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November 28, 2015

Abbas, PLO, and the Endless News Cycle


Why does the world sympathize with the Arab side of things against Israel? Sheer volume of noise coming from Mahmoud Abbas, Dealer of Lies, alone even without including Bassem al-Tamimi and family with the endless incitement of the IDF every Friday; Saeb Erekat and his once or twice news condemning the Israelis for some super-critical impingement of the Arabs from some right or freedom; Marwan Barghouti and his updates on the horrific treatment of Arabs by the Jews from his almost country Club prison accommodations; the nearly endless parade of NGOs, Human Rights groups, media stringers feeding stories to the mainstream media usually at times most convenient for European news cycle with some intended attention to the United States media as well; independent research group hoping to find that singular item which propels them into the limelight; college or university campus holding demonstration against Israeli mistreatment, victimization, incarceration, crushing of spirit, demeaning or other Israeli criminal adventure against some innocent Arab; Independent research group reporting on Israeli crimes as fed them by Fatah Party; Yasser Abed Rabbo twice monthly complaint of Israeli criminal actions; Knesset Minister Zoabi or Tibi or other Arab or pro-Palestinian or Israeli leftist complaints against Netanyahu or other fascist government entity or group within the Knesset making their representing the Palestinian cause near impossible; or any number of Pallywood releases against Israel; governments imposing embargo, labeling, pulling from nation’s store shelves of Israeli products; the Israeli blood-libel or two of the week be it the old Israelis stealing organs and limbs from bodies of terrorists, who died while conducting attacks on Israeli civilians, returned to PA; and lastly the denial of some Arab’s right to free expression by ramming their vehicle into crowded bus stop or bombing some Pizza Parlor.


Every single story which conceivably might have occurred with film showing the action of the complaint is immediately sucked up by some European media outlet or leftist United States media and then this one story is repeated day after day as it winds its way to production with each rendition of the story having ‘new’ details as reported by some obscure but Arab sounding name at least once every other month. I have lost count of the number of times beautiful blue eyes have been removed from some Arab corpses and replaced with the brown eyes from the Israeli wanting the blue eyes but the sister, brother, mother but rarely father (not quite sympathy grabbing as the other options) remembering solemnly and tearfully how they loved their son, brother or whatever relation, eyes switched before turning them over to the Arab PA officials which is provable by the sheer numbers of Jews with blue eyes as if it were impossible for a Jew to have blue eyes (and I assure all that my blue eyes are original equipment for my body and have been blue since my birth) though apparently fairly common for Arabs. But the volume of complaints, charges, demands and endless cycling of condemnations of Israel, Netanyahu, the Zionist criminal of the week, crime against Arab of the moment, demand for recognition, denunciation of the heartless Zionists, settler story, stolen fruit from Arab grove which the Israeli was seen stealing the fruit after tilling, planting, pruning and all other care but the reaping the fruit was one thing too many, after all, what did the Israeli expect living beyond the all-important Green Line.



Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis

Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council
Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis



Never mind the realities that even if the Jews generally, the Israeli government, or any Israeli politician or activist particularly, attempted to file a report and seek an interview to state their case in some similar story that nary a reporter would even bother to file a report without them needfully being vetted and validated and then questioned by their being asked some pertinent question starting with a statement as if it were fact followed by this ending, ‘and how long had that illicit torturing of Arab babies been happening and when do you plan to ever stop such acts?’ The propagation of almost exclusively the Arab narratives, and the most radical stories always have some victim who was now forced from their home overlooking the Sea of Galilee and are now forced to reside in their main much less roomy home, please do not remind all the second house is a villa on a mountain top with only a dirt driveway reaching the front door (the implication is undeniable that the Israelis were the reason why there was no paved road). Such is the reporting news cycle after news cycle. If you do not believe us then please try this little experiment, it is a rather easy experiment; first choose a leftist newspaper such as the New York Times or television news such as CNN or some easily identified newswire such as AFP (Agency France Press) or radio on the hour news such as the BBC or even a leftist Israeli newspaper such as Haaretz and simply tally the number of stories filed, one can even restrict their search to front page above the fold newspapers that way they need not actually buy any newspaper as they can read that much simply browsing newspapers at the stand without purchasing one. Now that you have your sources all you need do is to log reports in the main section and grade each from a one to a nine where one is heavily pro-Israel and nine pro-Arab and do this until you have collected one-hundred stories which usually will take about eight weeks or so and you will have your data, the lengthier the sampling period the more accurate the results. All one need do is add together all the scores and then divide that by the number of stories and then you will have your newspaper’s honest reporting quotient which can be rated as follows; a score of one to two and the news source is untrustworthy as they are whitewashing everything using a strongly pro-Israel position; from three and a half down to but not equaling two the news is definitely slanted towards Israel; from higher than three and a half to four the news is slanted towards Israel; if your news hits the sweet spot of between four to five then your news is respectfully reporting on both sides, but such a source would be difficult to find as even here we slant towards Israel while trying to give credit and criticism where demanded; from five to almost six and a half the news is slanted towards the Arabs; from six and a half to almost eight the news is slanted pretty far towards the Arab side; from eight to nine, the news source is untrustworthy as they are whitewashing everything using a strongly pro-Arab position.



