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April 17, 2014

An Alternate Path to Palestinian Arab Israeli Peace

By now one would think that the world would have realized that the traditional method of forcing negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel were a dead-end making peace unattainable and another route would have been sought. Despite all the claims and blaming of Israel for the failure of these efforts, the truth indicates that it is largely due to Palestinian intransigence and refusals to compromise on even a single item that has doomed all previous efforts. The old tried and failed method of applying pressure on Israel to make ever more grand compromises and concessions only to have the Palestinians to wave all offers aside and claim that there are just a few more concessions they require from Israel before they can make peace will have the same result as have all past attempts of this method. The Palestinians rarely itemize and list their additional demands and they change them making for the appearance of change which is inevitably perceived to imply advancing towards a real and final agreement. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because the Palestinians choose some different main point to base their rejection upon at each turn does not mean that they have had previous demands satisfied nor does it mean they have moved any closer to reaching a point of agreement. All it is a measurement of is Palestinian refusal to negotiate in good faith and instead to be implementing the standard Arab response to making peace with Israel formed at the Khartoum Conference and known as the “three no’s” which are; no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel. The Palestinians have amended the third point to no successful negotiations with Israel which they view as in keeping with the spirit and underlying themes of the Khartoum Conference.


So, what might produce a way around this impasse? Since it should have become evident that there does not exist any combination of concessions or offers that the Israelis could ever propose that would be acceptable to the Palestinians, why not try to approach the whole peace process from the other side, request that the Palestinians provide terms that they would accept and would be willing to offer Israel and work from that end. Of course this approach would require something that had only been in evidence by its absence up to now, honesty and a rational means of judging and endorsing any offers, expectations and efforts concerning all parties involved. It is not helpful in reaching a peace agreement to always blame Israel for every impasse or collapse of the talks and if any blame is aimed at the Palestinians side, always equivocating and adding reasons that Israeli actions were most likely the real cause simply allows the Palestinian intransigence to become set in stone and unmovable. The honesty would be applied upon receiving the conditions and concessions proposed by the Palestinians of the Israelis, and then having the mediating nation’s representatives review and consider whether or not such terms would be even remotely acceptable if demanded of their country in similar negotiations. This could easily be accomplished by simply asking themselves one question and, the difficult part by all appearances, answer if they would even deem to consider, let alone actually accept, the proposed offer if an adversary were to offer them in a theoretical peace negotiation with their country.


Follows is a partial list of some of the poison pills which the Palestinians might include in their peace proposals, assuming they would even deign to offer anything and not simply demand that Israel be tasked with making the offers as it is far easier to just say no than it is to draw up an agreement at the risk that the other side might accept them and then be stuck with a resolution by their own hand. The most obvious is one they use repeatedly to end negotiations in the past is the “right of return” for over five-million Arab refugees and their descendants some of which three generations removed from the original refugee. One might recognize the term right of return as the exact phrase and system by which Israel by which Jews to return to their native lands of Israel in what is referred to as making Aliyah. This is one of many terms and historical facts about the Jewish heritage and claims to these lands which the Palestinians have woven their own version out of whole cloth and which much of the world accepts blindly knowing full well they are fabrications and a totally false narrative. Another demand which would be difficult to accept would be the redividing of Jerusalem and retuning all of the Old City including all of the Jewish Holy Sites to Palestinian control which would mean that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall would once again be denied visitation for Jews just as was the case when these areas were under Jordanian control. The Jordanians also guaranteed universal religious rights to visit the Holy Sites for Jews and Christians causing the long years of thirst and hunger for visitation rights where people of both faiths suffered with only a few sparse and individual moments where visitation by non-Muslims was ever permitted by Jordan. The Palestinian promises would be equally empty of any true intent to allow non-Muslims rights to visit their holy areas within the lands they control. The surrender of half of Jerusalem with the high probability of losing the capability for visitation to the Temple Mount and other Holy Sites having actually been offered by the Israelis under the deal proffered by Prime Minister Olmert should be a solid indication that Israel is willing to make very serious and even damaging concessions in order to attain a lasting and real peace.


