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July 22, 2014

Peace Dispute of Israel vs Hamas with World’s Aid to Begin

Israel is about to face an antagonistic force even more diabolical and sinister than any of the terrorists even including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS and the rest of the terrorist stew which operates out of Gaza. These are two political individuals and their assistants and assigned experts in order to forge an end to the violence and bring peace to Gaza and Israel, or at least that is the newswire story being broadcast and printed across the Western media. The first of these two forces of underwhelming impartiality and unremitting arrogance is United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who recently in comments about the current Hamas Israel conflict admonished Israel, and only Israel, to “Israel must exercise maximum restraint and do far more to protect civilians,” adding that it also “must respect the humanitarian law” and further while referring to the heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas “While I was en route to Doha, dozens more civilians, including children had been killed in Israeli military strikes in Shejaiya. I condemn this atrocious action.” Referring to the narrow coastal strip controlled by the Islamist Hamas Ban Ki-Moon insisted, “Too many innocent people are dying … living in constant fear,” and that “Gaza is an open wound. We must stop the bleeding now.” Further, during a joint address to the press with Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah said, “We do not claim to have a special initiative. We have just delivered the demands of the Palestinian people. It is not important who manages to fulfil the demands of Palestinian people, as long as justice is achieved, even if partially.” Now that the United Nations leader has been briefed as to the exact minimal demands, which likely more closely represent maximalist demands, Secretary Moon schedule has him heading to Kuwait City, Cairo, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman to facilitate a ceasefire which includes the Palestinian demands. One must wonder if down the road Ban Ki-Moon will be headed to Ankara in order to have an in-depth conversation with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for what Ban Ki-Moon will likely classify as necessary, informative and insightful briefing which covered many of the here-to-for unmentioned Israeli criminal acts during this conflict. It does not take a crystal ball or an Ouija Board to assess or figure out where Recep Erdogan will fall in any contributions he could add, and pro-Israel is definitely not a possibility.


Also arriving replete with specific guidelines from his boss, United States President Barack Obama, is Secretary of State John Kerry. Secretary Kerry is heading initially for Cairo, Egypt but it has been mentioned that he is considering a trip to Doha, Qatar possibly crossing paths with Ban Ki-Moon whose itinerary is the opposite order. Despite their opposing travel plans, the two men agree on far more than they disagree. President Obama announced an outline of guidelines and other helpful insights in a press announcement stating, “All of us are working hard to return to the cease-fire that was reached in November of 2012. Secretary Kerry is working to support Egypt’s initiative to pursue that outcome. I told Prime Minister Netanyahu that John is prepared to travel to the region following additional consultations.” These comments came amidst three conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu where at least one was reported to have been interrupted by the Code Red Sirens sounding signaling incoming Hamas or Islamic Jihad rockets. Speaking officially for the Department of State, Jen Psaki stated that the United States and its international partners were “deeply concerned about the risk of further escalation, and the loss of more innocent life.” On his rounds through the Sunday talk circuit, Secretary John Kerry told ABC’s ‘This Week’ that, “It’s ugly. War is ugly, and bad things are going to happen.” He added while commenting on Hamas’s responsibilities in finding a resolution to the conflict they, “to recognize their own responsibility.” On CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ Kerry speaking again about Hamas claimed that they must “step up and show a level of reasonableness, and they need to accept the offer of a cease-fire.” Evening out his commentary he added, “We will certainly discuss all of the issues relevant to the underlying crisis.” Lastly, Secretary Kerry speaking on NBC’S ‘Meet the Press’ that Israel “has every right in the world to defend itself” from attacks from Hamas militants in Gaza and that the United States is working diligently to get an immediate cease-fire in place. He added that Israel must protect its citizens and no nation “would sit there while rockets are bombarding it.”


