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July 28, 2014

The Iron Dome Options

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The current conflict between Israel and Hamas is dramatically different than any previous conflict Israel has ever fought. That difference is the luxury of the Iron Dome clad defense protecting the home front from the dangers caused by the rocket barrages used by Hamas in efforts to spread dread and terror throughout the Israeli population. Because of the effectiveness of the Iron Dome systems, Israeli leaders can afford to take a less frantic approach to the threats posed by Hamas as their most prolific threat, the various kinds and numbers of rockets, have had their threat diminished to the point of becoming virtually ineffective. This has provided Israel with the option to accept almost every humanitarian ceasefire even if she has to do so unilaterally which in this situation the unilateral ceasefire results in Israel ceasing while Hamas fires. This has revealed a truth, a reality, which despite being mentally discernable in previous conflicts, has been driven home in this conflict because with Israel having the capability to suspend her military operations repeatedly in response to virtually every humanitarian ceasefire request and even to extend the duration of select ceasefire situations without leaving the Israeli people subjected to the horrors of rockets striking and destroying their communities, lives and mental state and causing massive amounts of casualties and property damage. With Hamas taking their usual cynical tactic of deploring the damage and casualties being inflicted by Israeli defensive military response and demanding a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons, a concept for which Hamas has no honest use except as it can be leveraged to allow her to go on the offensive while Israel is forced by world opinion, pressures and ever-present monitors to observe the entirety of the agreed cessation of combat, Israel this time with being capable of withstanding the rocket attacks with minimal appreciable damage or casualties can afford to cease all actions and fully reveal the perfidy of the Hamas terrorists and their true intentions.

This has even gone so far as to allow, or more like force, Egypt to even join in denouncing the intractability of Hamas in refusing the Egyptian offered ceasefire terms and holding out demanding Israel accept terms for a cessation of the conflict which are paramount to a complete Israeli surrender which would lead to a whole new paradigm when Hamas would decide to launch their next attempt to destroy Israel, only this time armed in a manner which is now completely beyond the realm of reality and only exists in the dreams of the Hamas leadership. The major demands from Hamas are for Israel and Egypt to permanently suspend their blockade against arms coming into Gaza and to not only allow, but to renovate and rebuild the ports and international airport within Gaza through which Hamas would import weaponry with which to destroy Israel and assist the Muslim Brotherhood in their attempts to reassume political control of Egypt. This became readily observable due to the increased freedom to slow the attacks and even allow ceasefires for whatever reasons even when they became one sided and Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel. Iron Dome has taken the sting off of the rockets almost entirely which produced a calm to be observed in Gaza while rockets from Gaza were intercepted or fell mostly harmlessly in open areas and Hamas was laid bare for those with unbiased eyes to see who were the terrorists and who were simply defending themselves and honoring any ceasefire. Now that Israel by accepting almost every ceasefire request, even those made by Hamas in their attempt to rearm and redeploy free of Israeli interference, and shown that Hamas does not observe the rules of war, continues their aggressions even during the ceasefires they themselves requested and that Hamas has targeted exclusively civilian populations while firing from amongst their own civilian populations has made new inroads which may over time reverse the panorama which the world had previously painted of Israel as the militaristic and inflexible party pressing their military advantages mercilessly. The reason Israel has previously pressed so hard was to end the conflicts as quickly as humanly possible which has and always will require imparting such overwhelming destruction on Hamas ability to wage war that there was no choice but to agree to a cessation of hostility. With the luxury of time made possible by the ability to negate the dreadful consequences of constant rocket barrages raining onto the Israeli public, Israel has finally had the ability to draw a distinction which is unavoidable that all but those predetermined to hate Israel for whatever reason, be it anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism or whatever other phobic hatred, to be capable of viewing the truths of which side is the aggressor and which side is committed to war by any means including and almost solely waged from within their own civilian population against the Israeli civilian population. Israel has been freed up to be able to take a new approach when Hamas employs their own version of the Iron Dome, it is called the women and children dome where, when Israel announces their intent to strike a Hamas weapons depot or rocket launching area by dropping leaflets, phoning residents and dropping a flare or small but loud explosive (firecracker) giving warning and even the time of expected strike, Hamas rounds up women, elderly and children and place them throughout any area to be struck or on the roof of any structure and hold them there often at gunpoint knowing that this will prevent Israeli pilots from completing their mission. The reason this tactic does not always succeed is due to a number of disparate issues some of which include the strike was made by naval shelling, artillery or tank fire which does not have the ability to actually put eyes on the target and see the human shields, attack is conducted at night or through thick smoke making seeing the human shields difficult or impossible and various other reasons of a tactical or operational limitations. Israel has utilized the luxury of time and a defensive system almost beyond belief or expectation to fully reveal the tactics utilized by Hamas with an emphasis on their use of human shields taken often from an unwilling population who would prefer a normal life to being on a constant war footing under leadership which has robbed them of their lives and inculcates their children with hatreds which promises to continue the suffering into the next generation and beyond.

