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October 24, 2014

The Week of Islamist Extremist Violence


Canada earned the top spot for unexpected terrorist attacks with two attacks. First was Monday just outside the city of Montreal when a man, Martin Couture Rouleau, 25, of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, ran down two soldiers murdering one and seriously wounding the second. Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson David Falls was quoted Monday explaining the suspect “was known to Federal authorities” and “authorities were concerned that he had become radicalized.” Neighbors were quoted noting that Mr. Richelieu had made visible changes in his attire and spent more time alone. One noted that about a year ago Mr. Richelieu had converted to Islam. Another noted Mr. Richelieu had ceased wearing jeans and began dressing with a tunic and took a more conservative dress. A CBC report told about his Facebook page appearing to show someone who had become more radicalized over time, with many recent posts proclaiming admiration for jihad. Police had shot Richelieu after he attempted to flee after running down the two Canadian soldiers.


Then on Wednesday, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau initially shot the soldier walking guard duty at the Canada National War Memorial before walking into the neighboring Parliament building and opening fire before he was stopped by a hail of gunfire from security personnel. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was born Michael Joseph Hall changing his name as part of his conversion to Islam. Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke disclosing that these events were a, “grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the attacks that happened around the world.” The young soldier murdered at his guard post was Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Our condolences and heartfelt sorrow goes to the families of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the unnamed soldier in Montreal and the wounded soldier for a fast and complete recovery.


There was another terror attack which has not received the same international attentions as the attacks in Canada. Perhaps it was because it occurred in Jerusalem, Israel or that there were eight people injured by the maniac who drove his vehicle through a crowded light rail station and that the sole fatality was a three-month-old baby girl named Chaya Zissel Braun (below is the last picture taken in her all too short life at the Western Wall). The horrific irony is that Chaya means ‘life’ in Hebrew yet the little girl with the name Chaya had her entire life stolen by a brutal act of pure hate. The terrorist, twenty-one-year-old Abdelrahman Shaludi was a citizen of Jerusalem and was known to be anti-Jewish and harboring the desire to drive those he saw as interlopers from his lands. He was shot dead as he attempted to flee the scene on foot after crashing his car while driving down people as they fled from his vehicle as it struck the people at the up street end of the light rail stop. Most of those injured received aid at the scene or were transported to local hospitals where some remain who had suffered more serious wounds. Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Chaya Zissel Braun though nothing can alleviate your pains and nor can we understand your feelings of loss but hope the fact of our caring is some degree of comfort.



three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun all too short life at the Western Wall

The last picture taken of three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun all too short life at the Western Wall



The next day there was an assault launched on a kindergarten class with rocks by Palestinian youths. Also, as the world and particularly the United States gave sympathy and understanding for Canada’s loss and their tightening of security and put the nation on high alert, the United States State Department issued a statement for the attack in Jerusalem where they condemned the attack but tempered their disdain for the attack of innocents, their main message was concern that Israel might react to the attack and change anything which might cause difficulties for the reconvening of the two sides in negotiations. Perhaps if Israeli enforcement forces had been placed on high alert the rock assault on a kindergarten might have been intercepted or otherwise broken up before they caused a threat to more children, innocent children. Then there is the statement from Hamas on the assault which took the life of three month old where their spokesperson stated, “This is a natural response to the crimes of the occupation and invasion of our land by the Jews.” One has to note that he did not claim Settlers or Israelis or Zionists; his statement claimed this was the natural act against Jews which is the problem Israel must retain as the unity government has done nothing to modify this attitude in Hamas, it has only allowed it to spread to Abbas’s Palestinians.