The same was evidenced by the releasing of over seventy-five terrorist murderers and terror planning masters as demanded by the Palestinians during these past negotiations and the sole reason Israel withheld the final release was due to additional demands made by the Palestinians concurrent with threats to blow-up the talks as soon as the final group was released. Almost all of the terrorists released by Israel were serving life sentences or multiple life sentences for their horrific and horrendous acts of murderous terrorism against innocent civilians including women, children, seniors and even in some cases infants. Another demand recently added by the Palestinians about a year ago, which has not received general circulation or even notice, was the rights to hold military exercises with any nation or nations and the hosting of such exercises without any limit on the forces participating as well as unlimited rights to raise and arm a military force to any potential deemed necessary. This demand was expressed as a reaction to the Israeli request that any Palestinian state be demilitarized with their security from any outside attack provided by the Israelis upon any request from the Palestinians. The Palestinians claimed that the sole reason they would require a military and such protection would be from belligerence coming from Israel. Another item which Israel has demanded and been informed by the Palestinians and is completely out of the question is that any agreement be the final and complete end of any disagreements and be considered to end all demands from wither party on the other. The Palestinians demand that they be permitted further grievances and the continued right to continue their resistance to the occupation of the remainder of Palestine. They claim it is their right to continue terror attacks for as long as the state of Israel exists and that they will only end their resistance when all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea has been liberated and cleansed of its Jews. This is not a complete list of the grievances perceived and claimed by the Palestinians but should get the point across that the main argument and complaint the Palestinian demand must be addressed is the fact that Israel exists. Placing the onerous responsibility of producing a final and lasting peace agreement on the Palestinians would reveal their complete intransigence, belief in blood libels, and their litany of unappeasable demands which can only be satisfied with the complete eradication of the Jewish State and the casting of Israeli Jews to the corners of the world back into the Diaspora, just as was inflicted by the Romans almost two-thousand years ago and with the identical intent as today’s Palestinians, the annihilation of Judaism as a faith, peoples, and nation from the face of the earth. When this tack also fails and proves absolutely that the Palestinians do not desire peace but the destruction of Israel, then the world must be prepared to accept the One State Solution with the leadership of the Palestinians made to return to their exile as they returned under false pretenses and thus should not be permitted to remain to continue to sew unrest and hatreds.


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April 14, 2014

Try, Try, Try Again

What you have with the current attempts by the Obama administration to resurrect the moribund peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is a very sick combination of two adages. What they are is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again,” combined with, “Insanity is trying the same things over and over again expecting different results.” The best example of these truisms is the recent talks arranged by the United States pressuring Israel to facilitate the conditions required by meeting the bribery demands of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. This precedent of Israelis giving concessions before every new mutation of the peace process has been part and parcel of these negotiations since the onset and drawing up of the Oslo Accords where Israeli bending to Yasser Arafat’s demands was required. There has been absolutely no alteration to this under Abbas who was more than Arafat’s protégé but one of his cofounders of the PLO terrorist group. The main difference between the two Palestinian leaders is in their manner of dress as Arafat had his trademark fatigues with a sidearm strapped to his waist while Abbas prefers the suit of a businessman. Both manners of dress are but costumes worn for the desired effect of presenting the West with an image which makes their alignment with the Palestinians more readily able. Yasser Arafat desired the image of the fighting leader of a revolutionary group in the mold of Che Guevara while Mahmoud Abbas fits his costume to represent the Westernized businessman who is reasonable and ready to make deals and offer an honest debate. The reality is both men see themselves as the leaders of the greatest Jihad of our times dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the Jewish State, and the genocidal slaughter of the Israeli population. Both men have given voice to this goal repeatedly when speaking to their allies in Arabic and spoken of peace when speaking English to the Western press and political entities. This separation of their reputed goal of peace with Israel and their honest aims of annihilation of Israel and her Jewish and other non-Muslim population only works due to the complicity of the Western leadership and media who pretend not to be capable of translating anything said in Arabic and only accepting their preferred truths which are spoon fed them in English.