Elliott Abrams, former Middle East adviser to President George W. Bush, pointed out in an interview that, “It is remarkable to me that the U.S. would view Qatar as a reliable intermediary.” He further pointed out that Qatar maintains a “very warm relationship with Hamas but has no relation with Israel,” and added that Turkey has also become increasingly hostile toward Israel. It was further pointed out that Israel withdrew some of its diplomats from Turkey on Friday after a protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara turned violent. Erdogan, meanwhile, has accused Israel of committing “systematic genocide” against Palestinians and has protested that the rest of the world, including the U.S. and the U.N., isn’t doing more to stop it. Another expert who has been quoted by Newsweek, Robert Danin who is a former State Department official who dealing with Israeli Palestinian affairs, claimed, “Turkey and Qatar are on one side, and Egypt is on the other. Egypt is siding with Israel, and Turkey and Qatar with Hamas.” Mr. Danin concluded that the United States could provide the necessary neutral mediator who would play “traffic cop” leading to finding a path to a permanent cease-fire.


The one item which everybody appears to be too nervous to state in fear is what can be done to force Hamas to a compromise as they might then have to suggest what can be done to circumvent the impossible expectations and demands that Hamas has put forth and claimed they would prefer death before surrendering even a single of their demands. These demands, which many have referred to as outrageous, that Israel end their blockade and permit Gaza to reopen their port facilities and their international airport plus completely free and open borders with both Israel and Egypt with no restrictions on imports. Additionally, Hamas demands that every single Hamas terrorist who was recently arrested during the search for the three Israeli teens who were subsequently found murdered be released even if they had been found to have returned to terrorist activities which may have led to them new charges. And then there was also a financial demand from Hamas which demanded that Israel continue to provide Gaza with electricity free of any fees and forgive all unpaid back charges for electricity provided over the past decade which amounts to millions of NIS, Israeli Shekels. Another insisted demand is for Israel allow Gaza fisherman to venture out 12 nautical miles from the Gaza. Hamas also has serious problems with potential wording of any ceasefire insisting that the term ‘hostilities’ in the Egyptian initiative be replaced with what they refer to as the correct description for their actions which should refer to ‘what they are doing is self-defense and resisting the occupation, but what the occupation is doing is aggression’ thus legalizing Hamas’s rocket barrages which led to the conflict while criminalizing Israeli efforts to defend their civilians from said rocket barrages. Additionally, Hamas is demanding that Israel cease their policy of destroying terrorists’ houses, cease their targeted elimination of Hamas terrorists and leadership, cease all ‘collective punishment’ of Gazans, cease all military overflights of Gazan airspace, and finally, guarantee the supply of fuel and building materials into Gaza as needed to fully rebuilt and renovate the industrial zones along the border and for all future projects deemed necessary by Hamas.


The root of the problem is that as long as Hamas persists in their aims as stated in the Hamas Charter that they continue their war with the Jewish People in order to reclaim all of what they refer to as historic Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and making it Judenfrei and then to continue the struggle until they have accomplished their ultimate goal, first, a world that is Judenfrei and then the imposition of the Sharia worldwide with either all peoples converted to Islam, their particular version of Islam, and any others accepting of Dhimmitude complete with such provisions as the Jizya tax for non-Muslims and other abuses and disgraceful treatments, the concept of security for Israel is made impossible. For Israel to achieve their singular goal of a long-term secure peace free of terrorist attacks, rockets, mortars, suicide bombings, kidnapping of civilians or soldiers and the other various assaults which have made up much of the interactions between Hamas and Israel, the complete removal of Hamas and their related terrorist groups has to be their first step. Should there be a ceasefire established it will unfortunately not signal the end of animosity and aggression from Hamas nor bring an end to the Hamas desires to destroy Israel and removal of the Jewish presence on planet Earth no matter what agreement Hamas may sign. Nothing in an Israeli-Hamas agreement will be considered to be binding by Hamas as they will be using the Islamic concept of taqiyya which permits lying to a non-Muslim if the deception furthers the goals and concepts of Islam or any Islamic entity. That presents a challenge in that how does one negotiate and reach any binding agreement in perpetuity when one side believes that they may use deceit as a tool in their negotiating and that no treaty of agreement is necessarily applicable to them and that they are completely within their rights to break any agreement when it suits their immediate purposes. This is the reason that many in Israel and without who understand these concepts and the attitudes of Hamas believe that the only honestly viable solution which would bring peace is the complete and total eradication of Hamas and the other terrorist groups who are little different than Hamas.