Prayers offerred at Kever Yoseph



With all of that out of the way, now we can, each and every one of us, can grade our news services by their printed, spoken words. Truth be told, we all know on which side our bread is buttered and towards which end of the political spectrum our news sources slant the news and we would like to think that our readers know we support Israel but endeavor to call things straight up reporting on Israeli aggressions just as we do Arab Palestinian aggressions. As with many news services the slant comes just as much on how we represent our side and how we admit to the truths presented from the other side.


We report a lot on what President/Chairman/and whatever other titles he has taken Abbas quotes simply because he provides new material far more frequently than does any other person we cover and often says things with which we disagree and thus we try to refute those positions he takes which we find dishonest. We also attempt to present facts with links where such are found. Some of the statements made about Israel simply make no sense at all considering the facts. The statements that the Israelis are threatening to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque are ludicrous and when the rebuilding of an ancient synagogue which was gutted and left to fall by the Jordanians as they did to for too many Jewish religious sites after their gains made taking Israeli lands of Judea and Samaria as well as East Jerusalem in the 1948-9 war for the annihilation of Israel and her people led by the Mufti of Jerusalem; the same war the Israelis emphasize as their War of Independence as they knew if they had lost the war outright instead of losing some territory, though much of the territories lost held either great historic and religious importance as well as tactical importance, there would have been no Israel and another Holocaust, though of lesser magnitude, would surely have ensued. Perhaps we could look at some of these as Mahmoud Abbas claims all of these sites as being exclusively Arab and/or Muslim sites. The Cave of Machpelah (also called Cave of the Patriarchs as it is the cave holding the tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah. It sits in its subterranean areas under a building built by Herod the Great, a large, rectangular enclosure over the caves, the only fully surviving Herodian structure from the period of Hellenistic Judaism. Herod’s building, with 6-foot-thick stone walls made from stones that were at least 3 feet (0.91 m) tall and sometimes reach a length of 24 feet. Muslims added a roof and renamed this Jewish holy site the Ibrahimi Mosque. Additionally are Kever Rachel (Tomb of Rachael) north of Bethlehem and Kever Yoseph (Tomb of Joseph). There had been numerous Synagogues of which any were located on the Old City of Jerusalem and thus were conquered and held under occupation by the Jordanians who destroyed the vast number of these centers for prayers and learning.



Destroyed Josephs tome after Palestinian assault and the tortured death of IDF soldier Palestinians allowed to bleed to death