What happens in the coming days, weeks or even months will determine much for how the future will play out. Israel has the chance to end the rule of Hamas and also assure that Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza or the newest terrorist group, ISIS, do not simply replace Hamas as the top terrorist running the Gaza Strip. This decision will also affect the stability in Egypt and could deny the Muslim Brotherhood of a safe storage place and training grounds for their weapons, fighters and infrastructure from where they have been capable of striking into the Sinai Peninsula exactly as they have on previous situations with deadly effects upon Egyptian border troops and beyond. Hamas may actually end up responsible for Israel finally ending the Gaza experiment which was begun by Israeli Prime Minister Sharon with the Disengagement which was presumed to provide the Palestinian Authority the opportunity to make a functioning state which would have later resulted in a follow-up disengagement from Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and the formation of their presumed desired state. Hamas used a coup to wrest control over Gaza and begin a terror war against Israel and fulfill their charter which demands the eradication of the State of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish People worldwide. Despite the powers of the world including the United Nations, European Union, United States and others to be named as they crawl out of the woodwork all using their indomitable forces to force a permanent peace on Israel before Hamas is completely destroyed beyond the ability of Iran, Qatar, Turkey and whoever else has been sponsoring Hamas in their terrorist activities can repair the damage, restock the rockets with probably now and improved armaments, give them a new, improved battle plan and whatever other assistance may be determined is necessary or simply most advantageous.

That leaves all of us with a few particular questions over what is to come. The first is one not mentioned above but is probably the most crucial, is the Israeli leadership capable to commit to the complete destruction of Hamas, to dissemble the other remaining terrorist groups and crime families and reassert Israel security controls over Gaza. If so, will Israel also restructure the terror infrastructure from within the Gaza societal structures including the schools, children’s camps, social networks, and everywhere else the tentacles of Hamas and their cohorts have reached and contaminated? If Israel is not willing to take the necessary steps to change the parameters of her neighborhood, a neighborhood whose makeup was not of Israel’s making, it was determined by the allied powers out of World War I, Britain, France, Italy, Japan and the United States (though the United States took a mostly passive acceptance allowing the Europeans to deal with those areas considered not vital to American interests at that time) who formed the new face of the lands formerly belonging to the defeated Ottoman Empire of which the Mandates for France and Britain were a major colonial project. This truth makes one of the claims against Israel as ludicrous as it is as Israel was an occupied nation of the British colonial world as was Jordan and Lebanon and Syria were colonies of France, thus Israel has never had colonies nor ever been a colonial power. If Israel refuses to take the required mission of removing the terrorist presence in Gaza, and hopefully in Judea and Samaria sooner rather than later, then whatever the world decides is of little consequence as only Israel can be the first to take the remedial and necessary efforts to change her immediate neighborhood and make for a safer and more stable future.

