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September 8, 2014

Palestinians Prove Statehood Not the Target, Israel Is!

The mantra from much of the world and most emphatically from the Western, Muslim and Arab worlds is that whatever offer Israel presents to the Palestinians, it is insufficient and thus must be rejected. Part of the Palestinian demands is for the right of return for the refugees which are still unsettled from the war lost by the Arab forces from more than six nations in an attempt to wipe Israel from existence immediately after her founding. Resulting from this war and the ensuing decade of sporadic violence against the Jewish populations across the Arab world forced almost two million total refugees from their homes, businesses, lives and history resulting in their influx to Israel. These refugees were of comparable numbers with approximately seven-hundred-thousand Arab Palestinian refugees and eight-hundred-fifty-thousand Jewish refugees from across the Arab world who were forced from their homes and dispossessed of their wealth and properties as well as the hundreds of thousands of European Jewish refugees who were survivors of World War II and all of its persecutions as well as many Jews who were rejected from their homes in a number of places throughout Europe. The basic truth is that a comparable number of Jews were forced into exile as Arabs fled or were dispossessed during the war against the founding of Israel which spanned 1948 and 1949 before a ceasefire was reached and an Armistice Line produced which has since been known as the Green Line. The difference is that the Arab refugees were forced into camps and prohibited from citizenship, right to own property, right to work in all but the most menial of professions and basically shunned socially and politically by their Arab brethren while the entirety of the Jewish refugees were accepted into Israeli society and their children and their children’s children makeup about half of the Israeli population. It also bears noting that the Arabs who chose to remain in Israel are today citizens of Israel with full rights to vote, hold office, serve as judges, physicians, lawyers, or any profession of their choice and may reside and own property same as any Israeli Jew, their lives are legally as equals.

Egyptian president General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has this past week offered Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas to cede 160 square kilometers of land in the Sinai Peninsula bordering Gaza at the Rafah junction, which is equal to five times the size of Gaza, to place the refugees and relent on the demands for right of return thus making the return to the Green Line as demarking the border with Israel acceptable. This land offered by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi would be in addition to the lands of Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and to be used solely for the resettlement of the refugees permitting them to begin a normal form of life. It was reported that Mahmoud Abbas refused the offer without stopping to blink his eyes. Immediately and completely out of hand Abbas refused to consider, debate or even offer some counter-proposal to President al-Sisi’s generous offer and providing a viable end to the otherwise inexorable standoff between the Palestinians and Israel. This offer had the approval and acceptance by Israel, the United States and one may assume the European Union as well if approached would have also approved. Abbas simply refused without even the hint of an explanation. So, what ever could be the reasoning which forced Abbas to once again discard and reject a generous offer which would have given the Palestinians lands almost twice that of even the most generous offer Israel could ever grant, that being a complete withdrawal to the Green Line and dividing Jerusalem.

The reason has been understood and has been stated regularly in Arabic by Abbas as well as his predecessor, Yasser Arafat. The reason was the sole and announced reason that the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded upon in 1964, a full three years before the Six Day War in June of 1967 and thus before Israel controlled any lands beyond the Green Line or her borders with Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. The PLO Charter called for the liberation of all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea also calling for the destruction of Israel. The Palestinian Arab refugees have been kept in refugee camps and under refugee status with their own United Nations organization, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), taking responsibility for their care and setting the rules by which somebody is to be considered a Palestinian refugee with rights to return to their homes in Israel. This places the Palestinian Arab refugees as a separate entity to the whole of humanity’s refugees who are adjudicated and cared for by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) whose mission statement demands that this agency take all measures necessary to incorporate the refugees under their care into the national population within which they are located. The UNHRC recognized only those who were displaced and realized refugee status at the time of inception and cannot be transferred to their children or their children’s children or any other relative, thus any refugee group which comes under the normal care of the United Nations can last no longer than a single generation. UNRWA has a completely different set of rules and objectives. UNRWA not only permits the passing of refugee status from one generation to the next but also includes and others who may become a member of the household such as a spouse upon marriage. When a Palestinian refugee marries, even if they wed somebody who is not only not a Palestinian refugee, and not even a Palestinian, and not even Arab but, for example, they marry a French Canadian, then that French Canadian and their immediate family are now admissible as Palestinian refugees. Between this and simple reproduction the original Palestinian Refugees now number over five-million. And even if a Palestinian Refugee or their prodigy were to leave the refugee camps and take up residence with citizenship in another country, say San Diego, California in the United States, they retain their refugee status under UNRWA as well their children and their children’s children into perpetuity. Another remarkable trait of these Palestinian refugees is that every last single one of the families left their homes which were within Israeli Green Line and none fled from Judea, Samaria or Gaza. These refugees cannot be permitted to be normalized and relieved of their refugee status in any manner except by being accepted as Israeli citizens as a part of any agreement Abbas might consider, an effect which would alter Israel into simply another Palestinian Arab state and the Jewish People would no longer have their homelands. That is the reason behind the refusal of al-Sisi’s generous and logical offer for a solution to the refugee situation. Since his offer did not include the destruction of Israel as the Jewish homelands, it was completely unacceptable as the end result of the formation of the PLO instituted in order to bring about the end of Israel and her Jews throughout its metamorphosis to Fatah, the Palestinian Authority, and now, according to Abbas, the State of Palestine. Very simple, any solution that would be acceptable to Abbas and the Palestinian leadership can be summed up as follows; To Know Israel leads to No Peace but to Know Peace only if it Produces No Israel.