This is another of Mahmoud Abbas’s favorite areas to make grand statements denying the Jewish holy sites and along with that denial he denies there having ever been any holy sites for the Jewish people in all of Israel and goes further claiming that the Jews who returned to Israel were not even the original Israeli Jews but rather some sect of Europeans who converted to Judaism though this is a common libel against European Jews. One need also remember that Mahmoud Abbas was awarded his doctoral degree based on his study which proved that the Holocaust never happened and that only a small number of Jews were ever used for labor or simply murdered claiming instead that the entire idea of a Holocaust was perpetrated by the Jews and Nazis so as to be able to conquer the world together. Abbas was amongst the Arab officials who perpetrated the Jenin slaughter which even a United Nations investigation proved was not the case and that the majority of those who died in Jenin were actually fighters from both sides. Abbas had been known to also give credence to the idea that Israelis murdered Yasser Arafat and that Arafat’s death was anything but due to natural causes or a natural result of Arafat’s life style. Personally, my thought is that often when one lives for seventy-five years it is entirely possible they died of being seventy-five years old as not all of us are permitted a life reaching to one-hundred-twenty years. Unfortunately, all too often much of what Mahmoud Abbas claims are simply spun from the same cloth as were the Emperor’s new clothes yet just as all were far too scared of what the Emperor might do if they revealed the truth so nobody was willing to step forth and tell the Emperor that he had been played for the fool and that he was parading about the city in his royal undergarments. I keep waiting for someone with a decently loud voice to carry the message far and wide that the Emperor is wearing no clothes and that Abbas spins tales of woe and incitements to murder just as he lies claiming that he is the one true peace-seeker despite turning down peace agreement after proposed agreement always without a counter demand as he fears that he will demand too little one day and the Israelis will accept and then he will find himself in the same trap that Arafat found himself almost trapped.


Along these lines, Abbas recently outed himself in a rare moment of crystal clear truth sneaking its way out his mouth when he stated he had refused an agreement offered by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert which granted him virtually everything he had ever claimed to want in order to make peace. This admission is the real truth which Abbas skirts around like a professional ice skater pirouetting around the elephant in the middle of the ice rink, a large pink and orange stripped elephant which can actually speak one phrase over and over while Abbas continues to skate. The phrase the elephant speaks as Abbas twirls and jumps making a great spectacle stating, “Slow down and make peace before you trip and fall getting hurt and the peace walks away as do all elephants on the room or on the rink if you ignore their proffers one too many times.” The problem is Abbas claims that even should he agree to make peace, peace does not include surrendering the Arab claim to all the lands and their struggle to replace Israel with Palestine, not share the lands. That is the definitive problem, which Abbas wants to continue the struggle indefinitely which will only lead to one final outcome, the Arabs receiving nothing and being forced from the lands of Israel, all of Israel. Abbas knows the reality is that all the lands are Israel under International Law and that the occupying entity are the Arabs who refuse to recognize Israeli rule or who wish to overthrow the government of Israel and slaughter the Jews taking their lands. This dream that they will possess all the land will lead to their residing on none of the land as if they insist there can be only one nation, then so be it and may we observe the admonitions of Torah and make every inch of the lands given to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob be settled and the claims settled once and for all if it is to be all or none, we will take all and Abbas will have let his people down as he could have had so much and his risky game will result in no land for the Arabs who oppose Israel and the national home to the Jewish People from ancient history our return had been known, prophesized; and going against the prophets is a very risky business.



This is the model of the plans for the restoration and rebuild of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. The Synagogue was originally constructed in the 1860s and was destroyed when the Jordanians dynamited the original Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue along with virtually every other religious or significantly Jewish building in all ot Eastern Jerusalem which includes the entirety of the Old City Jerusalem which includes structures over two thousands of years in age and other built throughout the centuries. These destructions were wanton, senseless, vile acts for which there was no outcry in 1948 as the world turned a blind eye as has proven to be the reaction to virtually every terrorist or destructive act towards Israel and particularly the Jews residing therein.

This is the model of the plans for the restoration and rebuild of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. The Synagogue was originally constructed in the 1860s and was destroyed when the Jordanians dynamited the original Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue along with virtually every other religious or significantly Jewish building in all ot Eastern Jerusalem which includes the entirety of the Old City Jerusalem which includes structures over two thousands of years in age and other built throughout the centuries. These destructions were wanton, senseless, vile acts for which there was no outcry in 1948 as the world turned a blind eye as has proven to be the reaction to virtually every terrorist or destructive act towards Israel and particularly the Jews residing therein.


