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August 29, 2014

That So-Called Peace Between Hamas and Israel

The first thing one has to realize is that to Hamas this agreement is not an actual peace agreement as any in the West would consider, it is actually what in Islam is known as a hudna. The reality is that Hamas as an Islamic jihadist military unit, any other reference or description of Hamas is a pure falsehood, and they cannot enter into any form of actual peace agreement with an infidel, let alone the nation of the Jews. What they are permitted is to enter a hudna which is based upon the deal the prophet Mohammad struck with the Quraysh tribe that controlled Mecca in the seventh century where the peace was to last ten years but after two years Muhammad felt his forces were now sufficiently stronger than their enemies so he used a minor infraction as the excuse to negate the hudna attacking and destroying his enemies. This is the peace that Hamas has offered, a hudna just as they have twice before where after two years Hamas returned to warfare as soon as they had regained sufficient munitions to cause Israel potentially great amounts of damage and spread terror through continuous rocket attacks and surprise attacks using their tunnel systems which Israel eventually presumably destroyed as they located them. An agreed hudna with Hamas or Islamic Jihad or other Islamic forces only guarantees that they will return to violent assaults as soon as they reach a position where they feel confident that the situations are favorable for them to gain some form of victory. Such a victory does not necessarily mean an outright victory but in the case of Hamas such an advantage might be as simple as gaining greater access to the outside world or solely to their main supporters, Qatar and Iran. If any Western nation or groups of nations enter a hudna they would soon face a situation which may have been best described by Patrick Henry’s adaptation of the Bible verse from Jeremiah 6:14 while addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses during their debating whether or not to join the revolution against England and King George III where Mr. Henry orated, “Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace; but there is no peace.” Unfortunately I believe that this will describe the situation after this supposed open-ended ceasefire, probably an even better description for a hudna than most dictionary definitions as an open-ended ceasefire only continues as long as neither side takes it upon themselves to close the agreement ending the ceasefire and reestablish open warfare in a single moment without any necessity of informing the other side; they will likely figure it out fairly soon.

The problem many have with these repetitive conflicts initiated by Hamas concerns what results is Hamas actually aiming to reach? They obviously are not going to defeat Israel as the IDF has far greater capabilities and if the tome of battle were to turn against Israel, the IDF commanders only need be given orders to increase efforts and remove some of the restrictions on their troops when they consider opening fire on threats and targets they encounter. There have been estimates that IDF attacks, particularly IAF airstrikes, are called off or avoided simply because of innocents entering the field of fire or because legitimate Hamas targets were set up adjacent to protected target areas where civilians faced extensive casualties including fatalities had a full-on assault, bombardment, bombing or other means of combat been employed. Israel released a number of videos which depicted examples of IAF bombings being cancelled when the pilot informed his base that there were civilians, especially children, were entering the area and would be within the potential blast radius, especially if there were secondary explosions due to armaments being present within the targeted buildings or areas. The sole aim of Hamas is identical to that of the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas, to use the modern day versions of the ageless anti-Semitic blood libels and poison Israel before the rest of the world engaging international NGOs, human rights groups and the various United Nations bodies and agencies with special efforts to gain a binding Security Council Resolution either forcing Israel to surrender the lands the Arabs lost after their attacks on Israel in 1967 and eventually a decree rescinding the establishment of Israel and the numerous treaties and agreements ending World War I, from the League of Nations and finally from the United Nations. It has been the Pan-Arab strategy ever since they were unsuccessful in 1967 and again, despite having complete surprise, in 1973. This intent has been part and parcel of Mahmoud Abbas as Yasser Arafat’s second in command from the founding of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964, a full three years before the existence of the so-called occupied territories unless you agree with Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad that all of Israel is occupied Arab lands.

Right now, unfortunately, the immediate problem in Israel is that many of the leadership who have controlled the politics for the past decades have tired of the repeated open terror conflicts, abductions, bombings, stabbings, rockets, mortars, rock attacks and the various other acts of violence losing their intestinal fortitude making them accept every offered cease in the violence even should they repeatedly prove to be simply false offers made simply to permit the terrorist forces to resupply and reposition before resuming their attacks. This was made excessively evident during the recent conflict with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Israeli’s defensive efforts named Protective Edge. Prime Minister Netanyahu was so anxious each time Hamas proposed a ceasefire or even to suggested ceasefires by Egypt at a minimum even if he managed to resist the complete surrender conditional terms offered by some presumed allied powers. The Prime Minister appeared to be excessively sensitive to any criticism that his actions including firing a member of his own party from their position as an Assistant Minister in the Cabinet, shouting down demanding that the leader of another party cease his comments which were counter to the Prime Minister’s positions and accepting a ceasefire unilaterally only informing the members of his Security Cabinet after the decision had been made thus avoiding any difficulties a Cabinet vote may have caused. These actions by the Prime Minister came as for the first time in decades the vast majority of the Israeli people were in complete support for any military response the Prime Minister might have ordered including the retaking of Gaza and the complete defeat of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist groups in Gaza. The blowback of the Prime Minister acting with such timidity despite the supportive expectations from the Israelis drove his approval ratings down from their highest point of 82% at the beginning of the conflict down a full 44% to rest currently at 38% and likely to drop further; especially should Hamas break this ceasefire any time soon.

