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February 17, 2021

Will the Woke Ever Awaken

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The first thing we need to note is that the public education systems in much of the nation, at least the major cities, are turning out graduates who have been trained to be “woke” by repeated enforcement of the ecological and other indoctrinations. This is often done with handouts which are collected after class so nothing is available to take home as proof. Parents often reject the early complaints believing their child is having difficulty adjusting to school. The problem is any counselling following current trends is in line with the same program and all too often the parents may have fallen prey to the earliest cusp of these trends.  

To be “woke” one must first understand “intersectionality” which ties all of the approved causes together such that in for one, on for all; and also, those not included which are to be shunned and shamed by all means available. We have spoken about “intersectionality” at least once before in this rather long article. >. A truly “woke” individual does not make waves or attempt to stand out in virtually any way as “woke” individuals know that drawing attention one risks being outed with the bonus of probably not understanding why or what happened or when. Once being outed, it is next to impossible to return to the good graces of the “woke” community. Schools teach from the beginning that the class as a group is graded more than the individual and any complaints prove who is racist and deserving of special attention. Remember what we said about drawing attention. Grades are used to reward “woke” behavior and punish most individualism. By graduation, these unfortunates in the public schools have been eroded into a correct awareness based on a frame of social justice and racial justice. This includes the New York Times introduction to an education program now based on what they refer to as the 1776 lie and claim slavery was the basis for the founding of the United States and rejects that any real progress has been made to equalize society and give proper reparations for American Original Sin of Slavery! That is actually the emphasis to what they call American History, a far cry from the American History taught too long ago to mention.

The wonderful thing about being “woke” is that one need not think for themselves or be responsible for actions as long as they are supported by the “woke” political, “woke” Big Tech, “woke” Wall Street and the “woke” main financial backers, but we kind of repeated ourselves with that last one. The horrible thing about being “woke” is one has become so afraid to think that doing so becomes next to impossible and should one actually become “awakened” and thinking for oneself, then one will find being “woke” as worthless of their efforts any further. Winston Churchill is reputed to have stated, “If you are not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.” Perhaps we can borrow on the above quote and coin its modern version and be quoted here stating, If you are not “woke” by the time you are twenty, your education failed. If you have not “awakened” by forty, you have no mind of your own.

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February 2, 2021

Jobs, Jobs, It’s All About Jobs

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President Biden has been, what can only be described as, on a tear, writing Executive Orders. There was even a table of contents informing us of the excuse of the day which listed; Monday for Buy American, Tuesday for Equity, Wednesday for Climate, Thursday for Health Care, and Friday for Immigration. Each day allowed for President Biden to enact a series of Executive Orders and when the week was done the heart of the Green New Deal was put in place without the messy need of Congress or hearings. These things needed to be completed immediately as we are in a state of emergency, or so we are instructed, attending to Anthropomorphic Climate Change and we must be forced to comply if we are to save the planet. But there was another subject which has appeared repeatedly coming forth from virtually every mouth speaking for the administration; “Jobs.”

When President Biden speaks about clean energy, he states he is, “thinking about jobs.” When he elaborates on immigration, he states he is, “thinking about jobs.” When President Biden expounds upon clean water, he states he is, “thinking about jobs.” When President Biden expands on his clean air programs, he states he is, “thinking about jobs.” When President Biden explains the rejoining of the Paris Climate Accords, he states he is, “thinking about jobs.” When President Biden states how America will reach zero vehicle emissions, he states he is, “thinking about jobs.” Even when President Biden praises the wonders of coming electric cars, solar panels, and all the rest of the build back better rhetoric, he states he is, “thinking about jobs.” If only Joe’s thoughts were guaranteed to come to fruition, then there would be plenty of good paying jobs. The unfortunate reality is that President Biden has been costing more and more American jobs with every passing day, even every passing Executive Order such as the ones closing down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline as well as the Southern Border Wall. But rest assured, Uncle Joe is, “thinking about jobs.”

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January 28, 2021

Are You Woke or Hateful?

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These first two weeks of President Biden and his administration has divided the American nation into two camps, those enlightened, woke people and those people filled with resentment, spitefulness, anger and bigotry including racism, ageism, sexism, nationalism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia and innumerable more forms of closeminded hatred. The former group of woke individuals presumably all supported President Biden in the last election as anybody ignorant enough to vote for President Trump are automatically and obviously not included amongst the woke and civil population. Those people who are woke will be granted free speech and freedom to ruin and cancel every single last Trump supporter and all other haters as defined by the woke community. Most of the mainstream media is fully behind this confronting by the woke community of every last person whose thoughts are old-fashioned, single-minded, discriminatory or otherwise unacceptable in a fully woke society, the desire of President Biden and supporters.

President Biden set aside a specific subject to each day as the central focus for his record-setting pace of executive orders with Monday as Buy American, Tuesday as Equity, Wednesday as Climate, Thursday as Health Care, and Friday for Immigration. We are willing to take a chance predicting that at the end of President Biden and his hundred days of executive orders, the United States will be hardly recognizable by most Trump voters, conservatives, and libertarians. We have heard through our grapevine that our woke America has decided that nationalism and the concept of American exceptionalism are evils which if allowed to continue will destroy their hoped-for egalitarian world. There is a little secret, well, not a well-kept secret, that for a truly woke world to exist, the United States must be brought to kneel before the interests of the rest of the world. Wokeness can be measured by one’s dedication to internationalism where the entire world comes under a single governance of unelected bureaucrats making all the vitally important issues of the day. Wokeness also believes that wealth must be redistributed in order to relieve people from poverty. We can guarantee that they will destroy wealth and spread poverty to near universal coverage of the worldly population. Of course, there will be exceptions to the loss of wealth as those exceptional leaders of the woke society and their selected friends will continue living a privileged life. There will be one rather impregnable wall preventing the taking of rights from those who the woke find lacking in sensitivity and correct-think, the Bill of Rights, and failing that, then the truly last hope, the Declaration of Independence. Please read this document once again and realize how radical and a completely untraveled political path was defined by that document, the most radical document of its day.

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