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March 28, 2017

What Went Wrong with Trump Healthcare?


Trump Ryan combination could not pass Trumpcare to replace Obamacare, and America should be glad, that is if the claims we hear are true. We heard from so many that they wanted Obamacare repealed and their old insurance back, well, with a few niceties left over. They still wanted their kids to be able to remain on their parent’s plans till age twenty-six because college takes half a lifetime you know. They liked that existing conditions should not have to be penalized with higher premiums. Oh, yea, the people receiving high subsidies; got to keep them. So what exactly was it they did not want from Obamacare again? Oh yes, the people who had lost their doctors and their insurance plan or had their hours reduced at work or were simply fired or owned a small business and were afraid to expand past forty-nine employees. So the problem is the same old problem with all Democrat buy vote plans when they replace something that worked with something which really didn’t work but could be patched, smeared, slid along, tweaked, twirled a few times, rewrapped and it would eventually fail tragically and then like the Phoenix some new plan would rise from the ashes to replace it and the entire cycle restarts. That has been the way and the reborn is usually called an overhaul even though much of the new plan appears very similar to the old plan with the debt just tossed aside and we pretend that there had been no problem. So we stand where we always stand, where we have stood on education since the birth of the department of Education, on crime since the War on Crime, on drugs since the War on Drugs, on immigration since the promise to enforce immigration laws in the 1980’s, on you name the federal program since it replaced the church, charity, public institutions, the family, the private sector, or simply replaced people being people and had the government become our teacher, our best friend, our employment guarantee, our minimal income provider (welfare and related programs), our retirement planner, our security blanket, our fair housing guarantor, our fair everything guarantor, our everything over the last three or four generations as government has swallowed responsibility for darn near everything and that they have not they regulate to death.


It turns out with Obamacare the same two forces are tugging and we all know which one will win. The forces are those whose lives have been made easy with free stuff against those who know there is no such thing as free stuff because they have to pay for those other people’s free stuff. The people getting the free stuff have more time to make noise while those paying for the free stuff have two or three jobs to pay for the free stuff and no time to make noise or any energy with which to do so. Further, the people paying are seldom around or have the time to take those calls asking their opinion while those getting the free stuff have all the time in the world. End result is the polls show that the people want the free stuff. There really is only one simple answer to the entire situation, a complete and total reset. By that we mean that we take the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and only very delicately tweak things such that we include the additional succession adjustments, the incapacity of a President Amendment, term limits on everything except judges, include the demand that each piece of legislation must include every aspect and enforcement and all the particulars and there can never be anything outside of what the legislation states added or altered by any bureaucrat, administrator, judge or other official without there being legislation stating exactly what is to be altered, added or subtracted passed by Congress and signed by the President. There should be an agreed upon maximum tax rate. And the biggest change is that the government must be precluded from performing any charity, setting a guarantee of minimal income or wages, providing insurance of any nature especially unemployment, any service which can be served by the private sector must be forbidden to government, and the people must be permitted to challenge any legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by the President for a period of ten years through a recall by collecting some reasonable number of signatures not to exceed one-half-of-one-percent of the national population. There are likely a great number of other items which people would like to see incorporated into such a new Constitution and Bill of Rights and as long as they do not diminish any of the rights laid out in the original Constitution and Bill of Rights as taken in their most general and originalist interpretation, then they should be voted upon by the people and those accepted incorporated. The only other modifier would be that these suggestions would need be one of two types, guarantors of rights to the people and the individual states as incorporated by the Tenth Amendment or be a limit on the government starting at the federal level and even including the state and local level if desired also as per the spirit of the Tenth Amendments empowerment of the people themselves. Until something such as this occurs expect more demonstrations and suffocating government laws and regulations, especially regulations.