Beyond the Cusp


November 27, 2015

Abbas and the Trail of Tears To and From the United Nations


Mahmoud Abbas, the self-appointed Emperor of the Palestinians, has once again come to the United Nations sobbing his people’s story of woe and demanding that the United Nations immediately provide them with recognition of statehood and simultaneously demand Israel remove every trace of their existence, remove her security and military presence everywhere beyond the Green Line. He is also demanding the United Nations send forces to protect his ‘nation’ from Israeli aggressions. It is the same old demand being recycled demanding that the General Assembly insist that the Security Council set a deadline of one year for negotiations to be completed and a treaty reached between Israel and his Palestinian Authority settling the borders, responsibilities and whatever else such that a Palestinian State be set into motion or else the United Nations enforce his maximalist demands for a settlement on Israel. Again we have Abbas demanding Israel negotiate with a gun to their heads and grant him everything he demands or make offers which include bribes in order to get any form of compromise or else face international troops forcing Israel to surrender every last demand he can think to place upon the Israelis which starts with the surrender of all lands beyond the 1949 Armistice positions demarked and set which are known as the Green Line. That begs the question as to why Abbas or any of his criminal consortium would ever accept any offer when the result of refusing to negotiate in good faith would produce the world handing you everything you could legitimately desire by simply refusing any offer. This is his attempting to internationalize the entire imbroglio hoping to have the world impose his version of a peace treaty and further place troops along the border to protect his launching of missiles into Israel all the while demanding Israel now surrender the remaining lands he claims from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea. This is Mahmoud Abbas’s idea and perception of ending the occupation, but is he correct.



Abbas Asking as Politely as He is Capable

Abbas Asking as Politely as He is Capable
Arms Outstretched as if to Grab His Victim
And Strangle the Life Out of Them Slowly



The catch is that International Law does not necessarily abide by public opinions as Abbas is hoping he could force some court to decide in his favor that Israel is occupying lands which he claims belong to some Arab entity simply because the majority of the dictatorial regimes which comprise the General Assembly happen to also harbor anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli feelings and would grant Abbas and gang all of Israel as if their opinions amount to anything. The problem which Israel will very likely be facing is a concerted effort between Abbas and the Arab World, at least those still standing, and the organization of anti-Western World nations in the General Assembly in supporting his demands and also not receiving assistance from the United States in the form of their veto power in the Security Council. But even without the United States veto power there are four other nations with such power, Russia, China, Britain and France. Let us look at each one individually.


The first obvious one to consider would be those who by their nature would benefit from Israel being coerced into their camp would be Russia and especially if it would give Putin the opportunity of rubbing it in President Barack Hussein Obama’s face that Russia upheld the side of Zionism, Israel, and most Jews against the blatant deceits and deception which make up the machination of one Mahmoud Abbas. Should Putin actually persuade Israel to enter into the Russian orbit rather than that of the United States, Russia could gain some military and other advantages from the Israeli software and other scientific advances which may end up being shared by the two nations. Still, Russia would realize that any gains would be short lived as the United States is scheduled to have elections for a new President next year and the new President and their administration being formed and operating on all cylinders by March and thus then able to grab Israel back from Russian influences. Depending on the perceived sincerity of the United States President would necessarily need be measured before leaping at any opportunity as Israel has started to wane amongst even Jewish voters and as the remaining Israel supporters are Evangelical Christians who would never support a liberal Democrat candidate and thus would not really present a positive force for the Democrats should they retain the White House and be left with no real option other than supporting the Republican Party if they were to take the White House. This would necessarily mean that Russia would have little to gain outside of Israeli gratitude and the obligation of Israel sharing information about such things as terror threats or operations to take down Russian airliners or other threats. It would not be a complete surprise to learn that such is already a working part of some agreement between Russia and Israel though such would be kept as a very well-guarded secret.


Following this order we must now consider China. Almost everything said above about Russia goes double for China simply to be registered as a political coup over the United States. China may have further reasons to support Israel as the two are good trading partners. The one item China offers that would be beyond any Russian offer is that China is presumably ascendant and as such could offer a more enhanced set of future relations. China also has a larger middle class which is growing and will present a viable market as long as the economic bubbles in the Chinese economic picture do not explode in their faces causing a panic by the government and thus the stifling clamps coming down from on high of the Politbureau placing the suffocating conditions eventually always resulting from central control of an economy and over the markets which operate best with the least government interference as profit is one of the greatest motivators in life. Still, China would have a considerable plus in their developing consumer market well beyond anything the Russians would be able to provide.


