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July 3, 2014

Abbas Panics While Netanyahu Debates and Weighs Options

Since the locating by Israeli searchers of the three tortured and hastily buried corpses in a mass grave in a field in Hevron, there has been rioting complete with throwing pipe bombs and other items at police and other forms of destructions by many of the Arabs and Palestinians throughout their neighborhoods in Jerusalem as well as all over areas in Judea and Samaria that also spilled onto the Temple Mount forcing the closing of the holy site to all visitors. There have been no calls for quiet or for the rioting and destruction to stop by Mahmoud Abbas or any of the officers of the newly appointed unity government of Hamas and Fatah. Meanwhile, Abbas has been very busy making calls to United States President Obama and Egyptian President Sisi demanding and pleading that they take measures to prevent Israel from taking any action against Hamas in Gaza or against the Palestinian Authority areas in Judea and Samaria while also claiming that the new unity government had nothing to do with the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli youths even if Hamas ends up being the proven perpetrators. It likely would never ever enter into the mind of Mahmoud Abbas that if he and the others in the leadership of the Palestinians would simply not abduct, torture, murder, or otherwise harm Israelis and actually made efforts to live peaceably next to the Israelis that there would be no need for Abbas to frantically call everybody in his rolodex demanding they come and save him from any possible retribution by Israel.

There will be those who will claim that the death of an Arab youth overnight was the cause of the rioting and the Israelis should have expected such as they should expect such when they take revenge against innocent Arab youths. There are a few problems with this logic. First, the young Arab who was abducted being seen forced into a black vehicle in an Arab neighborhood in the Jerusalem area was not abducted by Jews but instead was victim of criminal elements who were part of a feud which included the youth’s family and had nothing to do with the Israelis, revenge or the events of the past three weeks. It has furthermore been determined that much of the rioting had been planned already and would have occurred with or without any further impetus. Additionally, Hamas has also been making statements threatening Israel over their assumed guilt in the murder of the Arab youth mentioned above and also threatened that they would “open the gates of hell” should Israel take any steps against them for the abduction and murder of the three Israeli youths whom they claim they had nothing to do with their fate. Meanwhile the members of Hamas suspected of the criminal deeds by Israel remain in hiding and are feared to have managed to have escaped from Hevron and are being obscured elsewhere in the West Bank likely by Hamas but possibly Fatah, Islamic Jihad or some other terrorist sympathizers or groups. While the riots played out on one front, Hamas launched at least a dozen rockets and mortars into Israel from out of Gaza yesterday probably in an effort to prove they have no fear of Israeli retributions and simply mocking Israeli leadership.

All of this begs the question of what exactly might Israel be planning? There are those amongst the leadership of the ruling coalition such as Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Lieberman who are calling for a no hold barred military strike to completely obliterate Hamas to the point where they would no longer pose any threat in the future to Israel or her people, especially her young people. Then there are the leftist liberals within the coalition such as Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid who are calling for restraint and caution so as not to do anything which might harm the peace process going forward. Surprisingly, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon cautioned that any large scale military actions could easily lead to all-out war and also recommended a more cautioned and reasoned approach. The fact that the Security Cabinet was debating at all was most likely due to the lack of leadership by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu who was very probably seeking out those who would recommend caution and more passive approach such that he could disguise his preference for timidity behind the indecisions and need for further debate in order to get a consensus from the Security Cabinet. Those who claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu is too quickly willing to acquiesce to the demands of the United States, the Europeans, the European Union, the United Nations and virtually any other expressions of concern from virtually anywhere on earth may have a valid argument.