The last point was the reactions from out of Washington DC and the American government. The State Department had no advice or condemnation for Canada heightening their threat level security levels but they demanded that Israel accept the injury to their citizens and the death, the needless death of a three month old innocent yet Israel was instructed to stand down and not to take any steps which might be seen as threatening. The State Department statement was for all sides not to escalate the situation. What does that mean, that Israel must not become more wary and the Palestinians should continue running over Israelis with their cars? Perhaps it means for Israelis to continue to be targets for terrorists and the terrorists are to continue killing those Israelis? What does the United States State Department demanding that the sides not escalate, what exactly does that mean? Was not the death of a three month old infant enough provocation for at a minimum placing police and other enforcement personnel on an alert status, not according to the United States? And what is the message to the Palestinians and other terrorists? Are they to take that they are not to escalate from driving vehicles into crowds or are they permitted any attack of crowds as long as they do not surpass the limit of only murdering three month olds? Also, if this murder of such an innocent should not cause any reaction from Israel, what are we to wait for before we are permitted to be disturbed? How many children must die before we are permitted to react? What is the number? Was it not enough after Yonathan Palmer and his father or the Fogel Family? How many before we can react? Do we need wait until when the attack on a school bus like the latest tactic tried by the Palestinian stone throwers where they not only pelted the school bus with rocks but also attempted to throw bags of black paint onto the windshield in order to obscure the driver’s sight and cause him to crash after which they could casually murder every child on the bus. This has been the Palestinians’ reaction whenever they managed to crash any vehicles by throwing rocks when they then proceeded to murder the people trapped or unconscious in those vehicles. Now they are attacking school buses with rocks and additionally paint to obscure the road forcing the driver to either crash or stop the bus, either one gains them access to the innocents inside which will be the next mass murder event when the American State Department will demand we remain calm and not do anything which might disturb the peace process. What about our dead children, how do they serve your precious peace process? Tell me that before I decide that your demand to stand down is simply anti-Semitism in another new and inventive form. Tell me that if you dare.


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October 23, 2014

Israel Should Simply Apply the San Remo Conference Agreement

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Contrary to the stories which many believe about the birth of the Jewish nation of Israel, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust and was set into International Law back in the Villa Devachan in Sanremo, Italy, from 19 to 26 April 1920. The document which was resolved at this conference was the San Remo Conference which was formulated by representatives from the four principle victorious allies from World War I; Britain, France, Italy and Japan. The nations were represented by Britain by Prime Minister David Lloyd George and Lord Curzon (Lord Balfour also was present as his authored Balfour Declaration played a part in the discussions and final decisions of the conference), France by Prime Minister Alexandre Millerand, Italy by Prime Minister Francesco Nitti and by Japan by Ambassador K. Matsui. This agreement set up the Mandate system for the aftermath of the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. Additionally, the United States attended as a neutral observer as they had joined the fighting well into the years of fighting in World War I. The final agreements of the San Remo Conference were given the weight of an allocation of Class “A” League of Nations mandates for administration of the respective lands from the defunct Ottoman Empire. These agreements led to the formation of the nations of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. The French were tasked with managing the northern Mandate lands and setting the borders for the states to be included within while the British were tasked with the same responsibility for the southern Mandate lands.


The French made a distinction when setting their Mandate lands dividing the lands between a Christian state named Lebanon and an Arab state named Syria. The British formed an Arab state named Transjordan, which later became simply Jordan, and a Jewish state named Israel. When the British divided off the lands east of the Jordan River to form Transjordan they requested the approval of the Zionist leaders who had yet to receive their own state which the British were presumed to establish. The promise guaranteed by the British for not establishing the Jewish state at that time was that all of the lands which remained west of the Jordan River would remain inviolate into perpetuity reserved solely for the establishment of the Jewish state which would become known as Israel. This guarantee is known by the European nations and the entirety of the members of the United Nations can reference these validations as the United Nations included these agreements when they revalidated all of the treaties including the Mandate System along with numerous other League of Nations agreements and treaties as part of Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This too is public record and can be verified by any person desiring to chase down the truth. But the European Union and numerous member nations are all aware of these agreements yet they continue to fund NGOs in Israel to attempt to represent the European desire to destroy Israel while forcing the founding a Palestinian nation replacing the Jewish state and to counter the majority views of Israeli citizens. The Europeans are currently financing directly the building without filing for permits for houses and structures within areas which are not under Palestinian control and are by treaty, including the Oslo Accords, are under Israeli control in order to change the facts on the ground and be able to gain additional lands for the Palestinians to claim they have the overriding interest and investment. They are intentionally working against the Jewish state of Israel despite being members of the United Nations and are working to destroy another member state of the United Nations which is a violation of their obligation as members of the United Nations. These nations leaders and other political operators and their NGOs which they finance and operate in Israel; actual European national governments finance directly and give directions, orders and write their charters and operating priorities of these NGOs in Israel; and finance supporting operations within the Palestinian Authority and Hamas run Gaza including textbooks in which maps of the Middle East show the Palestinian state in place of Israel and youth camps which operate as miniature military training centers and also indoctrinate the children to believe that their actual place of birth was within Israel, within the Green Line which demarks pre 1967 Israel free of any presumed occupied lands which are nonexistent according to the San Remo Conference and various other operations which are concerned and aiming to replace the Jewish state of Israel with an Arab state free of Jews called Palestine.