The problem is that as a parliamentary form of government the people do not directly elect the Prime Minister and instead can vote only for a particular party and whichever party gathers the most votes along with the necessary support of other parties in order to form a coalition which then chooses the Prime Minister, almost always the candidate chosen to lead the ministers of the party which was chosen to form the coalition. This means that as long as the old guard can manage to hold control over their party, something they often can continue to manage as these older leaders are the same people who tend to find ways of ordering the list for ministerships in any election where they can place their allies and supporters at the front end guaranteeing their continued control. This unfortunately means that any change is far more difficult and making any overt change in leadership or deviation in the positions the government represents. The proof of this can be seen by looking at the names in the names of those in the top positions and holding the most important ministerships over the last two decades where one will see some alterations but no across the board changes. Netanyahu, Livni and Lieberman have been in positions of importance of heading a party even if not in every coalition over much of that time and there are numerous other names with only a few changes such as Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett and only time will tell if either of these newcomers will be capable of retaining their positions in the future, though I have a feeling one of them has a bright future. There have been increasingly loud calls for a reformation in how the leadership of the government is determined with many making such noises calling for an actual Constitution which will spell out a means for the direct election of the Prime Minister independent of the Knesset parliamentary elections. This idea will eventually be realized and very possibly much sooner if governments and especially Prime Ministers refuse to heed the desires and demands of the people and especially should future Prime Ministers ignore the wills of the people and act unilaterally circumventing their own Security Cabinet out of fear of conflict. Such actions if they become commonplace will force demands for such changes with far more immediacy. For now it will be interesting to see what happens should Hamas break this ceasefire anytime in the next six to ten weeks.

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August 21, 2014

Media Surrenders in Information War

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There are articles, editorials and debates mostly under the title of “Israel Losing the Information War.” Their erudite discussions use numerous examples of Israeli politicians, ambassadors and spokespersons making statements and usually picking a particularly bland statements and claim that they are losing because their presentations do not resonate well. They claim that Israel has not made proper use of social media. They continue with a litany of nitpicking hypercritical arguments. What they refuse to cover is the real center of the problem, the media itself.


One needs to sit in a less comfortable chair and really listen to the coverage of the continuing conflict between the Arab world and Israel to detect the slant being utilized to present the Arab side as superior and preferential to that of the Israelis. The most pernicious effrontery is the choice of wording which effects the listeners’ opinion and acceptance of information being conveyed. When listing commentary concerning the Arab side, recently the Hamas side, the choice of wording is active while when talking about the Israeli side the wording is usually passive. The easiest example is when giving casualty reports. When listing Palestinian casualties they will invoke words such as murdered or killed yet while reporting Israeli casualties they will tend to simply report them as deaths or have died. Which is more emotionally charged, someone who was killed or someone who died? Another problem which has to do with casualty reporting has been the virtual exclusive utilization of the Hamas provided numbers despite historic proof that such numbers are unreliable and often exaggerated. In the current conflict the verified reports of fatalities in Gaza places the percentages of combatant casualties to civilian casualties has been closest to 1:1 yet the reports consistently claim that 90% of the casualties have been civilians. The former ratio was released by a Red Cross official who had been granted access to IDF reports and lists of names of those terrorists killed during Operation Protective Edge while the vast majority of news reports use the Hamas released numbers despite, as one commenter stated in a moment of brutal clarity when reporting, I wish I had recorded that news report as I have not been able to find any record of it, that the numbers being reported are probably exaggerated as news reporters have understood since the start of the conflict. Perhaps I should join Facebook.