There was and still exists a sense of unity and solid backing for the government to take any action and be supported by the vast majority of the people. Even a fair number who normally call for peace and restraint at any price and oppose military force or other forms of retribution have been moved by the heartache of the families and the near universal feeling of collective loss from the horrific deaths of Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frenkel that the only reason there has been a debate by the Security Cabinet is because when convened the Prime Minister asked for suggestions and opinions instead of simply stating what steps he foresaw as necessitated and then gave a full briefing of what he envisioned and then turned the floor over to the commander of the IDF, General Benny Gantz so he could apprise what steps were already in motion and an assessment of the expectations for the duration and exit strategy and expected gains from the coming military actions. The one thing Israelis can be assured of with Prime Minister Netanyahu, nothing will be done until every possible option has been hashed to death and run around the track a few times to see how it looks. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, your middle name must be Caution. By postponing any action all that has been accomplished is for the Israelis to have made a strong case for inaction and against strong actions thus making the defense of their nation and their children something which her enemies can now call into question. The world will never love Israel no matter how many times she refrains from taking vengeful retribution and the world will never fear Israel if she insists on attempting to find the magic formula for their love. Strange as it may seem, the world will only respect Israel should Israel be something they also must fear. Love may never come, but at least if we engender fear in the hearts and minds of those who wouldst do us harm, there will be those who will respect Israel. You will only be respected once you respect yourself and that begins by defending your children and honoring your national pride with actions to back it and to protect your honor and name. Marcus Tullius Cicero may have come well after the writing of the Torah but he still knew a thing or two about men, nations and the struggles in the honor and compassion for both and a good way to end this article is to quote him as he once stated, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

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June 13, 2014

Why Israel Must and Should Build Everywhere

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Israel is once again receiving scornful condemnations simply for announcing their intent to complete plans but not to actually build housing for Israelis, which has been interpreted as for Jews as if only Jews can own housing in Israel. Apart from the fact that housing in Israel is available for purchase or rental by anyone without reference to religion with very few and honestly understandable exceptions, these houses are under fire for their location in the vicinity of Jerusalem in the surrounding suburbs, all of which would remain within Israeli borders under any but the most strident of expected final border agreements. This comes after the near constant flow of condemnations and threats cast at Israel during the months of fruitless talks over announced taking of tenders for possible future construction of housing despite it being fully known by the United States Administration and State Department that Prime Minister Netanyahu had intervened and blocked any building plans for the remainder of the negotiations in order to placate Chairman Abbas’s demands for a building freeze. One would probably not believe such due to the near constant protestations from Abbas demanding a building freeze be applied and announced and the State Department backing his claims as if there were an actual threat of houses being constructed. Why would the State Department echo so completely and march lockstep with Mahmoud Abbas knowing that there was, for all intents and purposes, a full-fledged building freeze put in place by Israeli Prime Minister? The reason is actually revealed by parsing their demands which included two main demands, first was the building freeze which had been satisfied, the other was for the building freeze to be announced to the public. The intent was for the building freeze to become publically known so that it would have the potential and very likely succeed in bringing down Netanyahu’s coalition government. The rather obvious objective, or at least not all that well concealed, was not so much to prevent building as it was to force Netanyahu to announce a building freeze had been instituted thus causing sufficient members of the coalition such as Jewish Home Party to bolt the coalition forcing new elections and, if all went as hoped, the new government be a coalition of Labor, Meretz and other leftist and pro-Arab parties which would be more likely to make full concessions granting anything Abbas could possibly demand. It must be also noted that the Europeans were in complete agreement and reinforced every demand made by either the State Department or the Palestinians and also must have had some amount of knowledge that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had intervened to block construction.


