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September 17, 2014

The Future for World Jewry Dependent on Safe, Secure Israel


There is a very simple way to look at the future for the Jewish People which can be expressed in a very simple phraseology, “Know Israel to Know Jews; No Israel for No Jews.” Suggesting that the health and future of Jewish communities outside of Israel was threatened to the point of their ceasing to exist in the foreseeable future ten years ago, let alone making that observation to the criticism and relegation of suffering from idiocy in the mid-1960s, such statements were poorly received and brought ridicule and dismissals. Even making such statements now, despite the greater signs of existing and growing threats becoming evident and undeniable, one is opening themselves to accusations of outright paranoia, exaggeration of threats and denial of the obvious vibrancy and rejuvenation of Jewish communities, especially if such commentary is proffered in the United States. Once again, just as was prevalent in the 1920s-40s within European Jewish communities, those quoting evidence of the growing threats to Jewish existence is often met with the very same response, “It cannot happen here, we are accepted, assimilated and fully interwoven and accepted in the society. We are teachers, physicians, lawyers, judges, professors and we serve in the government and are accepted across all walks of life. No, you’re wrong, it cannot happen here.” Those sounding these warnings now realize the opposition and denials which were received by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, one of the early Zionists who attempted to get European Jews to make Aliyah to Israel warning of the coming storm in Europe before World War II as he faced the identical arguments and obstinacy and a refusal to see what he believed was plainly obvious. The protestations have started to lessen in their frequency and volume as across Europe the picture being painted is of threats to Jews which resemble those from a mere two generations back and well within the memories and knowledge base of the majority of Jews. This knowledge does not make acceptance any easier even for those of us who have carried the responsibility for sounding the alarm for decades through humiliating and biting rejections as we never found any joy in carrying a message nobody wished to hear and take no pleasure that some are finally starting to listen and a select few new voices have joined in sounding the alarms. Never the less, the alarm must be sounded so that any willing to listen can be provided a path to safety once they agree to act, and we can only pray that more will awaken to the growing threats and take the necessary steps to save themselves and pass their knowledge to others so more will be awakened.


Where those who desire to believe that there is no real danger in their location and are refusing to recognize any increasing anti-Semitism always claiming that such events happen elsewhere and their neighborhood is warm, comfortable and accepting posing no threat. They will always wave their hand when evidence is presented as if waving off any evidence and claiming that the threat is over there, not here, we are safe, but that is an argument which can only blind many until it becomes dangerously close to, or worse, actually too late. Blurring the evidence is the reality that the most evident and irrefutable evidence around the rest of the world almost always coincides with violence or even conflicts in the Middle East where Israel appears to present a more dangerous and threatening situation than their home location, as warfare always presents obvious dangers which are easily depicted in new articles and televised and internet coverage. Despite the recent conflict in Israel between Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist forces in Gaza where thousands of rockets were launched indiscriminately into Israel reaching distances placing three-quarters of Israel within the range of the strikes, the increased anti-Semitism which struck across the globe, particularly in Europe, was easily measurable with increases approaching four-hundred-percent in the worst places. There was one miracle within Israel which made presenting the increased anti-Semitism more evident as thanks to the Iron Dome anti-missile systems spread across Israel, the vast number of rockets which were launched were either correctly identifying strike sites as in open areas and intercepting ninety percent of the rest of the rockets which, in combination with the Israeli people heeding the rocket alarms and headed for safe rooms and shelters, which Israeli investment has made numerous and readily available, the number of casualties in Israel was greatly minimized. The lack of lists upon lists of Israeli casualties, the numbers and severity of the anti-Israel, and often anti-Semitic, protest and the actual assaults on Synagogues and Jews across Europe and in the United States were made extremely evident. The areas which got the greatest coverage for the increase in anti-Semitic violence were France, Belgium, and Britain, though Britain gained its notoriety for one particular event when Minister of Parliament George Galloway unilaterally declared the city of Bradford an “Israel-free zone” that rejects all Israeli goods, services, academics and tourists. Britain might owe Minister Galloway a level of gratitude as he stole any coverage which would have reported that Britain carried one of the greatest increases in levels of anti-Semitic acts reaching levels of four-hundred percent. The situation has reached such epidemic proportions in France that for the first time in decades France leads the rest of the nations of the world in numbers of Jews making Aliyah to Israel. This is an important development as France has the third largest population of Jews in the world only exceeded by Israel and the United States.