The results of the Palestinian tactics are often difficult to realize as they consist of a creeping progress towards the complete destruction of Israel replacing it with a Muslim state. When the Oslo Accords were first enacted in September 1993, the Palestinians had complete control both civilian and security over Area A of Judea and Samaria (West Bank), Israel had civilian and security control over Area C and there was shared control over the security of Area B. Today the Palestinians are demanding control over Areas C replacing Israel after solidifying their complete autonomy over Areas A and B. Israel has enacted building freezes, removal of checkpoints as well as roadblocks, released hundreds of terrorists from their prisons even to include many who were serving multiple life sentences for multiple murders of Israelis and have agreed to base talks resulting in surrendering over 90% of the disputed lands of Judea and Samaria with agreed land swaps to cover any remainder. Israel has made concession after concession to the point where the debate is no longer how to divide the disputed lands of Judea and Samaria but whether Israel will retain control over Jerusalem, an area annexed legally by Israel soon after being liberated during the defensive conflict known as the Six Day War. Keeping these numerous concessions given up unilaterally by the Israelis, the challenge is to name a single unilateral concession ever made by the Palestinians to demonstrate their sincerity towards the peace negotiations. Agreeing to meet and discuss a peace agreement is not a concession but that is exactly what Israel has bought with their seemingly endless parade of concessions made to the Palestinians simply for the displeasure of talking for an arranged period of time only to have the Palestinians back away from any and every agreement they had made during negotiations and then demand everything Israel had offered in return and more to even consider returning to the negotiations. This is not true negotiation, that is manipulation to achieve eradication by a thousand cuts.


The current breakdown of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians came about well before the delay by Israel in releasing the final twenty-six terror prisoners of the over one-hundred agreed upon as the price to have the Palestinians sit and negotiate resulting in their refusal to compromise on even the slightest of terms. That was the precedent set for these talks, Israel releasing over one-hundred terrorist prisoners in four batches in return for having the displeasure of Palestinian representatives pretend to hold peace negotiations. Almost everybody who has any knowledge of the history of the Oslo Accords two state solution negotiations could and likely did predict that the talks would collapse failing within weeks of the end date without any meaningful progress being shown. In reality, the main theme of the entire negotiations appeared to revolve around the Palestinians demanding that Israel also enforce a comprehensive building freeze over Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem despite such not being the chosen demand by the Palestinians to hold negotiations. To the Palestinians it did not matter that they had chosen terrorist prisoner releases over a building freeze, they demanded both. With just a month or month and a half left in the negotiations the Palestinians started announcing their intent to blow-up the negotiations immediately after receiving the final batch of terrorist prisoners. This along with their continued refusal to recognize Israel as the home for the Jewish people, their not considering any agreement as an end to hostilities and a settlement of all demands, and their demand that certain particular terrorist prisoners be included in the final release, a new demand not presented, discussed or debated yet insisted by the Palestinians in order to continue negotiations even to the end of April as agreed, this caused Israel to delay the final release in order to discuss these new demands and work for a mutually beneficial agreement. This was when the Palestinians launched a media frenzy blaming Israel for every failure of peace talks and other disasters that have befallen the Palestinians while breaking every agreement including the Oslo Accords by once again turning to the international community seeking recognition of statehood.