So, what are the conclusions Israel should take from this experience? First off, it is obvious that no matter how much Israel attempts to meet demands from the State Department, the Palestinians and the Europeans, it matters little as there will always be some complaint, either Israel is only meeting the minimal amount of the request or Israel is not going far enough or there are many more areas Israel must compromise and numerous more concessions necessary before we will agree that Israel actually desires peace and is negotiating seriously. Of course these demands will never be satisfied and Israel will always be conveyed by the Palestinians, State Department, Europeans, and mainstream media in a way which will always minimize Israeli attempts to work for peace and entertain any additional demands as being completely valid and necessary demanding Israel immediately complies. Israel must decide where they wish to go from here and with the knowledge that there is nothing they can possibly do which will satisfy any of those who have chosen to always take an adversarial role in all things concerning Israel. The question Israel needs to answer before going forward is whether it has been at all beneficial constantly playing the subordinate role always taking risks and making concessions in a vain attempt to mollify those who stand as adversaries pretending to befriend and support Israel through guiding her into ever more dangerous positions and constantly backing every Palestinian demand on Israel while informing Israel why anything she desires or demands is beyond the pale and something they really need to rethink or simply forget. Israel’s other choice is to take a new track and choose to walk down the avenue of her desires while shutting out the expectant cacophonous caterwauling and petulant protestations and listen exclusively to her own heart’s desires.


Israel was founded despite every effort by the British to deny them their rightful space by first by lopping off a full three-quarters of the British Mandate lands out of which Britain had been mandated to form the Jewish State in order to establish Transjordan, later simply became Jordan, pay their debt to the Hashemites who had lost their rule over the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina to a takeover by the Family Saud, and due to having aided Britain in World War I, just as had the Jewish troops which made up the Palestinian Brigade. This had been accomplished by the Churchill White Papers which in exchange for the lands east of the Jordan River being surrendered by the Zionists, the British promised that the lands west of the Jordan River would remain inviolate and undividable into perpetuity for the Jewish State. When the stalling and limiting of Jewish immigration finally failed to prevent the drive of Jewish Zionists to settle and form a Jewish State in their ancient homelands and the world decided the time had come, the British once again turned against the Jews and reneged on their promises and voted and supported the United Nations partition General Assembly Resolution to form yet another Arab state out of half of the remaining Mandate Lands. This British perfidy is actually the norm when it comes to much of the world’s treatment when it comes to everything Israel. Other representations of such hostility can be found in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) global campaign, the entire series of World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance known as Durban Conferences, the campus violence and hatred displayed against Jews on college campuses during the annual Israel Apartheid demonstrations, the fact that the start of every United Nations Human Rights Commission meeting is required to entertain a denouncement of Israel before any other business can be entertained, and the almost constant denunciations in the world mainstream media and at international conferences as well as from numerous national governments and European Union among others.


The time has come for Israel to behave in the same manner as all other nations, in her own best interests. Any other nation which had gained territory resulting from a defensive conflict where they were responding to external threats to their existence, they would retain those lands at least until a peace could be reached with their former adversaries and even then it would be acceptable for the aggressor nation to surrender land in order to be granted final peace. Additionally, the people residing on lands which had been lost during a war of aggression by the aggressor could be made to resettle themselves within the new and smaller borders of their native nation. This is all part of suing for peace by the losing nation of a war; especially if the nation losing such a conflict was the nation whose aggressive acts were what spawned the conflict such as the actions of Syria, Egypt and, undeniably, Jordan during the Six Day War. Apparently, not so much if Israel proves to be the victor in such a conflict. Despite the facts that three Arab nations attacked Israel and cut off her access through the Red Sea at the Straights of Tiran, the world has demanded since the end of that war that Israel must return every millimeter of land to the aggressors thus setting up a rematch from the exact same disadvantage which instigated the initial adventurism in an attempt to completely destroy the Jewish State. Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula when she reached a peace accord with Egypt and returned the Gaza Strip in a unilateral move meant to provide the Palestinians with a place with which they could prove their intents and ability to have a normal and productive society. That unilateral gift resulted in Hamas taking control of the Gaza Strip and then launching thousands upon thousands of rockets and missiles including the launching of an antitank guided missile at a large Yellow school bus murdering the one student remaining after the bus had just let off the other students who had filled the vehicle. That singular attack stands as unarguable proof that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorists populating the Gaza Strip aim to murder civilians, and in this case a school child.


