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July 24, 2017

It is a War and the War Claimed Four More Victims


Another Shabbat terrorist attack on victims of Palestinian violent death cult, which preys upon those too feeble due to age, this time, or lack of age in other instances, and which claimed three lives with a fourth initially reported to have been fighting for her life as she was admitted to the hospital. In the Israeli village of Halamish on Friday night, a terrorist broke into their home and began stabbing the family as they ate their Shabbat dinner where they had gathered to celebrate the birth of a grandchild. Armed with a knife and a heart filled with rage from incitement filled false claims that the Israelis had murdered innocent Arab children during the day and were defiling the al-Aqsa Mosque every night. Jews are barely permitted to ever visit the Temple Mount and those who are have minders watching their every movement just in case a Jew dare even speak the name of Hashem or let loose a word of prayer or sanctification as the Islamic purity would surely be dissolved should the Shema ever be uttered reverently upon the holiest of places in the Jewish faith. But before continuing, I would like to share some of my feelings at the moment, and though this may appear irreverent, I mean this in the truest sense of the meaning of these words.



Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on where you stand, I am not in charge or have any power to affect policies and actions of any government. What I can do is write and hope to have a measure of influence with the world. The Palestinians have the advantage of presumably being the underdogs in this fight and the sympathy of many Westerners who feel obliged to support every underdog. Well, let us look at these presumed underdogs. They are supported by much of Europe, countless NGO’s, the United Nations General Assembly and receive aid monies over the past twenty years to have made every single Arab they claim to represent a present of a quarter of a million dollars or Euros, their choice. Instead, the top leadership has made themselves into multimillionaires worth hundreds of millions of dollars or Euros, your choice. The funding has never been used to provide utilities, water, sewage treatment, oil or gas as all of these are provided to the Arab Palestinians by the Israeli companies who provide such services and they are not reimbursed for these supplies. Instead, the expense is passed on to every Israeli customer in the form of higher prices, prices far higher than even those in much of Europe. The Arab Palestinians are actually the tip of the spear, a very long spear, which is backed by the entire Arab world and has one aim, the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State. The reason the Arab Palestinians are so richly backed and supported by Arab governments, European Union, United Nations, European governments, the Vatican, the United States State Department and George Soros as the cherry on top is because their aim is to end the Jewish State. Their targeting Israelis having their Sabbath dinner will be ignored by the remainder of the world, as these victims do not matter, as the final aim is the all-important goal here.


Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36

Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36


This attack murdered were Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36 (pictured above) and placed his wife Tova Salomon age 68 in Shaare Zedek Medical Center in where, after life-saving emergency surgery, she was discharged in order to attend the funeral for her family. Elad’s wife managed to herd the grandchildren into a bedroom, lock the door, called police and screamed that they were being attacked. Responding to the screams, an off duty IDF soldier managed to shoot and wound the terrorist through a window of the house. The terrorist, Omar al-Abed age 19, was subdued and was reported to have jumped up and attempted to attack the medical respondents as they worked to try to save the victims and was promptly subdued once again. He was taken for treatment and has been released to security police for arraignment. The IDF stated that on the way to the attack, Abed made a post to Facebook stating his intentions (see below with translation).


Abed Facebook Posting Made Before Attack on Jewish Family

Abed Facebook Posting Made Before Attack on Jewish Family


The reference to only having a knife while others “had guns to use only at weddings” was a reference to the Arabs to celebrate their weddings by firing rifles into the air, more often than not using fully-automatic mode (see video below). His reference in the remainder is obvious, he expected that the Israelis would execute him on the spot when they caught him because that is exactly what he was told to expect and it matched everything he understood.



There has been history on what happens when any Israelis happen to wander into area under the control by the Palestinian Authority. When a pair of reservists made a wrong turn and entered Ramallah, they were arrested presumably for their safety but the police deserted the station as a lynch mob gathered. The end result was the two young men were literally torn limb from limb with an Arab youth leaning out the window to show his blood-soaked hands to the cheering crowd outside (see image below). The picture taken by a reporter showed this youth depicting his and the crowd’s enthusiasm at what can only be compared to a ritual human sacrifice. This young man expected similar barbarity from the Israelis. What is even more depressing is within six weeks after he is reexposed to the incitement and propaganda is he will return to believing that any Arab caught after committing a terror attack is tortured and then murdered and his experience was exactly like that yet somehow he managed to survive.


Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands

Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd
Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists
Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands


The contrast between the two civilizations can be depicted perfectly with a single picture. This picture includes a scene of a graphic nature as it is the aftermath of this terror attack and we advise care in viewing. The thing one need try to imagine is the extent of violence as the terrorist was described of stabbing the victims repeatedly even after they ceased resistance. The link to the troubling picture of the aftermath is here. There were reactions in the Arab Palestinian areas including Gaza and the West Bank areas of Judea and Samaria. They were nothing like the shock felt throughout Israel once the news spread of the Friday night attack. Below are a couple of pictures of the reactions we believe were taken in Gaza.


Gaza Celebratory Reaction to Murdering of Jews at Shabbat Dinner

Gaza Celebratory Reaction to Murdering of Jews at Shabbat Dinner


If this had been a single event without certain surrounding conditions, then it would be less of a story, but there is a back-story which will not be mentioned in most coverage, so here we must venture. Just this past week we saw events such as this and the rioting upon the Temple Mount coming when we covered “Rebroadcast of Abbas is Declaration of War” which we saw as a sign that trouble was being instigated once again. This was followed by declarations on Palestinian media for “Days of Rage” because there were metal detectors installed on the Temple Mount after two police were shot to death and a third placed in the hospital with wounds which came too close to being fatal. Israelis accept metal detectors as a part of life when we need pass through them to use the trains, enter the mall, shop at the department store downtown, enter many restaurants, go to the movies, watch a show and countless other venues. Why would the Arab Palestinians get violently upset about having to pass through metal detectors to go up on the Temple Mount? Jews and other non-Muslims have had to pass through metal detectors and searches that are far more intrusive before being permitted entry to the Temple Mount. But the Arab Palestinians are upset because by not having to pass through metal detectors to go up onto the Temple Mount they could bring weapons, be they knives, guns, rifles, sub machine-guns or others from Eastern Jerusalem and leave the Temple Mount and have immediate access to Western Jerusalem and then on to Tel Aviv and the remainder of Israel with such weaponry and have used this method to arm terrorists before they committed their attacks. This may have been how the terrorist who shot up the markets and outdoor restaurant establishments in Tel Aviv just a month or so ago and numerous knifing attacks over the past few months got their weapons. These metal detectors will likely make such terror attacks that much more difficult which is likely one side effect which we will all be thankful. But whenever there is an added checkpoint or other effort to prevent terrorism the Arab Palestinians will hold riots and intensify attempts to and actual attacks as a means of expressing their contempt for such efforts. There was also a rocket attack from Gaza in which the rocket exploded in midair. There has been no mention of the rocket being intercepted by the Iron Dome, though that is always possible. The main rioting has taken place at the Temple Mount with the attempt to make it appear that the use of metal detectors has impeded the Arabs ability to enter the Temple Mount, a false image. It is obvious to any honest observer that the rioting and mass numbers are an intentional attempt to overcrowd the entrances in order to allow complaints that they are causing a bottleneck when in reality the mass numbers thrown at the entrances would have cause a backlog as these entrances narrow at the Temple Mount which was done when the area was built to permit easier defense for the area guards. The metal detectors will not impede normal Temple Mount traffic and when there are security alerts, they will actually make entering the Temple Mount to flow more easily as each person will not need to be searched manually. But why allow reality to make any difference when your desire is to remove the latest obstacle to your ability for terrorist attacks and murdering Israelis. But here is one last detail, the Arab Palestinians will tell you they do not hate or wish to kill Israelis and not technically be deceiving. When you translate their calls and chants for targeting for terrorism they seldom say Israelis, will often say Zionists but most often they simply say Jews. Hamas, like Fatah, have the desire to destroy Israel as the Jewish State but go further demanding that they murder every Jew without any regard for where they reside, Israel, Europe, United States and even Japan. But please do not tell them that Jews live in Japan as why cause more trouble than absolutely necessary.


