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August 10, 2014

Are Hamas Demands Really Reasonable?

Much of the mainstream media is echoing the Hamas and Islamic Jihad story line that the reason they had to resort to launching rockets and ending the ceasefire is all because Israel refused to meet their minimal demands. What the new reports are not bothering to report is that the Hamas and Islamic minimal demands bear a striking resemblance to their maximalist demands, so much so that one would be hard pressed to find one smidgen of a difference. So, what are these demands that the Israelis are being so short-sighted as to refuse to grants? The first is that Israel lifts their naval blockade, assist in rebuilding the Gaza port facilities and in the reconstruction of Gaza International Airways. Further, Israel must open all border crossings allowing for free passage between Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank). That all Gaza borders be permitted open import and export free of any undue inspections. The border with Egypt must also be opened in a manner matching the Israeli crossings. Hamas also demands that all the Palestinians held in Israeli prisons be released.

Of the list of demands the least threatening would have to be releasing all of the terrorists in Israeli custody, and that would prove damaging enough to negate any possible agreement. The problem is the Western nations and United Nations look at these demands with an eye to their vision of a final solution where there will be a Palestinians state including Gaza and most of the West Bank with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital living beside the state of Israel in peace and mutual security. Unfortunately, Israel has to take a different view of these demands, namely the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Islamic view which allows for one of two scenarios; the first being an Arab Muslim state with the Jews gone or a Palestinian state living next to Israel which was overrun by Palestinian refugees, all five-million, and is also an Arab Muslim state with the Jews gone. When these demands are seen through this more realistic viewing port it becomes obvious why Israel has refused these demands. But what about the demands when taken singularly, certainly there must be some middle ground where a consensus can be attained.

For argument’s sake, let us look at each demand. What do the Western powers believe would occur should Israel no longer impose a naval blockade over Gaza? They claim in their innocence that it would simply allow for Gazans to import and export food and other produce and goods. Opening up their access to the sea would permit them to fish further into the Mediterranean and provide the Gazans a port which could bring in building supplies to rebuild their homes, schools, hospitals and Mosques. They completely ignore the facts that showed when Israel was forced by world and Western pressures to permit Gazans to import so many numbers of tons of concrete in order to build a new hospital, a number of schools and apartments that none of these items were ever constructed but Hamas and Islamic Jihad did have an extensive underground complex of tunnels and storage areas. The outside world would be shocked to learn that the plumbing pipes which were provided to repair the water and sewage treatment and storm drainage systems that these systems all remained in disrepair but Hamas and Islamic Jihad had thousands new rockets to launch into Israel. So, if these supplies were enabled to come in unrestricted, then all of a sudden Hamas and Islamic Jihad would have a change of mind and start to build hospitals, schools, apartments, clinics and other civilian infrastructure in place of rebuilding their tunnel complex including their infiltration tunnels into Israel and would utilize all of the pipes for water, sewage and water treatment systems and not make tens or hundreds of thousands of rockets.

What would Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their backers in Qatar and Iran do once there was an international airport just outside Gaza City? Would there be even the slightest chance they might send trainers and IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps) fighters to enhance Hamas and Islamic Jihad abilities when they next chose to rain rockets down on Israel. With both an operating international airport and open fully operative sea port, there would be little delay before the exporting all of the eleven billion dollars of military aid recently purchased by Qatar, a nation who a mere thirty percent of their military consists of their own citizens and the rest are hired mercenaries from foreign nations. Iran would never consider arming Hamas and Islamic Jihad should Gaza possess completely open sea ports and airports and providing them with trainers and advanced weapons including guided missiles, aircraft, tanks, anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons and the other tools of war. Well, actually these are minimalist estimations of what would result from allowing Gaza unrestricted trade with the outside world. There would be little change in the day to day suffering of the Gazan people as their leadership is all about the destruction of Israel.

