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July 14, 2014

Sunday Surprises in Northern Israel

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Before getting into some of the technical information and adding some credible commentary and statistics on the situation here in the Hamas-Israel ongoing confrontation, a little personal note. There have been Code Red sirens warning of potential rocket strikes in Nahariya and Ma’alot which are normally only concerned with rockets fired by Hezballah out of Lebanon but apparently are at the extreme end of range for some of the Fajr 5 and the M75 rockets used by Hamas in Gaza. Thus far there has not been any strike within earshot of our place in Nahariya, Bruch Hashem and we pray that things remain that way. We have seen the effects of having a Code Red siren on some of our fellow citizens. Tapping an elderly lady on the shoulder lightly in order to allow her with her three items to go in front of us at the checkout drew a different response than one would normally expect. The poor lady nearly jumped out of her skin and reacted breathlessly stating firmly and emphatically, “Don’t touch me, I thought it was a rocket.” After her breathing, and I suspect heart rate, came back to normal we had a pleasant conversation and all ended well. I am blessed that my wife does not appear to be anywhere near as nervous or panicked; actually she has been very calm. I am quite proud of her for her fortitude as I realize that living under the gun, so to speak, can rattle even some of the most resolute and strong willed of us. Another point of interest was we had to go out within fifteen minutes of the Code Red alarm, they suggest you remain in a safe place for at least ten minutes, and we expected to have the sidewalks and roads to ourselves, no such luck. The roads, sidewalks and especially the beach by the Mediterranean were less crowded that usual, they were anything but devoid of people. The Israelis are mostly very calm and resolute in seeing that these hardships, even though they do require certain precautions and interruptions to our daily lives, will not steal from us the feelings of normalcy and safety in our homes and cities and nation. That is something we refuse to allow.


For everybody’s information, there were three weeks of steadily increasing rocket fire into Israel which had reached a crescendo of almost one hundred in a single day before Israel responded with a forty-eight hour warning for the assaults by rockets to stop. That included rockets shot at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and central Israel where the majority of the population, infrastructure, manufacturing and commerce all reside. Even then, it was almost thirty-six hours past the deadline before Israel launched a response. Where you are hearing all these national leaders, international representatives and leaders of NGOs, Human Rights Groups and various others all condemning the Hamas rockets fire and the use of disproportionate force, that is all well and good but where were these very same sources of such equanimous condemnations when only Hamas was firing tens of rockets and approaching a hundred rockets a day for three weeks before Israel made any response? Were they sleeping like Rip Van Winkle or Sleeping Beauty and only arose from their slumbers right after Israel finally responded to protect her citizenry? Yes, there were a few who condemned the Hamas assaults before any Israeli response, but most of those people are still demanding that Hamas stop the rockets knowing full-well that once the rockets stop raining down on Israeli civilians, the Israel attacks will also cease. The same cannot be said for Hamas stopping their rocket barrages should Israeli forces stand down.


There are a number of contrasts which need to be examined and brought into the light so the world can see reality, not that many of those who only see a problem if Israel is defending themselves, such as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay who released a statement claiming that the Israel defensive actions were criminal as they struck the homes of Hamas leadership where it is known to most everybody, but apparently Ms. Pillay did not receive the memo, that there are stores of rockets, weapons, ammunition, explosives and other tactical information and resources which under international law makes those homes legal military targets which can be struck and destroyed. Demolishing those homes does not constitute war crimes or any other offense other than to Ms. Pillay’s sensitivities. Another point apparently unknown to the outside world despite the evidence is that a Hamas officer made a television announcement demanding that the brave citizens of Gaza should remain in their homes after receiving warnings of a potential strike in their area and others should run towards any targeted location when they receive such notices and not run to safety. The reasoning behind this directive is that Israel has often called off strikes when civilians are seen to be in harm’s way of the attack and there have been a number of attacks that Israeli commanders or pilots have called off their primary target and either returned to base or struck a secondary target because of civilians, or especially children, are seen to be in close proximity to the target. The cases where civilians have been injured or killed are when Hamas places civilians inside the targeted location in order to have human tragedy stories and war crimes complaints they can sell to an ever willing and compliant press anxious for any news with which to condemn Israelis and the IDF.