Israel needs to take her own needs and future into consideration. Already Israel is facing a housing shortage which has only been aggravated by the building freezes established around Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital city. Israel made a peace with Egypt who surrendered the Gaza Strip and with Jordan who surrendered Judea and Samaria, mislabeled West Bank to remove the Biblical names which are steeped with Jewish and Hebrew connotations, presumably those areas were given Israel as compensations for the aggressions committed against her by Egypt and Jordan. Israel gave away the Gaza Strip but still has recognized her rightful claim to the contested areas of Judea and Samaria. Time has come for Israel to simply annex as much of Judea and Samaria as she decides is advantageous and provides Israel a defendable border. This could include the entirety of the lands west of the Jordan River of which, should Israel choose, an area could be provided for a semiautonomous region within which the Palestinian Arabs could live under their own leadership. This semiautonomous zone would remain under the security protection of the IDF and the Palestinian Security Forces would need to be disarmed. The Palestinian autonomous zone would be closed to immigration with such coming under the control of Israel which would choose whether or not to permit limited immigration with special consideration for family reunification within strict limits.


The remainder of the so-called Palestinian refugees, these descendants are often second or third and even fourth generation descendants, would necessarily need to be permitted to reside in their present country where they have been imprisoned in refugee camps consisting of large apartment buildings, not the tents and other claimed obviously insufficient conditions, and denied work or other normal endeavors of life keeping them as a weapon with which to threaten Israel by gaining them a return into Israel altering the population from a majority Jewish into a majority Arab and Muslim and simply voting Israel into an Arab, Muslim nations. Israel should simply state that these refugees who mostly fled heeding the demands that they vacate their lands thus allowing for the invading half dozen or so Arab armies to utterly and completely destroy the nascent Jewish State one day after her becoming a state in May of 1948 and allow the invading armies the capability to simply slaughter every last person they found assured that the Arab and Muslim residents had left and all would thus be only Jews. This invasion failed and Israel survived though Israel did lose lands in this conflict with Egypt retaining Gaza and Jordan retaining Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem. The residual problems from that war need to be closed and considered a settled matter. The UNRWA needs to be disbanded and the Arab refugees transferred to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHRC Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) which is tasked with resolving refugee situations by assisting in the return into the national populations. The difference between these two refugee agencies is while the UNHRC does everything they are capable of to reintegrate refugees into the national population where they are located and only consider the initial population to be actual refugees with their descendants not so considered while UNRWA is in the business of making every relative possible a new refugee and transforming the refugee status to generation after generation into perpetuity with the intent of flooding Israel with these refugees and destroying the Jewish State.