But what about their request for freedom of movement between Gaza and the West Bank so they can pray at their treasured al-Aqsa Mosque be used for other ulterior motivations? There is no way that Hamas would take advantage of such an open passage to infiltrate the West Bank with sufficient forces to execute a coup to take power in the West Bank just as they had done in Gaza. This is providing they do not simply take control through elections if and when they should ever be held. The immediate problem of permitting Hamas and Islamic Jihad access to the West Bank is should they launch rockets into central Israel from the West Bank the likelihood for hitting populated areas or infrastructure would be inversely proportional to their current targets in southern Israel. As open and widely spread out buildings are in the south, leaving only sparse areas where structures exist, in central Israel there are sparse areas which are open and without infrastructure making striking structures or vital infrastructure almost guaranteed even with un-aimed rockets. Additionally, having Hamas and Islamic Jihad in control of the West Bank the Israeli communities there would suffer from attacks similar in nature to those suffered by the Gaza communities before their expulsion from Gaza by Israeli Prime Minister Sharon in ill-conceived August 2005 disengagement. Permitting Hamas free access to the West Bank would assure Israel facing an Iranian subordinate on three fronts, Hezballah on the northern border with Lebanon and Hamas in both the West Bank and Gaza. Further, such a situation with an open border with Egypt would allow for the Muslim Brotherhood to arm and train their proxies in order to open their desired war for control of Egypt.

This begs the question as to how the Western nations and others could be so much in error when it comes to viable solutions of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The answer is that they have a basic misperception of the root of the conflict. The Western nations and their allies see the Arab- Israel conflict as merely the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and do not take into consideration that the reality is that the Palestinians are simply the tip of the spear being wielded by the entirety of the Arab and Muslim worlds. They also believe the struggle by the Palestinians is one of liberation only desiring their own homelands and not their desire to destroy all of Israel and remove the Jews from the entire area restoring Islamic rule over what they believe is Islamic lands for all of posterity. The Palestinians and the Arabs backing them do not see Israel as the nation of the Jews returning to their ancient homelands, they see it as the Jews, a hated and reviled peoples from the very beginnings of Islam, stealing hard won and noble Islamic lands to which they have no rightful claim. They view the Jews as lesser peoples only worthy of perhaps pity if they are to be permitted to remain under Islamic rule in Dhimmitude and otherwise forced to convert or be put to the sword. Of course as we have witnessed in Iraq with ISIS, converts to Islam receive the same quick death by the sword as their fellow Christians who refused to convert with the difference being that those who converted before their execution, their souls were permitted to enter heaven with Allah.

That is the challenge facing all of the Western world, a total misunderstanding of the Islamic threat. The Western world view the Islamic unrest from within their own nations as a string of completely unrelated individual events executed by troubled individuals completely devoid of an underlying cultural and religious motivation. Never mind that almost to an individual those who perpetrate these terrorist motivated acts claim to be committing their crimes as their portion of the Jihad for Allah against the infidel nations and their desire to bring down the house of the infidel. Never mind that often in their trials they demand to represent themselves and then go on tirades about how they definitely committed these acts and would do so again given the opportunity and then demand the death penalty so as to become martyrs for the cause of Jihad and cement their place in heaven. The war between Western civilization the extremists Muslims, which does not mean that these extremists are not supported in their acts and goals by the greater majority of Muslims around the world and even within the Western nations, is not over land, treasure, property, or any perceived slights; this is a war for the future of the human race and it can have but one victor.

This is the reality which is only now beginning to sink in beyond the chosen few who have followed Islam since some early warning that just happened to pique their attention and sensitize them to the threat. In this writer’s case it was an early assassination by a self-proclaimed Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan who during his questioning repeatedly told his interrogators that he had committed no crime and that he was entitled to murder Senator Robert Kennedy as Senator Robert Kennedy supported Israel thus he was acting in the defense of his homelands from the Jews and Israel. This was almost entirely concealed from the American public at the time and was not mentioned much in the foreign Western media. But there was this one nonconformist sixteen year old who had a fascination at that time with Rabbi Meir Kahane and the Jewish Defense League and received their newsletter which told a completely different story on the assassination of Senator and Presidential aspirant Robert Kennedy that fateful day, June 5, 1968. This event placed into the head of that youth the reality that the war was not against Israel alone, it was against the entirety of the human race and that it could only have one of two outcomes, either no Islam retaining their concept of eventual world conquest or no religion or political system but a world under a single Islamic tyrant. The question that youngster has asked since is when will, or even simply, will the rest of the world ever get a clue.