One thing which we found most threatening by the Obama Administration was their positions called Czars who were nothing more than a shadow government replacing the actual power of the Cabinet Secretaries by people who were never vetted by the Senate as they were never required to be confirmed by the Senate as other appointees are required. This permitted a government level within the administration which was unanswerable to the elected representatives of the people which was a way around the confirmation system and placed Obama appointees who were beyond reproach. One such position had no equivalent Cabinet position, the Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein whose position defined his position as reviewing all previous legislations, laws and even regulations to see whether additional regulations could be derived from these items which had not previously been conceived of and were in line with the desires and goals of the administration. There was no record kept on the numbers of new regulations generated by his position but he remained in this czarist fiefdom for close to the first four years that President Obama was in office. We guess he left when he had run out of things to review and felt that X many thousands of additional regulations should be sufficient to muck up the works of anything anybody in the private sector desired attempting to do without first greasing the wheels of governance. Many estimates place the number of added regulations over the past decade to exceed half of a million pages of new regulations on the books. We do know that the deficit spending through 2010 with 2011 projected in the graph below proves that government is broken and very probably unsalvageable. Without a massive cutting of the size, scope, width, breadth, depth, reach and overall weight of the gargantuan, all-encompassing and devouring behemoth which now threatens the health and welfare of the nation which we call the federal government, the United States will drown in its own swill of regulations, taxes and overreaching programs. This is the sad truth and many know this and still insist on continuing with the same mindset claiming they can spend their way out of this morass.


Deficit Spending Through 1980 - 2010 (with 2011 CBO estimate)

Deficit Spending Through 1980 – 2010 (with 2011 CBO estimate)


That is what was wrong with the Trumpcare and Ryan should have realized that and worked to do the right thing. The solution to Obamacare is to hunt down every last single shred of that monstrosity whether it was part of the original legislation or passed as a set-up piece hidden in a defense spending bill, and omnibus bill or an extending government operations bill and nix every last letter and punctuation from the record and then hunt down every single regulation written to enact every scintilla and erase them with equal fervor. The only true solution to the Obamacare nightmare would be to remove it all and if that means that some pieces of other healthcare existing strategies and programs will be cut back, good. Then allow churches and clubs to offer group plans which would spread their care over those who need coverage but cannot find affordable programs and these systems can get group rates which will bring costs down for those in need. Allow charities to pay for healthcare for the people needful of such assistance and do something horrific, require those who are able-bodied to get work and pay their own healthcare. Please pass tort reform, good luck as congress is chocked full of lawyers. Pass limits on malpractice rewards lowering malpractice insurance costs and allow hospitals and health maintenance groups to get group plans for their physicians’ malpractice bringing those costs down. By promoting group insurance for all forms and across state line coverages the prices will become more competitive. There could even be plans made where people residing in a community to purchase healthcare as a group which would offer another means for lower price coverage. Health savings plans should be encouraged and even allow one support from government that money put into a health savings accounts to be tax free along with the interest earned and once an account reaches the set amount, it can then serve as their insurance plan as long as they continue to contribute a minimal amount monthly so that as costs rise with inflation they remain covered sufficiently well plus as they age they will accrue more coverage as it will be necessary. There are ways through private sector to cover almost everybody and almost all who desire coverage, and for those who require care and do not have insurance, there should be a means for loans for such coverage from financial institutions willing to take such ventures under their programs offered similar to vehicle loans and charities for tragic cases as per their discretion. Americans are a people known and renowned for their generosity and are perhaps one of the most giving nations on the planet (we think possibly with an exception except that the exception gives in such ways as cannot be measured as there is no record as much of the charity is through religious institutions where no records as from where their donations came or even how they were dispensed as they were given in quantities and to recipients both of which remain unrecorded for the benefit of all involved and the dignity of the less fortunate. Were the United States to return much of the care for those in need to their religious institutions and charities they might find that would prove to be a superior system and the people who could afford to help would and those who chose not to help would be allowed their greed, in the end it would not matter. Life is funny that way.