Even should Israel reach the decision to alter the realities surrounding her and solidify those terrorist influences which challenge Israeli existence, then the world can even have a supportive stance or a deleterious effect thus countering any Israeli efforts. The current unsolicited mission being undertaken by United States Secretary of State Kerry to forge a ceasefire at almost any cost has taken an extremely troubling direction as his efforts have been to impose a peace initiative designed by Qatar, a major supporter of Hamas financially, and backed by Turkey, whose Prime Minister Erdogan has called for the replacement of the current Egyptian government by reinstating President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood controlled through the Freedom and Justice Party formed by the Muslim Brotherhood, against the expressed desires of Egypt as well as Israel. The United States efforts are being further backed by the United Nations and the European Union as well as numerous European governments which are capable of pressing Israel to accept terms which are detrimental to her future and would almost assuredly guarantee another round of violence in the future. Add to these influences the collection of human rights and anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and simply anti-Semitic NGOs, organizations, agencies, and international groups such as the Arab League and many in the Nonaligned Nations alliance and it can appear to most observers that the entire world stands accusing Israel of obscene crimes and exonerating Hamas and the other terror groups, which includes Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow travelers, to be innocent victims of an advance national state and all of their military capabilities. This effrontery is only possible because when rockets are launched into Israel or a team of terrorists infiltrate Israel and attack civilians the world major media outlets refuse to cover such unless it has particularly devastating results such as the slaughter of five members of the Fogel family.

The coverage almost always has its initial coverage with the introduction immediately before a commercial break such that returning from break the same introduction can be utilized in order to drive its impact home when they report that Israeli war planes launched attacks on the Gaza Strip followed by an in-depth coverage of the damage and any casualties with interviews with affected Palestinians. After a few minutes coverage of the Israeli strike it is mentioned that Hamas has launched rockets into Israel. Often it is implied or even actually stated that the Hamas rockets were fired as a response to the Israeli strike and never is mentioned the lead-up of weeks of rockets fired into Israel as for the mainstream media the entirety of the conflict only begins when Israel acts. This is part of why it is so accepted when what Israeli supporters keep stressing are undue pressures on Israel and excessive actions and cares are taken supporting the terrorists or protecting them from any permanent damage to their infrastructure assuring their survival. Much of this is made acceptable because it is regularly claimed by trusted news sources and politicians that the terrorists who are attacking Israel are completely separate from the terrorist entities which threaten the rest of the world. This is further used to imply that unlike the evil intents of the terrorists which pose a threat to Western nations are different and unacceptable while the terrorists attacking Israel have understandable reasons and their terrorist activities are caused by Israeli actions. If Israel would just give the terrorists the state they desire, than the terror would end. Well, Israel gave them Gaza and it did not stop, it actually got worse as Israel no longer was able to have security personnel in Gaza gathering intelligence. With this preface in mind, watch as Secretary Kerry will expend all of his efforts to force Israel to stand down and allow Hamas to be rebuilt for the next conflict when once again Israel will defend herself and then be excoriated by the rest of the world and have a ceasefire forced down her throat before the terrorists can be fully defeated. Some things never change, may this one time be the exception and Gaza permanently defanged before the world can save Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, ISIS and the other terrorists within Gaza.

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July 27, 2014

The Ominous Clouds on the Israeli Horizon

The world is once again being sold the big lie that the Israelis are not suffering any stressing anxieties or worrying doubts as the Iron Dome has mostly intercepted the rockets which were most likely to strike populated areas and ignored those which were heading to fall harmlessly, or at least as harmlessly as any large explosive device can strike within earshot of where one is standing. The reality is over eighty percent of Israelis are currently living in the areas where every explosion, be it a rocket striking the middle of a field or the Iron Dome anti-missile missile striking its intercept target overhead, is a nerve wracking jolt reminding them that the next one might be headed for their home, office, child’s school or the very same target of a relative or friend and if it is that one the Iron Dome computers compute errantly is headed harmlessly and therefore no intercept is launched or the intercept misses its mark, and then something unthinkably horrid can potentially happen. Yesterday the article was an attempt to paint a picture of what Israelis are experiencing even doing something as mundane as listening to news and talk radio or your favorite music station and having the Code Red warnings superimposed over the music, conversation or news broadcast repeatedly seemingly every ten to twenty minutes. Most of the time the places listed are not where you currently are listening and other times you immediately drop whatever you are doing and the only thought as you run as best you are able is, did I get the full number of seconds to reach the shelter or was this one of the late detections and I have half as much time. Oh G0d I hope I can run fast enough, praying possibly faster than I ever have before.

