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August 13, 2014

So Many Ceasefires and No Peace

The conflict initiated by Hamas when after their abduction of three teenage boys and their murders was followed by an ever increasing numbers of rockets launched from within Gaza onto numerous Israeli civilian areas from Sderot just across the Gaza border all the way to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanya, Haifa and beyond forcing an Israeli military response is currently in yet another tentative ceasefire. It has almost seemed as if there is a new ceasefire announced every few days and often even multiple times per day when the conflict is hot. This is even more evidenced on those all too frequent times when only the Israelis are attempting to observe an announced ceasefire and some combinations of the terrorist groups populating Gaza have refused to accept that ceasefire. Things can get confusing when there are several, possibly as many as a dozen, separate terrorist entities each with their own hierarchy with some having factions which may act independent from the rest of the main body. There have been a couple of times where Hamas has initially claimed they are honoring the ceasefire but cannot be held responsible for the actions of the other groups they claim are beyond their control. Each case eventually proved out that Hamas had also not been holding to the ceasefire but had simply attempted to muddy the waters in an effort to prevent Israel from any retaliatory strikes, a ploy that soon became mute as Israel carried through on their threat to hold Hamas as the governing power in Gaza responsible for any rockets or other transgressions of any ceasefire. Even so there were those brief pauses by Israel even when a ceasefire resulted initially to be held to unilaterally by Israel in the hope that those initial transgressions would be curtailed and a lull would actually take hold. This was often a hope which fell into the dustbin of false hopes as the rockets raining down only increased going forward. The world has demanded that Israel answer for why these ceasefires have not progressed, as the world believes they should, to a permanent agreement to restore the peace, or at least a level of violence the world can comfortably ignore as Israel was not forced to respond as it is only the Israeli actions of self-defense which animates the self-appointed paragons of moral relative truths to rise up and express their indignations.

That answer was provided early yesterday in a press release from the military leadership of Hamas known as the Al-Qassam Brigades stating about the Egyptian negotiations that, “The warriors in Gaza are waiting with Allah’s help to renew the fighting, or to return to planning the next campaign. There’s no escape. Either jihad or planning.” The Hamas leadership in Gaza has expressed their disappointment with the Egyptians, being the neutral party, being the intermediary entity in the negotiations. This was reinforced by Palestinian Authority spokesperson Mustafa Sawaf, considered to be one of the closest leaders aligned with Hamas, who instructed the negotiation team in Cairo, which is comprised of Hamas and Palestinian Authority members, to go home immediately refusing to continue in negotiations mediated by Egypt. Mr. Sawaf defined the Egyptian efforts to be, “the basic delaying source preventing an agreement.” He even went so far as to threaten Arab League Secretary-General Nabil El-Araby not to make a solidarity visit to Gaza intimating, “El-Araby will not be received warmly, and Gaza residents will hit him and his delegation.” Sawaf went so far as to claim that Arab residents of Gaza now view the Arab League as being a, “partners to the slaughter,” an accusation purporting that they support the Israeli counter-terror Operation Protective Edge.

Should the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Palestinian Authority negotiators heed the pronouncements from Mustafa Sawaf we can expect this conflict not to wane until Hamas and the other terrorist groups have run out of rockets to launch into Israel and not one moment before. This is what much of the coverage of this conflict have reported completely backwards laying the blame on Israel for refusing to compromise and meet Hamas’s demands at least part way. This demand is asking for Israel to meet Hamas part way in granting what would be suicidal concessions by Israel. It matters little whether Israel ends their naval blockade allowing for inspection of all goods into Gaza for weapons or if they permit Hamas to reopen the international airport in Gaza permitting flights to fly into and out of Gaza freely without any restrictions on the goods they transport and a way to enforce such restrictions. Either way, Hamas and the other terrorist groups would gain access to whatever weapons systems they could afford or their allies wished to provide them. How long after Hamas gains an unimpeded and inspection free avenue to import goods before they receive all the modern weaponry their heart desire? The delay would depend almost exclusively on how long it would take for either aircraft or ships to be loaded and arrive in Gaza and not a second longer. Imagine Hamas armed with AT-4 Spigot or AT-5 Spandrel Anti-Tank Light Infantry Missiles, MANPADS Man Portable Air Defense Systems,  MI-28 Havoc Russian attack helicopter or the KA-52 Alligator Attack Helicopter or possibly the Chinese WZ-10 Attack Helicopter & WZ-19, and possibly with time fighter aircraft such as Russian Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25, Mikoyan MiG-29, Sukhoi Su-30 or even the T-50 Sukhoi PAK FA as well as possibly the Chinese J-10 Chengdu or even the Chengdu J-20 and not only attacking Israel in the most costly war Israel would ever have to fight, but also sharing their newfound armaments with the Muslim Brotherhood in their assaults to retake control of Egypt and then beyond. Allowing Hamas to gain unrestricted importation of whatever their devious black hearts’ desire and what would follow would make ISIS sweeping and slaughtering their way across Iraq seem absolutely tame and inconsequential. What granting Hamas such access to weaponry would produce would be an alliance between Hamas and every other Sunni Islamist extremist terrorist groups including ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and any others at the price of their funding the arming of what would really make for the new Caliphate. Sometimes the leadership of the world appears to be totally populated by morons who have absolutely no ability to foresee the results of their actions. Fortunately, in Israel the people will rise up and meet any need to instruct our leaders when they decide the time to try national suicide have arrived because their past mistakes failed to produce that result. Still, they often do not listen, thus the Gaza disengagement. Still, there are those throughout the world pressing Israel to meet Hamas half way and only commit suicide half way. Not sure if suicide can be performed merely half way without completing the act becoming self-fulfilling, so perhaps that would be a bad concession to make.