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March 27, 2017

What Happens When the World is Warned and Ignores the Warning


Well, the United Nations has been informed and their response was a simple, “Ho Hum” and they went on as if nobody had spoken. They claim that the people have not said anything and query, “Would not the people protest such things?” But why would people make any complaint over their own nation having the military place their weapons in their towns as they would be told this was for their protection. But who is protecting what? Are these weapons of war to protect the people of the town or are the people protecting the weapons from attack? This depends on who you ask and their perspective of the entire matter. Those whose weapons are spread amongst the towns and even in homes will claim that the safety of the people and the weapons are all one and the same. They will tell the world that this is necessary because their enemy is likely to attack at any time with no warning and that this at least allows some of the weapons to survive to defend the people. The enemy is one of the most vicious and heinous of enemies in the entire area after all they have been condemned by the United Nations so many times as to be near countless. Their perfidy has been established by the United Nations Human Rights Council at virtually every meeting even requiring special sessions just to address their acts against people across the entire region. Almost every country across much of the nations included in the MENA alliance (Middle East and North Africa) repeatedly bring complaints against Israel to such an extent that they include almost all measures taken for the nation’s defenses. Anyway, the people have volunteered as they are patriotic and know what the risks are and are willing to assist their national military in this attempt to protect the nation as they see this as their patriotic duty. Additionally, they realize that the military will also be in their location which will only serve to make their towns and villages even safer.


There are a few things which should probably be added to clarify this picture. The evil entity which requires all this using of civilian homes and locating weapons stores, rocket launchers and the rockets themselves in and around towns and villages is, in case you did not guess, Israel. The claim is being made by the Lebanese Army. The Lebanese Army has another name with which you are likely more familiar with, Hezballah. Recently the Lebanese government, which is heavily influenced if not controlled by Hezballah, merged their military with the forces of Hezballah, a merger where it is difficult to know which one was more heavily armed. The main difference for Hezballah is they will gain some American weaponry and weapon systems. These weapons and weapon systems include, but are not limited to, M-4 assault rifles, M-16 assault rifles, Barrett M82 50 cal. sniper rifle, M-24 7.62 mm, sniper rifle, M249 squad automatic weapon (SAW), M-60 30 cal. machine gun, M-2 (Ma Deuce) 50 cal. machine gun, M-203 grenade launcher, M-72 LAW (light antitank weapon), M-141 bunker defeat munition (BDM), M-40 105mm recoilless rifle, MK-19 40 mm grenade launcher, and BGM-71 TOW (“Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided antitank weapon). These are the firearms, but wait, there’s more. Wait for it, because here are the vehicles they have provided care of the United States. Starting with the tanks they have M60 Patton main battle tank, M48 Patton main battle tank, M1 Abrams main battle tank, Humvees, M113 armored personnel carrier, AIFV-B-C25 Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle, M109 self-propelled 155mm howitzer, M198 self-propelled 155mm howitzer, M114 155 mm howitzer, M101 and M102 105 mm howitzer plus jeeps and other various military vehicles.


The one item which simply screams at you is the M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks which were recently delivered a mere two years ago. The Obama Administration and military personnel, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made a direct query of the Lebanese government as to whether their military was also under or cooperating with the Hezballah terrorist group. From the best we have been able to determine, the question was very likely phrased something like this, “Our friends, the Lebanese government, could you tell us that your military is not aligned in any way and is completely separate from the Hezballah terror group as if it is we could not in good conscience provide you with the A1M1 Abrams main battle tanks.” And somehow the Lebanese government provided the expected guarantees that their military was not aligned in any way and is completely separate from the Hezballah terror group. What a surprise. Who would have ever predicted such an answer? We are surprised as we thought that it was known and understood by even the most casual of observers that Hezballah now ruled Lebanon and had complete control and full access to all military and other such equipment owned or operated by the Lebanese government. We had been under the idea that Hezballah had a majority coalition in the government and had placed their personnel alongside the generals and other command officers within the Lebanese military and that the two had full operational cooperation in all means and measures since immediately after the 2006 Second Lebanon War with Israel as Hezballah realized they required similar weapons systems to the Israelis, particularly when it came to armored fighting vehicles such as main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, wheeled fighting vehicles and mobile artillery. As Hezballah is not about to be capable of buying such weaponry on the open market because even should some government feel inclined to sell Hezballah such weapons to use against Israel or Islamic State, doing so would place them in a position where they would be considered a pariah amongst nations due to selling weaponry, especially weapons of war, to a known and universally recognized terrorist group.