Even when the place facing the threat is not your location, as is the case for many Israelis, you have a mental list you check off with every Code Red announcement placing the names of friends, family or friends and family of family and friends who you realize are now running for their lives and you pray for hearing that follow-up report as to whether it was an intercepted rocket or one which fell harmlessly and there was nobody injured or killed. When a rocket does strike a populated area and the news reports that there was only damage to a structure or a house was destroyed but the family had made it to their nearest shelter and no lives were lost or anybody seriously injured, you breathe a sigh of relief remembering that things can be replaced, rebuilt, or made right but people cannot be replaced. In Israel we take every individual fatality as if it were a close member of our own family because we think and feel like every Israeli is a member of our family as in many ways that is true. This feeling was made evident this past week when at the funerals for two lone soldiers, soldiers who made Aliyah and returned home to Israel without their parents or other family members with the full intention of joining the IDF, as they were of the age where Israeli men and women perform compulsory military or volunteer service, despite they’re not being required to do so until they gain full citizenship. Despite being in Israel without their family and having few other connections they only had thirty-thousand Israelis attending their funerals shedding tears and saying mourner’s Kaddish. Further, the Israeli government made arrangements to fly both of these young hero’s families to Israel within twenty-four hours of their sons’ deaths. Every funeral resulting from this war which was inflicted upon Israel and every Israeli had also been a testament of the depth and breadth of the love and care of a shared people be it a fallen soldier or one of the fallen civilians. People attend the funeral of a fallen Israel even if the only attachment previously had was they were from your town or the next town over and that makes it near enough to take personally. Some will travel the majority of the day just to be represented and thank those whose death was a result of protecting the land and its people, the people of which they are a member.

But there are other worries which we face which we have even less ability to control or influence and despite our being powerless to influence these, they play heavily on our minds. For many of us the most pressing of these is a result of the unprecedented and obvious political threat which was launched by President Obama when the Federal Aviation Administration suspended all United States flights, both passenger and cargo, sending the message to Prime Minister Netanyahu, every member of the Knesset and likely inadvertently every Israeli citizen that at the merest suggestion the United States government has the power and influence to economically stifle Israel and destroy her economically and bring Israel to her knees and force compliance. This was timed to coincide with the arrival of Secretary of State Kerry on his uninvited mission to force a cessation of the fighting before Israel can further destroy the tunneling infrastructure and military capabilities of Hamas, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the war against Israel and the Jews. Further, Hamas must remain militarily viable if the Muslim Brotherhood is ever going to have a chance to return Morsi to what President Obama has claimed is his elected and rightful place as President of Egypt. This is part of the Middle East strategy which has driven the United States, Qatar and Turkey together and likely to have replaced Mahmoud Abbas as President Obama’s number one favorite friend, as he was on Inauguration Day in January 2009 when the newly sworn in President Obama made Chairman Abbas the first international politician he called from the Oval Office, and moved Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan into the number one BFF of the American President. The doubt this raises is what will the reaction of the Obama Administration be when Israel needs resupply of military supplies. Will the Israeli request be met with another isolating flight ban followed by President Obama woefully whining that his hands are tied and there is nothing he can do until the flight ban is lifted. Never mind that such a ban cannot be enacted placing an entire nation and an ally into isolation by banning all air flights to or from the country without Presidential approval, or more aptly, Presidential initiation of the entire idea.

Should such a step be in Israel’s future one might be pressed to ask, what else could go wrong? That is where everything would get very complicated and difficult for Israel as in such a situation it would be hard to believe that Iran would be able to pass up a golden opportunity to strike Israel when she is in a weakened and compromised position being cut off by her supposedly best friend and ally and military backer since the deal with the devil was first wrought to stop the development of the Lavi, the Israeli fourth generation jet fighter which would have been a direct competitor to the American F-16 in the world’s strongly contested market of military hardware. The trade made by Israel where she dropped any further development of jet fighters and agreed to be supplied by the United States with F-16s, F-15s and virtually everything militarily concerned including rounds for Israeli military firearms, rounds for the Merkava tanks, aircraft and their armaments and far more. A military embargo inflicted on Israel by the United States, which is what such a move would result in, would make Israel extremely vulnerable, especially should a second front be opened by Iran by having Hezballah strike out of Lebanon out of the Israeli northern border. This would not be all that impossible to visualize, it has already occurred. The year after Hamas took control over Gaza in a coup, Israel entered Gaza in an operation called “Summer Rains” on June 28, 2006, responding to Hamas’s abduction of Corporal Gilad Shalit. Close on the heels of the start of the conflict with Hamas in Gaza, Hezballah opened a second front attacking Israel’s northern towns with rockets setting up an assault with an anti-tank weapon on an Israeli armored Humvees patrolling the border killing three soldiers and abducting two soldiers. What followed was the Second Lebanon War and Israel fighting wars on two fronts. The same situation is one possibility which would only be furthered should Israel not be resupplied and appear to be in a weakened and vulnerable situation.

