored and vehicle missile defense systems, personal weapons design, and modifications to aircraft, armor and other military equipment aids the United States military and saves the United States money as by sharing development with the Israelis there is less duplication of efforts; while the State Department appears to take an Arabist viewpoint and often seem to be working to facilitate the Palestinian terrorists by forcing Israel to limit the force utilized during confrontations and demanding ceasefires before Israeli forces can completely eliminate any of the multitude of terrorist entities aligned against them. The State Department also takes great self-importance from their ability to find ways to differentiate between the terrorist forces Israel is facing from those that Europe and the United States are fighting or opposed to. Eventually Israeli leadership will waken and decide to serve the interests and desires of the majority of the Israeli people and retake complete and undeniable control over all the areas currently being used as bases by those terror groups whose stated goal is the eradication of Israel, and yes, that includes Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, especially since the formation of the unity government with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The world will explode in a pique of unrestrained indignance but with time will get over their initial depressions or scream until they become too hoarse to be heard, either way, the silence will be golden.


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