This will never be permitted by the United Nations, United States, European Union, the Arab League, or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). These institutions and nations either support Hamas and their goals or pretend that Hamas will honor any agreement they hammer out though in reality they are aware that such thoughts are as untrue and utterly treacherous as are their efforts and desires to reach an agreement no matter the consequences. This was proven by the facts around the entirety of this conflict over the past five to six weeks when there was absolutely no concern or reactions from the rest of the world while Hamas was ramping up the numbers of rockets launched into Israel. During the same time period these same entities also were mostly ignoring or making empty commentary and complaints about the continuing civil war tearing Syria apart and the ISIS destruction and sweeping across Iraq which has even brought back the use of crucifixion as a form of punishment for certain crimes and even for some unapproved lifestyles or religious beliefs. Still, as soon as Israel sent their first fighters to attack rocket launching platforms to relieve Israeli civilians from the ever increasing barrages launched intending to destroy their homes and lives by Hamas from out of Gaza where they utilized Gazan civilians as shields protecting their rocket launchers much of the Western World and most of the Arab and Muslim worlds erupted to condemn the Israeli actions demanding their halt and a ceasefire be implemented. These demands for a ceasefire have only grown more and more shrill and gained volume leading to a virtual explosion of outrage when Israel escalated their offensive by initiating a ground assault. Now the world is joining forces behind the efforts of the United States and the United Nations in efforts to forge a ceasefire. Since Hamas is unlikely to backtrack off any of their demands as they believe they must prove victorious in order to preserve their position in Gaza and enhance their efforts to win any upcoming elections and take control over all of the Palestinian lands including Judea and Samaria from which their attacks against Israel will be greatly enhanced. This means that these efforts will mostly focus on forcing concessions from the Israelis while potentially adding incentives to bribe Hamas into making an agreed ceasefire. How can we be certain that this will be what is about to occur? We can tell as this has been the modus operandi of the United States, United Nations, European Union, most European governments, various NGOs, as well as other entities throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds and beyond. This is obvious if one simply peruses the news and takes note of where there are demonstrations against Israel and not against Hamas. What is even more distressing about many of these demonstrations, even beyond the violent riots which they are producing, has been the virulent anti-Semitism which has been given voice throughout the world reaching from France to Japan and from Turkey to the United States and Canada. The one place which has supported Israel unequivocally has been Canada under Prime Minister Harper, kudos Mr. Harper. I wonder if Canada would like to negotiate the ceasefire agreement, like anybody would allow a true and faithful supporter of Israel to chair anything concerning the Middle East. One might get the impression that much of the world fears the enemies of Israel to such an extent that they would gladly offer up Israel as a sacrifice in order to soothe the savage beasts.