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August 9, 2014

Ringing the Clarion Alarm Bell Once Again

The world throughout the eons has risen to great heights only to fall seemingly back into an age of darkness time and again. China has been propelled to the forefront of civilization repeatedly only to be overrun by barbarians or stricken by totalitarian leadership which dragged them back into mindless oblivion. The Greco-Roman empire reached to the pinnacle of advancement in architecture, philosophy, mathematics, physics and literature only to fall from those heights and eventually be overcome by the barbarians who not only were at the gates but had busted those gates in and destroyed the empire though the roads, aqueducts and coinage continued forward for a few centuries as nothing capable of supplanting them was to arrive for a number of centuries. Egypt rose to heights, especially in architecture, agriculture, construction, organization of labors and writing only to fall from internal revolts and endless wars. India once led the world in theoretical mathematics inventing such concepts as the idea of zero, the decimal point to have a new and computable way of expressing fractions as well as introducing numerous concepts and approaches to computing and problem solving techniques only to fall to invaders. So, the question that comes to mind is what did these different and far flung empires and their downfalls have in common and how do these lessons apply to these modern times.

The one consistent threat in each case, whether internal or external, was some primitive force which changed the standards of living making survival more challenging thus taking up much of every individual’s daily efforts thus removing the luxury of advancement and the free time for investing in more esoteric and cerebral aspects of life which had made up a significant part of life in the former society. Where most often these changes which destroyed the advanced societies were brought forth through conquest by less advanced and barbarous entities usually from outside of the empire or society; the other reason which could be behind such collapses and declines could also be natural disasters, especially famines, drought, volcanos, floods, earthquakes or meteor or asteroid strike. The possibility of a natural disaster being the primary cause behind societal collapse has lessened as the size of the advanced cultures existing and interacting with each other has increased. Such is still conceivable but the natural disaster would need be further reaching bordering on global such as the explosion of Mount Kilimanjaro which placed particulates into the atmosphere dropping temperatures globally for close to a decade. Today’s world the Western nations hold the widest range of high technology and advanced socio-economic sectors across all of both the hard and soft sciences. These nations encircle the globe from Europe to North America and on to Australia, Asia and Israel. Additionally there are the up and coming nations which are entering into the information age as they expand and further their industrial proficiency and technological advancement. Some of the nations in this field are Brazil, India, Argentina and South Korea.

The fact that the most advanced and the up-and-coming nations on their way to joining the most advanced nations are spread over the entirety of the planet, something unique in all of history, any destabilizing disaster to drag the world backwards to a less advanced state would need to be a huge and widely effective force or disaster. Of course another projectile from space, such as the dinosaur extinction meteor, would obviously have such an effect and more but even a lesser strike might be sufficient to force humankind back to survival mode and drive the technological levels back and make any advancement near impossible. Still does this mean that short of a relatively unprecedented natural disaster the world is likely beyond any real and actual threat of reentering another dark age? Unfortunately, no, there is at least one definite possibility of another dark age and it is threatening the first world and being mostly ignored at our own peril.

One needs look no further than Syria, Iraq and Israel for the most virulent and most obvious example of this threat. It is an archetypical version of the barbarians at the gates except that liberal immigration standards has also placed this threat within the gates as well. There was a time where Islam and advancement appeared to be capable of existing in the same place and time but those times are long past. As Islam has fallen behind the Western nations, and the other nations rising to join them, as they lead the world in development of technologies and pushing the frontiers in the varied sciences even to the point of discovering new areas of research and development, the answer which has been pushed by many in the Islamic world has been to fall into near fanatical enforcement of the strict structure and definitions of what is acceptable as written in the Quran and associated Hadiths only sending their societies spiraling further backwards. If one were to tour the Islamic nations outside those oil wealthy nations of OPEC, one would be treated to third world countries most of which are not heading towards modernity. These are also the nations where the Islamic revolutions and the future of jihadi society are prevalent.