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August 8, 2014

Hamas Israel Conflict Rant

As the violence recommences anew even before the three day truce had run its course, here are some thoughts from during the lull. Hamas held a huge victory rally in Gaza City yesterday. The celebration came later in the day after they had murdered tens of Gazans who were suspected of aiding the Israelis. What evidence was produced to prove their guilt? If they held any Israeli Shekels or had an Israeli SIM card in their phones or if they had refused to act as willing human shields during the battles between the IDF and Hamas they were found guilty of aiding Israel. Trial you ask? They needed no trial, the guilt was proven by the fact that any suspicions exist. There is no right to a fair trial in Gaza, it is guilt by innuendo and if you fall on the wrong side of a Hamas terrorist of sufficient standing, then you must be guilty so why waste time on a trial when there is a public hanging to be held. Add to this backdrop the reports from numerous troubled and angered reporters who expressed their protestations and disgust at having been threatened and intimidated to force them to cover the events in Gaza reporting that some casualties which they knew were terrorists as being civilians murdered by Israeli forces and not reporting or shooting film or pictures which revealed Hamas and the rest placing their launchers in civilian areas. They told how Hamas and Islamic Jihad had taken over one hospital after another to utilize as their base command centers and launching grounds. Don’t expect the stories their anger speaks of to receive any broad coverage as their home newsroom managers and editors will not find any interest in their revelations as these are not really revelations but just same-old-same-old been there done that.

So, what are the big news stories across the border in Israel? Well, we are experiencing some trepidation that Hamas actually will follow through on their threat and resume launching rockets into Israel when the seventy-two hour ceasefire expires as they are threatening. We are treating close to if not more than two-thousand Gazans even to include some terrorists passed off as civilians, though that matters not to our physicians and healthcare workers, they are simply fellow human beings in need of care, anything else can be addressed once they are healthy and lives not under threat. There are family reunions and celebrations as thirty-thousand IDF reservists were released to return home, and we all celebrate their joy and anticipate when the rest of our young defenders from the reserves are returned to civilian status and everything can feel completely normal again. It has been pleasant not waiting nervously for the Code red sirens to alert and send us scurrying for our closest shelter. We can go shopping without checking and determining our route so we will always be close to a shelter on our way to a store which has its own shelter attached or even better, inside the store. Not all Israelis are this meticulous and many have been through these situations enough times that they have learned that you can over-complicate your life taking out all enjoyment. Many of us remain troubled that so many people in Gaza died needlessly and were simply sacrificed in order to feed the Hamas propaganda mills to engender sympathetic coverage and lay an evil hue to the Israeli efforts. Some of us still try to understand why the world media complies so willingly and rejects any and every explanation for their actions. This will likely be discovered about the same time as we find an understandable explanation for why so many colleges, unions, municipalities and other government and private institutions fall victim to every Hamas and Palestinian propaganda. Some of us ignore it as just one more thing Israel as the Jewish nation will have to endure. Mostly we pray the rockets do not return forcing us to cause more destruction and misery on the Gazan people.