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July 21, 2014

Israel Reports of the Expected and the Unexpected

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With the likelihood that both United States Secretary of State John Kerry and entourage as well as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his squads of aids and experts will both be descending on Israel, it can also be expected that the numbers of reporters and bureau chiefs will be accompanying one or the other party and simply add to the cacophonous din of small bits of truth lost within voluminous tons of misinformation and broadcast throughout the world, especially in the Western nations of Europe, North America and Australia. Rather than bore you by repeating information you could just as easily learn by switching on the Television or radio news where you will probably hear stories about how one side or the other or both are being intractable and refusing to agree to any ceasefire, I will try to find a few precious pieces of information which you likely have not heard or come across after a short prediction on the coming blitz of the self-important arbiters of the enlightened manners of peaceful coexistence. There will be the commentaries about how Hamas is making some reasonable or ridiculous demands, depending on the network or the host or speaker you hear, and definitely there will be reports that Israel has refused even the smallest of the conditions posed by Hamas in order to reach a ceasefire. There might even be another hilariously insulting monologue from John Stewart which might go something like this, “Well, have you heard the latest from the Middle East? Israel is refusing to allow the Gazans to open their international airport in order to have a ceasefire. The airport? What next, not allowing them to swim in the Mediterranean? Oh, wait, Israel insists on continuing their naval blockade only allowing Gazans to swim and fish in the most shallow waters. This is preventing peace? Next they will be blowing up tunnels, oh, wait, they already have. So, let’s see if I have this correct, no airplane trips to take vacations, no swimming in the deeper waters and no tunnels, I’m surprised Israel doesn’t outlaw cars in Gaza.” John would do better as he has a dozen very funny writers and I don’t do comedy that well which is why I cover news as it is often amusingly ridiculous enough without my assistance.


Now for some news that either will be sparsely covered or simply concealed as it would be too revealing of some realities that apparently are too close to the truth which many prefer remain unspoken. The battle which has been being fought since early Saturday has revolved around the Gaza neighborhood of Shejaiya, east of Gaza City, and has been an extremely difficult going for the IDF. Shejaiya is the neighborhood where Hamas locates a large number of their rocket and weapons manufacturing facilities. It also is riddled with underground storage locations which are interconnected by tunnels which lace throughout the area with numerous entrances. This has made clearing the area difficult and probably somewhat reminiscent to military historians of the battle for Stalingrad during World War II and the difficulty of taking the central areas of town and the building referred to as the tractor works. In Stalingrad the sewer tunnels provided the defending troops easy access to supplies and the ability to appear as if out of thin air and ambush the enemy at close quarters. This is the same scenario which caught some members of the Golani Brigade in an ambush by Hamas which resulted in thirteen Israeli fatalities in that one encounter alone. The battle in the streets with door to door encounters within Shejaiya has apparently been so extremely costly for Hamas such that they requested a humanitarian ceasefire in order to remove the dead and wounded. Israel initially denied the request favoring their efforts to continue to push their advantage. Israel relented soon thereafter and not only agreed to a temporary ceasefire for three hours but also granted a two hour extension despite the fact that Hamas had continued launching rockets into Israel throughout the length and breadth of the ceasefire right out of the Shejaiya neighborhood. It is suspected that Hamas utilized the ceasefire to set up the positions with which they launched their ambush of the IDF troops of the Golani Brigade which included seriously wounding Golani Brigade Commander Colonel Raslan Alian. Hamas is using absolutely any advantage they can force or find in order to gain sufficient advantage and make Israel desire ending the carnage and cut their losses making Israel willing to make whatever concessions Hamas demands, or at least sufficient concessions such that Hamas can claim their victory and use such claims to gain an overwhelming victory in any Palestinian elections and thus gain control over Judea and Samaria in addition to Gaza and replace totally Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah making Hamas the sole Palestinian leadership. This would allow Hamas to finally attain their wildest dream of easy range and the advantage of the Judean Hills overlooking central Israel with the majority of Israeli industries, population, infrastructure and her international airport outside Tel Aviv.