Then there is Britain without whom much of this mess would not be necessary. That aside, the British government is currently leaning right and conservative but Israel is a very contentious issue within the British Isles. Any government supporting Israel over the Arab causes could face considerable losses at the polls and thus suffer greatly at the next set of elections. The British are also very dependent on oil from Saudi Arabia as well as other sources. Should it appear that supporting Israel would necessarily have a downside with the natural losses in the polls, it is doubtful that any British help is coming against such hints. Further, Britain does not have a history of being necessarily supportive of Israel or Jewish interests in general. Perhaps it was their singular moment of conscience which produced the Balfour Declaration as she has had little additional support for the Jewish State. Adding in their history which was derived largely by their administration of the British Mandate in such a manner as to support the Arab side in virtually all items where the British were not truly neutral, and it is because of this adherence to neutrality which would in times result in upholding sides in opposition to Jewish and Zionist interests. Still, Israel may be well served to work alongside the British in other areas having mutual interests. It all comes down to this, who can best provide for the future of Great Britain and her future. That very well could be the British as only time will tell.


That brings us to France who is right now rather seeing Israel in a much more favorable light than a month ago. The reason for the turning of France to side with Israel more closely would be better put as identifying with the Israeli position was the horrific terror strike which murdered one-hundred-twenty-nine with another three-hundred-fifty-two injured. This horrific carnage being launched at the seat of power that Paris, France has been and always will continue to be horrified peoples from all over the world though not so in the Arab world where candies and sweet cakes were handed out and people were dancing in the streets. The French are currently sensitive to the pressures Israel has faced daily for over sixty-five years. Additionally, the French government has turned to Israel for guidance and training their security forces to provide them with the kind of things to look for and what should not draw as much attention. Will this heightened state of sensitivity last? In one way, fortunately, no. People need to feel safe in their day-to-day lives or the society would grind slowly to a halt. So, yes, currently the French people are in an elevated state of awareness and more likely to identify with Israel, but that will not last and the question is what will come after? Will there existing residual bond between the French people and government with Israel? What new policies might come of this? And lastly, will this make for another Veto vote in the Security Council.


The end result is that unless some major power is planning on sending troops, even a Security Council Resolution replete with Chapter Seven authorizing for the use of force would not be appetizing as the troops would be facing off with the IDF which would not be an enticing offer even for the United States or other Western power. The situation would be unappetizing for the IDF as well, but they would defend the nation of Israel even if they may rue the day that such becomes necessary. There is one item that would need clarification, exactly what is the claim Abbas represents for which he demands United Nations support and troops? What documentation can he present? The problem Mahmoud Abbas would find is that there is an occupation and it is not the one he claims exists. One would hope he does not take the idea that Israel is an occupying power too seriously as it does not hold up on further scrutiny. Yes, we realize Mahmoud Abbas has reams and reams of General Assembly and NGO and nations’ intents to recognize Palestine which are all predicated on his arrival at an agreed upon border which they can recognize. Abbas is going to find things get a bit sticky and tangled. The problem is that without an actual border supported by international law, Abbas has no standing unless Israel grants him a standing, without a delineated and defined border he has nothing to demand as he would have no defined land upon which to be protected and no state by definition as put forth by the Treaty of Westphalia and the Montevideo Convention. These set the definition for a viable and recognizable state and the Palestinians have none of the requirements. Further, by the San Remo Convention, the Treaty of Sèvres, Israel has a defined border which with the Churchill White Paper Israel’s eastern border, the one Mahmoud Abbas claims to contend as under debate, is defined very clearly as the Jordan River. United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 is invalid and meaningless as it was rejected by the Arab league and rendered forever voided by the multi-nation assault on the State of Israel on the first day of her existence. In none of the wars Israel has endured to survive, none of them were with any nation called Palestine and if you wish a war between Palestine and Israel just keep pushing and that day will eventually come to be. Lastly, and potentially most important, there is an occupation going on in much of the lands known as Judea and Samaria and it is the so-called Palestinian population as they have no claim on the lands and are permitted to remain by the good graces and kindnesses of the Israeli government and peoples. You want a few questions you can answer which will clarify this point.

