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September 27, 2014

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants Environmental Opponents Imprisoned


Thankfully, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has repeatedly decided not to run or accept appointment to political office where he might be able to submit such laws regarding, establish regulations limiting or interpret statutes to use to arrest anybody who disagrees or calls for debate the indisputable facts regarding anthropomorphic climate change as he claims that those denying his beliefs deserve incarceration after being tried for crimes of a similar degree as laws against those who commit war crimes. In a Climate Depot Exclusive Interview, they were quite proud and excited to have the actual Robert F. Kennedy Jr. interviewing with them, he stated, “I wish there were a law you could punish them with. I don’t think there is a law that you can punish those politicians under.” He lamented and accused skeptical politicians of “selling out the public trust.” But Robert F. Kennedy Jr. saved his most vile vitriol for those favorite punching bags of every extreme leftist progressive viciously tearing into them spitting, “Those guys are doing the Koch Brothers bidding and are against all the evidence of the rational mind, saying global warming does not exit. They are contemptible human beings. I wish there were a law you could punish them with.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continued his rant complaining, “I think it’s treason. Do I think the Koch Brothers are treasonous, yes I do. They are enjoying making themselves billionaires by impoverishing the rest of us. Do I think they should be in jail, I think they should be enjoying three hots and a cot at The Hague with all the other war criminals. Do I think the Koch brothers should be tried for reckless endangerment? Absolutely, that is a criminal offence and they ought to be serving time for it.” But you should not have to take my word for it, not when you can hear it from the mouth of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. himself in the video below.





Well, where to start, there are so many ripe targets and the most glaring is not even about climate change whether anthropomorphic, caused by the sun or just warming normally after a severe ice age has ended and the next one has yet to arrive, you know, the ice age from global cooling which was the climactic horror being sold back in the 1970’s. horror being sold back in the 1970’s. </a>Perhaps I’ll start with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s economic comment that the Koch brothers deserved to be incarcerated because, “They are enjoying making themselves billionaires by impoverishing the rest of us.” First off, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. degrading anybody for gaining wealth is disgusting when one realized the wealth and privilege he was born into, but I do not hold any animosities to him for his wealth and wish him only more riches as he is able to earn them. The problem is his claim that the Koch brothers coming into wealth and working hard and investing wisely to gain additional wealth makes the rest of the society poorer as their wealth comes at the expense of the rest of the population. This is the classic myth in which there is a set pie which represents all wealth and it never changes so if somebody receives an increase in their wealth then somebody else will have their wealth diminished. So, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the economic pie never increases in size and the economic pie is, will be and always has been exactly one size unchanged and stagnant through all of time. None of the gold, silver, copper and other ores pulled from the ground; none of the vast wealth manufactured since the start of the industrial revolution; all the labor intensive production through all of history; all the crops grown, harvested, and processed or cooked and fed to people; and all the advancements, ideas, inventions, exploration and other efforts of humankind has not produced one iota of increased wealth thus resulting in a situation where any person gaining wealth must take it from another person. We have exactly the same total wealth as did the first humanoid who climbed down from the trees and took up a different direction eventually leading to modern society, they had the same total wealth as is available to modern man. This representation of the economic dynamics is so pitifully flawed and disregard by almost every economist that it is difficult to believe that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ever took an economics course or actually took all of his economics courses from some luddite who believes there is no such thing as manufactured wealth or additional wealth generated over time. I hope he was just repeating the leftist socialist canard used to generate further class hatreds and class envy in order to castigate the wealthy, which actually includes his entire family.