There are some events revolving around the Erez Crossing in northern Gaza. The IDF is setting up a fully functioning field hospital which even has a delivery room. This field hospital is not for IDF soldiers or even for Israelis, it is for the Palestinians of Gaza, even if they are injured members of Hamas. Of course any Hamas member receiving treatment would not be returned to the fighting, Israelis are compassionate, not insane, though some might debate that with me. The field hospital will likely resemble the field hospital the Israelis constructed in Haiti after the devastating earthquake virtually destroyed that island nation. IDF medical soldiers were reported to have saved the life of a Hamas terrorist fighter. Soldier Daniel Albo was quoted in the Yediot Aharonot new service stating, “My team and I saved the life of a terrorist who tried to kill us because we are IDF soldiers and citizens of Israel. We saved him because we are human. I’m proud to serve in the IDF.” The building of this field hospital is just another facet of the IDF and Israeli government efforts to minimize the numbers and severity of civilian casualties which will treat those who either by choice or having been forced by Hamas terrorists to remain within the areas being contested in this conflict to serve as human shields, some with the hope of becoming martyrs. All the Israeli efforts to warn the civilians of Gaza, even when doing so also alerts Hamas terrorists to Israeli plans, of either imminent bombings, artillery fire or other military operations which would pose a threat to their safety have often proven to be ineffective due to Hamas instructing the Gazan citizenry that the Israeli warnings should not be heeded and they should remain in harm’s way in service of Hamas and to become martyrs. It was some such activities which resulted in the deaths of several relatives of Hamas commander Khalil al-Haya which was also claimed to be part of the reason Hamas requested Israel agree to a humanitarian ceasefire and allow their bodies and others to be properly tended and removed from the area of continuing combat.


Now for the one oddity which you are unlikely to hear about in your morning newscasts. You see, not all of the relatives of the Hamas leadership are in danger inside Gaza and are in somewhat less danger but in danger just the same and that danger for them is Hamas. While former Hamas and Gazan Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh may have stepped down from his position to permit the formation of the new Palestinian unity government and taken refuge safely far from the fray in Qatar, some members of his family remain endangered in the current fighting. These relatives are his three sisters, Kholidia, Laila and Sabah. All three married Bedouins and moved into Israel where they became citizens some thirty years ago. Bedouins used to take brides from amongst the Gazan Arab communities due to the lack of available women in their tribes, the Tel Sheva Bedouins. Salameh Abu Rukayek, the Bedouin who married Kholidia recently told an interviewer, “Our life is normal here and we want it to continue.” The three sisters live currently somewhere within the Negev Desert in an undisclosed location for their privacy as well as safety. The three sisters are far from the only members of the Haniyeh family which have received assistance from Israel. Both his mother in-law and granddaughter have received medical treatments over the past year all at the same time as their dear relative, Ismail Haniyeh, was swearing to have pledged to Israel’s complete and utter destruction.” Add to this that during the entirety of the three weeks when the rocket fire into Israel by Hamas was escalating and the two weeks of actual open conflict that Israel has continued to supply Gazans with truckloads measured in tons per day of food, medical supplies and other necessities. Israel has also continued to provide Gazans with much of their fresh water supply and close to two-thirds of Gazan electricity until one of the Hamas rockets damaged one of the high voltage lines transferring electrical power into Gaza. So far no technician has volunteered to attempt to repair the broken high voltage line supplying Gaza as the repairs would necessitate working within easy sniper range from Hamas snipers in Gaza. There has been a history of sniper fire being loosed on repair technicians working on electrical equipment which provides power to Gaza including an Arab employee who was murdered while attempting to repair similar damage during a period of relative tranquility. Relative tranquility does not mean complete absence of violence but rather under a couple dozen rockets per month and the taking of every opportunity to shoot at or murder by other means anyone within range from within Gaza. That included the firing of a guided antitank rocket fired into a school bus which resulted in the death of the last remaining young teen as the rest of the children had disembarked seconds and several yards at the previous stop preventing a larger tragedy.