A two front war would place Israeli towns, cities, kibbutzim and Israelis on remotely situated farms in mortal jeopardy. Should rockets be launched at Israel from two fronts, it would place a strain on the abilities of the vaunted Iron Dome systems. Places currently defended by a single Iron Dome would require at least two systems as threats would be launched from two separate and opposite directions. This would force the Israeli government and military to pick and choose which places would continue to be protected and which would be left completely at the mercy of fortune and in the hands of G0d. To protect as many citizens as possible there would be a necessity to offer relocation to safer areas to those Israelis living in places no longer covered as completely by the Iron Dome systems. The potential for such a scenario should frighten any sane and reasonably intelligent person as Israel would be under threat in a weakened position which can be best related in the natural world to an injured animal with young to protect. This is simply a geopolitical situation to be utilized and played for maximum favorable outcomes where nations could take the vulnerable situation, even of a presumed ally, to dangerous levels. Israel would be the victim of such a power play and end up facing a dire situation with her entire existence threatened. There is one saving grace in this situation, and it came into existence as a result of this exact scenario which played out in Yom Kippur War in October 1973. President Nixon acted under the suggestion of his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who advised that the United States initially deny Israel rearmament as agreed in order to make Prime Minister Golda Meir and the Israelis realize their vulnerability and influence them to a more plaint and agreeable state. This maneuver almost backfired as with Israeli forces being apparently overrun on two fronts, Egyptian and Syrian, appeared to enact what has been theorized as the Israeli final option and Prime Minister Golda Meir ordered the lids to the nuclear missile silos to be opened. This was almost immediately detected by the United States spy satellites and provided the necessary impetus for President Nixon to immediately provide all of the military aid Israel required. In the aftermath of this conflict there was an agreement between Israel and the United States whereby a complete resupply which might be necessary to equip an entire United States deployment in the Middle East such that they could be deployed in what is referred to as a light deployment and simply be armed upon arrival was placed within Israel in cold storage. This entire supply was also intended to be an initial resupply for the IDF to cover the interim period before resupply can arrive from the United States. What is even more advantageous is that the Israelis are permitted by the agreement to utilize should the need be realized. Still this military depository would not be sufficient to last the entirety of a prolonged conflict, especially one on two fronts. The one other ramification of such a scenario would be the inevitable accusations that the Israelis were sacrificing protection for Arab neighborhoods in favor of Jewish neighborhoods.

There is one last ramification which is still to materialize from the current conflict with Hamas which will arrive from various directions and sources. These will be the inevitable attempts to bring Israeli political and military leadership and possibly individual soldiers before courts on charges of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. There will be no similar tribunals arraigning any of the Hamas leadership, only Israelis are considered to have committed such crimes similarly to the concept that only Palestinians are suffering from the conflict while the Israelis are partying in the streets and facing absolutely no threats or danger. This has been a situation which has been prevalent in ever increasing frequency where Israeli leadership, both military and political, are arraigned on charges whenever they travel outside of Israel. This was recently on display when Israeli Minister of Justice was invited to Britain for some innocent sounding reason but actually it was arranged so that she could meet with Secretary of State Kerry and Chairman Abbas despite having been cautioned not to meet Abbas by the Prime Minister. The British found it necessary to guarantee Ms. Livni complete immunity as they felt assured that the pro-Palestinian groups would seek a friendly judge to swear out a warrant on charges of having been a party in war crimes and crimes against humanity simply for serving as a Foreign Minister during “Operation Cast Lead” against Hamas in late 2008 through early 2009. Similar events have restricted Israeli officials from attending courses, lectures, events of numerous venues or even take a vacation. This situation exists almost exclusively in European nations who have chosen to take upon themselves the authority to adjudicate war crimes, crimes against humanity and similarly related criminal offensives.