Another front which very exactly focuses one’s attentions on the difference between Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorists, that includes Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, versus Israel is the developments and steps taken by each side since the last confrontation between Hamas and Israel in 2012. Hamas has added three new rockets to their arsenals and has built extensive smuggling tunnels and infiltration tunnels under the Gaza-Israel border and into Kibbutzim or concealed areas in order to sneak attack or abduct Israeli soldiers or civilians in order to repeat their successful trading of Gilad Shalit for over one thousand terrorist prisoners. Israel has produces as many Iron Dome batteries as they could make with little regard to the cost and built a great number of new and better shelters for the civilian population and such that there are always sufficient shelter space in close proximity to virtually any location. Israel has included into their building codes requiring that every apartment or house have a rocket safe room reinforced to prevent most rocket attacks even from direct strikes. Israel has placed their premium and critical attentions to the protection of their civilians and their efforts have given the greatest of all fruits, very few serious casualties from the barrages of rockets and mortars. Hamas demands that their civilians try to become martyrs that they can use in their public relations war on Israel. Hamas realizes that when there are many more Palestinian casualties when compared to Israeli casualties they can scream that Israel is using such overwhelming force that they are committing genocide and the mainstream media in the West will gobble these accusations and run with them all day and night on every newscast and special report. That is a lie and the truth is that Israel values human life to such an extent that they take every conceivable and available step to protect their citizens while giving the residents in Gaza at least ten minutes and even a whole day’s warning before they strike a target in the hopes that they can get a safe distance and prevent their becoming casualties.


I cannot stress the difference in the safety of civilians between Israel who even values the lives and health of their enemy’s civilians more than their leaders appear to value them. This is proven in another little mentioned part of the story which has been covered here but few other places. Israel has continued to transfer tons upon tons of supplies into Gaza every day even while the conflict has raged. We are speaking of anywhere from seven to twenty tractor trailer loads of food and medical supplies. Israel has continued to provide Gaza with one third of their electricity and with water. Israel is not treating their injured as they are being treated by the Egyptians in hospital in the northern Sinai Peninsula. Israel is permitting the transfer of people of which some are probably Hamas members to the hospitals in Egypt for treatment despite it being well within Israeli capabilities to prevent such transfers of people. Israel continues to treat the Gazans who were receiving treatment in Israel when hostilities broke out. This would have included the relative of one of the leaders of Hamas, recently resigned as of the forming of the unity government Prime Minister Haniyeh, whose mother-in-law was recently treated in an Israeli hospital. What nation provides their enemies during active warfare with food, medical supplies, electricity, water and treats the relatives of their enemies’ highest leadership in their hospitals? If you can find one other than Israel I would be interested in hearing all about such a generous people.


There are many realities which are not being reported throughout the world in the mainstream media. I can write about the realities and give the examples all of which are readily and easily verifiable through simple searches on the Internet. The best thing that could ever come of these efforts would be for many to verify what I report and then tell those people you meet on the way through your busy day and correct the misinformation and replace it with the truth and perhaps together we can rectify some of the smaller evils taking place in our worlds. The minds of people do respond when they are introduced to new information which can be verified or comes from a trusted source. It may be a slow and possibly tedious and possibly tendentious way to try and set the world right, but if we do not at least try then we are permitting the lies to rule the world. When lies rule the world then freedom and liberty find themselves orphans without a home. The truth not only sets you free but can also set those you meet on your way free and eventually can free everybody if only we try and simply refuse to relay falsehoods and propaganda from evil and deceitful sources. Any deceitful source is also an evil source as it poisons the minds and the character through its retelling of lies which will rot one’s soul over time. Breathe in the refreshing winds of truth and allow them to spread and sweep away the stench of lies and condemnations of the innocents. Israel is fighting a war on the front lines against the world’s most powerful force for darkness. Don’t take my word; allow me to introduce you to what Winston Churchill said of the Muslim people and religion. Part of Churchill’s writings on Islam stated, Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” You can read the rest here if you are so interested.


