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September 1, 2014

The Imagined Figment of Moderate Arab Support for Israel

There is a misconception which has been growing even amongst many Israeli politicians and left leaning citizens as well as growing exponentially throughout Europe and the United States, especially amongst their Jewish populations. This misconception is represented to perfection by Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and her fanatical opposition to the settlements or any Israeli claims which extend beyond the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Lines which were Israel’s demarcation lines which were the closest thing they had for borders pre-Six Day War. Minister Livni’s latest psychotic rantings came regarding the Israeli government’s decision to declare 4,000 dunams (about 1,000 acres) in the Etzion Bloc as state land as she said such moves as this drive wedges which drive away the moderate actors in the region from coming on board with Israel in forming a lasting and secure peace. This preoccupation of Minister Livni has become her near religious lamentation foreboding doom should Israel lose the support of moderates such as Mahmoud Abbas and many of the other members of the Palestinian Authority. The spread of this same unbalanced view of the direction Israel must take in order to avoid even larger and more violent confrontations such as Israel just experienced with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza is also the source of those from Europe, the United States and United Nations who claim that placing Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority in control of Gaza as the solution and sole path to peace. The Western nations claim that the same ability of the Palestinian Authority to control and prevent terrorism and similar threats such as have exploded repeatedly in Gaza where Hamas has initiated three wars in the past decade while no such explosions have occurred in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Where Mahmoud Abbas has often made statements and voiced positions in English which have given many great hopes perceiving Abbas as the hope for peace but then those who listen to his comments almost immediately after such comments spoken on Palestinian media in Arabic reveal the ephemeral qualities of his promising lies. But there is more which is wrongheaded about Minister Livni and her fellow travelers’ claims there exists moderates within the Palestinian Authority who offer great promise for the future.


The first great misperception is that the lack of terrorist acts in the Palestinian areas is due to efforts by Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority Security Forces. This belief ignores the fact that there are numerous numbers of rock attacks and numerous other forms of attempted terrorism including stabbings, assaults, vandalism, pipe bombings and verbal assaults often leading to or accompanied by rioting. Another important fact ignored by those making these claims is that much of the prevention of more overt terrorist acts emanating from the Palestinian Authority areas is the efforts of the IDF and Shin Bet which operate within Areas B and C and if they have sufficient evidence they have even entered Area A in order to prevent serious terrorist acts which would endanger the Israeli public. Another truth is that despite the many agreements between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority which requires extradition of terror suspects from Palestinian controlled areas to Israeli authorities, virtually every request for the extradition of a terror suspect has been refused by the Palestinian authority. Should the Israelis push the demand the Palestinian Authority will often hold a very public trial of the terrorist in question who will be given a long sentence of which they will serve days, or if really unfortunate, weeks before being released and then often granted a job as a member of the Palestinian Authority Security Forces. If one were to take time to conduct a critical investigation into the efforts of the Palestinian Authority to prevent terrorism they would find minimal cooperation and that the Palestinian Authority Security Force members were actually more likely to facilitate terrorist acts or actually commit a terrorist act than the average Palestinian resident. The main reason that Minister Livni and her fellow travelers appear to be so reasonable is a result of the fact of the regularity and consistency with which terrorist acts such as assaults, stabbings, and the other countless other forms take place in the West Bank. Because these acts happen daily and in cases such as rock attacks, assaults, verbal taunting and insults and even attempted stabbings at checkpoints often occur numerous times every day, the media no longer reports about them unless somebody is killed. Even if these acts result in injuries which are non-life-threatening they are often ignored by much of the media and especially by Haaretz, the leading English language new source from Israel. As everyone is aware, if the news does not cover something, then it never happened and that is why it is accepted that there is little or no terrorism emanating from the Palestinian Authority areas. A perfect example would be the terrorist act in which a Palestinian took control of a large frontend loader and attacked a Jerusalem bus overturning it killing one Israeli a couple of weeks ago yet it received minimal coverage despite the fatality. If you are scratching your head attempting to remember if you read or heard of this attack, then you likely missed it.