The best and most well-known example of inflated and simply false beyond belief numbers and the perfidy of media coverage was the so-called Jenin Massacre. When during the Israeli retaking of control over a large swath of the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) there was a particularly fierce firefight between Fatah aligned terrorist fighters and the IDF. When the media covered the fighting then in the aftermath they insisted on using the reported numbers given by the Fatah spokespersons who claimed to have direct numbers from the actual area. The numbers kept increasing even after the fighting had concluded. Numbers which originally were just a few hundred soon cleared a thousand and soon climbed into multiple thousands with the final claims pushing over ten-thousand murdered Palestinians of which over 90% were presumably civilians. The IDF attempted to refute the numbers listing their and Fatah terrorists fatalities combined to be around one-hundred dead at the most with the IDF having lost twenty-three and fifty-two wounded and the various numbers of Palestinian deaths was between fifty-two and fifty-five with Human Rights Watch claiming a near even numbers of combatants and civilians while the IDF numbers showed only five confirmed civilian deaths and the remainder as active combatants. Fortunately for the Palestinians of Judea and Samaria Fatah had not used human shields in an intentional attempt to maximize civilian casualties while minimizing the loss of Fatah combatants and other military equipment and arms, something Hamas has made maximum use of in the current conflict which is the main reason for the higher than usual numbers of civilian casualties as compared to the majority of previous IDF wars.


Another reason behind slanted news has been the ease of completely accepting any press releases from Hamas and their spokespeople and the reliance on commentary from solely those sympathetic with the Palestinian side or hostile to the Israeli side. The newscasters when holding interviews with Israeli politicians or IDF spokespeople take on an adversarial and belligerent role challenging and belittling their every comment calling their veracity into question at every opportunity and then impugning their entire presentation in summary after closing the interview usually by sniping that that was a representative from the IDF or the Israeli parliament the Knesset as if such makes their information of dubious origins. There have been a fair number of such interviews where the interviewing reporter ended the exchange without thanking the Israeli representative for their time as if they resented having to hold the interview. On the other side these reporters universally thank the representatives who support Hamas such as CAIR, MSA and other Islamic supportive groups for their time and make comments after such interviews stating that we have just heard a refreshing take on the conflict going on between Hamas and Israel. Then there are the ways that information provided by both sides are reported and commented upon. The Hamas press releases and social media statements are read as straight facts without any conditional comments that might raise doubts to their validity while when quoting Israeli press releases they often make commentary calling into question the veracity of those statements often presenting them as such was the report according to IDF spokespersons. Such an accounting leaves any report as being probably a biased and lacking factual weight leaving the watcher in doubt as to if the facts presented are believable.


Add the media’s relentless presentation of the casualty numbers as if having more casualties makes one side the more honorable side more deserving of sympathy and somehow makes their grievances and positions more valid than the other side. Had such been the style of reporting during World War II then the Russian efforts would have carried the most weight followed by the Japanese and then the Germans with the French efforts being the most dubious followed by the United States and then Britain. Since when did suffering the higher numbers of casualties come to infer a more valid viewpoint and argument. Further, since when must one side take precautions not to cause more casualties on their enemies during a conflict than their enemy has caused amongst their side. Is not the entire effort of war to impart more casualties on the other side than your side suffers? Israelis are not being killed in similar numbers because Israel expends large amounts of resources and financial commitments to protect their people than Hamas has in Gaza. Take a little challenge here and remember as you make these calculations that Hamas has a multi-billion dollar construction of underground tunnels and command and control headquarters and storage areas which could also double as a bomb shelter with the capacity of holding close to the entire population of Gaza but only permits their Hamas combatants and leadership to take refuge underground while forcing their civilians to remain in areas where Israel has warned they intend to attack by dropping leaflets over the area. The challenge is to count by twenty-thousands where each announced interception of a Hamas rocket sent into Israel equals twenty-thousand dollars. This challenge discounts the hundreds of millions of dollars the development of the Iron Dome system cost and will only take into consideration the cost to produce the individual intercepting missile and also discounts the percentage, small as it may be, of missiles which did not intercept a rocket. That will give one a running total of the Israeli investment to protect their civilians as these Hamas rockets are not being aimed at the IDF, they are aimed at Israeli communities including her major cities. They are aimed at Jews, Christians, Muslims and those of other religions who all live with freedom to worship as they please in Israel. It is aimed at European, Arab, Asian and African Jews (there are Jews in Israel from every continent including the Ethiopian Jews rescued over the past decade, the Bnei Menashe Tribe from India, the 850,000 Jewish refugees from the Arab and Muslim worlds and their descendants which now make up half of the Israeli population, a large number of Russian Jews who were received at great effort and expense from the former Soviet Union, and currently there are increasing numbers coming from the Ukraine and France as well as numerous other places where Jews are feeling more and more threatened every day. Israel is a collection of Jews from over the entirety of the planet Earth and of every nationality imaginable. They live together with a large population of Christian and Muslim Arabs as well as other minorities including sizeable Kurdish and Baha’i communities all of whom share the bounties of Israel and have equal rights to vote, live, work, own land and businesses and are equal in every way. These are the peoples who make up the communities of Israel and are all facing the rockets from Hamas. Unbelievably, but true, at the very beginning of the current conflict both the wife of Mahmoud Abbas and the mother-in-law of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh were receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals. Both are well and recovering nicely. I am willing to bet those two little facts were pretty much ignored by the mainstream media, I wonder why? Perhaps they painted too sympathetic a picture of Israeli society and the realities that are actually true? Could not be, the media is always completely honest, right?