Where many Jews in the United States may discuss the atrocious realities faced by the Jews in France, the Ukraine, Sweden, and mostly throughout Europe, somehow their conversation rarely touches on the anti-Semitism in their own backyards. You will rarely hear any discussion of what is best known as the “Knockout Game” which has often been described as assaults consisting of a single punch attempt to knock down or worse to some unsuspecting person which usually targets a Caucasian by a perpetrator who belongs to a minority. The most rejected and ignored fact is that more often than not the victim was somebody who was wearing clothing or other identifying items showing their Jewishness. There was not much mention of an Orthodox Rabbi who was shot dead in the street in North Miami Beach on August 9, 2014, on his way to Shabbat morning services. Rabbi Joseph Raksin from Crown Heights, New York was visiting North Miami Beach. The North Miami Beach Police Department has thus far refused to label this as a hate crime claiming that it was more likely an attempted robbery gone wrong. This despite witness description telling that the two assailants simply walked up to the sixty-year-old Rabbi, shot him, and fled, one on a bicycle and one on foot while, police say they do not have a good description of the perpetrators. The really troubling additional piece of information is that casts doubt on the refusal to classify the murder of the Rabbi as a hate crime is a previous crime committed against the very Synagogue he was walking towards and was a mere two blocks from when he was murdered had been when it was defiled with swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti. But why should the North Miami Beach Police be any more disturbed than the majority of the United States Jewish community. Apparently the psychological community studies of victims and their reactions to growing endangerment and hostilities by avoiding recognizing the growing problems and their ability to continue to live their lives completely oblivious to the increasing endangerment to their lives and their situation. This is being further put on display by the Jews of the United States and a frightening percentage of the Jewish communities across Europe. Fortunately, there is still time for the Jews of the world to awaken to the heavy threats hanging over their heads. The one item worth mentioning is that the continued health and existence of Israel may be dependent on the influx of the rest of the world Jewry making Aliyah as with the influx of Jews which could even more than double the Jewish population of Israel would also provide the numbers to fully populate and utilize all the lands within Israel including the areas often referred to as the periphery. The only thing to be said is, the sooner the better, for both the Jews facing an increasingly hateful and threatening world and for Israel who can only gain strength from the increase in population and abilities which the new Olim would bring with them adding to the areas of expertise which already exist within Israel. In many ways it is advantageous to both groups. The Jews would find their safety increased within Israel and Israel would gain a larger base of Jewish citizens and gain from their additional skills as well as numbers.


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September 15, 2014

Gaza, Hamas, Corrected Falsehoods, Frightening Realities

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In this AP story, which is worth reading for its providing complimentary evidence as part of what we will discuss here, a Hamas representative answered Israeli accusations of their using cover of residential areas from which they fired rockets into Israel by admitting “mistakes” were made explaining that they had little choice in Gaza’s crowded urban landscape. Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas official in Gaza told the AP, “Gaza, from Beit Hanoun in the north to Rafah in the south, is one uninterrupted urban chain that Israel has turned into a war zone.” The inference conveyed by these Hamas claims is that all the built-up crowded urban landscape which has been lain waste by Israeli air and land assaults extends across the width and breadth of the entire strip as Hamas had no alternative but to fire from within the heavily populated areas as there was absolutely no other choice. This goes hand in hand with the constant reporting in the media of the falsehood that Gaza is the most crowded area where the entirety of the lands are heavily populated and there are virtually no open areas whatsoever.
According to what Hamad further explained to the Associated Press “The Israelis kept saying rockets were fired from schools or hospitals when in fact they were fired 200 or 300 meters away. Still, there were some mistakes made and they were quickly dealt with.” This is the first honest admission by a Hamas official stating that, in some rare cases, Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants were firing rockets from or near residential areas, civilian facilities, shelters, hotels, and United Nations protected buildings. Another claim often used when Hamas complains of the situation in Gaza lays these falsehoods bare when they demand that Israel and Egyptian authorities ease the restrictions at the crossings make it impossible for the farmers in Gaza to get their crops to markets. So Gaza is border to border urban landscape where there is no open land from which Hamas might be able to use to fire their rockets yet they have farm produce which needs greater access to markets. Where are these farms hidden within the dense landscape?