Another source of the situation is due to different perceptions and societal norms. Many Western politicians and citizens use their own societal behaviors, expectations, morals and motivations when judging their expectations of how the Palestinian will act in situations. There are some glaring inconsistencies and differences that exist due to foundational differences between Western society and Palestinian society, especially their leadership. Islam has a number of precepts which are completely foreign to the average Westerner and are beyond their ability to incorporate even if others have attempted to explain these concepts because they are so beyond normal accepted behavior in their minds. Taqiyya is one such concept which not only permits a Muslim to lie and deceive in order to promote or further Islamic control over people or land or to gain advantage but requires that they do so in such situations. This means that Mahmoud Abbas is required to say those things which he knows will be taken by Western leaders and people as proof that he is willing and anxious to work with them and Israel in forming a peaceful and secure coexistence between the Palestinians and the Israelis while turning right around and in Arabic making speeches which call for the slaughter of the Jews all in the same afternoon. This also explains how the Palestinians can say anything they need to and guarantee cooperation or willingness to concede lands to the Israelis or make agreements with the Israelis and then when the time comes to sign the aforementioned agreement they refuse and state that they had never agreed to these stipulations and that such a suggestion is an insult to their honor and they then leave often is haste and seemingly feeling great insult and anger. This was exemplified when Yasser Arafat stormed out of negotiations being overseen by United States President Clinton. This made news coverage but not for Arafat and his storming out but because of the spectacle United States Secretary of State Madeline Albright made of herself as she ran after Yasser Arafat screaming and pleading that he return and resume the negotiations. Arafat ignored her pleadings. From commentary made later after President Clinton was out of office he reputed that Arafat became enraged when President Clinton insisted that Arafat deliver on the very items he had agreed upon during the earlier session of the negotiations and Arafat insisted he had never agreed to such agreements and Clinton called him on it as being dishonest at which point Arafat stormed out acting insulted.


Another difference comes from having diametrically opposite definitions for terms and concepts. The easiest to present is how the Western world defines peace and how Islam defines peace. Western definition of peace is the lack of hostilities and usually implies an end to any conflict. Islam defines peace as the lack of opposition, the surrender of their opposition. Peace does not mean a finding of a middle ground where both sides give some and receive some in an exchange seeking to end disagreements and restore healthy relations in Islam. Their concept of peace is they get everything they demand and you simply fold and take a subservient position. Peace means the defeat of their enemy by means other than open conflict though the threat of open conflict can be a part of the exchange which brings the Muslim forces unrestricted superiority granting them superiority over their adversary. In Islam there is no term for a ceasefire or peace treaty, they have the concept of a hudna which is defined according to some agreements made by Muhammad with the enemies he fought. The best known example was the hudna he reached with the rulers of Mecca when Muhammad led his forces from Medina to take his city of birth and claim it for Islam. Initially the forces in Mecca were sufficiently armed and capable that Muhammad’s army was equally matched or facing a possible loss. This led to the hudna which was defined as a peace treaty which would last for a decade. Within two years Muhammad had augmented his forces giving him a definitive advantage so he broke the hudna and mercilessly attacked and destroyed the forces in Mecca. This became the model for Muslim armies from that date forward. This was one of the reasons that Hamas broke nearly every ceasefire they presumably agreed upon with the Israelis during the Cairo negotiations. The current ceasefire between Israel and the forces of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the others terror forces in Gaza will probably not last into the presumed open ended time frame as many in the west have predicted. My estimate is if it survives to its first birthday I will be very pleasantly surprised and figure six to nine months at best.