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August 20, 2014

Time to End the Palestinian Frauds Perpetrated on Israel

Hamas made a few complaints and claims to coincide with their launching of three rockets from the Gaza City neighborhood of Shejaiya towards Be’er Sheva in southern Israel breaking the ceasefire which was supposed to end tonight at midnight after being extended at the end of negotiations yesterday evening. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri accused Israel of stalling the negotiations and refusing to permit an agreement to be reached despite Hamas and the other Palestinian negotiators being ready to reach an agreement along the terms which are well known by Israel. Their implication is that Israel has presumably accepted these terms that Hamas and the Palestinians are ready to sign and thus reach an agreement. The problem is the terms that they refer to are the demands which Hamas has stood on from the beginning which includes Israel pulling away from controlling or even inspecting any imports into Gaza. These terms which Hamas claims are reasonable would have them granted completely open borders, an unsupervised port and international airport through which they would be permitted completely open and unregulated import. Needless to report, the Hamas claims against Israel have been reported on the news wires word for word and the majority of the news reports we have heard made no comments when reporting these claims. Meanwhile, they are reporting on the rockets which Hamas launched breaking the ceasefire as “Israel says that rockets have been fired from Gaza.” Somehow the news reports quoting the Hamas claim with certainty that Israel is “stalling” the peace negotiations but Israel “says” that rockets have been fired? One would think that rockets being launched into a nation by a neighboring governance, even if they are a recognized terrorist group, would be a far more objective statement than claims that the other side is solely responsible for the lack of progress in negotiations. This should not come as any surprise as throughout the coverage of the Hamas, Islamic Jihad conflict with Israel the Hamas and Palestinian side has been granted slanted coverage which reports their statements and claims as fact while using more passive and less certainty implying that Israeli statements must be independently verified while Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority are trusted sources who are not to be doubted or questioned in any way.


The negotiations which Israel is supposedly stalling over according to Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri are the exact terms which Hamas demanded they would not deviate from and that Israel must grant them every demand or face a war of attrition which Hamas is ready to continue without end until Israel accedes to their demands. The stalling is Israel refusing to surrender completely to Hamas demands to permit them and Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist in Gaza to import weaponry to their wildest of desires including the eleven-billion dollars of top of the line weaponry including Apache Helicopters, modern anti-tank missiles and other top of the line modern weaponry from their supporters in Qatar. Then there is always the possibility that Turkey, with their access to NATO weaponry, could also join in arming Hamas as Turkey and Israel have been on less than the best terms since the events surrounding the Mavi Marmara and the attempt to break the Israeli legal blockade of Gaza, a blockade that the United Nations evaluated and found to be legal. There has not been much coverage of the attempted coup against the Palestinian Authority by Hamas which was prevented by Israeli intelligence. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the Shin Bet broke open the coup plans which came through Jordan from Hamas leadership in Turkey. There were ninety-three Hamas operatives arrested of which forty-six were taken by the Shin Bet for further questioning. They also collected fifty-four guns, six handguns and seven RPGs along with 600,000 Shekels (about $170,000). The coup was assisted by additional conspirators in Jordan and couriers who funneled funds amounting to over two-million Shekels into Judea and Samaria to assist with the purchases and other expenses incurred to realize their intents. The efforts were under the command of Riad Nasser out of Deir Kadis, was recruited by Saleh Alaruri who is in charge of the Hamas infrastructure in Judea and Samaria and is stationed in Turkey currently.


