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August 20, 2017

United Nations Headquarter Struck and the World Yawns


Barcelona with thirteen murdered is a horrific event for which Daesh has taken credit. One week before, or a little more, another attack occurred striking a United Nations Peacekeeping Headquarters with fourteen casualties and thus far the silence has been deafening. Well, so it was not exactly New York City United Nations Headquarters, it was more like in Timbuktu. Really, it was the United Nations Headquarters in Timbuktu, Mali. Seven individuals were murdered and another seven injured and yet their lives did not matter, as they were not European. It was a machinegun attack by an individual or groups where Jama’a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin’ (JNIM), which is Al-Qaeda’s arm in Mali, has claimed responsibility. According to Reuters, the peacekeeping headquarters had been a frequent target of terrorists in the past. JNIM is one of numerous bands of Islamic radical terrorist fighters making war from Mali to Somalia all along the African Transition Zone (see below). Likely, the most covered of these groups operated largely in Nigeria and surrounding nations, including Mali, and is known as Boko Haram. They made world news with their kidnapping of two-hundred-seventy girls from a school in the town of Chibok in Borno State of the northern region of Nigeria. The entire horrific and never completely resolved terror of the situation was presumably caught and framed perfectly, at least according to the New York Times, Washington Post, numerous other mainstream media outlets in print, television, cable and Internet fascination with the Twitter post which swept the world and was the answer from the White House with Michelle Obama pouting picture holding a sing with #Bring Back Our Girls written in black marker on a standard size sheet of printer paper. This heartfelt plea somehow was ineffective on the terrorists in the Nigerian jungle but, and this is pitifully true, it was at least some effort. There were offers to send Special Forces from the United States and IDF advisors and soldiers by Israel, both politely refused by Nigeria who chooses to continue their methods against the Boko Haram terrorists.


African Transition Zone

African Transition Zone


These attacks along this region have been occurring for quite some period of time. In some areas, this war has a history reaching back as much as a thousand years if not longer. The war has been between Islamic forces and the Animists and Christians to their south. Islam spread across MENA starting in the Middle East and continuing across North Africa and on into Spain (Andalusia) finally being turned back in the Battle of Tours by Charles the Hammer Martel on October 10, 732. We could even use that date as a guide to the length of the wars in northern Central Africa. There is a message in the fact that over the past century, after a period of relative calm and only occasional bursts of violence, the war has returned and slowly gained intensity and will continue to gain in intensity until either the Animists and Christians are fleeing the Islamic purging of Africa on ships from Cape Town, South Africa or the Islamic forces have been roundly defeated forcing them to melt back into the Muslim populations to await their next test of the resolve of those who are unlike them. There is a parallel building to the north of this region where the troubles are just reaching their initial stages. The troubles are being birthed just across the Mediterranean Sea in industrialized Europe. Perhaps the people and leaders of Europe should take a long hard look across the waters and learn from the troubled times in northern Central Africa. There they might see their own future and decide not to travel down the same road. The people of Africa had no alternative as Islam burst upon them uninvited back when the world was a very different place. They saw the golden age of Islam and its fall as the Ottoman Empire collapsed ending in World War I. Europe had a different problem over which they have a modicum of control as they have invited Islam into their homes.


Terrorism is the initial entry into an area, the crack in the façade, the initial infiltration into which the takeover and the forces of conquest will flow. There is an entire Quranic method which Islam has used for centuries and only recently, they have dusted off the old instructions and have begun again. Their initial attempts were in the Balkans and Chechnya. The altercations and terrorism in Israel is of a different nature as that is a war where Islam must retake lands which they lost, something which is never supposed to occur and must not be permitted by Islam. The Quran tells them that Allah supports their efforts as long as they continue to follow Islam and the Five Pillars (see below) and surrender to Allah as Islam means surrender. They have faced a long period of confusion as the West gained wealth and power defeating them at every turn. This could only mean that they had failed to be sufficiently religious and fervent enough in following the laws of the Quran. Their Imams told them they must return now to the ways of Muhammad while he was in Medina as those were the times which had brought Islam its greatness. They shunned the teachings of Mecca which could have allowed cooperation and working in conjunction with others to build and not as destroyers to tear down. We described the different teachings in an introductory article titled, “Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?