The future in Israel is, as usual, in a state of flux and uncertainty as there are many forces doing everything possible to force a ceasefire as immediately as their efforts can accomplish seemingly in order to preserve as much of Hamas’s resources and war fighting capabilities from the Israeli efforts to destroy those very same capabilities. The world reaction to Israeli efforts to eliminate as much of the Hamas ability to commit terrorist acts and make war against Israel or also assist the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood in their struggle to resume their rule in Egypt through the reinstatement of Morsi as President has been less than morally exemplary. As preposterous as such may seem, one might consider such more plausible when they keep in mind that there are efforts to supply the rebels in Syria which will knowingly be likely to provide arms and other provisions for the al-Nusa Front and even ISIS. If Western governments are willing to arm the likes of former and present al-Qaeda affiliates, then why would they shy from doing similar for Hamas as they are allied with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, a seeming ally and similarly aligned pair of terror organizations if ever there were such. Geopolitical relations are quite often best revealed during times of conflict and warfare through the actions or inactions, support or denial of assistance, alliance or opposition, all forms of aid being granted or frozen, and even such items as continuation or disruption of commercial and passenger flights into and out of a particular area. That is why the recent disruption of air transport in and out of Israel was so telling as during the same period there was no such interruption of flights to and from Syria, Iraq or the Ukraine. Telling, very telling, revealing and of great interest. Any reply from President Obama of questions into the reasons for that suspension would be quite intriguing but is something we will only be able to postulate about as no such questioning will ever be put to the President by the mainstream media. As stated as an answer to a Chinese curse, “Yes, we indeed do live in strange and interesting times.”

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July 22, 2014

Peace Dispute of Israel vs Hamas with World’s Aid to Begin

Israel is about to face an antagonistic force even more diabolical and sinister than any of the terrorists even including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS and the rest of the terrorist stew which operates out of Gaza. These are two political individuals and their assistants and assigned experts in order to forge an end to the violence and bring peace to Gaza and Israel, or at least that is the newswire story being broadcast and printed across the Western media. The first of these two forces of underwhelming impartiality and unremitting arrogance is United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who recently in comments about the current Hamas Israel conflict admonished Israel, and only Israel, to “Israel must exercise maximum restraint and do far more to protect civilians,” adding that it also “must respect the humanitarian law” and further while referring to the heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas “While I was en route to Doha, dozens more civilians, including children had been killed in Israeli military strikes in Shejaiya. I condemn this atrocious action.” Referring to the narrow coastal strip controlled by the Islamist Hamas Ban Ki-Moon insisted, “Too many innocent people are dying … living in constant fear,” and that “Gaza is an open wound. We must stop the bleeding now.” Further, during a joint address to the press with Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah said, “We do not claim to have a special initiative. We have just delivered the demands of the Palestinian people. It is not important who manages to fulfil the demands of Palestinian people, as long as justice is achieved, even if partially.” Now that the United Nations leader has been briefed as to the exact minimal demands, which likely more closely represent maximalist demands, Secretary Moon schedule has him heading to Kuwait City, Cairo, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman to facilitate a ceasefire which includes the Palestinian demands. One must wonder if down the road Ban Ki-Moon will be headed to Ankara in order to have an in-depth conversation with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for what Ban Ki-Moon will likely classify as necessary, informative and insightful briefing which covered many of the here-to-for unmentioned Israeli criminal acts during this conflict. It does not take a crystal ball or an Ouija Board to assess or figure out where Recep Erdogan will fall in any contributions he could add, and pro-Israel is definitely not a possibility.