The aims have not altered one iota from 1964 when the PLO first demanded the purging and purification of all of Palestine from its Jewish presence. There is no difference in the view of reaching a peace with Israel between the PLO, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, IRAN, Hezballah and still much of the so-called Arab Street. And furthermore, they mostly agree with Hamas in the call for the eradication of the Jewish People wherever they may reside on the entirety of planet Earth. Where Abbas and Fatah, the PLO and, for as long as Abbas can avoid elections, the Palestinian Authority desire an Arab State in place of Israel and spanning from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea with an elected governance and a secular governance, Hamas desires the same state for the Palestinian Arab also called Palestine but under Sharia exactly the same as ISIS (now referring to themselves as IS though their claim to Caliphate is weak and debatable) and as ISIS desires spreading Sharia across the globe, so does Hamas and their ally Islamic Jihad and their parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. It may start with Israel and the Jews, but it will not end there and eventually Hamas, ISIS, Fatah, Boko Haram, Islamic Jihad, Hezballah, al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda, Wahhabis, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, and numerous other terrorist entities and Arab and Muslim nations will, after eradicating the Jews of Israel, spread their hatred and Sharia into Africa, across Europe, sweeping through Southeast Asia, spreading over South America and eventually, if not sooner, into the United States and Canada. Their desire and aim is no different than any of the other forces which made their vain attempts to conquer the known world and must be prevented from attaining their goal the exact same way. The one truth that must be stressed in the hopes that it is not realized in its potentially worst case scenario, they must be met with greater strength of arms and dedicated warfare to annihilate their chance to achieve even a limited form of their goals just as every other tyrant with delusions of world conquest before them. The longer this battle is postponed, the more costly in blood and treasure the conflict demand be borne. That has been true every time in the past and will prove just as valid in the twenty-first century.

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August 11, 2014

The Same Old Gangs Blaming Israel

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Today the typical situation which is used by Israel’s nefarious enemies will use to cast Israel as the evil force continuing the cycle of violence. Once they start pointing to the fact that Israel has not ceased their attacks despite the Palestinians agreeing to a new three day ceasefire then their supporters and their useful idiots and their cohorts in hating all things Israel which includes extremist right wing nationalists, far leftist anti-capitalists, plain old anti-Semites and others who simply are looking for something to protest or hate will all come flying out of the woodwork with the ready-made signs and chants anxious to excoriate Israel contending that the Israelis are viscous barbarians who live to murder innocent Palestinians. The way this operates is one of the plethora of terrorist groups, or some combination; agree to a ceasefire such as this weekend when the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Islamic Jihad all agreed to renew a seventy-two hour ceasefire but when the time to execute came Hamas continued firing rockets into Israel forcing the IAF to respond to defend the Israeli civilians with an attempt to silence the Hamas rocket launching terrorists. Meanwhile both the Palestinian Authority and Islamic Jihad are claiming that Israel has refused the ceasefire and are continuing to bomb Gaza despite their ceasefire agreement. They know that the mainstream media will transmit their plaintiff lament of deception word for word and then add their own commentary forcing the deceit to another level. Next thing you know there are protests across North America, Europe and the rest of the Western world. These demonstrations will instantly appear whenever Israel comes under attack and is forced to defend her citizens. It is a unique occurrence reserved solely for the Israelis.