Further proof of the direction society takes under the auspices and rule of Islamists one need not look any further than the two major fronts of Islamism, Israel against Hamas and ISIS against Iraq. Where the oppressive confrontation of ISIS against the sixty-thousand Christians of Mosul gave a frightening glimpse of what would be the result of Islamist conquest of Western nations which practice multiculturalism and religious freedom, two concepts beyond the ability of ISIS and its leadership to grasp, let alone practice. Mosul has seen its Christian population in the past weeks fall to zero. Those who were unable to flee were put to the sword, some even despite appearing to convert to Islam as ISIS allowed their conversion and then executed them to remove any possibility of their lapsing from their practice of Islam and save their souls so they would find their way to heaven as perceived and defined by Islam. The other situation is the assault on Israel by Hamas by launching thousands of rockets into the civilian populated areas within Israel. Over the past three days there was a ceasefire and Hamas took that period to execute some Gazans under the claims that they had assisted Israeli forces over the past weeks of conflict. The proof of these Gazans’ guilt consisted of their having Israeli Shekels within their homes or an Israeli SIM card in their mobile phones. The actual reason behind many of these over thirty public executions was the allegations or actual acts of their protesting against the totalitarian rule of Hamas. There was no trial, simply the suspected individuals were rounded up, summarily charged and convicted, as to be charged is sufficient proof of guilt, and executed as part of a public spectacle which would also serve as a lesson to the rest of the Gazan population what resisting or opposing Hamas leads to. But these are two isolated instances, why should the rest of the Western world even give this a second thought?

During the last weeks of the Israeli Operation Protective Edge the world witnessed levels of demonstrations and violence against Jews as a part of their demonstrations against Israel. There was no litmus test of whether these Jews supported Israel, just being a Jew was sufficient for violence to be perpetrated against one. Across Europe Synagogues were attacked in numerous countries. There were synagogues which suffered swastikas and anti-Jewish graffiti painted on their walls and doors. Many demonstrations broke into anti-Jewish chants which would have been considered beyond the pale just a few months ago. In France the numbers of Jews expected to emigrate, the majority to Israel, is expected this year to meet or exceed the totals for the past three years and this trend is expected to increase in each ensuing year. Sweden is another European nation where the Jews are facing open hostilities and are fleeing. There were even open signs of open anti-Semitism in Berlin and around Germany during this current conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Where these demonstrations were fortified by a strong Islamic presence, the Muslims found a large number of supporters from indigenous Europeans and Americans. So-called experts claim to be at a loss to explain this resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe and they appeared to be unable to grasp the probable truth that there was no resurgence, the anti-Semitism had existed all along and only needed the impetus expressing approval that the Islamic presence gave to the historic hatred simply permitted it to rise above a threshold and surface on the streets of Europe and around the world. The lack of replacement birthrates for most of the European nations has resulted in making increased immigration a necessity if there was any possibility to have sufficient workforce to support the aging populations. Thus far this has proven unsuccessful as the new immigrants have refused to assimilate and are becoming a further strain on the societal systems instead of providing the saving resources which was the hoped for expectation.

