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March 30, 2011

Plea to the World, Slow Down and Remember

The world as a whole seems to be fixated and rushing forth to formalize a Palestinian State with little regard to any consequences. All that matters is the appeasement of the “Palestinian Right to a Homeland” just as in history the powers rushed to present to Hitler the north of Czechoslovakia to complete his vision of his new expanded homeland. Once again, this rush to appeasement will place the Jews, though this time the six million are in Israel, the new world pariah, in a position that may turn very ugly very fast. I am not referring to the “settlements” as Israeli leadership has made clear they would be willing to dismantle what is necessary when a final peace is negotiated with the Palestinian leadership. I refer to all of Israel which the Palestinians have made no mystery of their desire to erase it from the map to form their idea of a complete and Jew free Palestine from the River to the Sea. Yet the world rushes head on at full steam to form that first step to the formation of the complete Palestine. This initial Palestine will be recognized this September by a minimum of the General Assembly of the United Nations if not also by the Security Council. Thus far I have not heard of a single limitation being made as a condition for the forming of this state. There lies the foreboding.

Should the world establish this Palestinian State using the 1949 Armistice Line, aka Green Line, as its border, it does so against the explicit agreement of the United Nations that the 1949 Armistice Line would never be conveyed or implemented as an actual border. The Green Line was limited as a demarcation of the lines of battle making for the front lines of each side at the hour of the implementation of the cease fire. For the world to now negate that promise and use this mere armistice line as a national border is itself an act of war and a breach of promises that consist of a resumption of military confrontation and war. The 1949 Armistice Line was implemented as a demarcation between the forces of the nascent state of Israel and Transjordan, today known as Jordan. If the United Nations guarantees were to be implemented honestly, then the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel should be viewed as the arbitration of the new border between Jordan and Israel, but the world seems unable to allow the Jewish State of Israel to regain their ancestral lands of Judea and Samaria. (A side note, it has always bothered me that an area known throughout history as Judea can be seen as not Jewish lands.) Even when Jordan held power over the areas west of the Jordan River, deemed to be West Bank, the United Nations held Jordan had no legitimate claim to the land. Also ignored was that while holding this contested land, Jordan practices a crime against humanity by all the rules of the United Nations and the Geneva Convention by removing the entirety of the Jewish population residing on these same lands. The world seems not to note that pluralities of the “Settlements” by Israelis are simply their returning to lands they or their family had owned before the 1948-9 War.

Whenever I mention the previous ownership by Jews of lands in Samaria and Judea, there are those who immediately demand the right of Palestinians to the lands they owned before the 1948-9 War. Once again, the difference is this, the vast majority of the Palestinians deserted their lands willingly at the behest of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Arab leaders who guaranteed them a quick defeat and annihilation of the Jews afterwards they would be gifted the Jews lands and wealth. Furthermore, Israel offered to take in the Arabs who had fled before or during the war provided peace was established with full recognition. The Arab leaders refused the offer and swore in Khartoum Conference to the Three No’s no peace, no recognition, and no negotiations with Israel. Israel could not accept over a half a million people inside their borders coming from nations with whom a state of war still existed. To allow such an influx would be to invite a fifth column among the returning refugees as enemy forces could be inserted into the refugee population before their return. Alternately, the Jews were removed from their lands by force under threat of death by Jordanian troops after the war. Unfortunately, these two completely opposite events have since been convoluted and rewritten such that today the exact opposite is the accepted history, despite historical accounts by the British, the United Nations and numerous other accounts made by witnesses present at that time that still hold forth to the truth.

What will be the results of this international rush to establish a Palestinian State on all the land they dare to claim at this time? No sooner will they get their desires met than they will move to their next desire, the eradication of every Jew within their new State. Whether this will be by blood or by eviction will depend on what they see as being accepted by the rest of the world. I expect it will be by a combination of Jews leaving on their own volition and some resisting. It will then depend on if the Palestinians allow the IDF to address the holdouts or if they decide to attack both the remaining settlers and the IDF forces removing them. In the long run, this will seem inconsequential though there will be an explosion of complaints at the time. With having their new State established with the United Nations’ blessings, and free from any restrictions, the first order of business will be a quick election followed by establishing their military and demanding arms to equip these forces with the claim of imminent attack from Israel as the justification. This will be followed by allowing the stationing of troops from supporting nations such as Iran and supporting groups to mass before the final eradication of Israel. Whatever the world thinks it is accomplishing, no matter what wrongs they feel they are righting, no matter what inequities they are making amends for, the end of establishing a State of Palestine will be an all-out Middle East war unlike anything we have witnessed before. This is what the world is rushing to accomplish, potentially another Shoah, but definitely a bloodbath with incalculable loss of life from a vengeance beyond description. Please, slow down, weigh your actions, and above all, think.

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March 29, 2011

The Mexico Border Tumult

Almost all the news concerning the American border with Mexico is almost guaranteed to include either shooting, murder, assassination, drug smuggling, human smuggling, weapon smuggling, terrorist smuggling, or some threat to the lives and wellbeing of the American citizens near the border and in directly throughout the entire country. Mexico also commands the majority of our undocumented workers, paperless citizens, illegal immigrant, or your own favorite expression of choice. No matter what path we choose, amnesty, deportation, path to citizenship, some revolutionary idea, or some combination of actions, the problem will continue to grow into an even more immense challenge in the future unless we actually close the border once and for all. Anything less is a guaranteed failure with enormous consequences and unbearable costs with no end in sight. Closing the border and cutting off completely all illegal crossing of people, goods, or whatever is therefore the first order of business and must be realized before any other illegal immigration problems can be effectively addressed.

I can hear your comment of thanks for stating the recognizable problem Captain Obvious, do you have any ideas? Well, actually I do. It requires a total reconfiguration of the Border Patrol. First and possibly most important, the Border Patrol must be taken away from the Immigration Department and merged into either the Army or the Coast Guard, I would prefer the Army. The next step is to place as many troops as proves necessary armed far more than necessary and make crossing the border of the United States a dangerous proposition unless done legally with the proper authorizations. If this requires placing guard bunkers complete with sufficient soldiers to man a minimum of two machine guns close enough to provide crossing-fire. They must be given standing orders to give one clear and precise order for anyone crossing the border to halt and be interred, documented with name, country of citizenship, photographed, finger prints and any other requirements considered necessary and then sent back across the border into either Canada or Mexico depending which direction they entered the United States.

The argument many try to put forward to keep the border porous is that it is un-Constitutional to use the Military to enforce Immigration Laws, that this is reserved for a civilian corps to enforce. The truth is that border defense is exactly the purview of the Military. The argument that the Military is prohibited from enforcing our borders against illegal entrants is as rational as claiming the Military is not responsible for defending against an invasion once the enemy forces are inside our border. People illegally crossing an international border is a form of invasion that if allowed to persist can lead to radical changes to our demographics and possibly to our society and our freedoms. That is exactly why protecting our borders is a job for our Military. To be honest, no other institution of our government is better equipped to enforce and protect our borders, keeping us safer.

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