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April 14, 2014

Try, Try, Try Again

What you have with the current attempts by the Obama administration to resurrect the moribund peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is a very sick combination of two adages. What they are is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again,” combined with, “Insanity is trying the same things over and over again expecting different results.” The best example of these truisms is the recent talks arranged by the United States pressuring Israel to facilitate the conditions required by meeting the bribery demands of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. This precedent of Israelis giving concessions before every new mutation of the peace process has been part and parcel of these negotiations since the onset and drawing up of the Oslo Accords where Israeli bending to Yasser Arafat’s demands was required. There has been absolutely no alteration to this under Abbas who was more than Arafat’s protégé but one of his cofounders of the PLO terrorist group. The main difference between the two Palestinian leaders is in their manner of dress as Arafat had his trademark fatigues with a sidearm strapped to his waist while Abbas prefers the suit of a businessman. Both manners of dress are but costumes worn for the desired effect of presenting the West with an image which makes their alignment with the Palestinians more readily able. Yasser Arafat desired the image of the fighting leader of a revolutionary group in the mold of Che Guevara while Mahmoud Abbas fits his costume to represent the Westernized businessman who is reasonable and ready to make deals and offer an honest debate. The reality is both men see themselves as the leaders of the greatest Jihad of our times dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the Jewish State, and the genocidal slaughter of the Israeli population. Both men have given voice to this goal repeatedly when speaking to their allies in Arabic and spoken of peace when speaking English to the Western press and political entities. This separation of their reputed goal of peace with Israel and their honest aims of annihilation of Israel and her Jewish and other non-Muslim population only works due to the complicity of the Western leadership and media who pretend not to be capable of translating anything said in Arabic and only accepting their preferred truths which are spoon fed them in English.


The results of the Palestinian tactics are often difficult to realize as they consist of a creeping progress towards the complete destruction of Israel replacing it with a Muslim state. When the Oslo Accords were first enacted in September 1993, the Palestinians had complete control both civilian and security over Area A of Judea and Samaria (West Bank), Israel had civilian and security control over Area C and there was shared control over the security of Area B. Today the Palestinians are demanding control over Areas C replacing Israel after solidifying their complete autonomy over Areas A and B. Israel has enacted building freezes, removal of checkpoints as well as roadblocks, released hundreds of terrorists from their prisons even to include many who were serving multiple life sentences for multiple murders of Israelis and have agreed to base talks resulting in surrendering over 90% of the disputed lands of Judea and Samaria with agreed land swaps to cover any remainder. Israel has made concession after concession to the point where the debate is no longer how to divide the disputed lands of Judea and Samaria but whether Israel will retain control over Jerusalem, an area annexed legally by Israel soon after being liberated during the defensive conflict known as the Six Day War. Keeping these numerous concessions given up unilaterally by the Israelis, the challenge is to name a single unilateral concession ever made by the Palestinians to demonstrate their sincerity towards the peace negotiations. Agreeing to meet and discuss a peace agreement is not a concession but that is exactly what Israel has bought with their seemingly endless parade of concessions made to the Palestinians simply for the displeasure of talking for an arranged period of time only to have the Palestinians back away from any and every agreement they had made during negotiations and then demand everything Israel had offered in return and more to even consider returning to the negotiations. This is not true negotiation, that is manipulation to achieve eradication by a thousand cuts.


The current breakdown of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians came about well before the delay by Israel in releasing the final twenty-six terror prisoners of the over one-hundred agreed upon as the price to have the Palestinians sit and negotiate resulting in their refusal to compromise on even the slightest of terms. That was the precedent set for these talks, Israel releasing over one-hundred terrorist prisoners in four batches in return for having the displeasure of Palestinian representatives pretend to hold peace negotiations. Almost everybody who has any knowledge of the history of the Oslo Accords two state solution negotiations could and likely did predict that the talks would collapse failing within weeks of the end date without any meaningful progress being shown. In reality, the main theme of the entire negotiations appeared to revolve around the Palestinians demanding that Israel also enforce a comprehensive building freeze over Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem despite such not being the chosen demand by the Palestinians to hold negotiations. To the Palestinians it did not matter that they had chosen terrorist prisoner releases over a building freeze, they demanded both. With just a month or month and a half left in the negotiations the Palestinians started announcing their intent to blow-up the negotiations immediately after receiving the final batch of terrorist prisoners. This along with their continued refusal to recognize Israel as the home for the Jewish people, their not considering any agreement as an end to hostilities and a settlement of all demands, and their demand that certain particular terrorist prisoners be included in the final release, a new demand not presented, discussed or debated yet insisted by the Palestinians in order to continue negotiations even to the end of April as agreed, this caused Israel to delay the final release in order to discuss these new demands and work for a mutually beneficial agreement. This was when the Palestinians launched a media frenzy blaming Israel for every failure of peace talks and other disasters that have befallen the Palestinians while breaking every agreement including the Oslo Accords by once again turning to the international community seeking recognition of statehood.