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July 13, 2014

World Enters Save Hamas from Israeli Annihilation Mode

This is the scenario that many have been fearing would come to be during President Obama’s time in the White House. Mind you, George W. Bush was no better and there really has not been a United States President which understood the situation in which Israel exists nor appreciated the frailty and vulnerability of the Israeli position. This lack of understanding was framed perfectly when George W. Bush visited Israel the first time while he was governor of Texas and when given a sky high look at Israel in an IDF helicopter responded to the commentary by the IDF General who pointed out that they had just flown over the narrow section of Israel which before the Six Day War, Israel was a mere nine miles wide, “In Texas, some of our driveways are longer than that.” In every war which Israel had defended her right to exist, regardless the enemy or how many nations and fronts Israel was forced to fight, as soon as Israel had gained the upper hand or appeared poised to make and solidify actual gains and make changes necessary for Israeli existence, the world enters a mode to save Israel’s enemies from reaping the destruction their aggressive attacks had brought upon them. After the Israeli responses to belligerent and hostile actions and stated threat of annihilation and of being “driven into the sea” in the June 1967 Six Day War and the October 1973 Yom Kippur War when Israel had turned the tide of battle and went on the offensive and was approaching Cairo as she was in 1973 or preparing to cross the Suez Canal as was the case in 1967 or driving on Damascus as was the case in both wars; then the world including the United States demanded and threatened all forms of retributions should Israel not heed the demands for them to cease winning and retreat from the line of battle and surrender lands and critical areas gained at great cost. After the Six Day War the United Nations Security Council issued Resolution 242 which insisted that despite being the defending nation and having responded to numerous casus-belli and legally having gained territory which under international law Israel was entitled to retain, Israel was tasked to return lands from amongst those she had gained in exchange for peace. In other words, Israel was made to sue for peace by offering the defeated aggressor nations land begging them to grant her peace. In any similar situation with the nation turning the tables and gaining territory from a defensive war that nation would be permitted to retain those lands and even evict the citizens of the defeated nation from those lands. This was definitely the case after World War II where sections of previous German territory were ceded to France and Poland as a form of retribution for damages and hardships caused by the war. In that same war the Soviet Union retained iron fisted control over virtually all of Eastern Europe all the way to the fall of the Soviet Union. The demand that Israel return portions but not necessarily all of the land after the Six Day War has been slowly redefined with copious amounts of assistance from Arab propaganda to the point where Israel is now facing demands that she surrender every inch of lands gained and who knows what else in the future.


Now Israel is poised to deal Hamas a serious, if not fatal, blow and destroy much of their terrorist infrastructure including their rocket factories, smuggling tunnels and the tunnels they plan to utilize for abducting Israeli soldiers or civilians; the world is starting their howling for the Israelis to stop and end the horrors. You might ask what horrors. Well, the horrors that the world has witnessed by watching the YouTube and seeing the videos showing the massive destructions resulting from the Israeli assaults. Just to assist your knowledge about how one need be careful when believing these deceptive videos, here is a link to the BBC commentary about them which even gives examples showing their current use to claim this was taken in Gaza just this past day or so and then revealing their actual origins which include pictures from the Syrian civil war and from bombings in Iraq by al-Qaeda and others. Despite the BBC debunking, these pictures of horrific violence and damages will be touted even in government and NGO offices and used to claim that Israel is committing borderline utter and total destruction. The Security Council has already called for a ceasefire urging Israel and Hamas to respect “international humanitarian laws” and stop the loss of life. The Council expressed “serious concern” over the “protection and welfare of civilians on both sides which is more than they said during the kidnapping and three week search for the Israeli teens and the accompanying steadily increased rocket and mortar firings into Israeli civilian populations from within densely populated regions of Gaza including adjacent to schools, hospitals, mosques and within market places. President Obama has insisted from the very first day that Israel cease their hostilities and allow him to use his office and influence to arrange a ceasefire. Apparently Israel has wisely ignored his demands for whatever reasons. Our belief is they have seen the results of President Obama when negotiating and figured they would get a better deal if they could just get President Obama to represent Hamas in any peace talks. Russian President Putin took some time off from reconstituting the new Russian hegemony to call Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and demand he heed the warnings and cease all belligerence against Hamas and the other Palestinian organizations, also known as terrorist groups, immediately of face harsh and difficult times as the entire world would turn against Israel. Also calling to give their backing for Israel to be a wet jellyfish and just go completely soft and cease their efforts to destroy Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Revolutionary Council (PRC), al-Qaeda in Gaza, ISIS, People for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the other lesser known terrorist entities and make whatever sacrifices which may be necessary to make peace were British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel. Then there are the foreign and domestic leftist NGOs who always condemn Israel first, last and foremost. The reason these cries of pity and have mercy for mercy’s sake are not being as effective and mostly ignored is because this time the game has changed and changed drastically.