Perhaps you have heard or read about the great solution proposed by the United States, Egypt (reluctantly), the European Union and many member governments, numerous Western NGOs (many with the required word ‘peace’ in their names) and leftist within Israel who never seem to miss an opportunity to become surprised when their plans go awry. This ultimate and ingenious plan centers around placing the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas in charge in Gaza and having them inspect all incoming shipments for arms and assuring that all building supplies are utilized for rebuilding the Gazan infrastructure, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, clinics, mosques and other civilian buildings and not put into reconstructing the Hamas infiltrations and smuggling tunnels. This will definitely work this time around and there is absolutely no possibility that it will end in another coup in which hundreds of Palestinian Authority Security Forces being murdered followed by a purging of Palestinian Authority and Fatah employees and members by throwing them from the roofs of the taller buildings in Gaza as happened in 2007. We know that such a result is beyond the expectations of any reasonable person as Hamas has been weakened and joined the unity government with Fatah because it was a virtual surrender. It could not be because Hamas planned to take over control of the unity government and bring their rocket attacks and other terrorism to Judea and Samaria and be capable of really forcing the closure of Ben Gurion International Airport and destroy much of Israeli infrastructure and threaten three-quarters of Israeli population from the high ground overlooking central Israel called the Judean Hills. Of course those who believe that Hamas is facing collapse and is so spent that they must play nice and surrender all control to Mahmoud Abbas suffer from the blindness of wishful thinking. These true believers in the rosy future scenario are ignoring the coup attempt by Hamas just last week which was prevented when Israel’s Shin Bet with the assistance of the IDF arrested ninety-three Hamas members in the West Bank and also captured caches of arms, explosives and other tools of the trade preventing the coup which would have provided Hamas control of the entirety of the Palestinian Authority and be able to expand their rockets and other terrorist activities to the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) to augment their forces in Gaza. The end game planned by Hamas is a unity government named Hamas and with the financial support from Qatar and arms from Iran is something not to be refuted as having no possibility of becoming reality; it is definitely possible and probably inevitable if Abbas remains in a unity government.


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August 29, 2014

That So-Called Peace Between Hamas and Israel

The first thing one has to realize is that to Hamas this agreement is not an actual peace agreement as any in the West would consider, it is actually what in Islam is known as a hudna. The reality is that Hamas as an Islamic jihadist military unit, any other reference or description of Hamas is a pure falsehood, and they cannot enter into any form of actual peace agreement with an infidel, let alone the nation of the Jews. What they are permitted is to enter a hudna which is based upon the deal the prophet Mohammad struck with the Quraysh tribe that controlled Mecca in the seventh century where the peace was to last ten years but after two years Muhammad felt his forces were now sufficiently stronger than their enemies so he used a minor infraction as the excuse to negate the hudna attacking and destroying his enemies. This is the peace that Hamas has offered, a hudna just as they have twice before where after two years Hamas returned to warfare as soon as they had regained sufficient munitions to cause Israel potentially great amounts of damage and spread terror through continuous rocket attacks and surprise attacks using their tunnel systems which Israel eventually presumably destroyed as they located them. An agreed hudna with Hamas or Islamic Jihad or other Islamic forces only guarantees that they will return to violent assaults as soon as they reach a position where they feel confident that the situations are favorable for them to gain some form of victory. Such a victory does not necessarily mean an outright victory but in the case of Hamas such an advantage might be as simple as gaining greater access to the outside world or solely to their main supporters, Qatar and Iran. If any Western nation or groups of nations enter a hudna they would soon face a situation which may have been best described by Patrick Henry’s adaptation of the Bible verse from Jeremiah 6:14 while addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses during their debating whether or not to join the revolution against England and King George III where Mr. Henry orated, “Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace; but there is no peace.” Unfortunately I believe that this will describe the situation after this supposed open-ended ceasefire, probably an even better description for a hudna than most dictionary definitions as an open-ended ceasefire only continues as long as neither side takes it upon themselves to close the agreement ending the ceasefire and reestablish open warfare in a single moment without any necessity of informing the other side; they will likely figure it out fairly soon.