As far as debating anthropomorphic global climate change (or whatever the term it is currently referred to as I have not kept up on the always adapting name fashioned to facilitate rejecting and arguing against the latest scientific data which disproves their last set of claims) that is part of freedom of speech, one of the five rights protected by the First Amendment. People even have the right in the United States to be wrong and even to disagree with the President, going dogma and societal perception, and even with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. My problem with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s argument other than under the First Amendment is not the part that the Earth has been warming over the past few centuries, even though it has stalled for the past decade or so as the average temperatures have been unmoved when the global averages are considered. I have a problem with the anthropomorphic part of his rant. Natural sources such as volcanos, lava vents, carbon dioxide released by the oceans, carbon dioxide emitted from animals and, in certain conditions, plants all together easily exceed human carbon footprint. But even if the human race produces an excessive amount of carbon dioxide, the United States has made such strides since the middle of the 1960s that demanding the United States address their carbon footprint while excusing nations such as China, Brazil and numerous other developing nations whose reliance on coal and other high carbon fuels pumps far more carbon into the atmosphere than the United States or even all the advanced nations. If the ecological environmentalists really were interested in reducing the carbon footprint of humankind, they should be calling and demonstrating for the United States and the advanced nations of the world to assist the developing and third world nations in addressing their energy requirements and industrial methods by making advanced power production and clean manufacturing systems rather than ignoring their needs and resorting to the cheapest and most available sources of fuel which is usually coal. There are reports that China has put at least one new carbon burning electrical plant online every month. Imagine if they were provided with just scrubbers and modern methods of cleaning these coal plants bringing them up to the standards available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Argentina, Japan, Israel and the rest of the modern advanced nations. By assisting with cleaning the energy production where the most carbon is being placed into the atmosphere instead of trying to destroy the economy of the advanced nations by requiring they shut down all fossil fueled energy plants and rely solely on renewable energy, perhaps we could share some energy technologies which developing nations could easily adapt to their energy plants to reduce carbon emissions. I understood the ideals that the ecology advocates when they demanded that scrubbers and other reduction methods be utilized by coal plants and for their being refitted and modernized but when they called for the shuttering of those very same coal plants after the investments of millions of dollars and efforts to meet the new requirements and then proceeded to demand that hydroelectric generating dams because the rivers must be returned to their natural state, as nature must not be violated or harnessed if such disturbs it in any way, that was one insanity too many. The most absurd protest came as the initial plans were presented for the cleaning of the legendary pollution in the Boston harbor. There was a group of ecological environmentalists protesters who called for leaving the harbor polluted in order to save an organism unique to the polluted waters which thrived on the pollution and any change to the various kinds and levels of pollutants would result in this unique organism’s death. They lost their fight but they did prove that there are those who will protest any cause no matter how absurd.


Back to Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s demand that disagreeing with his views on global climate change and gaining wealth rather than being born into wealth be punished, especially if the ones gaining wealth do so in a manner or have beliefs with which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. disagrees. The idea by anybody, especially one from one of the families who have so generously benefited from the blessing of their great nation, demands that debate be closed down and that having an opinion which differs, even if, or more especially, should that opinion be held only by one, that it be made illegal and the holder of that idea incarcerated, that would signal the end of freedom and honor in America. The ease with which so many self-important political and social activists demand that all debate be silenced and those who do not agree be squelched if not arrested for their audacity to hold a different opinion and refusing to wilt before their arrogant anger would be amusing if it were not such a threat to freedom of thought and freedom of speech. May these people never be granted the power to enact laws enforcing their tyranny bringing fascism to the fore destroying all that the founding fathers crafted so carefully. Perhaps that is the greatest insult I felt at the pontifications and imperatives which dotted Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s excerpted interview. Perhaps I am being unfair being so critical as I was not able to find the entire interview though I doubt anything additional which might have been contained in the remainder of the interview would have mitigated the unacceptable parts made public. One has to realize that these excerpts and the quotes available were from a group which supports Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s positions and would most likely use the parts which they believed would reflect best the content of the interview. I pray for the sake of debate and what has historically been referred to as American fairness that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. never ever hold public office, especially in a position where he has the opportunity to formulate laws or interpret and enforce them as such would be a danger to the nation and its people.


Beyond the Cusp


June 15, 2014

Israel and the Work-Week Length

There have been discussions and protestations coming from virtually every direction, party, religious orientation, and position on whether to have the government officially establish Sunday as an additional day considered as the weekend. For those who support such a move, let me say that much of the world would likely sympathize with your views except the world rarely sympathizes with anything Israeli. Still, taking this idea to the Knesset where every extreme view which might protest such an idea calling it radical, unreligious, against the holy Sabbath, anti-business, capitalistic, too Christian and any other detracting and degrading reference they can possibly invent is a recipe for failure at best. The best way to go forward with such an idea would be to approach employers, particularly manufacturing or those which operate twenty four hours, seven days a week such as hospitals, hotels and service industries and explain the advantages to them especially how it would allow for greater flexibility in scheduling etcetera. What is kind of amazing is that while much of the world is either adopting or discussing a four day work-week and even a less than eight hour work-day, Israel remains with her six days shall you toil and on the seventh day you shall rest from over three thousand years ago when the rest of the world was toiling from birth until death. So, yes, the world appears to have passed you by and even raised the ante to the two-day weekend many decades ago and is already raising the ante once again with some even challenging the so-called normal eight hour work-day.