The coup plot was first to commit numerous horrific terror attacks causing complete havoc and a serious security situation in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) attempting to overwhelm the Palestinian security forces possibly causing IDF stepping in in attempts to restore order at which point the Hamas operatives were to strike and decapitate the Palestinian Authority and replace them with Hamas leadership followed by their claiming to have taken control over the Palestinian areas and the rest of Judea and Samaria. This would have led to Israel facing a two front war with Hamas. The real shocker is that despite the coup being averted and Mahmoud Abbas made aware that Hamas had likely intended to murder him as part of the conspiracy broken up by Israel, Abbas is going ahead with a meeting with Hamas exiled leader Khaled Meshaal in Qatar. This also should serve as a wakeup call for the Israelis as this confirms the suspicions of many leading Israeli security personnel as well as some from the political arena and in the media. This was very similar to the coup in Gaza where numerous top level Fatah and Palestinian Authority leaders were arrested by Hamas and thrown from the roof of many of the taller buildings in Gaza City and Khan Yunis in Gaza back in 2007, two years after the Israelis pulled every Israeli civilian and all of the IDF and other Israeli security forces from Gaza in an unilateral disengagement. The Hamas coup and takeover of Gaza was predicted by a number of Israeli leaders who were dismissed by the leaders of the Sharon coalition and other leftist Israeli Knesset Ministers and political and NGO leadership as being alarmist right wing fanatics whose only desire was to spread panic and distrust. Unfortunately for many Palestinians who were murdered by Hamas as part of their purging of Gaza two years later after a blood soaked coup which pitted Mahmoud Abbas’s United States trained Fatah and Palestinian Authority security forces against Hamas terrorist fighters, Hamas relative easy and deadly victory left the Fatah and Palestinian Authority security forces appear to be weak and completely ineffective. Now Israel knows for sure that Hamas is not even remotely satisfied with ruling Gaza and has designs on taking control of the West Bank as well. The unity government is a ruse and a farce not worth the paper it was written upon.


So, with Israel now facing Hamas making demands and refusing to compromise and steadfastly insisting that Israel simply surrender, granting Hamas whatever they desire, and adding that Hamas has designs on replacing Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority completely and then arm themselves to the hilt if they can get the world to force Israel to meet their demands, Israel is also facing a hostile international media which simply restates any commentary Hamas issues and then demands Israel explain why they are refusing to negotiate in good faith casting Hamas as having made reasonable demands. From the start of this most recent conflict it has appeared that United States President Obama has been supporting the Hamas demands for open and free access to the world without any inspections or restrictions on the goods they decide to import. Such access would consist of whatever weapons systems and forces they desire, bought with the billions of dollars they plan on receiving intended to provide funding to rebuild the destroyed housing, infrastructure, Mosques and hospitals. Hamas knows that as long as they refuse to compromise that in time the rest of the world will simply get so tired of the violence and realizing that Hamas does not care how long the violence continues and will never mitigate their demands simply because they are terrorists recognized as such by the United States, the European Union and others; then those same nations who recognize Hamas are terrorists will decide that since Hamas will not change, then Israel must be forced to simply meet the Hamas demands. The European Union and United States would eventually place embargos on Israel denying them trade of any kind, especially any military provisions, and starve Israel economically until they are forced to surrender. The problem is the Israeli government actually does care about their civilians and Hamas has proven how little they regard those unfortunate enough to live under their rule as their only use is to be placed in harm’s way in an attempt to paint Israelis as monsters by showing the world pictures of dead Palestinians that Hamas placed in places guaranteeing to maximize the number of innocents who will become casualties. For example, President Obama has already held up a resupply shipment of Hellfire Missiles to Israel and placed all other resupply military shipments under the auspices of the State Department and likely personally supervised by Secretary of State Kerry and why not Valerie Jarrett (Miss R2P, Right to Protect, which was used to provide the Libyan rebels with close air support in their efforts to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi) as well. There have been some who saw the use of Right to Protect in Libya as a trial run to set up its later use to protect the Palestinians and place United States troops in either the Palestinian areas or within Israel or both in order to force Israel to relent and give the Palestinians all of the areas they demand forcing Israel back within their pre Six Day War lands setting Israel up to be destroyed through following terrorism actions which Israel would be prevented from responding by the presence of the United States troops assigned to protect everything Palestinian. Additionally, Britain had threatened Israel to cancel a dozen military tenders which could eventually cripple the Merkava tanks, many of the Israeli radar systems and other vital military equipment which could potentially cripple the IDF. If Hamas continues to push their refusal to compromise and simply continue attempting to press Israel into a corner where the world led by the Western nations turn against Israel placing Israel in a no win situation, that would be where things would get very ugly very fast. Israelis and their leadership mean Never Again and will do whatever it takes as the Israelis realize that should Israel fall that the rest of Jewry will soon follow and that would signify the end of the Jewish People. Never Ever Again Period!


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