The problem many have with these repetitive conflicts initiated by Hamas concerns what results is Hamas actually aiming to reach? They obviously are not going to defeat Israel as the IDF has far greater capabilities and if the tome of battle were to turn against Israel, the IDF commanders only need be given orders to increase efforts and remove some of the restrictions on their troops when they consider opening fire on threats and targets they encounter. There have been estimates that IDF attacks, particularly IAF airstrikes, are called off or avoided simply because of innocents entering the field of fire or because legitimate Hamas targets were set up adjacent to protected target areas where civilians faced extensive casualties including fatalities had a full-on assault, bombardment, bombing or other means of combat been employed. Israel released a number of videos which depicted examples of IAF bombings being cancelled when the pilot informed his base that there were civilians, especially children, were entering the area and would be within the potential blast radius, especially if there were secondary explosions due to armaments being present within the targeted buildings or areas. The sole aim of Hamas is identical to that of the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas, to use the modern day versions of the ageless anti-Semitic blood libels and poison Israel before the rest of the world engaging international NGOs, human rights groups and the various United Nations bodies and agencies with special efforts to gain a binding Security Council Resolution either forcing Israel to surrender the lands the Arabs lost after their attacks on Israel in 1967 and eventually a decree rescinding the establishment of Israel and the numerous treaties and agreements ending World War I, from the League of Nations and finally from the United Nations. It has been the Pan-Arab strategy ever since they were unsuccessful in 1967 and again, despite having complete surprise, in 1973. This intent has been part and parcel of Mahmoud Abbas as Yasser Arafat’s second in command from the founding of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964, a full three years before the existence of the so-called occupied territories unless you agree with Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad that all of Israel is occupied Arab lands.

Right now, unfortunately, the immediate problem in Israel is that many of the leadership who have controlled the politics for the past decades have tired of the repeated open terror conflicts, abductions, bombings, stabbings, rockets, mortars, rock attacks and the various other acts of violence losing their intestinal fortitude making them accept every offered cease in the violence even should they repeatedly prove to be simply false offers made simply to permit the terrorist forces to resupply and reposition before resuming their attacks. This was made excessively evident during the recent conflict with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Israeli’s defensive efforts named Protective Edge. Prime Minister Netanyahu was so anxious each time Hamas proposed a ceasefire or even to suggested ceasefires by Egypt at a minimum even if he managed to resist the complete surrender conditional terms offered by some presumed allied powers. The Prime Minister appeared to be excessively sensitive to any criticism that his actions including firing a member of his own party from their position as an Assistant Minister in the Cabinet, shouting down demanding that the leader of another party cease his comments which were counter to the Prime Minister’s positions and accepting a ceasefire unilaterally only informing the members of his Security Cabinet after the decision had been made thus avoiding any difficulties a Cabinet vote may have caused. These actions by the Prime Minister came as for the first time in decades the vast majority of the Israeli people were in complete support for any military response the Prime Minister might have ordered including the retaking of Gaza and the complete defeat of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist groups in Gaza. The blowback of the Prime Minister acting with such timidity despite the supportive expectations from the Israelis drove his approval ratings down from their highest point of 82% at the beginning of the conflict down a full 44% to rest currently at 38% and likely to drop further; especially should Hamas break this ceasefire any time soon.

The problem is that as a parliamentary form of government the people do not directly elect the Prime Minister and instead can vote only for a particular party and whichever party gathers the most votes along with the necessary support of other parties in order to form a coalition which then chooses the Prime Minister, almost always the candidate chosen to lead the ministers of the party which was chosen to form the coalition. This means that as long as the old guard can manage to hold control over their party, something they often can continue to manage as these older leaders are the same people who tend to find ways of ordering the list for ministerships in any election where they can place their allies and supporters at the front end guaranteeing their continued control. This unfortunately means that any change is far more difficult and making any overt change in leadership or deviation in the positions the government represents. The proof of this can be seen by looking at the names in the names of those in the top positions and holding the most important ministerships over the last two decades where one will see some alterations but no across the board changes. Netanyahu, Livni and Lieberman have been in positions of importance of heading a party even if not in every coalition over much of that time and there are numerous other names with only a few changes such as Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett and only time will tell if either of these newcomers will be capable of retaining their positions in the future, though I have a feeling one of them has a bright future. There have been increasingly loud calls for a reformation in how the leadership of the government is determined with many making such noises calling for an actual Constitution which will spell out a means for the direct election of the Prime Minister independent of the Knesset parliamentary elections. This idea will eventually be realized and very possibly much sooner if governments and especially Prime Ministers refuse to heed the desires and demands of the people and especially should future Prime Ministers ignore the wills of the people and act unilaterally circumventing their own Security Cabinet out of fear of conflict. Such actions if they become commonplace will force demands for such changes with far more immediacy. For now it will be interesting to see what happens should Hamas break this ceasefire anytime in the next six to ten weeks.

Beyond the Cusp

August 10, 2014

Are Hamas Demands Really Reasonable?