Perhaps a few facts followed by a map revealing the population densities within Gaza and even includes the Israel buffer area which Hamas claims is so restrictive that it is impossible for Gazans not to stray into the area and be shot regularly. These Hamas reputed victims of Israeli aggressions presumably occur quite frequently yet do not make international news headlines from a mainstream media which has a voracious appetite for any negative news accusing Israeli guilt, that stretches the realm of credulity. The most conclusive evidence was reported by India’s NDTV reporter Sreenivasan Jain who gave an accounting factually and without any hype revealing the entire process from the initial setting up of the rocket firing position just outside his hotel room under a tent used for concealment to the completion of the set-up with the placing of camouflage to conceal their position. The next morning Jain reports the team heard a “loud explosion and a whooshing sound” coming from the site just minutes before a 72-hour ceasefire took effect as rockets were fired from adjacent to his hotel placing himself, his crew and the other journalists, reporters and others in the hotel in danger had Israel responded by returning fire. Below is his video which can also be viewed here if the video below does not load in your browser.





Commenting on the reality of the population density of the Gaza area one immediately finds that it is far from the most densely populated region on the planet earth. A comprehensive study of the population density of Gaza by the Gatestone Institute can be researched with this link which lays bare the facts. Here is a list of some areas whose population density exceeds that of Gaza’s 4,601 persons per square kilometer (pp sq. km.); Calcutta @ 24,718 (pp sq. km.); Athens @ 20,235 (pp sq. km.); Paris @ 20,249 (pp sq. km.); Hanoi @ 23,342 (pp sq. km.); Barcelona @16,488 (pp sq. km.); Tel Aviv @ 7,524 (pp sq. km.); Jerusalem @ 6,045(pp sq. km.) (both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were targets struck at by Hamas and Islamic Jihad during the conflict); Geneva @ 11,200 (pp sq. km.); along with Hong Kong, Singapore, Madrid, Chicago, London, New York, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Milan and others all have greater population densities than Gaza. Below is the promised map displaying the population density and distribution of Gaza which absolutely puts away the Hamas claim of having no open areas from which to fight and makes obvious that it is their intent and purpose to fire from areas which will maximize the potential danger and actual casualties of the innocent residents in Gaza. This purposeful endangerment is just one item in the crimes committed by Hamas and other terror groups.





Another of the Hamas falsehoods is that they are supported and beloved by an overwhelming percentage of the residents of Gaza. This also does not pass the smell test. Gazans have increasingly even become vocal and giving voice to their disgruntled and angry feelings about the entire situation which is a direct result, as they willingly admit, of the aggressions against Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad as well as the lack of funding, payments of salaries, and reconstruction which they perceive to be held up and delayed by both the terror outfits in Gaza and of the Palestinian Authority leadership in Samaria and Judea (West Bank). The unfortunate reality in which the population of Gaza resides are the muted press coverage of their situation as any reporter who would write about the crisis they are facing and the actual sources and targets of their anger would most definitely be denied continued access to Gaza, and this is even if they managed to place such a story as Hamas demands right to review any reports from within Gaza. Additionally Hamas has been reputed to have threatened reporters with death threats and worse, assuming torture followed by an execution is worse. Still, a number of reporters who were reporting from within Gaza during the fighting gave reports and filed complaints about their harassment and threats against them by Hamas and Islamic Jihad as well as having some of their reports spiked by Hamas due to the honest criticisms leveled in their reports. A smaller number of reporters have also complained about their agencies’ editors, especially the Jerusalem or Tel Aviv editors who are responsible for approving and passing on reports to make print or be televised or reported on radio for also spiking or watering down any reports critical of Hamas, Islamic Jihad or any of the other actors in Gaza. These reports and complaints are probably just the tip of the iceberg as many of these same reporters know they will be reassigned to report in Gaza and that they could face retribution from Hamas et. al.