This brings us down to the specific problems. Imagine if Israel were placing their weapons of war inside its towns, cities or villages; placing artillery pieces, rockets and/or missiles as well as their launchers within built up civilian areas and even within people’s homes. Other than the United Nations and the European Union and their member states denouncing Israel, there would be calls universally for weapons embargoes and possibly general trade embargoes and Israel would be excised from the community of nations. But when Israel pointed out to the world that the villages and towns across Lebanon were being utilized by Hezballah to locate their rockets and missiles, their launchers, entrances to their tunnel and bunker systems (which keep their fighters safe but are forbidden to the Lebanese people even including those whose houses hide their entrances), MLRV’s (multiple launch rocket vehicle), fighting and ambush positions, and weapons and ammunitions caches. Hezbollah reportedly has gone so far as to offer reduced-priced-housing to Shiite families who allowed the terrorist group to store rocket launchers in their homes. The Israelis even declassified one of their military maps which had been researched through intelligence and surveillance drones allowing for an accurate and precise location and classification of each location (see map below). Our map only displays the weapons distribution in the Nabatieh region of Lebanon which can be used as a representation of the remainder of Lebanon. This area is also including part of the Bekaa Valley, a Hezballah stronghold, but the entirety of the areas south of the Litani River, which was presumably prevented from Hezballah returning and building up their provisions, weapons stores, rocket and missile launchers and their bunker and tunnel systems by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) which was presumably doubled in size in order to enforce such a return by Hezballah, has now been transformed into an area bristling with offensive weaponry and underground facilities. Their failure was complete enough that one might even suspect they assisted in Hezballah’s efforts in rearming the areas south of the Litani River (see lower map). These was the same identical region from which Hezballah launched their murder and kidnapping raid on an Israeli squad patrolling the border killing eight Israeli soldiers and taking three captive, who they later simply executed.


Declassified Map of Hezballah’s Military Infrastructure in Lebanon

Declassified Map of Hezballah’s Military Infrastructure in Lebanon


Southern Lebanon South of Litani River to the Israel Border

Southern Lebanon South of Litani River to the Israel Border


The reality is that Nasrallah has been threatening Israel rattling sabers and dealing threats. His big threat is that he promises to destroy the huge ammonia storage tank in Haifa, and a nuclear reactor in Dimona. His threats are directly aimed to emphasize high casualty events and declaring the improved accuracy of the Iranian provided missiles which also have far greater range and accuracy than those Hezballah possessed in the 2006 war. He has also expressed that targeting Eilat is within their capabilities which is the southernmost tip of Israel and the furthest from Lebanon. Nasrallah has also warned that when he strikes Israel that it will be due to the Israeli strikes on Hezballah soldiers and innocents in Syria. What he has left out is that the Israeli strikes have been targeting advanced weapons being smuggled into Lebanon which are absolute game changers such as advanced anti-aircraft batteries and heavy weapons. These are legal attacks as Hezballah is a recognized and universally declared terrorist group. Nasrallah is now claiming that these attacks are on Lebanese military stores using the fact that Hezballah has taken control of the Lebanese military absorbing their armaments and the majority of their troops which already consisted of a fairly high overlapping of personnel. The world will soon realize that there is no longer an independent nation of Lebanon but that it has become a simple cover story for Hezballah. The world will likely continue to turn a blind eye to the reality in Lebanon for as long as possible as to do otherwise would create a situation where all travel and trade with Lebanon would become problematic, and the world has sufficient problems and is not seeking another. As far as Europe, the United Nations and likely just about everybody else, the situation in Lebanon will be treated as a purely Israeli problem. The world really does not desire to accept another Syria. What is really sad is that Syria is much of the reason that Hezballah has taken such complete control over Lebanon as Iran simply desired that Lebanon become the final peg in their Shiite Crescent from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea which includes Iran, much of Iraq, Lebanon and they are working on cementing Syria once they retake Syria from Islamic State and the rest of the rebels (see map below). Iran has been working to establish this slash across the Middle East providing them with an opening on the Mediterranean Sea allowing them to become a major player in the Muslim world and as their initial play to bring Shiite Islam into the mainstream and end it being simply the little sideshow playing second fiddle to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Sunni world. This is why the war in Syria is so important to the Iranians, but a war solely in Syria is becoming hard to sell both for Iran and Hezballah at home.