The new game has nothing to do with the weapons available to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest as they have had these various weapons for some time now. The difference is that now Hamas and the rest are using these longer ranged rockets to strike at the heart of Israel including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and the central plains. Israeli society cannot survive if Hamas is allowed to indiscriminately fire rockets even at a rate of once or twice a week into these areas. The targets are no longer just Sderot and some kibbutzim, the targets now are the heart of Israel and include many powerful and influential people. Is this a horrible condemnation on Israel that she would accept Hamas et al to target Sderot which is a fairly small and moderately priced community along with the few kibbutzim to absorb rockets and mortars from out of Gaza but as soon as North Tel Aviv, and there will be those who will claim this is the real and actual reason for the Israeli’s heavy response, where many wealthy, connected, and financially and societally influential citizens then Israel is willing to go out and defend the people. Whatever the reason for some of the more jaded people, it really is the fact that this threatens the entirety of Israeli economic areas and covers close to eighty percent of Israel with Hamas and Islamic Jihad striking close to Haifa in the north and easily reaching Jerusalem in the east and even overshooting Jerusalem last night and striking Bethlehem which is Palestinian Authority governed areas. That is what makes these situations different and posing threats unknown until these attacks.


In defense of Israel only responding when the center of the nations was threatened, Israel has gone into Gaza twice before when only Sderot and the kibbutzim were attacked, so Israel would and did respond to protect these areas as well. The difference is Israel realizes that this time she must not leave Hamas in a position to simply rearm and attempt to destroy Israel again. What the world refuses to realize is that the Palestinians do not particularly desire to defeat Israel to take her land; they simply want to destroy Israel and commit to a genocidal murdering of the Jews residing in Israel. When you realize that this is the end game desired by the leaders and members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and despite protestations to the difference, also the desired goal for the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas, then you can see why they attack even knowing they cannot defeat Israel and risk bringing down an unholy assault unseen in modern times. This is also how Iran might use their nuclear weapon, in an effort to destroy Israel, not conquer it or liberate the area for the downtrodden Palestinians, just wanton destruction of the Jewish State so that they can claim to be the true leaders of Islam. It is because Hamas and Islamic Jihad have raised the stakes to threatening the end of Israel that Prime Minister Netanyahu must ignore the demands from around the world and finish this assault and completely devastate Hamas, Islamic Jihad and every single other terrorist groups or individual and leave the remaining Palestinians sufficiently fearful that they use stories about the summer of 2014 and how death struck those who dared defy Israel’s right to exist and how whenever they hear the deep-throated growls of military jets to remember that they bring with them the threat of death incarnate and the children learn to fear the sounds of those jets and the sounds of battle tanks rolling towards their town and never again give any thought to destroying Israel even if it is simply from abhorrent fears. Instead of filling the hearts of those in Gaza, the base of support for Hamas, Islamic Jihad et al, Israel continues to provide over seven tons, often more than twelve tons of food, medical supplies and even building supplies which are repurposed from building homes, hospitals, schools and water treatment plants to making rockets and digging smuggling tunnels and tunnels into Israel for sneak attacks and to abduct soldiers or civilians much like they abducted Gilad Shalit. What is even more perplexing is Israel has continued to provide supplies of water, electrical energy and fuels for the Gaza electrical generation unit in order to make the difficulty of the conflict less intrusive and striking panic by attempting to retain some degree of normalcy for the presumed innocent Palestinians. Does anyone for one minute think such actions would be taking place at all if the tables were turned and Israel was depending on Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria or anywhere else for her power and food needs? Of course not, that would be unthinkable.