The frustrations I felt center around the near universal condemnations in the media and elsewhere of Israel and the complete pass shown to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the terrorists are universally presented as benighted group of revolutionaries working to liberate their lands from colonial hegemonic occupation forces. The world media has attached themselves to this fiction and are selling it as if their own lives depended on it. Never mind that Israel was a British colony for over twenty years before it finally gained its recognition as an independent nation free from the British occupation which had been assigned as part of the Mandate system put in place after World War I. This view ignores the fact that never in the entirety of recorded history has there been a Palestinian nation in the area where Israel holds control or throughout the Middle East. The reason this perception sells comes down to Israel is an advanced, wealthy, progressive and capitalist first world nation in the midst of a sea of poor, second-world nations at best where the majority of their citizens live in relative poverty, thus Israel is cast as an oppressor nation rather than one of the newest nations on the block. Despite all of the various empires to conquer and occupy the region where the ancient Jewish lands existed, never did any of them declare a capital within the area under Israeli influence and control and absolutely no other peoples ever used Jerusalem as their national capital, period. But never mind the facts that prove otherwise, they claim to be a historic peoples called the Palestinians whose nation and capital city has been stolen by the Israelis. Ignore the San Remo Conference which was signed by the leader of the Arab world of the era and all that follows, history is just too boring for the modern socialite who hears the music of the web and will believe whatever they feel is right. It is all about things feeling right, not actually fulfilling international agreements and following the rules of law, rules are so yesterday. Who cares about such ancient lands as Judea, Israel or the Lands of the Hebrews and the history of the Bible. The Bible is just so, well, old, so very old. The Bible is even older than that weirdly worded thing written by those wealthy white slave holding men aiming to craft a nation where they could keep their wealth safe and continue to own slaves. Surely if that Constitution thing is inconsequential the Bible is definitely outdated and irrelevantly inconsequential by ten. How does one communicate with those who do not know about or care about anything older than yesterday? When nothing is relevant how can anyone make a case. When all that matters is fairness and fairness is defined by feelings and a belief that any less advanced or less advantaged people makes claims of oppression against any first world nation then the first world nation is obviously at fault as long as their guilt will not affect the comfort and access to the mall on the weekend. The world appears to have become even more shallow, callow and just perverse and at levels which would have been beyond imagination just a few decades past. What makes the Palestinian propaganda even more insane is that virtually every part of their story line is stolen from the actual history of the Jewish people right down to and including the terminology of “Right of Return” which is an existent set of laws that guide who is rightfully of Jewish heritage and eligible to come home and become an Israeli. The term many might have heard and be familiar with is making Aliya, which actually means to rise in level of holiness. The idea of Aliya applies to anything in Judaism where a person is thought to have performed an act which bring upon them increased holiness, even if only temporarily though it is thought that a remnant of that ascension will remain with the person. The most well recognized form of a person performing an act of Aliya is when a congregant is called to say the prayers before and after the reading of a section of Torah before the rest of the congregation. Perhaps it is the theft of Jewish history and the perversion of that history by the Palestinian terrorists that is a greater threat and danger than their terrorist acts and if you can steal a people’s history, you have also robbed them of their identity and tainted that which they find as their defining uniqueness. That perhaps is the meanest cut of them all.


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July 30, 2014

The Desired Lasting Peace According to Hamas

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If the first thought that comes to mind when somebody mentions the Middle East or Israel is that if the Jews, or Israelis, would just make whatever sacrifices it might require to allow the Palestinians their own state then all would be peaches and cream, or at least an end to the constant violence then you also do not understand the most basic of the concepts at the center of the problem. The Palestinians, actually the Arab Palestinians, were given a state back in the 1920s and were offered a second state in half of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea in 1948 but the Arab League refused to accept that state if it also permitted the formation of a Jewish State. The basis for the current Arab-Israeli conflict goes back to the end of World War I when the Mandate System was instigated in order to decide what to do with the lands from the defeated and defunct Ottoman Empire. There were numerous difficulties that came out of those decisions of which the Arab-Israeli conflicts are the longest lasting, or maybe not. Eventually all of the modern nations were born between World War I and 1950. These nations pretty much remained relatively stable though there were a series of coups where monarchal leaders were replaced with dictators. Among the nations formed was what was originally called Transjordan and is today called Jordan. This is of interest as Jordan occupies seventy-eight percent of the original British Mandate. Starting in 1922 the British established the Arab area of Transjordan which would become the modern state of Jordan. The idea was that the British promised the Zionists who were working to establish their own state that should they agree to allow the formation of an Arab Palestinian state east of the Jordan River then the lands west of the river would be reserved solely for the formation of a Jewish state and would be guaranteed inviolate.