With Secretary Kerry and Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon et al arriving in the near future within Israel we can expect them to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to cease all further IDF actions inside Gaza whether Hamas agrees to end the violence or not. One for the arguments will echo the protesters from around the globe who point to the facts that the Israeli casualty rates are far lower than that of the Gazans. The fact that without the building of hundreds of shelters and the Iron Dome extremely effective protective shell there would have been tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Israeli fatalities and near countless casualties of all varieties and severity. There have been over one-hundred rockets intercepted by the Iron Dome, which because the system only launches to intercept those projectiles which by computations are guaranteed to strike within built-up areas. With the majority of those intercepted having been aimed at Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheba, Jerusalem and the densely populated central areas of Israel the carnage would have been unimaginable. Imagine rockets pummeling central Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and exploding destroying the type of buildings found in most major cities. The people within these buildings would not have had sufficient time to escape the building and there could easily have been numerous large building collapses daily in the cities around much of Israel. The miracle of the Iron Dome is all which stood between the rain of Hamas rockets and the destruction of Israeli society from the threats of the steel rain falling over Israel exploding away lives as well as buildings and infrastructure. Those who continue to claim that Israel is using excessive force and military power may have another reality they are expressing in a coded manner, the desire to see more dead Israelis, more dead Jews. These are the people who were witnessed through media rampaging across Paris and who assaulted two synagogues and attempted to injure or kill the Jews inside those synagogues. The rioters in Paris are not alone in their desires as there have been numerous such riots and massive demonstrations across the Western world as well as the Arab and Muslim worlds all calling for the destruction of Israel for the benefit of mankind, an old canard which still refuses to quiet. A hunger which is warned about in the Passover service where it warns stating, “In each generation, there are those that rise up against us to destroy us.”


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July 20, 2014

World Proving They Have No Use for Jews

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Across the globe in capital cities to smallest of towns there have been demonstrations and outspoken people condemning the Israeli actions in response to Hamas rocket offensive. The statements elicited from many of these demonstrators paint a picture of the world’s deranged mind. One of the main themes is the claim that Israel began striking Hamas in Gaza for absolutely no reason and then Hamas in its defense launched rockets at Israel. This theme is not at all surprising as if you listened or read most of the mainstream media one would have the impression that the Hamas rockets were being fired in response to the Israeli attacks. The reason for this misperception was due to the media completely ignoring any terrorist actions against Israel; such items are not newsworthy, only Israeli actions warrant coverage. The reason for this slanted coverage has numerous reasons and roots, not all of which are nefarious though a fair number probably have dark roots in their inspiration or ease of execution. The excuse we hear most often when news editors are asked why they rarely cover terrorist acts against Israel unless there are fatalities and often only when there are multiple casualties or if the Palestinian or whomever commits the act of terror died as a result of the attack or by security officers such as police and other arms of enforcement is that such attacks are common and nobody wants to hear about such things, they are simply not that newsworthy. Then when one inquires why when covering Israeli reactions and responses to terrorist attacks they lead with the Israeli responsive actions and then give the initial terrorist attacks coverage making it seem like the order of attacks were the exact opposite of the reality on the ground they claim that they do mention that the terror attacks came before the Israeli response. Of course that does little good to anybody watching the news casually as they see video of Israeli soldiers or aircraft first followed by some rockets fired from Gaza and are left with the impression that this was the actual order. This is borne out by the numbers of protestors who claimed that Hamas was defending against Israeli attacks and that Israelis should expect to have rockets fired at them because they started the attacks by bombing Gaza. The reality is that Hamas had been raining rockets down on Israelis in ever increasing numbers for three weeks before Israel responded, but that does not appear to be how many throughout the world perceive the truth.