Five Pillars of Islam


Their most highly revered Imams such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi are some who are making the loudest protestations that Islam is rising and about to enter their third and final stage of conquest and that at the end of this last and final stage the world will have fallen to the forces of Islam and they will rule from that point on forever. This is part of what is fueling the fires which are spreading slowly over Europe plus the United States and will continue onto the rest of the world unless prevented. Such prevention will take a will to stand and the stamina to see this war to its final end. Currently, the Western world has no stomach for this long fight and will fall rapidly as the forces of Islam gather the most modern weapons with the most lethal destructiveness and use them with no regard for the consequences for all that matters is the destruction of the other by any and all means available. As Jibril Rajoub stated in an interview by Al-Mayadeen TV in Lebanon, “There is no going back to negotiations unless the source of authority is the international resolutions, with a time frame and with the freezing of all unilateral Israeli steps: Jerusalem, the fence, settlements and prisoners.” When the Lebanese TV host responded, “You’ve heard Israel’s refusal.” Jibril Rajoub immediately retorted, “That doesn’t matter. Listen. We as yet don’t have a nuke, but I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning.” We included the video below.



That is what Israel is facing and realizes this. This is also what the world will be facing once the terrorists gain access or knowledge and resources for nuclear weapons. Many in the Islamic world could not care about the other effects and ramification of the general use of nuclear weapons. They would just as joyously use enough nuclear weapons to lay waste to the entirety of the world which is not Islamic and then use the remainder to destroy those Muslims who practice the wrong kind of Islam. Imagine ISIS with nuclear weapons or Boko Haram with nuclear weapons or Bashir al-Assad with nuclear weapons or on and on through the entirety of the Islamic radical world and just imagine what would remain of the world if they possessed just the nuclear weapons sitting in France, Germany and Britain and then imagine it is fifty years hence and those three nations are now ruled by Islam.


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August 19, 2017

What if We Actually Refuse to Maintain the Past?


The latest craze sweeping America, the home of the brave, is to tear down statues of military heroes whose audacity was to fight for the wrong causes by the standards of the far left. That makes virtually every military statue a relic threatened by the wearers of rose colored glasses who believe that all war is evil and every soldier a demon of the darkest parts of human antiquity. These are the rewriters of history who claim that peace conquers all. Forgotten is the greatest generation which saved the world from the evils of Hitler and his Nazis with their Master Race. Now we have a new Master Race who are the holders of the purest truths and the standards by which all time must be judged. They hold that the modern perfection they seek to press upon our world will make all people free from all the old hatreds. They promise true equality for all and an end to poverty, and end to wars, an end to hatreds and an end to the old ways which no longer stand against their purity with which they desire to wash all history.


They desire to rewrite the history using the new-speak which has rewritten the dictionary and, by teaching the youth whole word recognition, they will cleanse the future purging it of the hateful words. Gone will be the words slavery, war, hate, envy, lust, violence, fight, fear and almost countless other words which they claim, along with every derivative and alternate forms, are what had tainted society allowing for these evils to exist. They desire to rewrite all books, or better yet only allow new books which will be written using only the pure speech which has been approved by the new masters. The New York Times will update its dictionary to meet the new standard and everything will become perfected as the new language works its miracles. No more fossil fuels as we will have this new energy called limitless green energy, and we can only feel for the first person to complain that only three hours a day of electricity is a form of deprivation as deprive is one of the forbidden worlds.


But rewriting the books is only the first step. All the military statues and war memorials must be cleansed to reflect the new perfect world. We will simply rename the lists of people erasing the awfulness which took their lives but still remembering that they once lived and are now mysteriously gone. Watch, as our lives will be so much nicer as we all have equality on all things. Do not be worried as the redistributors take some of your things to give to those who have less until we all have the same, well, except for those who are giving the orders, of course they get more as they require more if they are to be charged with making everything equal. Also, be very careful and just pay the word-fines for using the forbidden language as arguing will only lead to more wrong-speak and larger fines. There is more good news, and only good news, as spelling is now personalized allowing everyone to add their own flair to their representation of the good words which make up new-speak. Meanwhile, the world is changing and we all are going to have to adjust, it is just going to be that way.