1) Who provides the water system for this area?
2) Who provides the electricity?
3) Who will be defending these areas when the Islamic State decides to cross the Jordan River?
4) Who holds treaties and international agreements which all come into play under Article 80 of the United Nations?
5) Who granted you the presumed claim to these lands?
6) Who did Jordan sign a treaty with to end any potential for a restarting of hostilities and at that time surrendered all claims to the lands Jordan refers to as the West Bank and Israel knows by the names of Judea and Samaria?
7) Before the Six Say War of 1967, what were these lands considered by every nations of the world with the exceptions of Britain and Pakistan?
8) Since the land was illegally occupied, if Jordan ever were to have granted their claims to these lands to some PLO, what makes them legally claimed then by anybody other than the liberating power?
9) You claim Israel is an Apartheid State yet there are Arabs in the Knesset and as sitting judges and even Ambassadors for Israel while you insist that any lands you hold be free of Jews and uncomfortable and soon to be just as unaccommodating for Christians, so who are the real Apartheid system?
10) Do you have any questions?

The truth is obvious and the unfortunate thing is the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), and any other names the leaders of the kleptocracy which demands your children be sacrificed for the better good of the society, just as the worshippers of Baal sacrificed their subject’s children to their idolatrous god for the good of society, has the world really devolved that much? Such a realization is so saddening that it robs us of worlds to describe such a situation. As Jews we had hoped that there would be no more Amalekites after the Third Reich and their successor for subjugating their society but now we know there is another daemon needing to be struck down for the evil it oozes and contaminates all it touches. The time is near when the people of Israel will have had all the murders and injured innocents and finally correct that horrific mistake made by General Moshe Dayan when he allowed the Waqf to remain in place as he mistakenly took the Waqf and the rest of the vile serpents for actual caring, loving and open-minded individual human beings, we now know better. The thing that the Israelis will ultimately find most detestable about the Palestinian Arabs is that you sacrificed your future, your children and your legitimacy for nothing as at any time you could have had your so-called state, in 1948 and any time since either from Jordan pre June 1967 and Israel afterwards had you been at all reasonable.



Ba’al is hungry for your sacrifice Who will be the Fortunate Child to Shield the Vulnerable Soldier the Special Child to be Gifted to Ba’al So the Tribe Can Receive the Bounties Promised by Ba’al For Your Small Children Sacrificed

Ba’al is hungry for your sacrifice
Who will be the Fortunate Child to
Shield the Vulnerable Soldier the
Special Child to be Gifted to Ba’al
So the Tribe Can Receive the Bounties
Promised by Ba’al For Your
Small Children Sacrificed



When children are sacrificed for the better good of the society be it with murderous suicide belts, sent with knives to stab people until stopped, used as a human berm from which to fire, be they locked on rooftops to prevent bombings, when gathered around rocket launchers as protection, simply using their corpses as your media assault on your enemy or given the plastic key to paradise, wrapped tightly in a blanket and then sent to walk across minefields in order to clear it for your troops or any other high-risk likely fatal attack simply for propaganda or to save troops at children’s lives is as if you sacrificed children to Ba’al to please an angry god in order to get rain for your crops.


In conclusion; I guess it is difficult to be reasonable when you do not so much desire your own state; you want our state destroyed, Never Again! You do not desire a future for your peoples, you desire an end to my people as well, Never Again! You do not desire an equal balance of sharing and living in peace because you want only death and if you cannot murder every Jew then you sacrifice your young and old alike in the pursuit of murdering every Jew, Never Again! Just in case you missed it, let me make our position clear, Never Again! Never Again! And Never Again!