The rise of Islamism around the globe conceivably could signal the introduction of stagnation which eventually may begin a regressive movement where scientific and sociological advancement is not only stymied but reversed and the Western world dragged back who knows how many centuries. This effect from the backwards force of Islamist fundamentalism will not only affect the Western world but also the oil kingdoms as once the Western world regresses they will have lost their market and find themselves soon vulnerable to the Islamist forces. What makes this threat all the more foreboding is that it is taboo to even speak its name, let alone identify the source, and doing so is sufficient to get one ostracized from polite society. The ‘if I refuse to see it then it must not really exist’ syndrome, probably called the ostriches head in the sand effect, has worked to obscure the reality from being recognized and thus permitted the problem to possibly metastasize and possibly become a killing cancer spreading throughout Western societies. There is always the hope that a sufficient number of individuals will wake to the threats within the gates posed by these forces and possibly bring the rest of the society to the realization that the threat needs to be opposed and the immigrants given the choice of assimilation or exile back to their nation of origin no matter how many generations back that may be. This will be troublesome as many of the most radicalized individuals belong to families which have resided in the Western nations for more than a single generation; often these affected individuals are third generation or recent converts. Currently it is not too late for the Western nations to awaken and face this challenge, but time is of the essence. Should another generation pass before the problem is addressed, then it may be way too late to turn back the threat and those nations who waited beyond a certain tipping point will not be able to be rescued without a great upheaval, they may just simply be lost. There have been some signs that there are those waking to the threat within, but that will still leave the threat without. That threat will take on a whole new dimension should Iran be permitted by a witless leadership of the negotiations to attain nuclear weapons capabilities, something that many fears may already have occurred. How long does the Western world have before they cross the point of no return? Who knows for sure? The one truth we can understand is the greater the time that passes before we reach the point of reckoning, the bloodier and more costly the price that will be exacted. That is a truth we can fully count upon, honestly.


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July 16, 2014

Ceasefire Begins as Unmitigated Failure

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Israel accepted the proposed ceasefire despite all indications signaling that Hamas would refuse to accept any such deal. True to their words, Israel discontinued striking targets in Hamas ruled Gaza while Hamas simply continued to rain rockets on Israeli cities, towns and kibbutzim in the dozens upon dozens. United States Secretary of State Kerry spoke from Cairo, Egypt urging both sides to accept the ceasefire and work through negotiations in order to find a permanent peace. It is likely that Secretary Kerry had extended a personal message to Prime Minister Netanyahu which contained dire threats and promises of drastic ramifications should Israel not accept the ceasefire and stand down for as long as it takes for Hamas to be bribed or otherwise persuaded into accepting such a deal. It would not be surprising if Secretary Kerry attempts to force Israel into releasing some numbers of Hamas terrorists held in Israeli prisons in order to entice Hamas to accept a limited ceasefire and possibly enter negotiations, though any likelihood that Hamas would accept anything short of a complete capitulation from Israel surrendering to every last demand including opening all the border crossings even including the ones with Egypt and ending the naval blockade allowing for the free importation of anything Hamas and the other affiliations of terrorists desired free of any inspections or limitations. Israel allowing for such an eventuality would be committing virtual suicide as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza and especially ISIS with an almost limitless amount of funds after cleaning out all of the banks in Mosul and Kirkuk as part of their offensive which captured the entire middle of Iraq and has been almost laying siege to Baghdad. Should Hamas ever realize their dream of an open sea port through which they can be supplied with the latest missiles and other arms including main battle tanks and fighter aircraft providing they have the funds and a source, the latter being the easier of the tasks, they could very quickly find that an open sea port is also capable of importing such items and people which would very quickly spell the end of Hamas as ISIS could simply dispatch sufficient manpower and armaments to take over Gaza with little actual opposition. In such a scenario Hamas would very probably face the rush of desertions and their membership largely joining up with ISIS as they would quickly prove to be the strongest horse in Gaza with Hamas’s power quickly waning and continuing in decline. Fortunately, there is no possibility that Israel would allow an open port for Gaza and Hamas by ending their blockade which has the blessings, sanctions and approval of the United Nations and most of the national maritime fleets.