Now we once again find ourselves inbetween periods of negotiations and the entirety of the discussions being held are focused on what concessions will Israel be required to provide in order to enable the Palestinians to agree to continue negotiations? The demands change almost hourly but the central demands are the release of additionally anywhere from four-hundred to four-thousand additional terrorist prisoners which must include some of the more radical and worst of the terror masters such as Marwan Barghouti, a complete Israeli building freeze in all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, and the immediate pull back by Israel to the pre 1967 Six Day War lines established in 1949 as Armistice Lines ending the state of war between Israel and the six Arab nations which had attacked her a year earlier at her founding and among other demands is the on-again/off-again demand that Israel agree to accept the right of return for Palestinian refugees into Israel changing the demographics of Israel from a Jewish majority to an Arab and Muslim majority. Simply expressed, the Palestinians are demanding that the Israelis surrender on every last final issue and agree to permit the dissolution of Israel as it is known today and make ready the addition of two additional Arab Muslim states, Palestine and Arab Muslim dominated Israel. That dream would be one election of one jihadist pogrom away. Still, should there not be resultant talks in the near term it will not be blamed on the Palestinians ridiculous and outlandish demands but on the Israeli refusal to commit suicide. After these demands make the resumption of talks impossible we can expect to hear not only from the Palestinians about how the Israelis are unwilling to sacrifice for peace but from United States Secretary of State Kerry and numerous other Western spokespeople how Israel squandered yet another possibility for peace. The Palestinians are almost never held accountable as it is far more rewarding to blame Israel and to have demonstrations and reporters covering these stories staying in five-star hotels than it would be to cover say the inhuman conflict going on in Syria or the suicide bombings that are part of a civil war in Iraq staying in hotels that are in an actual war zone. Which would you rather cover; an active war zone from within the fighting or the Israelis inability to sacrifice completely enough to mollify the Palestinians by surrendering all of Israel to them while sitting on the beaches of Tel Aviv. The choice is obvious by the number of first-hand press and editorial reports and articles covering every bit of minutia in Israel and the sketchy reports all of which echo the newswire stories on Iraq and Syria. Yes, the choice is obvious. More soon from the beaches of Nahariya, Israel.


Beyond the Cusp


April 11, 2014

Netanyahu Back in Familiar Position with Coalition in the Crosshairs

As the great sage of baseball said, “It’s deja-vu all over again.” Last time that Bibi Netanyahu was Prime Minister and had a believed-to-be strong coalition, the Clinton administration forced concessions and heaped blame on the Prime Minister leaking damning reports to the press in both the United States and Israel until the coalition broke and new elections were forced. Then the Clinton political machinery sent many of its top election specialists including his pollster, Stanley Greenberg, his campaign guru, James Carville, and his image-maker, Robert Shrum. This was preceded by Secretary of State Albright blaming him for the lost chance for peace with the Palestinians. Just as was noted here, we are witnessing a repeat of that strategy and the aim was to force Prime Minister Netanyahu into a position of making excessive and unreasonable concessions to the Palestinians in the hope that they would be sufficient to force a signing of some form of treaty. The importance of this to the Democrats coming into the mid-term elections, where the polls show them losing and losing big, is immeasurable. An Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty signed on the White House lawn would be just the foreign policy victory the Obama administration could use to ride the Democrats through the November elections with even a glimmer of hope on retaining their numbers. They likely see forcing Israeli complete and total capitulation as their sole route to salvation. This is what was behind Secretary of State Kerry’s blaming of Israel for the failure and breakdown of the peace talks before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where he stated, “Israel didn’t release the Palestinian prisoners on the day they were supposed to be freed, and another day passed, and another day, and then another 700 settlement units were announced in Jerusalem, and ‘poof’…that was sort of the moment.”


When Prime Minister Netanyahu informed Secretary Kerry that to go forward with the newly demanded release of terror prisoners demanded by the Palestinians and backed by Indyk would likely bring down the governing coalition, that was the moment that Kerry and the Obama administration knew they were close to getting the new Israeli elections they need to elect an Israeli government more to their liking. This was likely part of the move to place a new face at the head of the Labor Party to play the role of American gadfly making charged statements against Netanyahu and giving press releases which could be used to undermine support for Netanyahu on the way to Israeli elections. Once the wedge has succeeded in breaking apart the current governing coalition in Israel we can expect to see the two more liberal and secular parties being wooed by Labor with some behind the scenes pressures from the United States with Labor Party Head Isaac Herzog in the role filled by Ehud Barak in 1999.