Iranian Crescent Resulting from an Iranian Surge Retaking Syria for Bashir al-Assad Connecting Iran to Mediterranean via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

Iranian Crescent Resulting from an Iranian Surge
Retaking Syria for Bashir al-Assad Connecting
Iran to Mediterranean via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon


There is a solution to the Syria dilemma, and that solution unfortunately is Israel. If Iran can sell the war in Syria as their next front against Israel, their people would be more willing to accept the losses being taken by Iranian soldiers from the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) fighting in Syria. They could sell such as further support for Hezballah against Israel claiming that Hezballah also sees the advantage to having another front against Israel through the Golan Heights if they can gain control of Syria. Hezballah has all but completely taken control of Lebanon and one last war with Israel and they can use such to finish their takeover and totally divorce the Christians and other opponents from the public domain. Those who have attempted to rescue Lebanon from Hezballah and keep them from taking complete control have been fighting a slowly losing battle. Lebanon is but a slip and a fall from falling into the graveyard of failed terror controlled states across the MENA expanse. Already there are Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan and Iraq with some even including Afghanistan which is falling inch by inch to the Taliban. Even Iran could be considered to be a nation controlled by a terrorist group commanded by the Mullahs and enforced by the IRGC and religious police. The Middle East is facing the danger of falling to any of a number of terrorist entities including but not limited to the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, Hezballah, Taliban, Iran as the IRGC, and other groups such as Boko Harem and smaller groups from Sudan, Somalia and throughout lower Sahara states including Nigeria, Kenya, Niger, Chad and others in what has been called the African Transition Zone (see map below). This is an area currently under threat by Islamist terrorists and considered to now becoming more and more unstable. These are the areas where in the future we will see new failed states in the future. This is an area of the world which, were the West not under threat itself, it would be receiving greater attention but with the world currently so unstable, these nations are going to be left on their own for the immediate future.


African Transition Zone

African Transition Zone


The greatest threat looking at the world in the near term future is the area surrounding Syria. Within this area is Lebanon which will soon be lost to the Hezballah terrorists who all but control the area and should there be yet another war started by Hezballah with Israel, part of their reasoning will be that any opposition to their complete control will be more easily destroyed while the world is ignoring their war with Israel and thus not looking at what is happening inside Lebanon beyond what Israel is doing that they can condemn. The United Nations and European Union will both play a large part as they condemn Israel defending herself against Hezballah and their rocket and missile placements within people’s homes, hospitals schools and other public buildings and locations such that they can picture suffering Lebanese victims of Israeli strikes, of course the remains of the rocket launcher in the living room in the bed room will be ignored as that is of little consequence and certainly no reason for a bomb to be dropped on a house. Then there will be the stories of the people who lost everything in the evil Israeli raid and the higher death count than the count in Israel. We will hear all about the disproportionate damage and disproportionate civilian casualties and we will almost hear the question of where are the dead Jews equal to the dead Lebanese. There will be no mention of the obvious difference where the Lebanese are forced to be human shields while Israel provides shelters and defends their civilians keeping them as far as possible from the war, not the first line victims as Hezballah will do. The world will stop turning and all eyes will be on Israel and the lack of casualties by comparison and they will demand to know why so few Israelis have died, why so few, well, do we even need say it?