Much of the mainstream media is echoing the Hamas and Islamic Jihad story line that the reason they had to resort to launching rockets and ending the ceasefire is all because Israel refused to meet their minimal demands. What the new reports are not bothering to report is that the Hamas and Islamic minimal demands bear a striking resemblance to their maximalist demands, so much so that one would be hard pressed to find one smidgen of a difference. So, what are these demands that the Israelis are being so short-sighted as to refuse to grants? The first is that Israel lifts their naval blockade, assist in rebuilding the Gaza port facilities and in the reconstruction of Gaza International Airways. Further, Israel must open all border crossings allowing for free passage between Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank). That all Gaza borders be permitted open import and export free of any undue inspections. The border with Egypt must also be opened in a manner matching the Israeli crossings. Hamas also demands that all the Palestinians held in Israeli prisons be released.

Of the list of demands the least threatening would have to be releasing all of the terrorists in Israeli custody, and that would prove damaging enough to negate any possible agreement. The problem is the Western nations and United Nations look at these demands with an eye to their vision of a final solution where there will be a Palestinians state including Gaza and most of the West Bank with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital living beside the state of Israel in peace and mutual security. Unfortunately, Israel has to take a different view of these demands, namely the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Islamic view which allows for one of two scenarios; the first being an Arab Muslim state with the Jews gone or a Palestinian state living next to Israel which was overrun by Palestinian refugees, all five-million, and is also an Arab Muslim state with the Jews gone. When these demands are seen through this more realistic viewing port it becomes obvious why Israel has refused these demands. But what about the demands when taken singularly, certainly there must be some middle ground where a consensus can be attained.

For argument’s sake, let us look at each demand. What do the Western powers believe would occur should Israel no longer impose a naval blockade over Gaza? They claim in their innocence that it would simply allow for Gazans to import and export food and other produce and goods. Opening up their access to the sea would permit them to fish further into the Mediterranean and provide the Gazans a port which could bring in building supplies to rebuild their homes, schools, hospitals and Mosques. They completely ignore the facts that showed when Israel was forced by world and Western pressures to permit Gazans to import so many numbers of tons of concrete in order to build a new hospital, a number of schools and apartments that none of these items were ever constructed but Hamas and Islamic Jihad did have an extensive underground complex of tunnels and storage areas. The outside world would be shocked to learn that the plumbing pipes which were provided to repair the water and sewage treatment and storm drainage systems that these systems all remained in disrepair but Hamas and Islamic Jihad had thousands new rockets to launch into Israel. So, if these supplies were enabled to come in unrestricted, then all of a sudden Hamas and Islamic Jihad would have a change of mind and start to build hospitals, schools, apartments, clinics and other civilian infrastructure in place of rebuilding their tunnel complex including their infiltration tunnels into Israel and would utilize all of the pipes for water, sewage and water treatment systems and not make tens or hundreds of thousands of rockets.

What would Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their backers in Qatar and Iran do once there was an international airport just outside Gaza City? Would there be even the slightest chance they might send trainers and IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps) fighters to enhance Hamas and Islamic Jihad abilities when they next chose to rain rockets down on Israel. With both an operating international airport and open fully operative sea port, there would be little delay before the exporting all of the eleven billion dollars of military aid recently purchased by Qatar, a nation who a mere thirty percent of their military consists of their own citizens and the rest are hired mercenaries from foreign nations. Iran would never consider arming Hamas and Islamic Jihad should Gaza possess completely open sea ports and airports and providing them with trainers and advanced weapons including guided missiles, aircraft, tanks, anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons and the other tools of war. Well, actually these are minimalist estimations of what would result from allowing Gaza unrestricted trade with the outside world. There would be little change in the day to day suffering of the Gazan people as their leadership is all about the destruction of Israel.