There is one source who has come forth to report on Gaza with some degree of accuracy and truthfulness, an unusual occurrence and an appreciated one. The EU’s representative to the West Bank and Gaza, John Gatt-Rutter stated that, “There is a lot of anger in Gaza, and a lot of it is aimed at the Palestinians.” In further statements he added, “We are not hearing any good words [in Gaza] about anyone at the moment.” Gatt-Rutter related to reporters that the local population in Gaza is resentful that their major humanitarian needs have not been met, and that salaries have not been paid and that there is the possibility that these resentments could inspire a resumption of the war with Israel. Gatt-Rutter further related expressing that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to dissolve the latest Palestinian Authority unity government if Hamas does not recognize “one authority, one gun, one law” in Gaza in the form of Palestinian Authority/Fatah control. It was further postulated that should this threat materialize, this in turn will jeopardize the reconstruction efforts in Gaza as international donor countries will not rush to contribute funds that Fatah does not oversee.


This threat from Mahmoud Abbas is all part of his overt attempts to regain control over Gaza and relegate Hamas to a subordinate and completely overseen role which would necessarily be directed from Ramallah and his leadership. Abbas also fears what the recent polling predicts, an embarrassing and definitive loss by Abbas to Haniyeh should elections be held in the near future. Before the fifty day conflict initiated by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to strengthen their position and favorability with the Palestinian public, especially in Samaria and Judea (West Bank) as Hamas can pretty much control much of the outcome of any election vote tallies coming from Gaza, polls predicted a much closer race and one that either side might gain the advantage by massaging the ballot results from the areas they controlled. Another point of contention arose when Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk stated recently that Hamas was ready to negotiate directly with Israel directly in Tel Aviv (Hamas does not recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital city instead he would refer to Jerusalem as al-Quds, and further, Hamas also does not officially recognize Israel as anything other than the entirety of the lands being occupied Palestine). To this, Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assaf directly accused Hamas of “treason” for the idea that according to the unity government Hamas leadership had been surrendered to the Palestinian Authority with a supposed technocrat, neutral, mutually agreed Parliament to act until elections are held. He went further inquiring rhetorically, “Since when do Palestinian factions negotiate with Israel on their own? Isn’t this treason and a threat to the unity of Palestinians and their political position?”


A final point of intense disagreement comes regarding who will be responsible for monitoring the Rafah Crossing between Gaza, with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations, groups, contingents (including one claiming to represent ISIS) and crime families, and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, a hot spot where a number of Egyptian Border Patrols and Military and Police officials and troops have faced strong and fatal terrorist attacks causing the Egyptian government and President Sisi great concern. Both Hamas and Fatah (political party within the Palestinian Authority in which Abbas is its president) are claiming that their troops will control the border and be responsible for inspecting goods crossing in and out of Gaza to assure that no weapons or other material which could be utilized for military purposes. Having Hamas carry out that duty would be leaving the fox to guard the hen house. The potential for intra-Palestinian turmoil and potentially purges and violence resulting in a Palestinian civil war of a sort where Abbas cleanses Samaria and Judea of any Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other allied terror groups while Hamas does the same to Palestinian Authority, Fatah and any other opposition. Hamas has already publically executed more than twenty individuals under suspicion of their spying for Israel. These were summary executions and required no trial according to Hamas officials.


All of this is worrisome for Israelis because often resulting from these hostilities between the different factions within the Palestinian society, particularly the Fatah-Hamas resentment for the coup in which Hamas murdered a large number of Fatah and Palestinian Authority security personnel as well as civilian members to either Fatah or Palestinian Authority and even those who did not appear to sufficiently support Hamas and their rule over Gaza. Many were executed without a trial and were simply taken to the roof of a building having over ten floors, the more the better, and then simply throwing their victims from the roof. Hamas terrorist fighters often celebrated such events with firing their weapons into the air, handing out sweets and candies, honking their vehicle horns and dancing in the street, the identical response that lasted almost a week after the al-Qaeda 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and almost another site thought to be either the White House or the Capital Building which was brought down by the passengers attempting to take back the aircraft, a brave first response to a terror war which dates back to the very founding of the United States which eventually caused the War with the Barbary Pirates. For Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, the Philippines and others dating back to the Seventh Century Islamic expansive violence has been a near constant threat to those whose lands border the lands held by Islam through their never ending drive to obey the Qur’anic demand to spread Islam by any and all means including the sword.