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March 26, 2017

Countdown to Impeachment


President Trump just made another major misstep; he failed to fight for his health care legislation empowering his enemies. Sure the media have been playing up each and every Tweet as if it were the crime of the century, but that has been hype, all hype. That is the job the media has in this attempt to overthrow democratically elected governance in the United States. The media are the shock troops playing the game as those infected with the screaming heebie jeebies. Their job is to foment the atmosphere of mistrust, suspicion and general mayhem so that anything which follows appears to have validity. When President Trump pulled the healthcare legislation admitting defeat, he opened the door to his downfall. His blaming the Democrats will only serve to instill in them more hate and spite leading them to become even more entrenched seeking his downfall. They were going to head in this direction anyways and this was inevitable, but now they will feel empowered and capable of blocking any and all attempts by the President to govern effectively. That always was the first step, take out President Trump’s ability to govern effectively.


The next step is already in motion and is being headed by the leading man of the disloyal progressive opposition, Senator McCain. McCain still believes he should be the leading figure in the Republican Party and has always felt they let him down and were the reason he lost in 2008. It has never occurred to him that the reason he lost in 2008 was that John McCain was completely outclassed and defeated by the media and his complete inability to excite the Republican base. John McCain actually believes he is a staunch and true conservative just because he opposes three or four extreme leftist ideas and otherwise is just as left wing as Hillary Clinton once those few ideas are removed from the equation. John McCain sees the election of Donald Trump not as a sign that he actually earned the election by getting the Republican base excited but because he got exactly who the media claim elected him, rabble and uneducated morons easily led off by Donald the Pied Piper Trump. McCain sees his position of fighting Trump as the Republican knight in shining armor saving the party from oblivion. McCain just cannot accept that his wing of Republicans are the lost sheep with nowhere to go and unable to ever win any national election and that the Republican Party has become truly conservative and originalist in their holding and understanding of the Constitution. The mainstream Republicans are now almost literally Tea Party Republicans who enforce the Constitution and its Amendments precisely as written to save the United States because anything less will allow the Progressives their eventual victory and the end of America. It matters not if that view is valid, it is where the base and the votes lie and McCain will never excite these people and they would rather stay home than vote for a phony conservative, a right leaning progressive.


So, now that the Democrats have been placed in the position of defending Obamacare which they see as the logical step to destroy heath care insurance and force single payer government healthcare as the saving grace along with the rest of their progressive pro-government programs which will lead to only one conclusion, they will rally and draw even tighter and any Democrat who was even considering not standing with the most radical of their party will be put on notice, stand with us or you will face defeat in the next primary election. The Democrats see the election of Donald Trump as their now or never position as they know that their cover has been blown and the “silent majority” has seen them for who they truly are. What is so sad is that many of their supporters still have their blinders in place and do not realize these monsters for who they really are. They still view the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and the rest for loyal liberals fighting the good fight for the cause. If only this were true, there would be hope; but a full third to forty percent of the voting public are firmly supporting the people who wish to place government as the board of directors over every major employer and while leaving private ownership and the belief that freedom exists, their reality would have government dictating almost everything even to production demands and buying habits to government through over-regulation to simple direct control. The Democrats who have taken control of the Democrat Party are full behind this central control and have the voters fully behind their ideas and reasoning which include such fronts as Global Climate Change, Corporate Greed is Evil, the Police are Fascist Shock Troops and the like. The Police are Fascist Shock Troops actually is one of the most ridiculous of these claims as it was under President Obama that enormous amounts of military vehicles and hardware were transferred to police forces across the United States at prices that I could have afforded one of those heavy armored vehicles that the police have at their disposal had I been permitted to purchase one and likely you could have as well. These were priced just slightly more expensive than two squad cars and were heavily financed by the Federal Government making even Mayberry Police able to buy one for officer Fife (there’s a joke there if you are old enough to remember Barney Fife and his bullet in his pocket so he wouldn’t shoot his foot again).