Now we once again find ourselves inbetween periods of negotiations and the entirety of the discussions being held are focused on what concessions will Israel be required to provide in order to enable the Palestinians to agree to continue negotiations? The demands change almost hourly but the central demands are the release of additionally anywhere from four-hundred to four-thousand additional terrorist prisoners which must include some of the more radical and worst of the terror masters such as Marwan Barghouti, a complete Israeli building freeze in all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, and the immediate pull back by Israel to the pre 1967 Six Day War lines established in 1949 as Armistice Lines ending the state of war between Israel and the six Arab nations which had attacked her a year earlier at her founding and among other demands is the on-again/off-again demand that Israel agree to accept the right of return for Palestinian refugees into Israel changing the demographics of Israel from a Jewish majority to an Arab and Muslim majority. Simply expressed, the Palestinians are demanding that the Israelis surrender on every last final issue and agree to permit the dissolution of Israel as it is known today and make ready the addition of two additional Arab Muslim states, Palestine and Arab Muslim dominated Israel. That dream would be one election of one jihadist pogrom away. Still, should there not be resultant talks in the near term it will not be blamed on the Palestinians ridiculous and outlandish demands but on the Israeli refusal to commit suicide. After these demands make the resumption of talks impossible we can expect to hear not only from the Palestinians about how the Israelis are unwilling to sacrifice for peace but from United States Secretary of State Kerry and numerous other Western spokespeople how Israel squandered yet another possibility for peace. The Palestinians are almost never held accountable as it is far more rewarding to blame Israel and to have demonstrations and reporters covering these stories staying in five-star hotels than it would be to cover say the inhuman conflict going on in Syria or the suicide bombings that are part of a civil war in Iraq staying in hotels that are in an actual war zone. Which would you rather cover; an active war zone from within the fighting or the Israelis inability to sacrifice completely enough to mollify the Palestinians by surrendering all of Israel to them while sitting on the beaches of Tel Aviv. The choice is obvious by the number of first-hand press and editorial reports and articles covering every bit of minutia in Israel and the sketchy reports all of which echo the newswire stories on Iraq and Syria. Yes, the choice is obvious. More soon from the beaches of Nahariya, Israel.


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March 29, 2014

Obama, Kerry and Israeli Leftists Attempt to Crash Coalition

It was initially unlikely that the Obama administration thought it necessary to attempt to change the ruling coalition government in Israel as the administration’s push to restart the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians was met with Israeli cooperation across the boards. Predictably, the peace talks lost their presumed initial momentum as the Palestinians began refusing every Israeli attempt to reach any compromise where both sides would give some to reach a middle area of agreement. Mahmoud Abbas began stating repeatedly that there would be no agreement unless his every demand was recognized and enacted and that he also be granted the power to unilaterally reject any Israel provision with which he was not comfortable. This trend eventually reached its logical and unavoidable conclusion with Abbas and other Palestinian spokespersons insisting that Israel retreat completely back to the Green Line, surrender all of East Jerusalem, accept the influx of over five-million Arab refugees into Israel granting them immediate citizenship, full compensation to these very same refugees as well as those who did not choose to return, and adamantly refused to recognize Israel as the home of the Jewish People or to declare any agreement as the end of their struggle to liberate all of Palestine. Further exacerbation of the situation occurred as Palestinians also revealed they were remaining in the talks solely and only until the last groups of terrorist murderers were freed from prison by Israel. When some Israelis, particularly Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, gave voice to their observations that the talks had broken down, the Obama administration started to ramp up efforts to pressure the Israelis to bend further and basically fall on their swords for peace.


The initial taking of affront by the United States State Department and the administration was at Moshe Ya’alon’s comment referring to Secretary of State Kerry as being “Obsessive and Messianic” to which the State Department demanded an immediate and public apology. As the ensuing weeks passed and the commentary from the Palestinians became increasingly adversarial to reaching any compromise with their call that their only desire was for the peace process to allow further releases of terrorists by Israel there were some Ministers in the Knesset who began questioning the logic of continuing with the final release as such would only serve to terminate the talks and set up the next series of demands for Israeli concessions. They felt that since releasing the terrorists would result in a Palestinian refusal to continue talking that there was no pressing need to actually release the last group. This was the point where things went off the rails and into some foreign land where logic does not hold rule and everything becomes the fault of Israel.