The world is playing make-believe ignoring their promise to the Jewish People originating with the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917 and reconfirmed with the San Remo Conference and further confirmed with the United Nations Charter Article 80 which every member signed and agreed to enforce upon joining the United Nations. Apparently there is one truth which still in this modern age has refused to die despite the claims of civility and having joined the world of civilized nations by joining the United Nations, the greatest and final hope for honesty and trust between nations setting all interactions under the light of enlightened thought and interaction, that any promise made to the leaders of the Jews dies as soon as it becomes uncomfortable or inconvenient. The latest escalation and shrillness of insanity of universal charges against Israel during the Gaza conflict which was started by Hamas abduction and murder of three Israeli teens and then the escalating firing of rockets into Israel but somehow is now being referred to as a conflict which proved Israeli aggressions and use of unnecessary force and the claims that the Palestinian Unity government is deserving of trust and their own nation at last has all taken by governments and people who are aware and understand that their efforts directly contravene legally decided and established international law. Yet the charge that is always heard is that Israel is always contravening international law when Israel lays claim to Jerusalem or decides to build new homes for Jews, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindus or anybody living in Israel can purchase or rent. What part of all lands west of the Jordan River did you forget about that allows you this perfidy. It is all about the problem the modern world has with the existence of a Jewish state as the world has grown comfortable with homeless Jews, the wandering Jew constantly running from one persecution into the next. But a Jewish nation, they will then lie and claim that no such thing has ever existed in all of time. Never mind the Bible and the archeological evidence that there was a Jewish nation before written history had officially begun and that land was the home of the Jews for almost fifteen hundred years. That area is from the Jordan River to same of the Mediterranean Sea and granted did not include Gaza which Israel has completely withdrawn all Jewish and Israeli influence including almost ten thousand civilians living there and all of the IDF bases and troops. The original lands even included two tribes whose lands were completely east of the Jordan River as well as part of a third tribe, look up ancient Israel and the tribal lands. Still, the Israelis are not even seeking those lands and would be content with simply the world living up to their promises and guarantees which they enacted into International Law. Is that really too much, apparently anything remaining in our hands is too much for far too many. Where are those who prize honesty and the fulfillment of promises made in good faith by the nations and the community of nations both as part of the League of Nations and then guaranteed once again by the United Nations? Let those who value honor and truth check what I have put forth here and once validated then please stand for truth and the words and promises given and ratified by the body of nations repeatedly since World War I and the reconfigurations which came from that great struggle. Nothing was enacted on lands outside of the nations who were aggressors from one side or the other in these agreements, accords, conferences, charters and other documents and treaties, all was enacted over the lands owned by the defeated nations and borders were drawn in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The other big lie is that the Europeans redrew the Middle East and North Africa alone but that is far from true as they also redrew the lands of central and Eastern Europe. Check the truth and look at the maps before World War I and after the World War I and before there is the Austro-Hungarian Empire and after it has been drawn into individual states and other states gained or lost lands as borders were redrawn through much of Europe. All that aside, the time has come to give Israel the lands they were promised and end this drive to eradicate the Jewish state; or are the promises of nations worth so little?


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October 22, 2014

Has Prime Minister Netanyahu Finally Recognized Jerusalem is Exploding?