Finally the time came to form the Jewish state in the ancestral homelands of the Jewish people. The United Nations, with the full support of the world, decided to throw out every guarantee which remained and offered the Zionists an even further divided land west of the Jordan River, half of which would form the new Arab state with the remaining half for the Jewish state. The way in which the lands were divided gave the Jews almost all of the Negev Desert which would make up over half of the Jewish state. They also planned to make Jerusalem into an international city under the control and management of the United Nations. This decision advised that the other half of the lands go to make up a second Arab state within the British Mandate lands. The list of treaties and agreements the British and the United Nations compromised or outright broke gets involved and too boring to go through again but the short list includes the San Remo Conference, the Churchill White Papers, Sykes–Picot Agreement and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. The truth which came from the history which evolved from these treaties, pacts, agreements, conventions etc. is that no agreement made by men, no matter the honor or intents of those party who signed the papers, is worthless once it is dependent on those whose signatures which do not appear on the documents in question. But let us move on to the question pertinent to today in general and the current Hamas-Israel conflict of today.

The main stipulation which everyone has revolved around as the starting point for any peace treaty offered has been a return to the borders and situation which existed after the resolution of the previous Hamas-Israel conflict of 2012. Hamas has rejected this stipulation from its initial proffering in an Egyptian ceasefire proposal and in every offering since which had this as its central condition. Hamas has continuously insisted that Israel accept their terms which include a lifting of the naval blockade, an opening and free access through all land crossings including the Rafah crossing with Egypt, and the opening of the Gaza port and international airport. Hamas has made no secret over the reasons for these demands and they have little to do with commerce and opening up of Gaza for international commerce. Their desire is to have open access for the importation of more and sophisticated weapons systems to utilize in their next war against Israel. Hamas intends to get these concessions and then turn to Iran, Qatar and whomever else they might acquire advanced and more powerful weaponry. Hamas does not seek these weapons in order to gain lands in which to make a Palestinian state as much as they desire to destroy Israel and kill every Jew residing in Israel. Checking the Hamas Charter one finds that even after Hamas has destroyed Israel and taken their wrath out on the Jews of the destroyed Jewish state, they are not about to be satisfied and rest on their accomplishments. Nope, they then intend to continue their cleansing lands of Jews throughout the world until they have murdered every Jew living on planet Earth.

Hamas is not the only Islamic groups or nation which desires the end of all Jews and not just the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Israeli Jews. In a recent speech commemorating the festival of Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan, Ayatollah Khamenei recently accused the Israelis as acting like a “rabid dog” and “a wild wolf” and committing “genocide” with their actions in Gaza. In his further comments, Khamenei stated, “We say the opposite. The world and especially the Islamic world should arm … the Palestinian people.” Iran’s Supreme Leader also had words condemning United States President Obama accusing him of supporting Israeli aggressions against Hamas and wanting to disarm Hamas in order to facilitate Israeli efforts to slaughter the Gazan population. Iran shares the Hamas desire to destroy Israel and many leaders in Iran, both political and religious, share the Hamas desire to take the murder of Israelis worldwide and kill every Jew on the planet. This is not too surprising if one remembers many of the statements by Yasser Arafat as leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) when he declared his desire to destroy all of Israel during the first years of the PLO from 1964 when it was founded through the Six Day War. This desire to fight and murder the Jews of Israel by Yasser Arafat predates the existence of any contested territories whose origin came three years after the PLO founding. At the founding of the PLO its second in command was Mahmoud Abbas and his ideas mirrored those of his boss, Yasser Arafat, when it came to the destruction of Israel and its Jewish population. And if one were to examine Islamic Jihad and ISIS they would find that their positions concerning the Jews and Israel were similar or even more strident than Hamas or the PLO.