The same was true of the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli youths. That story received little coverage in the Western media until three Israeli youths decided to take the law into their own hands and abducted an innocent Arab teen and brutally murdered him. Then the media covered the abductions equating the actions and implying that both sides’ law enforcement forces were treating the cases with equal urgency and efficiency. The truth is the Israeli law enforcement personnel had arrested six Israelis and ended up charging three of the youths with murder despite suspicions that the leader of the three has mental issues, which will be left for the courts and other professionals to sort out. In the same period, Israeli investigators gave the Palestinian authorities the names and addresses of three of the Palestinians who were suspects and gave the evidence and these suspects remain to this day unapprehended despite that the Israeli authorities know their location within the Palestinian Authority controlled areas and may have been permitted to escape back to Gaza and under the protection of Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Still, for the three weeks that Israeli security and law enforcement personnel along with assistance from the IDF were searching house to house in Hevron for the abducted Israeli youths the media gave the subject minimal coverage and if covering the search made sure to emphasize the excessive zeal and apparent forcefulness being exerted by the Israelis in their desperate search for the three youths and how it had to be so inconveniencing for the Palestinians, the innocent Palestinians. There was no mention of the rioting by those same Palestinians or how they were instructed in their media to offer as much resistance and to frustrate the searchers efforts in any and all manner of ways possible. No, it had nothing to do with the open hostilities and the efforts to block their search at every turn or the rioting and attacking of the Israeli personnel with rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails as well as refusing to let them search properly and attempting to bar doors shut which led to what the media referred to as unnecessary forced entries which had resulted in breaking in many Palestinians’ doors. Often the media slants the news not by what they say but by what they omit. One glaring omission was the fact that during the three weeks of Israel searching for the three abducted teens before discovering their murdered bodies in a shallow grave near Hevron that Hamas had steadily and daily increased the numbers of rockets and mortars launched into Israel such that they had approached almost one-hundred rockets and mortars a day before Israel responded.


Some have inquired why Hamas would have committed such a brazen act knowing it would bring the full force and weight of the IDF down upon them. The answer is fairly easy to understand but somewhat more difficult to explain to anybody who has not been watching the Arab-Israeli conflict all that closely, but here goes. Hamas has fallen on hard time and has few to blame other than themselves. Hamas cannot admit such failures as to do so would be an admission of weakness which would result in Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, ISIS or other terrorist entity in Gaza to overthrow them and claim the right to lead. Hamas had come out strongly in favor of the Sunni forces in Syria who were trying to overthrow the Alawite, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, leader Bashir al-Assad. This was while Hamas had cozied up to and become almost fully reliant on the Iranians and Hezballah for their supplies which were brought in through smuggling tunnels connecting Gaza with the Sinai Peninsula. Their aligning with those against al-Assad brought the immediate anger of Iran down upon Hamas as well as al-Assad demands that Hamas be removed from Damascus closing their international headquarters. Hamas was also being very cozy with their original founding organization and its newfound power and control of the Egyptian government with the election of President Morsi. Little did Hamas realize at the time that the Muslim Brotherhood was rushing to take a fall from grace. The Egyptian military in a quick and moderately bloody coup upended the government of President Morsi and took control of a caretaker government until new elections were to be scheduled. Hamas might have escaped this unharmed but sometimes people are their own worst enemies. Hamas assisted the Muslim Brotherhood with attacks on Egyptian military outposts and instillations including some rather deadly attacks responsible for the murder of tens if not hundreds of Egyptian troops over the year after the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and its President Morsi. This brought the ire of the Egyptian military down on Hamas in the form of destroying the vast majority of their smuggling tunnels. These tunnels not only provided for the smuggling in of arms and supplies but also other contraband which was permitted providing the taxes and fees were paid to Hamas. Without this revenue stream Hamas became unable to pay their governing people and nothing gets the ground swell upset than not receiving their paychecks. Some things actually are universal. This drove Hamas into being forced to agree to a unity government and to even permit most of the officials in the unity government to come from Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority and Fatah. Hamas was at the brink of the abyss of no return and about to lose everything, so what to do? They did the one thing which wins over voters in the Arab and Palestinian worlds every time, they abducted and killed three Israeli youths and ramped up rocket fire into Israel proving their daring and ability to fulfill the desire of every terrorist supporter as they were strong and obviously not as impotent as they had been appearing of late. It is imperative to Hamas to come out of this renewed warfare with Israel with Israeli concessions to show for their losses. If they can get Israel to drop the maritime blockade, allow the reopening of the Gaza international airport, and to have both Israel and Egypt allow free passage through their borders permitting free movement between Gaza and Judea and Samaria and get a few thousand prisoners released, then Hamas will have made the basics to win the upcoming elections for the unity government and they will have taken over Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Yep, that is what this conflict with Israeli is about, pushing Mahmoud Abbas aside and replacing him with Ismail Haniyeh, the former leader of the Hamas government in Gaza who was forced to step down in favor of Abbas in the interim unity government, a real blow to his reputation and a sign of great weakness.