Beyond the Cusp


November 26, 2015

The Israel Problem is, in Reality, No Problem at All


There have been glorious calls in Europe and I am sure elsewhere for the nations of the Western World to combine their resources in order to address the situation which is the Islamic State or ISIS. They call for the first stage to be an all-out diplomatic assault to deny ISIS its Raison D’être thus drying up much of their attraction and ability to draw more fighters, especially fighters from the West. This sounds like a great start though it would likely be a lot more productive to initiate a twenty-four-seven bombing campaign for about three weeks or for however long it would take to put a half million armed forces in Jordan and both northern and southern Iraq. Then the bombing should be slowly rolled back as armored divisions and artillery took up close combat support with the heavy battle tanks moving forward supported by A-10 Warthogs flying close air support taking out any ISIS battle tank or armor that dared to move or appeared to be being utilized as an entrenched artillery piece half buried in a sand berm. Needless to say, infantry, preferable armored infantry would follow up whenever ground forces required such and support the infantry with the Apache AH-64 attack helicopters. But that is not what the great minds of Europe and probably much of the minds not so great from the White House and their co-conspirators in the Congress and elsewhere. No, they have a much different approach which will likely place them on the same side of ISIS when the time comes.


You might be wondering but the truth is that these brainiacs honestly believe that the war in Syria, the troubles in Libya, the shootings in Paris, the hotel slaughter and standoff in Mali and virtually every terrorist attack including the first World Trade Center Bombing in 1993 by placing a truck bomb in the underground parking garage which murdered sixty people if memory serves me well. That includes all the major attacks on the western World and I am sure if they were reminded of earlier attacks such as the Lockerbie bombing they would include that as well. There are two they would be correct that were spawned by the cause they have chosen as the highest priority conflict even preceding ISIS in importance to be addressed. Those attacks would be Sirhan Sirhan’s assassination of Robert Kennedy and the assassination of the American Ambassador Cleo A. Noel Jr., in Sudan, 1973, as both were committed relating to the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict with Ambassador Noel’s murder officially ordered by Yasser Arafat, and the CIA has the recording of his approval to go ahead with the planned assassination from his office in Ramallah, and Sirhan Sirhan confessed that the reason he assassinated Robert Kennedy was due to Kennedy’s support for Israel. The rest are all related by the thinnest of threads with the only one in common being they were committed on planet Earth in the Sol solar system in the Milky Way during its expansion.


You have probably guessed by now, but the brainiacs of Europe have claimed that in order to fight ISIS the main causality behind ISIS has to be first resolved, the Arab-Israeli or Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel must be pressed to form a Palestinian State of Palestine with borders with which Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the leadership of the Palestinians demand. Israel must be put to the task of making sure the State of Palestine is economically viable and has all the resources and opportunities for said success. The wherewithal to complete this transfer of land and arranging the accords to bring permanent peace must begin with Israel surrendering all of the lands beyond the Green Line and the half of Jerusalem which was taken, never will they say the truth of liberated from illegal Jordanian occupation, during the 1967 Six Day War. This would include all and any access to the Jerusalem holy sites in Palestinian hands and thus the Jews would be giving away for more than land, they would be surrendering places too precious to even begin to put a price upon. This would cause a problem that the Europeans must be overlooking, right? Well, let’s look at that.



Left Side Depicts World's View of Two States While Right Side Depicts Abbas' and Arabs' view of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed Throughout Europe America and Western Nations

Left Side Depicts World’s View of Two States,
While Right Side Depicts Abbas’ and Arabs’ view
of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed
Throughout Europe America and Western Nations



The map on the left depicts what is seen as the areas as they were before the six Day War. They also represent what many allow their readers and the uninformed to believe this is the division of lands the Palestinian desire as they had it stolen from them in the Six Day War. The Problem is that there was no such state as the “West Bank”, actually Judea and Samaria, were occupied by Jordan illegally taken from the State of Israel during the War for Jewish Annihilation of 1948-9 where Israel lost much of Judea and Samaria to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt. Jordan renamed the areas they stole as West Bank as Judea and Samaria sounded too Jewish. The world has adopted the Jordanian names because Judea and Samaria sounded too Jewish. The world does this also so they can claim the lands are occupied by Israel when the reality is the lands were occupied by Jordan who gifted their claim to the lands they occupied to the PLO and Yasser Arafat almost a year after they made their peace with Israel. That became important after 1993 as without that claim to the land there would have been no Oslo Accords signed in September of 1993 and no Palestinian-Israeli conflict, just an Arab-Israeli conflict. The reason there is a difference was the illegal possession of the lands was transferred in claim to the PLO and Yasser Arafat after Jordan surrendered the occupied lands of Judea and Samaria to Israel in their peace accord. So Jordan surrendered the Jordanian occupied Israeli lands they stole in 1948-9 back to Israel in their peace treaty and then transferred their bogus claim over lands they no longer possessed and had returned to their rightful owner when peace was reached and treaty signed to the PLO so that there could be a claim by an Arab entity and the Arab-Israeli conflict could still claim the lands occupied by Jordan and Egypt in 1948-9 thus threatening Israel even further and potentially have the same borders they had in 1967 should there ever be a next Arab-Israeli war.