So, if the Knesset is unfriendly with more angles opposing anything new that can be imagined, and if the employers are less than enthusiastic, then were to turn. Spark the working people’s imaginations and get them on board and allow for things to take their course and slowly garner support from wherever you can find some. Talk with the union who would likely have a sympathetic ear and might even decide that a five day work-week might be the next major demand which would bring about this step into modernity that much faster. The secret is to plan big and accept small steps and treat each like a major shift because eventually the small step towards acceptance will topple the remaining opposition. Expect full forced opposition from the religious who will label your efforts as potentially sinful and countering Biblical law. Change never comes easily or quickly and even changes that appear to happen overnight, they usually have been long time working and just garnered sufficient momentum to cross the trip point into acceptability. Remember one item above all else, Israel is not just another nation among nations and her people know this as the rest of the world reminds Israel day after day. Should you succeed, you might provide others who seek social change with an alternative route to fabricate changes as often it appears that every time any group wants to introduce societal changes they immediately seek to force their idea through the Knesset. Perhaps that is the paralyzing chokepoint standing to prevent change, asking the Knesset for permission for every little alteration in society. Perhaps the place to start is with the people and allow them to drag the overly self-important politicians to follow for a change. Sometime you just have to take a bottom up approach incorporating a five day forty hour week should entice the working employees even if employers are not exactly overly taken by the idea. There is one thing that remains constant throughout the eons; change. That is one adage which can be counted on but the catch is that change seldom happens overnight no matter what people like to think. Israel will have the forty hour-five day a week work schedule and probably a lot sooner than many would say. There will be those making Aliyah who comes from places where this was the norm and some even will be arriving from places with less than an eight hour work-day or the four day work-week.


The item to remember above all else is that social change more often comes from the society and the government bends to the change only after much of the society had already made the transition. This has been the truth throughout the ages and applies to more areas of consideration than most would believe. Some of the most astonishing examples come from the ecological and anti-pollution advocates. The air and water in the United States had attained the levels demanded by the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act before Congress even began the debates on these pieces of legislation. The reason is that the people had made known their desires and demands and companies complied as best and as quickly as they could while keeping costs within affordable levels such that they did not destroy profits which would have made investors leery of accepting the plans for change. Some might remember when Coca-a-Cola came out with a huge promotional campaign with New Coke which basically bombed initially. Sufficient people demanded their old flavor Coke-a-Cola back and within weeks Coke-a-Cola had released their Classic Coke with as close as their new facilities could match taste to the original recipe. This phenomenon has a name; it’s called People Power and had only grown through the ages. Sometimes people power comes from the people who have more of a position of advantage within the society, and such times bring changes whose effects and affects are felt and seen going forward for time immemorial. Probably the best known example which has been one of the most drastic forces for change in humankind’s entire existence was a demand petitioning of the King of Britain by the numerous Barons and landowners who reminded the King that it was their knights who protected him and that their armies outnumbered his army by a significant ratio. The King recanted and they reached an agreement known as the Magna Carta, the first enacted petition of the rights of the people to be established since the receipt of the Law at Mount Sinai when Moses brought the Ten Commandments down from on high. The restriction against a King gathering great wealth or an undue share of property, flocks, horses or other valuables which the restrictions in the Old Testament place upon a King, these were the initial recognition that a monarch was, in the end, just a man and as such would have the same limitations and tendencies as any man thus had to be restricted or a monarch would take advantage of his position. Well, that is pretty much what came to be mainly because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Only a Supreme Being seems to be capable of resisting abusing power and people are anything but supreme beings, especially when it comes to morality and self-restraint. This is also one of the reasons that making a change to the work-week will be difficult, those who make the largest profit and often are above the day-to-day minutia the common laborer or employee must perform as an employee, they will be reluctant to give away the extra profits that a shortened work-week might entail. The really odd item is that in nations where companies have extended their hours of operation and keep their stores open seven days each week have found that they do not take in as much additional money as they expend in additional costs. The only reason they continue with these extended hours is because should they close they would lose customer base to their competitors who remain open seven days a week. This insanity has actually cost some entrepreneurial concerns to no longer make profits and they have eventually restructured or gone completely out of business. This has been extremely apparent in the budget retail end and food sales of the market in the United States where there are now fewer competitors and the remaining competitors are operating on a larger scale making less profits per hour than was the norm before these stores had extended daily hours, some even open twenty-four hours per day, and all opening seven days per week. The additional income is far less than the additional operating costs yet they started a convenience and that monster they started now threatens them if they do not continue to feed the always open for your convenience concept. So, attaining a five day work-week within Israel will take time but it is possible that employers, once the first brave stores, manufacturers and other employers begin to offer such an enticement and find their profits increase, the idea will catch on so quickly that there will be no need for the Knesset to act. But expect after many, if not the vast majority, of employers opt to a five day work-week and give their employees off early on Friday and all day Saturday (Shabbat) and even an additional day on Sunday or rotating it among the employees on one other day so they are able to remain open six days each week, the Knesset will pass some call for employees to be required to work only thirty-five hours each week getting a two-day weekend and an early Friday to prepare for Shabbat or attend prayers and then take full credit for following the precedent set forth by the people and the leading employers. Isn’t it always the case that the politicians are the last to climb on board but the loudest boasters of how their revolutionary out of the box thinking and rights advancing ideas with their new laws recognizing a change which was already well-established makes them so forward thinking. Its all-right as they need to be stroked from time to time otherwise they tend to pout and feel badly. The most important thing is that desired change is the important item and who is credited is of less importance as long as the people actually receive the advances into the future which they desire, the sooner the better but better late than never.