But what about their request for freedom of movement between Gaza and the West Bank so they can pray at their treasured al-Aqsa Mosque be used for other ulterior motivations? There is no way that Hamas would take advantage of such an open passage to infiltrate the West Bank with sufficient forces to execute a coup to take power in the West Bank just as they had done in Gaza. This is providing they do not simply take control through elections if and when they should ever be held. The immediate problem of permitting Hamas and Islamic Jihad access to the West Bank is should they launch rockets into central Israel from the West Bank the likelihood for hitting populated areas or infrastructure would be inversely proportional to their current targets in southern Israel. As open and widely spread out buildings are in the south, leaving only sparse areas where structures exist, in central Israel there are sparse areas which are open and without infrastructure making striking structures or vital infrastructure almost guaranteed even with un-aimed rockets. Additionally, having Hamas and Islamic Jihad in control of the West Bank the Israeli communities there would suffer from attacks similar in nature to those suffered by the Gaza communities before their expulsion from Gaza by Israeli Prime Minister Sharon in ill-conceived August 2005 disengagement. Permitting Hamas free access to the West Bank would assure Israel facing an Iranian subordinate on three fronts, Hezballah on the northern border with Lebanon and Hamas in both the West Bank and Gaza. Further, such a situation with an open border with Egypt would allow for the Muslim Brotherhood to arm and train their proxies in order to open their desired war for control of Egypt.

This begs the question as to how the Western nations and others could be so much in error when it comes to viable solutions of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The answer is that they have a basic misperception of the root of the conflict. The Western nations and their allies see the Arab- Israel conflict as merely the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and do not take into consideration that the reality is that the Palestinians are simply the tip of the spear being wielded by the entirety of the Arab and Muslim worlds. They also believe the struggle by the Palestinians is one of liberation only desiring their own homelands and not their desire to destroy all of Israel and remove the Jews from the entire area restoring Islamic rule over what they believe is Islamic lands for all of posterity. The Palestinians and the Arabs backing them do not see Israel as the nation of the Jews returning to their ancient homelands, they see it as the Jews, a hated and reviled peoples from the very beginnings of Islam, stealing hard won and noble Islamic lands to which they have no rightful claim. They view the Jews as lesser peoples only worthy of perhaps pity if they are to be permitted to remain under Islamic rule in Dhimmitude and otherwise forced to convert or be put to the sword. Of course as we have witnessed in Iraq with ISIS, converts to Islam receive the same quick death by the sword as their fellow Christians who refused to convert with the difference being that those who converted before their execution, their souls were permitted to enter heaven with Allah.

That is the challenge facing all of the Western world, a total misunderstanding of the Islamic threat. The Western world view the Islamic unrest from within their own nations as a string of completely unrelated individual events executed by troubled individuals completely devoid of an underlying cultural and religious motivation. Never mind that almost to an individual those who perpetrate these terrorist motivated acts claim to be committing their crimes as their portion of the Jihad for Allah against the infidel nations and their desire to bring down the house of the infidel. Never mind that often in their trials they demand to represent themselves and then go on tirades about how they definitely committed these acts and would do so again given the opportunity and then demand the death penalty so as to become martyrs for the cause of Jihad and cement their place in heaven. The war between Western civilization the extremists Muslims, which does not mean that these extremists are not supported in their acts and goals by the greater majority of Muslims around the world and even within the Western nations, is not over land, treasure, property, or any perceived slights; this is a war for the future of the human race and it can have but one victor.

This is the reality which is only now beginning to sink in beyond the chosen few who have followed Islam since some early warning that just happened to pique their attention and sensitize them to the threat. In this writer’s case it was an early assassination by a self-proclaimed Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan who during his questioning repeatedly told his interrogators that he had committed no crime and that he was entitled to murder Senator Robert Kennedy as Senator Robert Kennedy supported Israel thus he was acting in the defense of his homelands from the Jews and Israel. This was almost entirely concealed from the American public at the time and was not mentioned much in the foreign Western media. But there was this one nonconformist sixteen year old who had a fascination at that time with Rabbi Meir Kahane and the Jewish Defense League and received their newsletter which told a completely different story on the assassination of Senator and Presidential aspirant Robert Kennedy that fateful day, June 5, 1968. This event placed into the head of that youth the reality that the war was not against Israel alone, it was against the entirety of the human race and that it could only have one of two outcomes, either no Islam retaining their concept of eventual world conquest or no religion or political system but a world under a single Islamic tyrant. The question that youngster has asked since is when will, or even simply, will the rest of the world ever get a clue.

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