There is an easy explanation behind the consistency of these views across the length and breadth of the Islamic world which is easiest to explain by simply finding some of the articles of the <a href=>Hamas Charter</a>. These quotes begin in the Preface where it includes a quote stating, “That is because they used to disbelieve the revelations of Allah, and slew the Prophets wrongfully. That is because they were rebellious and used to transgress.” Surat Al-Imran (III), verses 109-111 Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.” In Article 28 they state, “We cannot fail to remind every Muslim that when the Jews occupied Holy Jerusalem in 1967 and stood at the doorstep of the Blessed Aqsa Mosque, they shouted with joy: ‘Muhammad is dead, he left daughters behind.’ Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims. ‘Let the eyes of the cowards not fall asleep.’” In Article 7 the charter states, “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree.” Then in Article 15 we find, “When our enemies usurp some Islamic lands, Jihad becomes a duty binding on all Muslims. In order to face the usurpation of Palestine by the Jews, we have no escape from raising the banner of Jihad.”

These threats are real and with the explosion of ISIS onto the world stage and their recent gains in Iraq giving them a treasure trove of advanced American weaponry and untold amounts of gold and money stolen from the Banks across the areas they have spread, there is an even more fanatical and dangerous force that has proven their mettle with their execution of threats against the Christians who ended up within the areas that ISIS now controls. The threats of ISIS against those Christians have been covered in a number of Western and other media news. The choices they placed before their Christian captives initially were to convert immediately to Islam, accept Dhimmi status and pay the Jizya or suffer the sword by being beheaded. Since this was made known there have been photographs released of the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, posing with dismembered heads being held aloft and decorating the floor around him. What makes Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and ISIS even more threatening has been their willingness to murder fellow Muslims who were not considered to be Islamic enough to pass muster under whatever ISIS is using as their measure of the devotedness of other Muslims. There have been reports which have stated that ISIS has already murdered tens of thousands of Christians and over fifty thousand Iraqis as of last week, who knows what the current totals may be. ISIS leader and their announced and assumed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has also issued a statement defining their intents for the future. Their claim is they will first purify Islam by removing those who claim they are Muslims but that ISIS defines as apostates followed by removing the false leaders of Islamic nations such as the King of Jordan, Syria’s Bashir al-Assad, the Saudi Royal Family and any other secular or insufficiently Islamic leader all of whom will be judged by the leadership of ISIS. Their actions already have shocked many across the globe and they have only just begun if their other threats are to be believed. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gave a statement explaining why ISIS had thus far not come to support Hamas in the fight against Israel, the Zionist enemy where he explained that before making war against Israel that ISIS must first convert or purify the greater murderer of true believers in Islam, the United States. He explained that the sins of the United States far exceeded those of Israel and that the United States was the greater challenge and was currently in a state of vulnerable weakness making now the time to strike the United States. Still, even with ISIS rampaging and murdering their way across Syria and Iraq, the rest of the civil war in Syria, the explosive tribal warfare blanketing Libya, the tribal cleansing occurring in Pakistan, the continuing strife between Russian backed separatists and the Ukraine which included the shooting down of a Malaysian civilian passenger aircraft, the threats from Boko Haram in Nigeria and neighboring countries, Chinese hegemonic threats with political and military components against Japan and the Philippines, and the various other flashpoints around the globe, the main emphasis and focus of the world’s media, politicians, NGOs, organizations, alliances, the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and governmental efforts have all been focused on Israel and trying to force a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as well as some stating the need for resumption immediately of the Israel-Palestinian peace process. There have been near countless denunciations of Israel from numerous Arab, Middle Eastern, European, African, Asian and who knows what other directions with nary a word concerning threats which have massively higher death tolls and a significantly greater rate of civilian and total deaths and other casualties. As has always been the situation, for as long as the Palestinian forces including but not exclusively Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Gazan terrorists were attacking Israel unilaterally, things were quiet and the world went about their business but as soon as Israel loosed her first salvo in self-defense, the world dropped virtually everything else and began applying ever increasing pressures and making ever stronger threats against Israel as if the Israeli defensive confrontation with Hamas threatens to destroy the planet. Well, Israel has no choice, no choice at all. Israel can fight to protect her people or sit and watch them eventually be murdered ever more rapidly should the Arab forces ever gain sufficient advantage, a result guaranteed should Israel suffer and listen to those who would sacrifice her and the Jews in a second if they could only find a way to achieve that age old goal. It is as if the nations are in a competition to see who gets the title of the force that rose up in this generation and warred against the Jews. There is an exception, a vocal and proud exception and I would like to thank Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his bold stance and brave words of support, thank you Canada and Prime Minister Harper. As far as the rest who are chomping at the microphones to defile and degrade Israel and her reputation. She has to take the barbs and stings of those who criticize and admonish her as such treatment is still better than kind words expressed in remembrance and eulogy.

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