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March 30, 2014

Obama Care’s Obama Scare

Obama Care is, as the Democrats love to remind its opposition, now the law of the land. In the ramp-up to the release of this Obama Scare Monster the public was fed a steady stream of reassuring deceptions accented with exaggerated descriptions of attractive features. What was excluded from their sales pitch was the huge appetite this Monster would have for the United States tax dollars. The basic theme was to hide the voracious appetite and the long claws and drooling maw filled with sharp shredding teeth and accentuate the pretty outfit they had dressed up the Monster to place the public at ease. It was the classic case of selling one item and delivering another which would result in prosecution for consumer fraud if you or I used a similar sales technique. The one valid central truth which the public was told was that for Obama Care to work it would require near full enrolment by the youthful and healthy members of American society to enroll in order for care to be affordable for the healthcare industry to provide for the older and less healthy members of the population. This would be the main element which would transform Obama Care into the Obama Scare Monster terrifying and feeding on those most needing healthcare by denying them the necessary care for them to lead a comfortable and productive life.


Then came the fateful day when the cage was opened and the Obama Scare Monster was released on an anxious and waiting American public. The entrance was less than spectacular as the Obama Scare Monster timidly crept from its cage half way before scurrying back into its protective cave refusing to interact with the anxiously awaiting American public. All attempts to coax the Obama Scare Monster to come out and interact with the awaiting American public fell on deaf ears. Something was not operative in the interface, or so we were informed but that given a few tweaks and adjustments and the promised delivery would be a wonderful and spectacular as had been promised. Unfortunately for the administration, the Obama Scare Monster continued to be more timid than scary. It remained lethargic and uncommunicative taking long months before it even began to interact with the American public. And then came the worst of all possible news, the enrollment numbers were lagging dreadfully behind what had been projected and necessary. The people were not taking to the Obama Scare Monster. Apparently the people were not as enthralled and this meant that expectations would need to be lowered.


This began the manipulations of the Obama Scare Monster to lessen its threats and allow only the comely adornments to be presented to the public. First they gave exemptions to the loyal segments to offer them immunity and protection from the worst threats from the Obama Scare Monster. Next came the pushing off for a year the employer mandate which clipped back the mighty claws of the Obama Scare Monster. Even this was not sufficient and the Obama Scare Monster was beginning to turn on its handlers and snap at them repeatedly. Next came the delaying of the individual mandate placing a muzzle over the Obama Scare Monster’s razor sharp teeth muffling its bark and neutering its fearsome bite. Still the Obama Scare Monster was not readily accepted, especially by the healthy youth so necessary for its wellbeing. Soon all that could be neutralized through postponing the most fearsome attributed of the Obama Scare Monster leaving only the pretty dressings viewable by the public but still the people were wary of accepting what the administration was selling.


What will be the future of Obama Care? Will the Obama Care be a successful system or will it really become a fearsome Obama Scare Monster eating up trillions of dollars and bankrupting the American budgets? Will all the postponed features ever be enacted or will the Obama Scare Monster die before it is fully revealed? Perhaps the Obama Scare Monster was never really something which was supposed to be loosed as it never had any real teeth or claws but was simply a sweet pet disguised as a monster in order to scare the public into demanding the government save them and instead of the Obama Scare Monster to give them the sweet and purring healthcare system like the Europeans and Canadians have already implemented. That may be the real secret of Obama Care, that it was presented as a terrifying plan that posed to destroy the American healthcare industry while bankrupting the nation thus forcing the transformation of the greatest healthcare system the world had known into another identical single payer government healthcare system that lurches forward with increasing delays and slowed advancement of medical research and developments. Perhaps the entire idea was to scare the American public into accepting mediocrity in the guise of saving them from an even worse disaster which the Obama administration was threatening to release. The final question is will the American people acquiesce to this devilish plan or demand that government do whatever is required to restore the healthcare industry to its former glorious and proven level by undoing every bit of damage they have wielded. Time will tell but it is hoped that the Americans will demand exceptionalism even if their President refuses to recognize such himself.


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