Also arriving replete with specific guidelines from his boss, United States President Barack Obama, is Secretary of State John Kerry. Secretary Kerry is heading initially for Cairo, Egypt but it has been mentioned that he is considering a trip to Doha, Qatar possibly crossing paths with Ban Ki-Moon whose itinerary is the opposite order. Despite their opposing travel plans, the two men agree on far more than they disagree. President Obama announced an outline of guidelines and other helpful insights in a press announcement stating, “All of us are working hard to return to the cease-fire that was reached in November of 2012. Secretary Kerry is working to support Egypt’s initiative to pursue that outcome. I told Prime Minister Netanyahu that John is prepared to travel to the region following additional consultations.” These comments came amidst three conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu where at least one was reported to have been interrupted by the Code Red Sirens sounding signaling incoming Hamas or Islamic Jihad rockets. Speaking officially for the Department of State, Jen Psaki stated that the United States and its international partners were “deeply concerned about the risk of further escalation, and the loss of more innocent life.” On his rounds through the Sunday talk circuit, Secretary John Kerry told ABC’s ‘This Week’ that, “It’s ugly. War is ugly, and bad things are going to happen.” He added while commenting on Hamas’s responsibilities in finding a resolution to the conflict they, “to recognize their own responsibility.” On CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ Kerry speaking again about Hamas claimed that they must “step up and show a level of reasonableness, and they need to accept the offer of a cease-fire.” Evening out his commentary he added, “We will certainly discuss all of the issues relevant to the underlying crisis.” Lastly, Secretary Kerry speaking on NBC’S ‘Meet the Press’ that Israel “has every right in the world to defend itself” from attacks from Hamas militants in Gaza and that the United States is working diligently to get an immediate cease-fire in place. He added that Israel must protect its citizens and no nation “would sit there while rockets are bombarding it.”


Elliott Abrams, former Middle East adviser to President George W. Bush, pointed out in an interview that, “It is remarkable to me that the U.S. would view Qatar as a reliable intermediary.” He further pointed out that Qatar maintains a “very warm relationship with Hamas but has no relation with Israel,” and added that Turkey has also become increasingly hostile toward Israel. It was further pointed out that Israel withdrew some of its diplomats from Turkey on Friday after a protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara turned violent. Erdogan, meanwhile, has accused Israel of committing “systematic genocide” against Palestinians and has protested that the rest of the world, including the U.S. and the U.N., isn’t doing more to stop it. Another expert who has been quoted by Newsweek, Robert Danin who is a former State Department official who dealing with Israeli Palestinian affairs, claimed, “Turkey and Qatar are on one side, and Egypt is on the other. Egypt is siding with Israel, and Turkey and Qatar with Hamas.” Mr. Danin concluded that the United States could provide the necessary neutral mediator who would play “traffic cop” leading to finding a path to a permanent cease-fire.


The one item which everybody appears to be too nervous to state in fear is what can be done to force Hamas to a compromise as they might then have to suggest what can be done to circumvent the impossible expectations and demands that Hamas has put forth and claimed they would prefer death before surrendering even a single of their demands. These demands, which many have referred to as outrageous, that Israel end their blockade and permit Gaza to reopen their port facilities and their international airport plus completely free and open borders with both Israel and Egypt with no restrictions on imports. Additionally, Hamas demands that every single Hamas terrorist who was recently arrested during the search for the three Israeli teens who were subsequently found murdered be released even if they had been found to have returned to terrorist activities which may have led to them new charges. And then there was also a financial demand from Hamas which demanded that Israel continue to provide Gaza with electricity free of any fees and forgive all unpaid back charges for electricity provided over the past decade which amounts to millions of NIS, Israeli Shekels. Another insisted demand is for Israel allow Gaza fisherman to venture out 12 nautical miles from the Gaza. Hamas also has serious problems with potential wording of any ceasefire insisting that the term ‘hostilities’ in the Egyptian initiative be replaced with what they refer to as the correct description for their actions which should refer to ‘what they are doing is self-defense and resisting the occupation, but what the occupation is doing is aggression’ thus legalizing Hamas’s rocket barrages which led to the conflict while criminalizing Israeli efforts to defend their civilians from said rocket barrages. Additionally, Hamas is demanding that Israel cease their policy of destroying terrorists’ houses, cease their targeted elimination of Hamas terrorists and leadership, cease all ‘collective punishment’ of Gazans, cease all military overflights of Gazan airspace, and finally, guarantee the supply of fuel and building materials into Gaza as needed to fully rebuilt and renovate the industrial zones along the border and for all future projects deemed necessary by Hamas.