Once these areas have been defined, Israel would inform the United Nations that Israel was annexing all of Judea and Samaria and establishing a limited autonomous zone where the Palestinians would rule themselves but would come under Israeli security provided by the IDF with a Palestinian police force which would be limited to sidearms and shotguns but restricted from usage of military capable weapons. Then Israel necessarily should build and build like there was no tomorrow. These houses would be made available to any Israeli just as current housing and other residential buildings are available within Israel’s green line. This availability would be equal for Druze, Bedouin, Arab, Christian, Bahá’í, Zoroastrians, Jews and any other Israeli citizen. Israel would need to initially monitor any transit from the autonomous Palestinian areas into Israel with such restrictions lessening as time and conditions permit eventually having no restrictions once terrorism had reduced or been eradicated, then full transit and making full availability of Israeli employment and other benefits, possibly even citizenship and total incorporation into Israeli society should such be desired. Meanwhile, the added available homes would finally begin to reverse the increasingly difficult housing market and provide many moderately and economical priced housing which, given time, would force prices of housing lower, or at least make them more reasonable, over time. There will be those who will claim, especially within Israel, that such actions would only serve to bring scorn and protestations from much of the rest of the world. They would claim that Israel might be removed, thus losing representation, from the United Nations and forced from many conventions and treaties by an angered and stunned world. There would be angry denunciations from the United Nations, United States (especially from the State Department), European Union and numerous countries. Well, all I can say in defense of this plan is, does not this sound exactly like the conditions described earlier in the article describing exactly what Israel is facing currently? Well, actually it does not sound as bad as at least once Israel had made such a decision to annex Judea and Samaria allowing generously for a Palestinian autonomous zone, she can ignore much of the protestations and wait until with time the protestations slowly subside into silence. It would be difficult to paint a picture which would picture a world any more antagonistic towards Israel as the current state. Israel might even permit any Palestinian who so desired, to relocate to Gaza and be part of the wondrous state of Hamastan. With the slow gaining of acceptance and even allies and actual applications of their plans by the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement and some nations actually bringing such actions to a vote, how long before such an idea becomes mainstreamed and starts gaining acceptance worldwide, annexing our ancestral lands might accelerate such a problem, but maybe not. Time has come for Israel to do what serves Israel and her people and end the constant threats and antagonisms dictating our actions because, if we have figured out anything, we have figured that there is nothing Israel can implement short of dissolving the Jewish State and leaving for another planet in a star system far, far away, and I bet that would even garner denunciations claiming we were attempting to take a whole planet for ourselves.  Believe me when I claim that Israel and the Jews need to act for their own interests as nobody will ever grant us a fair chance and we need to make our own breaks. So, annex all of our ancient lands, build for the future, make an inviting homeland which will make and enticement so wondrous that the seven to eight million Jews of the Diaspora will desire nothing else but to make Aliyah. We can already see how unwelcomed Jews are in many nations and the disease of anti-Semitism is spreading and growing across the entirety of this world. Already the Jews in France are fleeing persecution as are the Jews from the Ukraine while simply from a great and undefinable desire the Jews who have been lost to their brethren are returning home, the Jews of Ethiopia, India, China and from nearly every other nation in the world. These Jews will require homes and these homes need to be built and made affordable and that takes land, all our ancient lands.


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June 10, 2014

Will Australia Survive Palestinian Condemnations?

The Australian government has displayed great amounts of chutzpah and discernment of principles by recognizing a truth which though defined by numerous legal precedents as well as a fair number of international treaties, accords, committees and even Article 80 of the Charter for the United Nations but should still brace themselves for great upheavals and assaults filled with opprobrium, malice and scorn. One might wonder what faux pas they could have committed to draw such a serious and strong set of reactions. The Australians actually announced they no longer intend to use of the term “occupied” when referring to Jewish neighborhoods in parts of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinian Authority. As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, speaking on behalf of Australian Attorney General Bronwyn Bishop was Senator George Brandis who referred to such terminology as “unhelpful.” He further stated, “Australia supports a peaceful solution to the dispute between Israel and the Palestinian people, which recognizes the right of Israel to exist peacefully within secure borders and also recognizes the aspiration to statehood of the Palestinian people. The description of areas which are subject to negotiations in the course of the peace process by reference to historical events is unhelpful.” Senator Brandis concluded stating, “The description of East Jerusalem as ‘Occupied East Jerusalem’ is a term freighted with pejorative implications, which is neither appropriate nor useful.”