There has been a viscous war ravaging all of Syria going into its third year and yet there has been nary the major demonstration. The violent land dispute between Russian President Putin and the Ukraine had its share of demonstrations in the news, mostly from within the Ukraine but only limited play-time around the rest of the world. There is ISIS who is crowning their announcement of their forming the next Caliphate with the blood of thousands of Christians which one would expect at least some protests, but mostly silence as their slaughter of innocents continues. Since President Obama had ordered airstrikes against ISIS we just might see some protests now, against those airstrikes, not ISIS. Mind you, the violent abduction of over two-hundred school girls in Nigeria by the Boko Haram terrorist group did manage a hashtag demonstration on Twitter which even got a determined angry First Lady but limited street demonstrations, very limited. The sporadic cross-border violence between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been completely ignored by the protest anything groups. All of the various nations in South and Central America which have spurred the child emigration into the United States as desperate parents shipped their children off hoping they would find the promise of a decent future has gained some demonstrations, against the children illegally entering the United States, not against the misery and violence which spurred these children’s parents to such desperation. Spin a globe while blindfolded, stop it and point randomly until you hit a nation and the odds are fairly even that you will be pointing to one of the numerous hot spots of violence, almost all of them unprotested by the perpetually perturbed who usually are ready to protest for any cause. But have Israel come under attack and launch a retaliatory strike and then you would think the world had caught fire by the immediate throngs demonstrating across the globe.

The truth is that the terrorist groups starting with Hamas and Islamic Jihad as the big two and numerous smaller outfits which include but are not limited to al-Qaeda in Gaza, ISIS, small groups attached to Fatah, and PFLP will all combine their efforts to cast Israel in the worst possible light. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are known for their willingness to sacrifice as many innocents as necessary to make it appear Israel is slaughtering these civilian victims of this horrific propaganda ruse. They have also learned that by dressing their fighters in civilian clothing that when a terrorist falls in combat they simply need remove his firearm and any other military gear and now they have another civilian ready for the cameras. Often the media are brought to the place where there had been terrorists struck in an Israeli airstrike who had been sanitized and then shown and photographed by the media. Some of the media who work Gaza as their assigned beat have been induced into providing support for the terrorist interests while others are simply intimidated into assisting in the terrorist rouses presenting exactly what Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the others wish for the world to witness. Any media operating in Gaza or the West Bank area under complete Palestinian Authority rule are required to have their reports approved before they are permitted to transmit or file their story. Any media personnel who report stories or file pictures or videos which cast the terrorist as, say, terrorists, those filing such reports, videos, or pictures are refused any further ability or access to Gaza or other terrorist controlled areas. In Israel the media has the advantage of freedom of the press and are permitted to report everything as they see fit. This even includes reporters and others who are known Israel bashers or even outright anti-Semites, anti-Zionists or reporters for Al-Jazeera. Is it any wonder why Israel receives critical media that actually questions and challenges Israel on their every reason and action while Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Authority and other terrorist groups receive such supportive reporting hiding the horrors and illegal actions such as their firing their rockets and mortars from amongst civilian homes, storing military stores such as rockets and explosives in Mosques and UNRWA schools, surrounding their fighters during firefights with children, using their children to explode suicide belts in public places inside Israel and aiming their rockets and mortars toward Israeli civilians rather than military targets. And this ignores the entire misinformation campaign which had become known as “Pallywood” which I will leave to your search engine to provide the evidence.

Once one takes the time to actually inspect and research the truth and discard the hyperbole and propaganda and a whole new picture and reality appears before your eyes and in one’s mind. Once you cast off the misinformation and group-think, researching the kernels of truth which often are reported in more remote and less popular news sources Israel takes on a whole new perspective and her struggle becomes one with which is at the forefront of the oncoming battle between modern progressive society and regressive barbarism. Doubt this at your own peril but there are reports of ISIS making plans to ally with Hamas and Islamic Jihad joining their terror war to destroy Israel and cleans it of its non-Muslim population. The further you dig into the real news the more you will realize that there is no difference between ISIS and Hamas, Boko Haram and Fatah, Hezballah and al-Qaeda or any of the other pairings of Islamic terrorism. Hamas is supported by Turkey, Qatar and Iran while ISIS is supported by Turkey, while Hezballah is an arm of Iran but ISIS and Hezballah are warring against one another inside the Syrian civil war. The alliances are confusing until one realizes that the Muslim infighting will disappear tomorrow if any Muslim force gained an ability to defeat the Western nations in one great conflagration. Until that one preeminent Islamic entity rises above the rest and shows that capability, the many different power bases within Islam will beck the wide array of terrorist forces as they pose the greatest destructive capabilities currently able for Islam to wage against the Western advanced nations. That is where Israel’s part in this struggle is apparent; Israel is the test case for the rest of the advanced Western nations. Should the Islamic forces ever destroy Israel the rest of Islam will take the lessons learned and apply them to conquer the remainder of the world bringing the entire world under their control; an unavoidable set of events they foresee are coming near to fruition. We hear reports and predictions that Islamic influence is rising to a tipping point in much of Europe, yet outside the Islamic nations of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Albania, Herzegovina, Macedonia which has a historically large Muslim population, and Cyprus which consists of a population which is half of Greek origin and half Turkish origin; the rest of Europe averages well under ten percent indigenous Muslim populations with the majority of nations well below five percent. Many leading military tacticians have claimed that Israel acts much like the cork in a champagne bottle which once removed would open the proverbial floodgates of Muslims into Europe, and some claiming that such an influx might be at the head of an attacking army hoping to initiate the new and their hoped for final expansion of Islam to take what they believe is its rightful place ruling the entirety of planet Earth. Whether these predictions are valid is something I would just as soon not test. Unfortunately, if you go by much of the media coverage of this latest conflict initiated by Hamas by abducting three Israeli teenage boys and murdering them then firing over a thousand rockets into Israeli over the ensuing three weeks before Israel retaliated, then one would believe that much of the Western world would desire such a test, including many European nations. Go figure.


