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January 24, 2021

Democratic Republic or Unity in America

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We could be way off base here, but thus far the only unity we have seen supported by Biden and the various Democrats in the Congress has been for a unity of thought. We have witnessed calls for excluding, reeducating, deprogramming and scrubbing of Trump supporters from the body politic in America. Add to this the cancelling of as much as possible by Executive Order of anything related to President Trump and the Republican efforts of the last four years. American unity has historically existed with the acceptance of America as an exceptional nation, regarding all fellow citizens as allies even when they disagree and any number of concepts upon which the nation is based including but not limited to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Constitutional Amendments and Supreme Court Decisions. American unity is unity in love of the nation and belief in the infinite possibilities for the future but should never be based on political positions and ideology as the Democrats are currently demanding. Any rumors that many Americans are fearing the end of American civility may be proven correct depending upon exactly how far the Democrats will take the nation with their complete control of both Houses of Congress and the White House.

MAGA Burning

There are numerous nations where the principle aim of governance is enforcing unity. Such nations are Monarchies, Dictatorships, Single Party Nations and some other outliers. China, despite its heralded reforms, is still a one-party repressive state with unity for all or else; just as the Uighurs, Xinjiang Muslims. As a Democratic Republic, the United States was founded to encourage differences of opinion giving the individual states reserved powers with some reserved for even more local governance such as cities and counties. It is also partly the reason that there are numerous political parties with two major parties which often exchange holding power responding to the electorates’ decisions. By targeting supporters of outgoing President Trump, the assumed target is obviously far more than Donald Trump and targeting conservatives and Republicans, especially those who supported their party’s choice for President. The reality is should the government turn a deaf ear to complaints and a blind eye to the actions of numerous Silicon Valley and Big Tech companies as they have delisted or deplatformed, as they did Parler, as well as others who were in the Trump administration, his defenders and lawyers; they will continue to set the conversation preventing opposing sides from being expressed. Much of this has been seen as threatening the foundations of free speech and representation in the cyber society by those targeted and their supporters and other stout defenders of the First Amendment as well as the rest of the Founding Documents. Given the choice between unity and civility which permits and defends the right for disagreement, we pray America chooses the path of civility.

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January 22, 2021

A New President Comes to America

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President Biden has been sworn in as President of the United States while President Trump has retired to his estate at Mar-a-Lago. As was expected, President Biden signed a number of executive orders with many reversing positions taken by President Trump. But the most important events of President Biden’s Inauguration are the pronouncements and policies framed in his acceptance speech. Apparently, the United States has a large, growing threat based in racism and white supremacy. This is the same white supremacy which the media defined during the Trump Presidency. This white supremacy included the vast majority of Trump supporters as well as other conservatives and especially Constitutionalists, as the founding document which is the Constitution of the United States, has been defined as entitling white privilege. This was simply a continuation of the sins of Europe only made far worse as they grew more prevalent as they were presumably empowered by President Trump. The main emphasis for efforts before the Biden Administration are to expose areas of systemic racism and excise them, reveal white supremacist organizations and abolish them and finally reeducate the entirety of American society in order to minimize or eradicate white privilege. Finally, President Biden has intimated his desire to obliterate everything Trump thus returning the Washington swamp to expand swallowing everything in its path. This was probably President Trump’s largest failure, draining the swamp simply proved an accomplishment too far. President Trump realized how ingrained and rooted the swamp has become, growing despite President Eisenhower warning against what he referred to as the Military-Industrial Complex and how if left to grow unchecked would destroy the republic and bring forth some form of socialism, most likely rule shared by the largest of companies and the government as we are currently witnessing.

Deep State
Deep State

What has been very disconcerting has been the echoing of calls for isolation, reeducation and deprogramming of Trump supporters and potentially conservatives from so many corners throughout much of the media and spokespeople. Such talk is seen as threatening approximately half of the population as they see themselves being defined as offenders who are the greatest threat ever faced by the United States. The calls for unity have thus far appeared more as a demand that all surrender any opposition they have and fall in line or else. Then there is the small item of the second Impeachment of President Trump which is awaiting the trial section in the Senate as the House of Representatives voted to Impeach in less than a single day with virtually no discussion or representation of the President. But what does President Biden mean by demanding unity and a fresh start? It appears that the unity being sought is unity of thought where those with unapproved thoughts, positions or opinions will be required to attend some form of reprogramming, reeducation or brainwashing in order to correct their thoughts and bring them back within their fold.