The very initial condemnations which came from this announcement came from within the Australian government. One of those condemning the position was Independent Senator Nick Xenophon who said, “It’s an extraordinary and reckless departure from the bipartisan approach of the last forty seven years. It is contrary to the government’s position it is completely unhelpful to walk away from the term ‘occupied’. If you don’t acknowledge historical facts, what are the hopes for lasting peace in the Middle East?” He concluded by pointing out, “Even Israel’s strongest ally, the United States, does not hold this position.” Senator Xenophon’s criticism struck me like somebody’s mother asking if their friends all jumped off a bridge would you jump too? Australia and Israel have had close relations and an unemotional and strictly legal inspection of historical documents which pertain to the areas in question all without question give Israel the primary, if not the sole rights to these lands. Even the most anti-Israel and pessimistic legal interpretation would still allow for Israel to retain as much of these contested lands as she could logically prove she required in order to establish defensible borders. That could even include every inch of lands within Judea and Samaria, often mislabeled the West Bank, as the wording of the United Nations Resolution 242 does not require Israel to return all of the lands gained from the Six Day War but only as much of the lands while allowing for her to retain those lands necessary to provide a defensible border. As Israel returned the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula as well as all of the Gaza Strip, retaining the West Bank would be permissible under the requirements of the stipulations of the United Nations. Israel has already relinquished claims to over ninety percent of the total lands she acquired in the defensive actions of the Six Day War but the Arabs through their Palestinian proxies are attempting to make United Nations Resolution 242 apply to only those lands Israel still retains control over and is demanding that Israel be forced to surrender those lands as per that agreement knowing and despite the reality that Israel has surrendered sufficient lands to satisfy all United Nations requirements and thus cannot actually be required to release her hold on any further areas.


But it can be bet safely that Australia will face condemnations from many sources for their principled stand. The barrages have already fired the first salvos with denunciation and recriminations coming from Palestinian spokesperson and chief negotiator Saeb Erekat. Mr. Erekat wrote a June 5 letter which was made public by Ma’an news where he wrote, “Palestine will request that the Arab League and the Islamic Conference review the relations of the Arab and Islamic world with Australia in light of Australia’s unlawful recognition of the illegal settlement regime in occupied Palestine.” He went on to further write that the remarks demonstrate that Australia “does not intend to comply with its duty under international law not to recognize Israeli sovereignty over any part of the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel in 1967, including East Jerusalem. Palestine views these developments in the gravest terms and is weighing the appropriate legal and diplomatic response.”


What is preposterous and filled with twisting of the truths and realities is the presumption by the Palestinian governance that they have the sole legal and principled right to define international law by whatever interpretation they choose and that it is their right to dictate to a sovereign nation what their interpretation of international law must be. Simply because so many nations choose to regurgitate the tripe dictated by the Palestinians with an implied threat of terrorist enforcers attacking any nation which disagrees and having a history of hijacking international airliners from numerous nations, assaulting and murdering Olympic athletes during the Olympic Games and numerous assassinations and other international crimes is no reason that their word must be accepted by any nation willing to stand for what they believe. That so many nations have cowered before their threats speaks volumes to the lack of leaders willing to take a position which requires a stiff spine and a solid sense of taking a righteous stance and braving the slings and arrows of outrageous slanders from those less willing to speak truth to power no matter the numbers or the loudness of their indignant protestations. As long as we are butchering Shakespeare quotes, Me thinks Master Erekat protests too much. Or should we go with, Out out damn spot? Truthfully, I want to thank those in the Australian government and those who voted them into office and all who support their brave, forthright, honest and insightful stance which states the reality which has been clouded and obscured to such an extent that anybody standing for these truths often felt alone screaming in the wilderness wondering if anybody would hear, and if so, would they even care. Thanks to the statements made by the ruling coalition leadership in Australia we know that there are others willing to stand and speak truth and bare the scorns from lesser men who cower in the shadows of the deceitful statements simply because those lies were repeated sufficient number of times with greater and greater volume. What was further proven by the Australian statements which were made quietly and politely and the response which was filled of invectives and insults which were to be assumed valid simply because these too were spoken with great volume. It has been my experience that the truth is spoken softly and the lie screamed and repeated as if placing such force of wind behind the sounds would validate them. Apparently for much of today’s world and its leaders, that assumption is proving true. Perhaps the Australian stand for truth and softly speaking that truth will awaken others or if not, perhaps at least shame them in their acquiescence to the quiet convenience of laying with deceivers. Thank you Australia and may you be honored for your standing with convictions.


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