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Just the end of last week when Prime Minister Netanyahu approached about the violence on the Temple Mount chimed in with the same old canard of keeping the status quo. Perhaps pictures of rioting youths, many wearing the emblematic green headgear signifying their allegiance to Hamas (pictured Below) on the Temple Mount threatening the police and preventing any Jewish Israelis access to the holy grounds during the last weekend of this holiday season will display the threat. These riots, called the ‘Silent Intifada’ due to silence of Israeli authorities, have been roiling and disrupting Jewish and any other than Muslim visitations to the Temple Mount for the past months in a steadily increasing measure of numbers and violence. These rioters arrive early every morning potentially before dawn stocking their supplies of firebombs, rocks, bricks, fireworks and other pyrotechnics, flammables and projectile objects storing them within the al-Aqsa Mosque and other Mosques around the Temple Mount. These assaults have been mostly ignored by the media and allowing for the political leadership to thus far pretend that the problem did not exist. Their mantra used to attempt to brush the problems aside was the call of “Maintain the status quo.” What exactly finally caught sufficient attention forcing the change from passivity to urgency for action is unimportant, the fact something changed is sufficient if this new level of concern and calls for actions are actually followed by changes. So, what are the required changes to bring about a small amount of sanity and equality of access and utilization of the spaces and facilities on the Temple Mount for Muslims, Jews, Christians and others?



Rioting Temple Mount Wearing Hamas Green Headgear

Rioting Temple Mount Wearing Hamas Green Headgear



The first problem which must be addressed is that of those instigating these disturbances. This must begin with putting an end to the provocations from Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Hamas leadership are financially rewarding the leadership instigating the rioting on the Temple Mount while Mahmoud Abbas has been backing with encouragements of his own providing verbal support claiming that the continued rioting and denial of Jewish access to the Temple Mount is serving the establishments of the Palestinians State and in the service of Allah. These instigations must be placed in reference to the discourse in the Western world where every statement and house planned to be built by Israel is condemned out of hand and often with absolute demands for immediate remedial actions. The world must be made aware and to witness these words and instigations. If that requires buying advertising time on major networks to show the world the truth, then that is what must be pursued. We need the political and other leadership to air these dirty accusations and instigations from Hamas, Abbas , Iran, and throughout most of the world, including the European instigators who come and force confrontations and then release slanted videos demanding that honorable officers who after being provoked, fingers broken by the instigators and his men ridiculed and belittled finally answered with one measured blow gets drummed from service in shame because our leadership shamed all of us by not standing by this commander and simply telling the world that if you come into our country and provoke out military men and women then you too may feel their wrath and let that be a shot across their bow and a warning well sent. Show the world daily the news feeds which depict these animals running in riotous rampages on the holy places of our faith, the Christian faiths and even presumably their own Islamic faith. Let the world see both sides, ours which is of marked restraint and those who viscously act like wild animals seething with bile and anger completely devoid of a shred of humanism.

Let the world witness the truth and they will eventually compare and choose more wisely or reveal their true hatred for our society and our accomplishments in the recent modern history in our ancestral lands. Let us call the world to judge which they want to share their world with, animalistic hatreds or technological advancement, seething hatreds or enforcement of law and order, denial of the holiness of the heart and central jewel of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount or those whose love and reverence for this holy place will only honor and share it with all free of anger, spite or hatreds, just filled with compassion and love. And we must show the world the effort we are to make to cleanse this holy ground so that all may again share our mutually holy place, the Temple Mount, and our effort to make it readily available and accessible for prayer and reverence towards G0d. After the riotous infection has been cleared from the Temple Mount then the Jordanians and their Waqf must be made to understand that if they wish to manage the Temple Mount they must manage it making it suitable and available to all or be replaced by those who will accept making the Temple Mount a place for universal love and worship, revered and kept holy and free of hatreds and violence. But first and foremost, make our holy place where the two Temples once stood sacred again and worthy and accessible for all who wish to honor and revere this place which is the central location for ourselves and others who also hold it sacred. Either all who revere the Temple Mount must be permitted unfettered access under the Waqf or it must be taken from them and governed to permit all equal treatment and respect, nothing less should be acceptable, nothing less.

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