The root of the problem is that as long as Hamas persists in their aims as stated in the Hamas Charter that they continue their war with the Jewish People in order to reclaim all of what they refer to as historic Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and making it Judenfrei and then to continue the struggle until they have accomplished their ultimate goal, first, a world that is Judenfrei and then the imposition of the Sharia worldwide with either all peoples converted to Islam, their particular version of Islam, and any others accepting of Dhimmitude complete with such provisions as the Jizya tax for non-Muslims and other abuses and disgraceful treatments, the concept of security for Israel is made impossible. For Israel to achieve their singular goal of a long-term secure peace free of terrorist attacks, rockets, mortars, suicide bombings, kidnapping of civilians or soldiers and the other various assaults which have made up much of the interactions between Hamas and Israel, the complete removal of Hamas and their related terrorist groups has to be their first step. Should there be a ceasefire established it will unfortunately not signal the end of animosity and aggression from Hamas nor bring an end to the Hamas desires to destroy Israel and removal of the Jewish presence on planet Earth no matter what agreement Hamas may sign. Nothing in an Israeli-Hamas agreement will be considered to be binding by Hamas as they will be using the Islamic concept of taqiyya which permits lying to a non-Muslim if the deception furthers the goals and concepts of Islam or any Islamic entity. That presents a challenge in that how does one negotiate and reach any binding agreement in perpetuity when one side believes that they may use deceit as a tool in their negotiating and that no treaty of agreement is necessarily applicable to them and that they are completely within their rights to break any agreement when it suits their immediate purposes. This is the reason that many in Israel and without who understand these concepts and the attitudes of Hamas believe that the only honestly viable solution which would bring peace is the complete and total eradication of Hamas and the other terrorist groups who are little different than Hamas.


This will never be permitted by the United Nations, United States, European Union, the Arab League, or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). These institutions and nations either support Hamas and their goals or pretend that Hamas will honor any agreement they hammer out though in reality they are aware that such thoughts are as untrue and utterly treacherous as are their efforts and desires to reach an agreement no matter the consequences. This was proven by the facts around the entirety of this conflict over the past five to six weeks when there was absolutely no concern or reactions from the rest of the world while Hamas was ramping up the numbers of rockets launched into Israel. During the same time period these same entities also were mostly ignoring or making empty commentary and complaints about the continuing civil war tearing Syria apart and the ISIS destruction and sweeping across Iraq which has even brought back the use of crucifixion as a form of punishment for certain crimes and even for some unapproved lifestyles or religious beliefs. Still, as soon as Israel sent their first fighters to attack rocket launching platforms to relieve Israeli civilians from the ever increasing barrages launched intending to destroy their homes and lives by Hamas from out of Gaza where they utilized Gazan civilians as shields protecting their rocket launchers much of the Western World and most of the Arab and Muslim worlds erupted to condemn the Israeli actions demanding their halt and a ceasefire be implemented. These demands for a ceasefire have only grown more and more shrill and gained volume leading to a virtual explosion of outrage when Israel escalated their offensive by initiating a ground assault. Now the world is joining forces behind the efforts of the United States and the United Nations in efforts to forge a ceasefire. Since Hamas is unlikely to backtrack off any of their demands as they believe they must prove victorious in order to preserve their position in Gaza and enhance their efforts to win any upcoming elections and take control over all of the Palestinian lands including Judea and Samaria from which their attacks against Israel will be greatly enhanced. This means that these efforts will mostly focus on forcing concessions from the Israelis while potentially adding incentives to bribe Hamas into making an agreed ceasefire. How can we be certain that this will be what is about to occur? We can tell as this has been the modus operandi of the United States, United Nations, European Union, most European governments, various NGOs, as well as other entities throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds and beyond. This is obvious if one simply peruses the news and takes note of where there are demonstrations against Israel and not against Hamas. What is even more distressing about many of these demonstrations, even beyond the violent riots which they are producing, has been the virulent anti-Semitism which has been given voice throughout the world reaching from France to Japan and from Turkey to the United States and Canada. The one place which has supported Israel unequivocally has been Canada under Prime Minister Harper, kudos Mr. Harper. I wonder if Canada would like to negotiate the ceasefire agreement, like anybody would allow a true and faithful supporter of Israel to chair anything concerning the Middle East. One might get the impression that much of the world fears the enemies of Israel to such an extent that they would gladly offer up Israel as a sacrifice in order to soothe the savage beasts.


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