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July 9, 2014

What is Behind the Israeli Military Actions in Gaza?

Listening to much of the news reporting from as many places as I am able to find the one constant has been their coverage over the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The vast majority of coverage in Western coverage, even to include many in Israel, tells all about the airstrikes being flown by Israel and the numbers of Hamas members who have been killed and only after many minutes of detailed coverage of the Israeli offensive do they relate that Hamas has been launching some rockets into Israel. Even if you have spent the past weeks following the events in Israel you have not likely gotten the real feel for what has been transpiring here. The abductions of three Israeli youths who were eventually found to have been murdered were followed by some extremist Israeli youths who abducted a Palestinian youth and murdered him in a revolting manner as their idea of revenge. Within thirty-six hours came the reports that Israeli police had arrested six young Israelis who were being questioned and that one had reportedly confessed before the courts placed a gag order at the request of the Shin Bet who feared that their further investigations might be compromised by continued publicity. Meanwhile, even with the names being provided of the Hamas operatives who abducted and murdered the three Israeli teens being provided to the Palestinian Authority, there has been little if any efforts to seek out and arrest these terrorists. Another item which has not been reported has been the celebratory dancing in the streets and the handing out sweet cakes and candies in Gaza during the three weeks while Israeli law enforcement and IDF units searched for the kidnapped teens. Also during this period the numbers of rockets and mortars fired at Israeli civilians from within Gaza by Hamas have been steadily ramped up with over two-hundred rockets and mortars having been launched in the past two days. Hamas has also announced that they intend to continue and increase the numbers and to also fire larger rockets and mortars further into Israel promising an earthquake to come. This is the impetus behind the Israeli attacks on Gaza.


There have been reports that fourteen people have been killed resulting from the Israeli strikes in the past two days. What has been left out is that all ten were identifiable Hamas terrorists and none have been civilians. Will the Israeli strikes increase in intensity or even escalate into a ground assault? Oddly enough that depends on Hamas and whether they cease their rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli towns, cities and kibbutzim. The Hamas rockets and mortars have destroyed two factories, struck the home of a family with five children and a preschool was struck mere minutes before the youths were to arrive. Fires have been started from rockets striking Ashkelon. Then there is the social media front to the conflict where the BBC, not exactly a pro-Israel media source, issued a short report you can view here supporting that much of the most graphic images showing horrendous injuries and numerous children murdered are not from Gaza but are actually graphic images and reports from the wars in Syria and Iraq. As the BBC reporter advised, make sure the sources you quote are accurate, double check and try and find supporting reports before spreading misinformation. In the coming days should Hamas continue or even increase the barrage of rockets and mortars then it is very likely that Israel might deploy ground forces in order to destroy the manufacturing sites for the rockets and explosives as well as destroying other terror related infrastructure as well as potentially capturing where possible many of the Hamas leadership. Already Hamas has displayed their intentions to maximize the numbers of innocents injured or killed during this conflict. They will continue to fire their rockets and mortars from out of school yards, mosques, hospitals and from amongst crowds of innocents. There was already an instance of insanity when an Israeli drone fired a flare atop a high value Hamas target signifying that it was about to be struck and as the Israeli fighter plane launched its missile, the Hamas operatives called for all the civilians, innocent bystanders, to rush towards the structure to prevent the Israeli strike. The result was a number of people needlessly injured as Hamas operatives attempted to utilize innocents as human shields. When the Hamas terrorists fire a rocket or other round from within homes and schools and other such sites against all the laws of warfare and aim them almost exclusively at civilian targets they are committing two war crimes simultaneously. Yet, despite this and the intentional stationing of innocent civilians around known military targets, the majority of the reports of war crimes coming out of the United Nations, the Human Rights NGOs, the many and varied world courts and those European national courts who have reserved for themselves universal jurisdiction will single out the presumed actions against the rules of war by Israel while ignoring anything against such rules that Hamas commits. Please read our previous article, Of What Restraint Doth the UN Human Rights Office Call? which discusses such slanted coverage by many in the human rights lobbying business.