This is important because the Jordan River and the Jordan Valley make a perfect defensive position which would be extremely effective against any ground assault and thus are strategically necessary for the defense of Israel. Reading any United Nations or other peace proposal or means of settlement of the conflict there are two main items which came from immediately after the Six Day War when Israel held the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria, Gaza which combined are far less significant than the Sinai Peninsula which Israel also held. The proposed peace demanded that Israel return lands, not all lands, not a significant amount of lands, not anything defined except by the following, and retains those lands considered important for the safety and security of the state of Israel. There were military authorities who mostly argued whether Israel would thus retain all of the land because the Suez Canal made a natural defensive barrier while others claimed the central mountain in the Sinai might make a fair place to draw a defensive line and thus Israel would retain the eastern lands and the central highlands while Egypt would receive the western plains of the Sinai. That was pretty much the debate except for the occasional question over the Golan Heights, some land the Syrians demanded be returned, after all, how could the Syrians shoot at Israeli farmers in the central Galilee without holding the Golan Heights, their hunting season would be greatly deteriorated if they lost this defensive high-ground. Tacticians never gave such a second thought, Israel required retaining the highlands and the crests on both sides of the Golan Heights, those were definitely remaining with Israel. That leaves Gaza, which was out of the question if Israel, according to many discussions, was to retain any of the Sinai, and the so-called West Bank, which was remarkably never brought into any discussion, Israel would require all of Judea and Samaria returned for a multitude of reasons, these were lands sworn to be a part of the Jewish State under numerous treaties many stemming directly from the San Remo Conference and the Balfour Declaration which was accepted word-for-word into the Mandate Documents for the varied Mandates and especially the British Mandate and into the San Remo Conference as the guiding document for their decisions concerning a Jewish State. This did not prevent the British from taking seventy-eight-percent and gifting it to the Arabs under the rule of the Hashemites to which the British owed some recognition and lands for their assistance in the Great War. So the Jewish State would have to do with the remaining twenty-two-percent of the lands which were divided along the Jordan River with the Jews forming their State on the lands west of the Jordan River, all the lands west of the Jordan River.


Still, some might see the map on the left as an equitable solution except this is not the minimalist demand of the Palestinian leadership; they have a different map in mind. Mahmoud Abbas has made this absolutely clear; he will only accept the map on the right. That is the big problem, Abbas, as Arafat before him, wants all the lands and the Jews removed by any means necessary, even if that means another genocidal six-million-plus Jews slaughtered. So, looking at the map on the left and then the map on the right and realizing the area named Gaza and West Bank are what they hold and are demanding the lands depicted on the right as their minimalist demands, how do the Israelis debate a peace accord with such people who are in total denial of reality. The paradigm for this discussion needs to change and reflect the reality, all the lands west of the Jordan River are defined as Israel and anything gifted the Arabs, who laughingly call themselves Palestinians, is generosity beyond measure and far beyond any reward their actions, threats, murderous fantasies and treachery deserve. What their actions do deserve is to be wiped from the lands in much the same manner they would implement for the Jews given equal advantage as shared by Israel who has not so dealt with these adult delinquents. The reality need be explained to the reprehensible, terroristic sociopaths that the land is truly occupied lands and that they are the occupiers whom Israel would be well within their rights to remove by any means required. If that is beyond their ability to grasp, I have an easier way of explaining this, this is our land and you, our terror stricken adversary and blemish on our lands, are the occupiers of our land and simply put, what part of



Am Yisrael Chai
(עם ישראל חי)



do you not understand?


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