The initial turning was signaled when the State Department came out and dropped their support for the Israeli demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the home of the Jewish People and now referred to this demand from the Israelis as an unnecessary demand giving the fact that the United States so recognized Israel and that should be sufficient. The reasoning behind the demand for Israel to be recognized as the home of the Jewish People is to disallow the return of the over five million descendants of Palestinian refugees from the 1948 War launched by Arab armies to annihilate Israel into Israel changing the nation’s demographic to a majority Arab and Muslim state. The situation only deteriorated from there and the demands from Washington have gotten more shrill. This is the same sequence the world has watched time and again as the peace negotiations break down and in an effort to “save” the negotiations there is excessive pressure placed on Israel to concede more and more. This is the exact process that has brought the negotiations to the point where Jerusalem is even being discussed instead of recognizing that it is the Israeli capital city and has been annexed from before the Oslo Accords and was never to be placed within the definition of debatable negotiations.


Now, as Israel has actually refused to free the final set of murderous terrorist masters from her prisons, we will witness the blame Israel for the failure voices screaming from all quarters and the demands that Israeli leadership has squandered their best hope for peace, every negotiations becomes the Israeli best hope for peace until the next negotiations, and the insistence that Israel find new and more accommodating leadership. The chorus will be joined by the Israeli leftists and those parties who are currently not in the governing coalition as they will see this as their opportunity to take hold of the lead in Israel and enact those policies that the world is clamoring for Israel to take. This was the case when Ehud Olmert was elected to be Prime Minister and yet even with the politically correct leadership the Israeli offers for peace were refused by the Palestinians. This should have proven where the tripwire is that where the negotiations stumble each and every time, but the world can only blame Israel. We can now expect there to be pressures placed on the Israeli government to make new and more extensive concessions in order to lure the Palestinians back to the talks. It is revolting that every time that the world decides to push for renewed peace talks that Israel has to make concessions to entice the Palestinians to allow negotiations but that there are never, or seldom, any concessions given the Israelis. Where is the eventual reciprocation that Israel is constantly promised? I realize that may seem a silly question, but would any other nation continue with talks if every time they meet they are forced to surrender further? Of course not. Also, if every rendition of peace talks requires Israelis to surrender more using the final position of the last talks as the basis for the new talks, why would the Palestinian ever agree to a settlement when they are constantly rewarded for their intransigence? Perhaps the time will come when the Israelis will stand up and say, no more, and demand that the Palestinians make some concessions to prove they are finally serious about making peace.


Beyond the Cusp


March 28, 2014

Israelis and Palestinians Each Using Language Their Side Understands

Anybody who wishes to understand the crux of the debate and what each side seeks, treasures, understands and desires most, all one has to do is read the statements and use their own choice of words, stated desires and central positions to get a solid understanding. Both sides have a very consistent message and it is best revealed when they speak to their own populations but can still be discerned from their general public statements spoken when the press is present or filed with the media as part of a released statement. One does not even need to learn either Hebrew of Arabic to understand as both sides have sufficient material which is translated by the various media sources plus if you understand English then you even have access to a plethora of statements from both sides, each with a slant critical of both sides. On the Israeli side there is Haaretz which is extremely critical of the Netanyahu government and especially of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and any of the reputedly Zionist Knesset Ministers. On translating the Palestinian and Arab perspectives there are a number of sources, two of which are Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) and Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) which translate a vast bulk of Palestinian and Arab media, press releases and transcripts of speeches.


Some of the general tendencies which have been noted boil down to a relatively few basic themes and reiterations of offshoots from these central tenets of each side. Let us start with the Palestinian’s central arguments and points concerning the negotiations and their desired end results. One repeated theme revolves around their claim that no matter what is agreed upon between the two sides, the struggle to liberate all of Palestine from the River to the Sea cannot and will not end until Israel as the state for the Jewish People has been subsumed and the Jews turned into Dhimmis, expelled or killed. This concept is further reinforced when one inspects the maps, textbooks and other material used in their schools and in many of their themes and instructional materials used in educating their children from an early age. One peculiarity which can be discerned from viewing recordings of school children where each child can tell you from what village or city they call home and every single name is of a place within pre-1967 Israel. All of the children apparently came from places such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, Ashkelon and other Israeli cities with none of them coming from Ramallah, Gaza City, Rafah, Bethlehem or any other city from within the disputed territories. These are all signs that the real objective of the Palestinians is not two states living beside each other in security and peace but one state ruled by Palestinian Arabs with the Jews either subjected or removed completely.