The almost immediate collapse of the ceasefire initiative which forced Israel to resume her operations against Hamas and the other terrorist entities in Gaza, begs the question of what exactly is the struggle between Israel and her Arab neighbors all about. What is it that would satisfy Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad and the other jihadist terror groups and allow for peace to be established in the region? Is this simply a struggle over borders and the founding of a state for the Arab Palestinians? If that were the case there would have been such a state already as there have been numerous opportunities for the Palestinian Arabs to gain statehood. The first opportunity came between November 29, 1947 and May 15, 1948. It was on November 29, 1947 when the United Nations General Assembly passed a nonbinding resolution suggesting the formation of two states between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The document even included a suggested set of borders between the Arab and the Jewish states which could be formed if only the Zionists and the Arab League would accept the proposed nonbinding United Nations resolution. Well, as it turns out, the Zionist Congress after debate accepted the proposed borders in the United Nations resolution but the Arab League refused. Instead, the Arab League called for an all-out war in an effort to wipe the Zionist entity from the map and drive the accursed Jews into the sea and be done with them. This call to arms brought over a half dozen armies against Israel the very morning after the Zionist Congress was dissolved and the state of Israel declared independence. The war had a number of ceasefires and finally ended in 1949 where at the given hour the front between the collection of Arab forces and the Israeli forces became an Armistice Line which has also been referred to as the Green Line. The Arab League demanded that the line separating the armies not be referred to as an actual border and instead be considered simply an armistice boundary since if it were a recognized border, then the state of Israel would have actual borders on all sides and thus actually be a state which could not be contested. By demanding the separation line be simply an armistice boundary the Arab League claimed that this negated the existence of a Jewish State as Israel had no eastern borders thus did not meet the definitions for a state set by the Montevideo Convention which was ratified and came into effect on December 26, 1934 and has subsequently been adopted and accepted by much of the rest of the world as being universally applicable. This was the first refusal by the Arab world to accept an Arab Palestinian state living beside a Jewish Palestinian state. Before the founding of Israel and from after World War I and the signing of the San Remo Conference agreements, the word used to refer to Jews residing within the British Mandate of Palestine was Palestinians while the word or phrase used to describe the Arab residents of the British Mandate lands were Arabs or Arab Palestinians.


After the end of the War of Israeli Independence the Arabs held some of the lands which had been a part of the western British Mandate which had been promised to be the Jewish State undivided from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea as a guarantee in exchange for the Zionist Congress forfeiting any claims to the lands east of the Jordan River with an eastern border with Iraq such that the British could make good on their guarantee to form an Arab state and at the same time granting dominion over that state to the Hashemite family who had lost their lands surrounding Mecca and Medina and had also been promised some new lands in exchange for their assistance in World War I. Many historians refer to Jordan, which was the resultant nation that we know today that originally was named Transjordan by the British, as being the promised Arab Palestinian state and it is even referred to as such in the White Papers which Winston Churchill assisted in writing and having the plans approved by the necessary partners. After the Israeli War of Independence was ended, Jordan held possession of Eastern Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and Old City, Judea and Samaria, all of which lie east of the Jordan River; while Egypt held all of the Gaza Strip. Jordan attempted to annex the lands they held and renamed them the West Bank as the original names were just too Jewish for Jordanian sensitivities. This annexation attempted by Jordan received recognition from only two nations, Pakistan and Britain, and the rest of the world, including the entirety of the Arab League and its member states, all refused to recognize the Jordanian annexations. The given reason is that it was of paramount importance to force the Palestinian Arabs who lost their lands to remain homeless refugees sequestered away in camps kept separate as a weapon to threaten Israel with their Right of Return into Israel destroying its Jewish majority demographic. These Arabs became homeless by a number of differing scenarios. The majority left their homes and farms willingly at the behest of the Mufti of Jerusalem who promised that after a fast and easy conquest which would destroy the Jewish state they could return and share in the plundered treasure and return home wealthy. Another smaller group consisted of Arabs who were known to be antagonistic against the Jewish presence who could not be allowed to remain behind the front lines as leaving them in the rear of the lines opened the supply lines to sabotage and the front line troops to facing attacks from the rear making up a fifth column while facing the main Arab forces in front of them. The last group which had any measurable numbers were Arabs who it was uncertain as to their allegiance and as they posed a serious potential risk to be left behind the lines, they were given the choice of joining the Jews fighting for Israel or they were sent before the Israelis to join the other side. There were a fair number of Arabs who actually joined with the Jews fighting for Israel and others who were trusted friends who were simply permitted to remain and guard their own towns as they were also targeted by the Arab forces for destruction as they were considered to be traitors. This situation remained steady through the first week of June in 1967 and in all of the seventeen plus years that the Arab nations of Egypt and Jordan held these territories, not once was there mentions or proposals for them to be made into an independent Palestinian state as it was considered that all of the Palestinians, both Jewish and Arab, lived in or under the influence of a state. This was a long period when a Palestinian Arab state could have been established in the entirety of the areas they have since claimed and Israel would not have had any say or influence in such an instance. Still, the Arabs refused to grant their own people a state of their own and instead herded them into refugee camps kept separate from the rest of Arab society.