The new world must be rearranged and all white privilege has to be wiped away. From now on all privilege will be cleansed and equality will be the new standard. Tests will be free of all stereotypes and social preference and be formed to a standard which will erase the former white bias due to white privilege. Academics from the diversity offices have devised these new tests which they have verified are free of the old standards and conventions and are now completely free and test purely intelligence. The tests will continue to be adjusted until there are absolutely no biases and the results represent the equality between all peoples regardless of their racial, genetic, social or any other classification because they are designing a world where there will be absolutely no differences and all people are completely equal. The new education for equality will see to it that everybody is made to be equal and nobody will be made to be better. Teachers will promote group-think and group-responsibility and group-cooperation will be the new and wonderful concept supreme. Things are going to be very different in our new reality.


This is what is being sold through the media-academic-cultural-social networks where the socialist-leftist diversity is our savior and solution to all ills, networks which permeate society and is the major message being transmitted throughout every arena and platform available. There will be changes coming which will be for the betterment of the society and will further diversity and equality. There have been rumors of some of the proposed changes we will see in the coming years as we further the perfect society. Children of the future will be arranged by the department of diversity and parents will be matched with the child which best fits their attitudes. The new youth, the new children will be arranged such that they are a perfect and representative blend using modern technology such that their racial and genetics will all be exactly the same with the only real differences being almost imperceptible. Our new leadership will be chosen for their proven acceptance of the principles, conscience and specific standards for advancement of diversity. The new leadership will be the best capable of advancing the goals of the new perfection which works to perfect equality and to attain a perfect balance in order to make diversity the greatest goal which will be attained with the unflinching resolution diversity deserves. This is the promise from the new masters of our futures.


They promise that diversity will actually initiate new developments and discoveries just as adequately and with the same speed and pace which the world has become accustomed. Diversity and total equality does not mean that excellence will be sacrificed for equality. There is no reason that genius cannot coexist with diversity and equality in all things. This seemed confusing and just plain improbable that genius and equality could both be maintained. True equality and making a purely equal and diverse society under their definitions means something different than what we would expect. They define diversity as nobody being different and everyone being treated exactly the same as the next person and nobody can excel as that might offend the person who measures up as the lesser by comparison. Their ideas are simply great but unattainable. People, even designer people, are going to be different if for no other reason than they will live where the weather is different such as Seattle, Washington and nine months a year of rain and Albuquerque, New Mexico where rain does not appear in many dictionaries as it is unnecessary.


Further, if the government is going to produce advancements as promised, then they will require breaking their own rules and having some people who will be truly diverse and anything but equal. Since the government is engineering the babies and also sitting in full control of information as they watch every word so as to never cause anyone to hear a discouraging word. Remember that our new Constitution does not promise freedom of speech but now provides for freedom from being offended. That has been the most contentious of the new laws such that the courts have a backlog of people suing other people for offending their sensitivities. The latest reports tell that more than five thousand such suits are filed daily in San Francisco alone. Good thing such trials are in Federal Courts as it is a Constitutional right because that puts the Deep State into gear and they have their ways. There are reports of a special new city which has been built in the middle of the Wyoming Rocky Mountains which can only be reached by helicopter and has a no-fly zone Federally enforced for five-hundred miles in all directions. This place is presumed to be the actual source of all the latest inventions and remarkable advances which suddenly have begun to appear after fifteen years of barely a decent invention or new idea in all of the society since the new governance. There have also been the first rumblings over the fact that the national leadership remains in the hands of twenty or thirty families whose children all go to the Sidwell Friends School and then on to Harvard or Yale and they all appear to look very unlike all the other children and more like their parents. It also has been strange that the leadership all appear to intermarry as they choose to free of any government matchmaking. But surely, these are all just people making things up, as equality and diversity are the central pillars of the new society, the new world.


This is the view of many in our society today and if they were ever granted complete freedom to make the perfect world, it would not even pretend to be as fair with equality as we painted above. The world would actually quickly start to appear more like the great days of Europe past. There would be the leadership class living in their great homes like the ones, yes, plural, ones that Al Gore owns (see below). The remainder would reside in blocks of apartments all made with the very same architecture making everybody’s home exactly the same as the rest of the population with the sole difference being the floor number. So as to make everybody feel like their apartments were identical there are no windows and instead they all have video windows from which they can choose from any view on the Internet. They are not even told which floor they reside so as to prevent envy and promote equality. The apartment blocks have a modern appearance (Image further down). The new society where diversity is the word upon which everything is modeled and equality is the purpose for every program and everything is done with care and compassion because everybody deserves to be treated with respect. The result gives you the Gores with more and the rest with less.