This is the impetus surrounding the latest mix of pressures and offers to continue the peace talks and the offer to release Jonathan Pollard to Israel in exchange for Israel releasing possibly four-hundred additional terrorist prisoners and freezing all construction in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Abbas is attempting to force even greater concessions demanding that any extension of talks would require an acceptance of Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state along with calling for the satisfying the rest of the previous conditions leveled by Palestinian Authority officials. Of course all of these demands cannot be met and the likelihood is that Secretary Kerry or Martin Indyk will give assurances to Abbas that the United States will work, and possibly even guarantee, that Israel will meet all their demands. This would not be any stretch as they reportedly have already said as much in a letter the Palestinians claim was provided stating such guarantees before they entered these last negotiations.


This game has been played ever since the onset of the Oslo Accords with the United States pressing Israel into further and further concessions and the Palestinians steadfast in their refusal to accept anything short of the destruction of the state of Israel. Using the endless pressures placed on the Israelis by their presumed friends, the Americans, the Palestinians have pushed the Israeli position back to where they will soon be left with but one unmet demand, the acceptance of the complete right of return. We can expect that the near future the United States peace team will pressure and threaten the Israelis to accept at least a partial influx of Palestinian refugees as a compromise on the right of return. Once Israel accepts even one single refugee returning, the battle will have been lost and the wall of resistance broken. After that the only item left to debate then is the exact number that Israel must accept to prove they are not hateful and refusing to negotiate in good faith. Trust that the target number of the Palestinian leadership, and thus the United States position though such will never be admitted, will be somewhere close to five-million returning refugees. Do not get this wrong, the entirety of the Oslo process has been the complete destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and the forcing of the Israeli Jews back into the statelessness of living in the Diaspora once again. This was the original intent of the British when they first chopped off seventy-eight-percent of the Mandate lands to form the Arab state of Transjordan (Jordan) and then allying with the United Nations in 1947 to attempt to cut the remaining land between the Jews and Arabs despite and contrary to their promises in the Churchill White Papers which guaranteed the British would never further allow for the division of the lands west of the Jordan River. The saving grace for the Israelis has been the Palestinian leadership’s refusal to accept anything short of the complete destruction of the Jewish State as a direct result of any negotiations, something that would be impossible to force any Israeli government to accept.


Thus any presumed gains reaped through negotiations could potentially be lost should Israel ever decide to annul the Oslo Accords over the refusal of the Arab Palestinian’s refusal to fulfill their obligations. This has become an even more probable option as the Palestinians making unilateral moves to gain international recognition and to declare their state independent of negotiations with the Israelis is in direct negation of the terms of the Oslo Accords. With the Palestinian refusal to accept anything short of a complete capitulation and thus the defeat through negotiations of the Jewish State of Israel, the only result is the inevitable ending of the charade of the Oslo Accords and Israeli annexation of at the very least the major Jewish settlements including East Jerusalem. This would entail granting, or at least making the offer, to as many as fifty-thousand Arab Palestinians Israeli citizenships or, minimally, resident visas permitting them to remain in their homes and farms within Israel. Such a resolution would likely be denounced and rejected by much of the rest of the world, much as the annexation of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights has been left unrecognized. This should be of little consequence as actions of much of the world tends to display that the existence of Israel has yet to be fully accepted by much of the world, so why would anything else be any different. The only difficulty is that despite the lack of acceptance by much of the world, the Jews and Israel is and will remain to exist and will persevere against any odds. In the meantime, it remains to be seen whether or not the pressures applied and news stories leaked will once again prove sufficient to destroy a governing coalition in Israel and whether a leftist and more pliable coalition can be forthcoming with the able assistance of the current American administration should elections become necessary. This is what was accomplished in 1999 which still did not produce the complete and total surrender by the Israelis then and will not do so now.


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