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August 6, 2014

Hamas Aiming to Win the Peace

When trying to determine which side proved victorious in the recent Hamas initiated conflict with Israel one needs to include all the disparate and varied venues in which the contest was fought. One need measure the delivery of damage to military forces and equipment, destruction of infrastructure, protection of civilians, media coverage and commentary around the world and public opinion around the globe. No matter the actual wins and losses amongst these criteria, the single most important item is winning the peace, attaining your goals in the resulting accords, treaties and most important the realities on the ground once the combat has ended. In the last two conflicts between Hamas and Israel the winner of the peace was undetermined as Israel did receive a period of peace and quiet without rockets raining down on her towns and cities while Hamas was able to smuggle in more rockets to replace those lost through attrition, usage and Israeli destruction of rocket stores. In the past Hamas had a definitive advantage over Israel in the propaganda war as Hamas leveled numerous charges of war crimes such as Israeli strikes having struck schools, hospitals and other civilian structures which would normally be outside of acceptable targets and the IDF took too long in determining whether the accusations were valid or false. Even once the IDF had the truth and answered these specious charges their responses were delayed beyond anybody’s memory of which accusation they applied to and the damage of the accusations had already been accomplished. The current conflict the Israeli media management was vastly improved but still ran up against the highly polished media manipulation and propaganda from Hamas. The main problem Israel runs up against is Israel had a free press which applies to the Israeli media as well as the international media even including those sources antagonistic to the Israeli government and that openly supports Hamas while there is no freedom of the press in Gaza and all stories are monitored and any diversion from the Hamas directed story line can get a reporter expelled and his credentials invalidated, a threat which is usually sufficient to force a compliant media which carries the Hamas line of propaganda and spreads it as if it were truthful reporting.

Some media is complicit with the aims of media and is willing to stand against Israel for purely political reasons which can be witnessed in many of the antagonistic and accusatorial interviews where Israeli politicians and spokespeople are met with assaults, challenges and charges of spreading lies and propaganda. I witnessed one such broadcast while watching a tape of an evening news broadcast where Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had been requested to be interviewed and the newscaster went through a familiar denigrating accusations demanding the reason for so few Israeli fatalities, especially of civilians, and accusing the Prime Minister of allowing war crimes because more Palestinians had died than Israeli civilians. This line of denunciatory questioning continued the entirety of the interview with the news anchor interrupting Prime Minister Netanyahu in mid-sentence as he attempted to explain, simply to accuse Israel and his managing of the war as being disproportional and Israel guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. After dismissing everything the Israeli Prime Minister stated and immediately after he cut short the interview rather curtly, the newscaster followed-up before cutting to commercial break by reading what he deemed a press release by Hamas word for word without any commentary seeming to present their report as factual after all but directly calling the Israeli Prime Minister a liar. The biggest two areas where Israel lost this conflict were in the left-leaning world news casts, media and amongst academia where Hamas propaganda was presented as factual and Israel was considered guilty of any charge any source cared to bring and whenever Israeli representatives were permitted to give the Israeli side they were met with animosity and inflamed indignance with the only phrase being disproportional and the singular most line of queries demanding an explanation as to why there were not more Israeli civilian casualties. Their answers were almost universally cut short simply to demand an explanation as to why there were not more Israeli deaths. It got to the point that one starts to hear them asking where are the dead Jews; we want more dead Jews in place of their effrontery, in place of journalistic integrity.