Now, let’s get back to the protesters and their inspirational media backers. Listening to or reading probably one or two too many interviews, I have determined some phrases and answers which appear to be relatively universal in their usage. One might call them talking points if these demonstrations were organized with a central leadership rather than the groundswell of popular opinion like they have been portrayed by the media usually quoting some official from any of the alphabet soup of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic, Arabist or far leftist NGO which was sure to emphasize the fact that these were not organized events the media had been invited to and were scheduled complete with transportation to some of the demonstrations. There was an underlying theme that the Jews had no rights to the Palestinian lands and that the Jews needed to give all the land back to the rightful Palestinian owners from whom they had stolen the lands. Then when asked where the Jews were supposed to live the answer was often anywhere they wanted to and that would accept them as refugees as long as it was not in this country, meaning the country in which that particular anger protest was being held. This was near universal answer in Europe except in a couple of cities with Paris being the most vehement in giving a different kind of answer. In Paris the demonstrations grew ugly and violent where they broke free of police control and attacked two synagogues throwing bricks and at least one firebomb at the synagogues and attacking any Jew who ventured outside to try to protect their holy place. One could likely get the idea that had any reporter braved the onslaught to get an interview the answers would be pretty much the same just with a few more colorful French sayings somewhat stronger than, Sacré Bleu! So, once we have established that the Jews should leave Israel giving it back to the Palestinians and go somewhere where they would be accepted and appreciated, which is definitely not here where the interviewee lived, the question becomes then where? Mostly this question was greeted with either an honest answer of, “I dunno” or the ever precious deer in the headlights look. Those that did answer the question had obviously given it some deep thought and drawn forth their greatest and deepest libels against the Jews. Their answers basically revolved around a simple phraseology, they should go to one of those countries, or nations, that the Jews have supporting them and Israel. Something about the wording where it implies that these countries which support Israel only do so because the Jews have made them do so. There is that oldest of canards that the Jews wield unfathomable power to such an extent as to control whole nations and world bodies and that is only through mysterious and nefarious and illegal influences that makes this Jewish control possible. Parsing every answer down and combining their intents we get an answer that appears to state that the Jews are not deserving of their own country and that they should not be permitted to live places where people do not want them and be restricted to those countries where they have wielded their black arts and taken over the government. Who knew the Jews had such powers. One might think if this were so they would not be experiencing the difficulties they are in this world today.


We saw an example of real political power against Israel recently when the government of Australia decided to no longer use the politically charged and inaccurate term for East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) of occupied territories and instead would refer to East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as disputed territories. This was followed immediately by a firestorm of official protests from the entirety of the Arab world as well as numerous other nations who officially protested and demanded explanations. Iran demanded the Australian Ambassador explain this effrontery calling him on the carpet the next day. Even many Australian politicians and media protested this alteration to a technically more accurate and less charged wording demanding explanations and a return to the more pleasant slanted against Israel terminology of occupied territories. Needless to say, Australia tucked their tail between their legs and whimpered off having been rightfully reprimanded by much of the world. Sometimes it appears that only Israel is willing to stand against the civilizational challenge which is being acquiesced to rather than opposed by the major powers in the Western world. Their gutless surrender and shrinking from even using the words of their own choosing instead seeking to remain inline and obedient to their Islamic masters; has the entirety of the Western free world surrendered their soul and their futures to Islam simply because they no longer have the intestinal fortitude to stand for their principles. It is beyond sad and the only hope Western civilization has of surviving into the next century if they do not awaken from their languishing slumber is if Israel continues to ignore their condemnations and remains a viable plug holding back the hordes of barbarians from escaping into the rest of the world. Wish Israel luck as they will need it.


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