The plan is to continue to play hardball and allow John McCain to run interference on the right and when sufficient Republicans are convinced that Trump is simply incompetent and unable to accomplish anything, then they will strike. The claim will be he is and always was a phony businessman and never built anything in his life, accomplishing everything with his Daddy’s money and name. They will play up the incompetency of his presidency and that the nation deserves better. There will be moves to paint Pence and Ryan as well as people unable to rule effectively as they are just as bad as Trump. The entire idea is to get sufficient numbers of the population, 15% to 20% is all it takes with all centered in the major cities, believing that the only path to good and steady leadership is the Democrat Party, the moderate Democrats who even John McCain claims can be reasoned with and worked with. The entire Republican Party leadership and most of its truly conservative base Representatives and Senators will all be painted as subversive elements who are trying to destroy the nation supporting this losing child-President Trump. Then there will be the placing of the impeachment charges which will be all formal and will find an actual plausible reason, one the rabble can latch onto as a cause celeb. Once the votes are secured, the charge is irrelevant as in order to impeach a President you only need the votes in the House of Representatives and then to remove the President you need the votes in the Senate. The Constitution lays out the reasons of which one is malfeasance or the ill-defined “high crimes and misdemeanors” which could include anything from impropriety to murder to tax evasion to jaywalking, it all depends on what the media can sell and sufficient numbers of people accept. Understand that once charges of impeachment have been leveled against President Trump we can expect that the opposition will have the votes necessary with a comfortable extra few in numbers in case some get cold feet and shrink from the idea. The idea will be to have governance handed to those adults in the room who know how to govern and in order to prevent such a disaster as another President Trump from ever occurring again, the Electoral College will be thrown out along with all the other parts of an obsolete and useless piece of parchment that the Constitution has become, after all it was written by angry, old, slave owning, anti-woman, white men who did not understand what the world has become, after all they probably thought man should not fly because they do not have wings and such things. They had muzzle loading rifles, what could they have understood about machineguns? They are as outdated as powdered wigs and their Constitution; it’s the Twenty-First Century already, time to modernize America. The new rallying cry will be something just like that, Time to Modernize America for the Modern Times. With this they will restructure governance in the United States and America will be born and the entire concept of the United States as individual states in a federal government will die and Europe will welcome the new America to their failing ways which are failing as we were watching and will then be joining. You will know the fix is in should the new form of government be parliamentary.


Big Brother is Watching


The push is coming to make America a nation run by its major cities under Democrat Party control with the rest of the nation dragged along for the ride. The name bandied around and used against President Trump will never be applied to the new America as they could never be fascist, even if fascism is defined as the government taking control of the steering wheel and dictating to industry and big businesses how they can and will run their companies while permitting private ownership. The new government will rule absolutely not permitting even a scintilla of opposition to their ideas and demands on the people. Forget freedom as that is such an antiquated and quaint idea which does not permit the government to do what is right and correct for the people. The people are not as wise and worldly as are their betters in the government who all went to the correct schools and majored in how to rule over a nation. What could the peasants possibly know about how to run a successful country with the responsibility for directing all the industrial and managerial giants and be so astute to every nuanced concept; after all it was exactly this which brought every advancement since the bicycle. There will be posters and they will be Yuge and Wondrous and everybody will feel like saluting the posters, after all that is what the man on the corner with the big gun expects and we would not want him reporting our lack of enthusiasm. The poster, if it were honest, would look a lot like the one above, admit it, you wanted to straighten up in your seat and look good as if the poster was looking back through your monitor, didn’t you. Don’t let little slogans bother you because as long as you’re a good citizen, do your assigned job, oh yes, that’s right, the job your chose or were chosen for from first grade, and as long as you are happy, then you have nothing to fear. And just to make this Brave New World be a little happier, you did take your allotment of Soma today, we would not want to skip our Soma after work, after all it is for the nation to keep and stay happy. There you go, be a happy citizen.


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