The Gore Homes

The Gore Homes



Equal Apartment Building Complex

Equal Apartment Building Complex


Well, such a world will never work and fortunately never come to be. The real problem is that some things of today’s world have some similarities. The political class does live in a separate world than the remainder of the public. The part of their children attending Sidwell Friends School and then on to Harvard or Yale and their marrying the children of other wealthy individuals is true. They have different rules. We will give one example which does make a difference. The members of Congress and their staffers are specifically exempted from insider trading laws. Beyond this little convenience for the people and their staffers who are the people who grant billion dollar deals with companies which trade on the New York Stock Exchange, the NYSE as well as others on the Nasdaq Exchange. One does not need much imagination to figure out how so many in Congress enter with possibly moderate wealth and within a few years they are multi-millionaires. Campaign Finance Reform is a smokescreen they trot out every number of years and make a huge deal about how they are taking the money out of politics. Well, they are really taking the money out of politics and placing it in their bank accounts and their back pockets. There are other means by which they make their wealth but why bother with small change from other sources, insider trading just might make them enough wealth to last, what, say a lifetime? Should they ever begin talking of equality, remember how equal the trading laws are on insider trading. How many of you in the United States actually are aware of the allowance for Congress and their staffers to get wealthy on your dime as they take your tax dollars, give them to their supporters and their companies, and then purchase stock in these companies so they can both get wealthy together. Remember that next elections and see if at a Townhall meeting you might ask your Congress person how well they are doing with their trading, their insider trading. Remember life is really not equal, not at all equal, and Congress probably would like to keep it that way.


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August 18, 2017

Charlottesville Car Ramming Suspect Identified as James Alex Fields Jr.


The Charlottesville, Virginia protests and crash car ramming suspect has been identified as James Alex Fields Jr. Below we have a picture of him shown with the white supremacists holding one of their identifiable shields with others before the attack thanks to a Tweet by Nicole Hensley. The New York Daily News photographed Fields with the Vanguard America white nationalist group in the hours before the crash. This removes any doubt as to the orientation of the ramming suspect. The inserted mug shot was thanks to a tweet by Henry Graff‏. The attack injured nineteen and murdered a 32-year-old woman crossing the street who has been identified buy a GoFundMe site as Heather Heyer. James Alex Fields has been confirmed as a member of ‘alt right’ group as was initially suspected.


Charlottesville Car Ramming Suspect James Alex Fields Jr Shown with White Supremacists Before Attack

Charlottesville Car Ramming Suspect
James Alex Fields Jr Shown with
White Supremacists Before Attack


From what we can gather, he was attending a pro-Nazi – White Supremacist – Alt Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and became infuriated at the opposition group which had opposed his side’s rally and it had broken out into a melee between the opposing groups of protesters. In his anger and rage and possibly with hate crime type motives, James Alex Fields used his vehicle to ram the counter protesters with intent of bodily harm and probable intent to murder as many as possible. The idea likely was a result of similar attacks in the past which have resulted in mass casualties, thus he had to know that at the least he was going to severely injure numerous people. There is absolutely no way this was an accident or an unintentional action. James Alex Fields should face the maximum charges and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law possible. His crime should be charged as a series of hate crimes and his sentencing should be as heavy as the law allows. But these charges need not be the sole charges brought for actions that day of extreme hate and violence as the counter protesters arrived armed with rods, boards and other clubbing weapons and possibly knives and even firearms, though thus far the media has given scant accounts beyond the weapons which were obvious.


Further, had only one group had a permit to demonstrate, the other group was not a protest but a lynch gang and they should be prosecuted as such. It does not matter how much Americans may be revolted by white supremacists, Nazi sympathizers and neo-Nazis, not even with the alt right or how riled up they are over Hillary Clinton losing the election to President Trump. There is a First Amendment which provides that all people get to speak their minds as long as their words are not incitement to violence against others. The protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are intended most for that which people disagree most as that is the kind of speech which most requires protection. That is also why groups such as the one which originally gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia had every right to protest and make vile speeches which the majority of the people in Charlottesville, Virginia and probably the United States, even Donald Trump supporters, not only disagree with but find particularly disgusting and revolting. They have that right until they threaten any other people or groups of people. That is their right and it is the right of people to in return get a permit and demonstrate against these people even right across the street from their rally. What nobody has the right to do is attack people assembling legally and peaceably. That is when law enforcement need intervene to keep the two groups separate and if one group did not have a permit, then they should have been dispersed and not permitted to gather, especially into a formation and then attack people with a legal right and permit to hold a demonstration.