After the Six Day War there have been numerous offers to establish an Arab Palestinian state but all offers with no care to the generosity has ever been considered viable let alone accepted. These offers can be debated ad nauseum without gaining additional insight or gaining much information. The truth of the struggle between the Arab world and Israel, and that is the honest reference to this struggle, is that it has absolutely nothing to do with land and borders. What it does have to do with is that Israel exists as a Jewish state and the Jews are not subjects under the total rule of the Arabs. The only solution the Arabs will accept, and they state this regularly in Arabic when making speeches in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) or in Gaza as well as in Tehran, Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and numerous other Arab and Muslim capital cities as well as in every other town and city throughout the Arab Muslim world, is the complete and total eradication or subjugation of the Jews. There earnest desires are to completely erase Israel from the map or if Israel continues to be on maps, it must be ruled by Arab Muslims and the Jews must accept their place as Dhimmis or suffer the sword. That is the root of the problem and the reason that the Israelis can never lose a single war as to lose means death for the vast majority of Jews in Israel as well as for many Israeli Christians, Israeli Baha’I, even for some of the Israeli Arab Muslims who have been seen to be too accepting of the Jewish rule. That is the real desire of Hamas, the real desire of Fatah, the real desire of Mahmoud Abbas, and this was the desire expressed by Arab and Muslim rulers across the world. It is for the repopulating of Israel with a number of so-called refugees such that at the next election the Jews can be voted from power and the Arabs take back their rightful, according to their idea of reality, place as sovereign over the Jews in Israel. Just to satisfy some people’s curiosity, this desire to rule over all of Israel does not end with Israel, the Arab Muslims believe that Islam should rule the entire world and that they should be the ones who lead all of Islam. Even if Europe sacrifices Israel to satiate the Arab hunger, such an act would only serve to whet their appetites for further conquest. Look to history and did the Muslim conquest end with the Holy lands or did they hold siege to Vienna. Look at the map of the world and visualize how much of the Muslim world is beyond Jerusalem and the sliver of land at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean that is Israel. Did not the soldiers of Islam reach Tours in southern France before being turned back by Charles the Hammer Martel. No, my friends, Israel is not the final step of this conquest which started in the Seventh Century and has continued ever since and will only end when one of three situations has taken place. The first is the obvious, that Islam stand supreme and has become the sole religion which every single person on planet Earth practices and there are still struggles which claim to be attempts to purify Islam and to eradicate the apostates who practice the wrong (or other) form of Islam. Secondly, Islam has experienced the impossible, a reformation. Why, you may ask, is this impossible. The reason is that according to Islamic law the Quran is the word of Allah directly given to Mohammed and not a single word, not a single letter, not a single punctuation may ever be changed in any way as the Quran is a perfect document and the only document or book that one would ever need as it proscribes every knowledge man could ever know. The third has two possible scenarios; firstly, Islam finds another planet and they all head there leaving the imperfect Earth behind, or secondly, the rest of us find another planet and leave all the Muslims behind. I’m not holding my breath waiting for any of these eventualities. I simply hope to live my life out with some semblance of peace and comfort and hopefully not ever needing to confront another as it is unlikely I could change them nor them change me, so why waste both our energies. The Arab Israeli conflict is not going to end until the rest of the world finally tires of their seemingly insatiable appetite to condemn Israel and every Israeli for their desire to breathe freely and worship their religion peacefully. I hope that is not too much for us to ask.


Beyond the Cusp


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