The kind of deceptions described by our article and in the BBC report above will only grow more severe and cause frantic denunciations against Israel using these types of exaggerations and misrepresentations as proof that Israel is using disproportional force which is resulting in the unnecessary death of untold hundreds or more. How can I be so sure of this coming to media and other coverage and reports? Let me ask a simple question to illustrate the point after which I will suggest a different story and allow you to research which is true, your memory or mine. I am talking about the Jenin massacre where reports placed the death toll of innocent Palestinians in the city of Jenin in the thousands and told of the complete devastation over the entire city. The reality was all of the destruction caused covered about a square mile and the total numbers of dead were twenty-three dead fifty-two wounded Israeli Defense Force soldiers and at least fifty-two dead with at least twenty-seven militants and twenty-two civilians as per Human Rights Watch and generally confirmed by a United Nations investigation. Do not feel sad or upset as to this day there will be numerous instances where the Jenin massacre is still bandied about with the inflated numbers still claimed as valid and often when the United Nations investigation is brought as proof that the Jenin massacre story is a lie, those wishing to continue the blood libel will complain that the United Nations was tricked or controlled by the Jews. We can fully expect all new atrocities to be reported during this conflict including the claim that Israel used way too much military force for the provocations. I wonder how the state of New York, not to mention the entire United States, would react and how much firepower would transverse Lake Ontario heading north if Toronto were to launch a couple hundred rockets and mortars into Buffalo, New York and the aforementioned barrage topped off a month where an average of ten to twenty a day? We already know how England reacts when rockets are launched across the English Channel along with bombers raining bombs on London day and night. They bombed Dresden into a firestorm after twenty-four hours of concentrated bombing as well as near constant bombing of Berlin and other German controlled areas during World War II with devastating death tolls of civilians and accompanying destruction of civilian housing and everything else while also striking military targets. Israel often uses modified missiles where they remove much of the explosives and retain only that which they assess is adequate to destroy just the target without causing unnecessary injury, casualties or deaths. This has been exemplified when they have taken out Hamas terrorist leaders while they travel in a vehicle without killing any bystanders, even those within a few yards. There have been a few cases when they launched a missile at the rear seat and killed the target terrorist in the rear seat while only injuring his driver. The sad reality is that at some point Israel will be forced by necessities of the terror war being waged against her and her citizens endlessly and use whatever force ends up being required to end the capabilities of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations such as Fatah, Islamic Jihad and the newest arrivals, ISIS. May Hamas be deterred and lose their desires to continue the raining of rockets and mortars as well as placing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) near the border between Gaza and Israel detonating them when IDF patrols or unsuspecting civilians pass too close and into harm’s way. I can only pray that Hamas also cease to fire anti-tank RPG missiles at IDF or at other targets such as the big yellow school bus which resulted in the death of the one sole teen who remained on the bus which had just discharged the rest of the children just before cresting the hill bringing the bus into view making it a target. As bad as the death of the one innocent teen was that day, the fact that the rest of the children had just been dropped off is a miracle in its own way. Peace and security with no terrorist attacks of any kind would be preferable to miracles to keep Israeli children and other Israelis safe and sound. May this latest round of violence end and quiet return and remain henceforth and forever.


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