The final deceit I will mention was the representation of casualty reports by Hamas which were taken as fact despite no verification and reports from other sources stating far different numbers of civilian and combatant casualties. This went right along with many Western mainstream media news anchors and commentators both on the air and in print and internet publications which simply took any Hamas press release as the Gospel truth while challenging every Israeli spokesperson and press release, the lack of fairness and equal trust was excruciating to watch, especially if you had read other sources who painted a completely different and more accurate reality than the fantasies claimed by Hamas. Of course it will be months if not decades before anybody gives an accurate and presumably honest accounting. The United Nations and the International Red Cross both have stated their complete lack of interest of performing such a task and simply using the numbers provided by Hamas as the reality. Unfortunately, many have come to not expect more or even the slightest sign of neutrality and a desire for truth except outside the normal channels and mainstream media. Hopefully this article pointed some to find the truth which is out there if one looks sufficiently deep and determined enough.


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July 28, 2014

The Iron Dome Options

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The current conflict between Israel and Hamas is dramatically different than any previous conflict Israel has ever fought. That difference is the luxury of the Iron Dome clad defense protecting the home front from the dangers caused by the rocket barrages used by Hamas in efforts to spread dread and terror throughout the Israeli population. Because of the effectiveness of the Iron Dome systems, Israeli leaders can afford to take a less frantic approach to the threats posed by Hamas as their most prolific threat, the various kinds and numbers of rockets, have had their threat diminished to the point of becoming virtually ineffective. This has provided Israel with the option to accept almost every humanitarian ceasefire even if she has to do so unilaterally which in this situation the unilateral ceasefire results in Israel ceasing while Hamas fires. This has revealed a truth, a reality, which despite being mentally discernable in previous conflicts, has been driven home in this conflict because with Israel having the capability to suspend her military operations repeatedly in response to virtually every humanitarian ceasefire request and even to extend the duration of select ceasefire situations without leaving the Israeli people subjected to the horrors of rockets striking and destroying their communities, lives and mental state and causing massive amounts of casualties and property damage. With Hamas taking their usual cynical tactic of deploring the damage and casualties being inflicted by Israeli defensive military response and demanding a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons, a concept for which Hamas has no honest use except as it can be leveraged to allow her to go on the offensive while Israel is forced by world opinion, pressures and ever-present monitors to observe the entirety of the agreed cessation of combat, Israel this time with being capable of withstanding the rocket attacks with minimal appreciable damage or casualties can afford to cease all actions and fully reveal the perfidy of the Hamas terrorists and their true intentions.