On the other side of the new America are the forces of big tech which has been deplatforming conservative posters and web sites. The head at Twitter has flatly stated that his firm plans on continuing to root out conservatives and removing their posting privileges. We can only assume that the other social media sites will fall in line with the new normal, the Biden unity. The Biden unity promises an orderly society where people are friendly and agreeable. Their lives will, according to the Biden unity, be free of conflict with lives made complete with all needs satisfied by the greatness of the central governance. The media will be all fluffy and falling over themselves in fawning praise upon President Biden and especially Vice President Harris, the first black and female Vice President. Beyond these initial moves and indications, we will withhold our guessing and allow President Biden to define the direction his administration will take and what it will emphasize and what it will ignore. We can only guess that Israel will not be one of the top priorities for President Biden beyond demanding Israel surrender to the Palestinian Authority and allow them to have the state they demand they be granted. The fact that their demand is to replace Israel and eject the Jews to America or worse if America refuses to take them, which they will just as they refused to allow the liner St. Louis to dock and disembark the Jews escaping Hitler and the Nazis but were instead forced back to Germany. At least the election and ensuing madness is over and a whole new madness may now ensue.

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January 19, 2021

Coming Revolution in America

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There is revolution in the air, or so we are told. This revolution, we are informed, will be manned by those supporters of the Big-Bad-Orange-Man, Donald Trump. These are White Supremacists and other unsavory right-wing extremists and uber-patriot militias. The events of the storming of the Capitol Building revealed the dark side of Trump supporters. We are to be filled with fear that these enemies of American Democracy will attempt to murder President Biden as he is being sworn into office. In order to avert this threat, the Biden Inauguration and transition teams have called up twenty-five-thousand National Guard troops with contingents from every state. We can just feel the warmth and inclusivity, this must be a good thing. But wait, it gets even better. We assume this originated from somewhere within the Biden camp, for the FBI to investigate the National Guard troops starting with and emphasizing white male Trump supporters to make sure all of these troops can be counted on to support the new Biden administration. Pictures from Washington DC show the town I grew up in, way back in ancient history, fenced and walled in and more secured than we remember ever having seen; and we were there for the late 1960’s riots, which came within one block of burning down my father’s shop. We are glad that so much is being invested for the safety of the new President as he attends his virtual swearing in ceremony. We wonder what steps are being taken to intercept the immigrant caravan approaching the southern border and have almost breached the Honduras-Guatemala border with hopes to reach the Guatemala-Mexico border, but at the first border the Honduran and Guatemalan forces proved adequate to prevent their crossing in the thousands, for now.

Guatemalan Soldiers and Police Block Honduran Migrants

If only the border was the sole or even largest of the problems facing the nation. We have detected some troubling messages being thrown around irresponsibly. Amongst the foremost given reason for the unbelievably strict and overbearing lockdown of the Capital City ahead of the Inauguration; fences, riot police in body armor, twenty-four-thousand-armed National Guard forces, FBI background checks seeking out White Supremacists within the National Guard troops, the complete layered shutdown of the Capital Mall and who knows how many more paranoid-schizophrenic security measures have been drawn out and will be executed before the Inauguration. There is also news that numerous states, they seldom if ever that we could catch give an actual number, have called up National Guard forces to guard the state capital from any potential threat of revolution or from riotous groups or individuals, the later being the most likely if anybody is intercepted by any of these Guard Forces in the individual states. The levels of overreaction after the infamous storming of the Capitol Building, even when compared to the reaction this summer to the attempted storming of the White House which, once stopped after they penetrated the initial barriers, were pushed back and out of Lafayette Park while the President and family were escorted to the bunker by Secret Service for their safety, is frightening.

It is becoming difficult at times to detect hyperbole from actual news as recent events have entered into some new territory. This may be the first time since the Civil War that both sides of the political spectrum have resorted to violence and some even speak of possibly another Civil War. The FBI running checks of troops brought to keep the peace during a Virtual Inauguration where nobody, or next to nobody, will be admitted to the Mall to attend the Inauguration. One can only expect there to be crowd noise cheering the newly sworn-in President Biden giving his virtual acceptance speech just as cheers are piped into sporting events. Isn’t a virtual event so much easier to choreograph than actual live crowds such as the Trump rallies during the campaign. We wish to further plead with any supporter of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the founding of America not to enter any state capital or Washington DC either open or hidden carrying of a firearm. Such would be playing directly into the hands of the anti-Second Amendment groups. A quiet ending to January and a no excitement February would be wonderful. The next exercise in social unrest will start as the weather warms this spring coming from the far left. Those terrible Trump supporters will largely have gone back to work and are far too busy with life for a summer of unrest. The far left will be extremely upset with the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party as there will always be a collection of next steps which need taking immediately. There is little hope that the farthest left leadership will ever run out of necessary next steps which are cause for an emergency and social unrest. The fun had just begun this past summer, just wait for the coming summer of love, not.

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