The fact that these altercations even occurred and that it was raised to the point where lives were under threat on both sides begs a question; where were the Charlottesville, Virginia police force? From reports, they were stationed on side streets to contain the rally. This means they witnessed the attacking group arrive carrying weapons and remained in those side streets to keep everything from spreading outside the area where the original protest was held and where the counter protesters arrived armed and ready for a fight. There was no attempt to keep these two groups apart which would have prevented one death and numerous serious injuries, some requiring hospitalization. That should have been the assigned duty of the police and somebody up the chain of command, either on the sight or in the police department who defined the instructions given the officers, is criminally responsible partly for what occurred. Even if it was the Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia who instructed the Police Chief that the officers were to remain in a containment configuration and ignore anything which was to occur on the protest field, then he need face charges and be removed from office as he failed to serve the public good. There were reports that the National Guard was also deployed at some location distant from the protest and were not deployed when the violence broke out.


Why were they deployed in the first place, that is a question begging an answer. Somebody expected some serious violence and feared it might spread to the rest of the city, that is our guess. So, probably somebody most likely in elected position knew there was going to be a violent counter-protest and did nothing to prevent the violence and actually aided and abetted the violence by ordering city law enforcement and even a military contingent that they were merely a precaution to keep the violence located where the alt right people were most likely to be harmed as they were going to be the victims of a riotous assault by people without a permit gathering illegally with intent to injure people lawfully protesting. If the roles had been reversed and there had been a people’s rights rally and a legion of alt right anti-protesters gathered with weapons and then charged the lawful rally you can bet there would have been three quarters of the police force there with orders to use whatever force was required to prevent the alt right from disturbing the lawful protesters because that protest was one the general public agrees with to a larger part. That is not how the law is supposed to function in the United States of America. All people have a right to assemble and to do so without the fear of being assaulted, even if their message is vile and reprehensible.


There is a war brewing inside the United States and it is being initiated by the far left. Somewhere a decision has been reached that conservatives no longer have a place within American society and must be opposed at every turn. We wrote an article day before yesterday where we disagreed that the weapons of politics should be used to force the Silicon Valley corporations to offer politically free services and that it is their right to taint their service with any political filter they choose. We stated clearly that they should be competed against by companies which either offer the conservative equivalent or a fair and non-political service where the best ideas and best answers to queries are returned and all videos and all messages are posted or allow the people to choose. We stand by those principles and in this particular case desire to point out that it is the job of public servants such as the police, the Mayor, the City Council and other public officials to protect and serve all the people fairly and with equal zest and understanding whether they agree with them or not. It is understandable for elected officials to go that additional step to assist the people who support them when they need assistance like clearing up a problem with the water bill, but not when it comes to protecting their rights and lives. If an investigation shows that there was in place a plan to allow the violence to be brought against the legal rally by officials in the Charlottesville, Virginia government or the Virginia State government, then Federal charges should be brought against these officials and they also should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if their actions qualify as hate crimes, then that too should be part of their charges. Just as the actions of James Alex Fields are reprehensible and deserve the harshest prosecution and sentencing should he be found guilty, the public officials who ordered law enforcement and National Guard to stand by while such violence was being brought against a legally assembled group, no matter their politics as that is what was in play, they too should be forced to answer for their crimes in a court of law, and their crimes were against the constitution making them Federal crimes. This is one investigation from which United States Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III should not recuse himself. Yes, we agree that there should be an investigation into the entire situation and everything which occurred from the planning and orders given the police, why the National Guard was called out, who ordered who and what they ordered, who decided that no intervention was required and who attacked who between the groups and all appropriate and necessary charges should be brought against every person who violated any statute, law, regulation, and especially any parts of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all Federal Laws including Civil Rights laws. This should be a legal free-for-all.


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