This has even gone so far as to allow, or more like force, Egypt to even join in denouncing the intractability of Hamas in refusing the Egyptian offered ceasefire terms and holding out demanding Israel accept terms for a cessation of the conflict which are paramount to a complete Israeli surrender which would lead to a whole new paradigm when Hamas would decide to launch their next attempt to destroy Israel, only this time armed in a manner which is now completely beyond the realm of reality and only exists in the dreams of the Hamas leadership. The major demands from Hamas are for Israel and Egypt to permanently suspend their blockade against arms coming into Gaza and to not only allow, but to renovate and rebuild the ports and international airport within Gaza through which Hamas would import weaponry with which to destroy Israel and assist the Muslim Brotherhood in their attempts to reassume political control of Egypt. This became readily observable due to the increased freedom to slow the attacks and even allow ceasefires for whatever reasons even when they became one sided and Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel. Iron Dome has taken the sting off of the rockets almost entirely which produced a calm to be observed in Gaza while rockets from Gaza were intercepted or fell mostly harmlessly in open areas and Hamas was laid bare for those with unbiased eyes to see who were the terrorists and who were simply defending themselves and honoring any ceasefire. Now that Israel by accepting almost every ceasefire request, even those made by Hamas in their attempt to rearm and redeploy free of Israeli interference, and shown that Hamas does not observe the rules of war, continues their aggressions even during the ceasefires they themselves requested and that Hamas has targeted exclusively civilian populations while firing from amongst their own civilian populations has made new inroads which may over time reverse the panorama which the world had previously painted of Israel as the militaristic and inflexible party pressing their military advantages mercilessly. The reason Israel has previously pressed so hard was to end the conflicts as quickly as humanly possible which has and always will require imparting such overwhelming destruction on Hamas ability to wage war that there was no choice but to agree to a cessation of hostility. With the luxury of time made possible by the ability to negate the dreadful consequences of constant rocket barrages raining onto the Israeli public, Israel has finally had the ability to draw a distinction which is unavoidable that all but those predetermined to hate Israel for whatever reason, be it anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism or whatever other phobic hatred, to be capable of viewing the truths of which side is the aggressor and which side is committed to war by any means including and almost solely waged from within their own civilian population against the Israeli civilian population. Israel has been freed up to be able to take a new approach when Hamas employs their own version of the Iron Dome, it is called the women and children dome where, when Israel announces their intent to strike a Hamas weapons depot or rocket launching area by dropping leaflets, phoning residents and dropping a flare or small but loud explosive (firecracker) giving warning and even the time of expected strike, Hamas rounds up women, elderly and children and place them throughout any area to be struck or on the roof of any structure and hold them there often at gunpoint knowing that this will prevent Israeli pilots from completing their mission. The reason this tactic does not always succeed is due to a number of disparate issues some of which include the strike was made by naval shelling, artillery or tank fire which does not have the ability to actually put eyes on the target and see the human shields, attack is conducted at night or through thick smoke making seeing the human shields difficult or impossible and various other reasons of a tactical or operational limitations. Israel has utilized the luxury of time and a defensive system almost beyond belief or expectation to fully reveal the tactics utilized by Hamas with an emphasis on their use of human shields taken often from an unwilling population who would prefer a normal life to being on a constant war footing under leadership which has robbed them of their lives and inculcates their children with hatreds which promises to continue the suffering into the next generation and beyond.

What happens in the coming days, weeks or even months will determine much for how the future will play out. Israel has the chance to end the rule of Hamas and also assure that Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza or the newest terrorist group, ISIS, do not simply replace Hamas as the top terrorist running the Gaza Strip. This decision will also affect the stability in Egypt and could deny the Muslim Brotherhood of a safe storage place and training grounds for their weapons, fighters and infrastructure from where they have been capable of striking into the Sinai Peninsula exactly as they have on previous situations with deadly effects upon Egyptian border troops and beyond. Hamas may actually end up responsible for Israel finally ending the Gaza experiment which was begun by Israeli Prime Minister Sharon with the Disengagement which was presumed to provide the Palestinian Authority the opportunity to make a functioning state which would have later resulted in a follow-up disengagement from Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and the formation of their presumed desired state. Hamas used a coup to wrest control over Gaza and begin a terror war against Israel and fulfill their charter which demands the eradication of the State of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish People worldwide. Despite the powers of the world including the United Nations, European Union, United States and others to be named as they crawl out of the woodwork all using their indomitable forces to force a permanent peace on Israel before Hamas is completely destroyed beyond the ability of Iran, Qatar, Turkey and whoever else has been sponsoring Hamas in their terrorist activities can repair the damage, restock the rockets with probably now and improved armaments, give them a new, improved battle plan and whatever other assistance may be determined is necessary or simply most advantageous.