Another repetitive pattern is the Palestinian demands that they be given enticements before they will agree to even talk, let alone make peace. Along with these demands for concessions is their obsession with demanding that once the Israelis have agreed to any demand that the demand be then made and enforced as a permanent concession. Whenever such turns out not to be the case, the Palestinians complain and demand that the other previous demands that were met should be still enforced in the next round such that they can win every argument individually and then apply all the separate pieces into one grand surrender on all points. A perfect example of this is the Palestinian demands throughout this current series of talks that Israel must be made to adhere to an imposed building freeze in what are often referred to as settlements. The problem with the Palestinians demand is that when presented with a choice of either terrorist prisoners being released or a building freeze, they chose the terrorist prisoners being release and not the building freeze. They basically started from day one complaining that Israel was planning to build in the areas where the Israelis had previously granted a building freeze almost five years ago and that must be enforced on the Israelis and they must never be permitted to build because they promised to implement a building freeze during those negotiations and the Palestinians insist that any concessions Israel makes must be made into a permanent requirement. This is the basis behind the Palestinian repeated demand that Israel meet all of its obligations. These obligations were concessions relented and granted by the Israelis for a set amount of time often during which negotiations are being held. The Palestinians know this full well but prefer to pretend that they understood the promises to be open ended and thus forever enforceable.


The final point we will discuss of the Palestinians, but not the last in existence by far, is their penchant for violence. This is exemplified by their actions such as their throwing of rocks the size of cinderblocks and even larger at motorists usually aiming for the driver side of the vehicle in hopes of causing a crash. This is at the root of their threats of Intifada and it is a core part of the curriculum in their school system, children’s camps and numerous other integral parts of their society. The approval of violence, especially if it results in dead Israelis, is on full display in the funds spent by the Palestinians in their budgets to terrorists in Israeli prisons and to the families of those terrorists who died while making their attack, often a suicide attack. The Palestinians are currently demanding that their monetary backers make new pledges and send more funding as they are over four-billion dollars in debt and cannot meet their payroll yet they announced an increase in the payments to relatives of terrorists who died as martyrs which will require at a minimum seventy-five-million dollars. You can bet that these payments will be made before they pay their payrolls as one is of far more importance than the other. This also reveals that in Palestinian society those who have died are of greater importance than the living, especially if they died attempting to murder Israelis or Americans.


Israel, on the other hand, has virtually a single minded objective, a final, comprehensive peace that will enable both sides to live with security and benefit from a thriving economy which the two states could share in forming. Israel often times will debate the wisdom of making concessions and more often than not decide to take the risk and grant some concession in the hope that the next set of negotiation will finally produce that longed for peace between the two peoples. Unfortunately, the narrative in Israel has begun to change as many have given up on the hopes that a peace can be attained with the Palestinians. They have listened to the conversations in Ramallah, Gaza, at the Arab League and around the Arab and Muslim worlds and have awoken to the vile truth that they have no partners for peace, only those who through gestures of peace seek to subjugate or even murder the Jews and other Israelis. They have even heard words beyond their belief where even the Arab Muslim population of Israel are cursed if they appear to be willing to live within the Israeli society and are not anxious to join in Jihad or in an Intifada.


The Israelis have mostly reached the point where they are questioning the wisdom of making concession after concession in a seemingly endless progression of ever more dangerous concessions with the last one, the release of over one-hundred terrorists, most with blood on their hands, knowing that most if not all of these terror masters will immediately return to actively murdering Israelis or making plans for others to carry out and murder Israelis. With the current series of futile talks coming crashing down without any actual possibility for making a final peace and the Palestinians demanding heavy concessions to continue the talks with no guarantee of reaching an agreement, some would claim it is more likely to have an agreement of never reaching an agreement as that has been the central message coming from the Palestinians, many Israelis are questioning the wisdom of making unending concessions if there is no potential for gain as a result. They see giving concessions for the privilege of talks but only with talks which are doomed to fail as a waste of energy and dangerous when concession release those who remain a threat to Israeli society and civilians. It has reached the point where Israelis are asking; where are the reciprocal concessions and when will we ever see something in return? The Israelis talk of peace and agreements while the Palestinians talk of Intifada and martyrdom, which side sounds like they desire to live in peace to you?


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