Looking purely at the cold and hard facts, the civilian victims inside Gaza are the saddest of the end results of this entire conflict. We have already covered the reasons behind much of the loss of life in Gaza and the far fewer casualties being suffered in Israel. It comes down to the fact that Israel has spent the past twenty years and billions of Shekels developing the Iron Dome and building shelters where needed and changing building codes to require every new apartment and home to come equipped with a reinforced rocket-proof safe room. That is where Israel used their concrete while in Gaza Hamas used millions of dollars, if not billions, and tons upon tons of concrete to build a complex of tunnels making up an entire underground system which could have provided a safe haven for the Palestinian people had they been permitted to hide below ground where the Hamas fighters hid to escape the air attacks. Hamas also invested heavily in rockets and even invested in larger warheads and longer range rockets which they hid underground, in UNRWA schools, in Mosques and in civilian homes. When the sorties flown by Israel is compared to the numbers of rockets Hamas fired since the beginning of the escalation of rocket fire executed by Hamas after the abduction of three Israeli teens who they murdered, the numbers are basically comparable with Israel dropping slightly more explosives compared to the Hamas rain of rockets. The main difference in civilian casualties was the efficiency of the Iron Dome Systems and the Israeli society’s ability to utilize shelters and safe rooms which were built by the Israeli government or subsidized by the Israeli government. As far as Hamas firing rockets from amongst their civilian population and even near places where the Gazans were kept in refugee shelters and the institution by Israel of dropping leaflets and making phone calls warning Gazans of approaching or imminent airstrikes or IDF infantry actions in the near future and one can see the difference of the attitudes between the Israelis and Hamas. The one true statement describing this situation was that Israel showed more concern and care for the civilians in Gaza than did Hamas.

Still, after all has been said and done and all the countering voices have faded into the past, the one victory which will remain and the only one that truly matters is who wins the peace. This will be an easily measured contest. Israel has demanded that the Gazan terrorist groups be disarmed and demilitarization of Gaza while Hamas demands open borders, and operating port facility and an international airport so as to maximize their ability to import additional weapons and also more advanced missiles to replace unguided rockets as well as advanced weapons systems such as armor, military aircraft, newer rifles, explosives, and an endless supply of concrete and tunneling machines in order to rebuild and improve their infiltration tunnels to facilitate larger and more murderous terror assaults on Israeli communities throughout Israel. What the world forces who will attempt to mediate these treaty discussions will most likely offer is a solution which they will claim opens up all of Gaza to the rest of the world and also will receive guarantees from Hamas that they will demilitarize all of Gaza including themselves and the other terrorist structures and groups.

Then there will come the most difficult portion of the negotiations, ascertaining who will have the responsibility and power to monitor that both sides are respecting their word. Determining if Israel had complied will be a relatively easy task while assuring whether Hamas has lived up to their promises will be a somewhat more difficult endeavor. Israel has already had some seriously flawed experiences with European monitors who had been assigned to monitor the Rafah crossings between Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula. Within a few weeks at their post the European monitors decided that monitoring the Gaza Egypt border might be too dangerous and they packed up and returned to Europe leaving the border unregulated. The only real and effective way of determining whether or not Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terror groups in Gaza have honestly disarmed is to wait a few years and once they begin raining missiles which have accurate guidance systems and larger payloads being capable of delivering them anywhere in Israel, then we will know the answer was they were not complying with the agreement and simply made a promise they never intended to keep. It is called Taqiyya which permits Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if it in any way aids the Muslims in their goals and helps to spread Islam to the rest of the globe. Then once again the news reports will complain of any disproportional force used by Israel as the Iron Dome might prove to be just as exemplary in its performances against missiles as it had been against the rockets. Still the Israelis will be best served by practicing running hastily into the shelters because, if Hamas is permitted open passage and an open port, it will not be long before the missiles and remaining rockets begin to fly. Needless to say, but at that point there will be no further use of the monitors as the actions of Hamas and supporting terrorists groups will have already proven their incapacity to prevent the rearming of Hamas transforming them from a terrorist groups into a terror army similar in size and capability of ISIS. With an open sea port and international airport, perhaps we might witness the forming of an alliance merging Hamas with ISIS making for a force to be reckoned with and posing a serious danger to Europe and beyond. Such a merger would conceivably lead to ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood working to reestablish the Caliphate in earnest and not simply the mostly ignored declaration by ISIS. Establishing a group with Muslim Brotherhood’s political tentacles with the brute force of ISIS combined with Hamas, which would produce an entity with the capabilities of declaring themselves a Muslim state which could only be ignored at one’s own peril.


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