That leaves all of us with a few particular questions over what is to come. The first is one not mentioned above but is probably the most crucial, is the Israeli leadership capable to commit to the complete destruction of Hamas, to dissemble the other remaining terrorist groups and crime families and reassert Israel security controls over Gaza. If so, will Israel also restructure the terror infrastructure from within the Gaza societal structures including the schools, children’s camps, social networks, and everywhere else the tentacles of Hamas and their cohorts have reached and contaminated? If Israel is not willing to take the necessary steps to change the parameters of her neighborhood, a neighborhood whose makeup was not of Israel’s making, it was determined by the allied powers out of World War I, Britain, France, Italy, Japan and the United States (though the United States took a mostly passive acceptance allowing the Europeans to deal with those areas considered not vital to American interests at that time) who formed the new face of the lands formerly belonging to the defeated Ottoman Empire of which the Mandates for France and Britain were a major colonial project. This truth makes one of the claims against Israel as ludicrous as it is as Israel was an occupied nation of the British colonial world as was Jordan and Lebanon and Syria were colonies of France, thus Israel has never had colonies nor ever been a colonial power. If Israel refuses to take the required mission of removing the terrorist presence in Gaza, and hopefully in Judea and Samaria sooner rather than later, then whatever the world decides is of little consequence as only Israel can be the first to take the remedial and necessary efforts to change her immediate neighborhood and make for a safer and more stable future.

Even should Israel reach the decision to alter the realities surrounding her and solidify those terrorist influences which challenge Israeli existence, then the world can even have a supportive stance or a deleterious effect thus countering any Israeli efforts. The current unsolicited mission being undertaken by United States Secretary of State Kerry to forge a ceasefire at almost any cost has taken an extremely troubling direction as his efforts have been to impose a peace initiative designed by Qatar, a major supporter of Hamas financially, and backed by Turkey, whose Prime Minister Erdogan has called for the replacement of the current Egyptian government by reinstating President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood controlled through the Freedom and Justice Party formed by the Muslim Brotherhood, against the expressed desires of Egypt as well as Israel. The United States efforts are being further backed by the United Nations and the European Union as well as numerous European governments which are capable of pressing Israel to accept terms which are detrimental to her future and would almost assuredly guarantee another round of violence in the future. Add to these influences the collection of human rights and anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and simply anti-Semitic NGOs, organizations, agencies, and international groups such as the Arab League and many in the Nonaligned Nations alliance and it can appear to most observers that the entire world stands accusing Israel of obscene crimes and exonerating Hamas and the other terror groups, which includes Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow travelers, to be innocent victims of an advance national state and all of their military capabilities. This effrontery is only possible because when rockets are launched into Israel or a team of terrorists infiltrate Israel and attack civilians the world major media outlets refuse to cover such unless it has particularly devastating results such as the slaughter of five members of the Fogel family.

The coverage almost always has its initial coverage with the introduction immediately before a commercial break such that returning from break the same introduction can be utilized in order to drive its impact home when they report that Israeli war planes launched attacks on the Gaza Strip followed by an in-depth coverage of the damage and any casualties with interviews with affected Palestinians. After a few minutes coverage of the Israeli strike it is mentioned that Hamas has launched rockets into Israel. Often it is implied or even actually stated that the Hamas rockets were fired as a response to the Israeli strike and never is mentioned the lead-up of weeks of rockets fired into Israel as for the mainstream media the entirety of the conflict only begins when Israel acts. This is part of why it is so accepted when what Israeli supporters keep stressing are undue pressures on Israel and excessive actions and cares are taken supporting the terrorists or protecting them from any permanent damage to their infrastructure assuring their survival. Much of this is made acceptable because it is regularly claimed by trusted news sources and politicians that the terrorists who are attacking Israel are completely separate from the terrorist entities which threaten the rest of the world. This is further used to imply that unlike the evil intents of the terrorists which pose a threat to Western nations are different and unacceptable while the terrorists attacking Israel have understandable reasons and their terrorist activities are caused by Israeli actions. If Israel would just give the terrorists the state they desire, than the terror would end. Well, Israel gave them Gaza and it did not stop, it actually got worse as Israel no longer was able to have security personnel in Gaza gathering intelligence. With this preface in mind, watch as Secretary Kerry will expend all of his efforts to force Israel to stand down and allow Hamas to be rebuilt for the next conflict when once again Israel will defend herself and then be excoriated by the rest of the world and have a ceasefire forced down her throat before the terrorists can be fully defeated. Some things never change, may this one time be the exception and Gaza permanently defanged before the world can save Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, ISIS and the other terrorists within Gaza.

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