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July 23, 2017

The Subject Best Left Untouched Today is Korea


Korea gets stark coverage in the news; a short article here and there often buried with a headline every couple of weeks with sparse follow-up. There actually is a good reason, there is no good coverage or any way Trump can be blamed or criticized as he has taken measured steps increasing pressure slowly without crossing any critical lines as of yet. The distance from where everyone and everything currently stands and those aforementioned lines has shrunk to a very small distance. Kim has not altered his trajectory launching larger and longer range missiles with his latest calculated to be capable of reaching Alaska and potentially the West Coast of the United States mainland. Kim is pressing all the buttons which distress the Pentagon and make some of those older men with the largest number of medals on their uniforms excessively nervous and rightfully so. On the other side, President Trump has ordered three super-carrier groups to the area in and around the Sea of Japan, sufficient airpower to neutralize all known North Korean launch and nuclear facilities and destroy the vast majority of the rocket and projectile artillery placed just north of the demilitarized zone (see map below) all of them targeting Seoul, the South Korean Capital and home to near twenty-seven-million people. This has been the big threat held by the Kim family as they have ruled, or should we say ruined, North Korea making it a virtual hell on Earth for the entire population with the exception of the elites who live lives as if they were the monarchs and royal court over their medieval serfs who live at their pleasure.


Demilitarized Zone Between North Korea and South Korea

Demilitarized Zone Between North Korea and South Korea


The founder of North Korea was Kim Il-sung who was a believer in the myth of Communism and how it could make everyone live better under its socialized dictatorship with central planning and everybody receiving an equal portion. Just like most Communist dictatorships, North Korea failed with an ever-shrinking economy which remains now based on selling what meager oil and other natural resources they have most often to China. Much of the industrial base went to the manufacture of military hardware and development and little in consumer goods. Such placement of the investment in military hardware and the military left little for the people. Subsistence farming became a larger and larger part of the economy in the hope of feeding the people. Kim Il-sung died unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack on July 8, 1994, and was succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-il. Things continued in their steady decline throughout his years leading the militaristic country of North Korea. But at least things appeared sane, Russia and China assisted the nation and they threatened to attack South Korea and annihilate Seoul on a semiregular basis in order to gain some form of relief from the West, meaning the United States, which was regularly met by whoever was in the White House as it beat risking the war resuming in the Korean Peninsula. The North continued to press their demands that the Korean Peninsula be united and all the Korean people be ruled by their rightful rulers, the Kim family. The trades with North Korea were always the same basic deal, the United States sent tons of food and other provisions and of course a fair amount of funds all in return for a promise not to cause any disturbances, or in simple terms, peace and quiet and little if anything else which is a large quantity of basic nothing.


The original Korean War was fought with the free world with the backing of the United Nations due to a Security Council vote which took place, conveniently, after the Soviet Union walked out in a show of solidarity with Nikita Khrushchev who walked after slamming the table with his shoe, fighting the Communists, largely the Soviet Union. The forces backed by the United States had been pushing the Communists back when the other Communist nation decided to join the fight, one might say the eight-thousand-ton gorilla in the zone, the Chinese came over the border with forces of hundreds of thousands of soldiers pushing the Americans and their allies almost off the peninsula. The American forces rallied and in the end they decided to call it quits and draw a line on or about the 38th Parallel and rather than end the war, just allow it to stall for the time being, an armistice. Kim Jong-Il died on December 17, 2011, and was quickly succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-un. This is where the problems set in. There are many who claim that Kim Jong-un might be unbalanced, a little unstable and frankly dangerous and a potentially dangerous threat. Add in President Donald Trump and things get really dicey.


The Kim Family


Kim Jong-un is attempting to use the time honored tradition of threaten the world and the Western nations will come up with the goods sooner or later. The problem is, he is basically selling the same nothing for something to a businessman, and that will not fly. President Trump’s answer to Kim Jong-un’s threats has been to slowly build the United States presence sending super-cruiser groups to attend training exercises with allies in the area including South Korea, Japan and others. President Trump attempted to resolve the situation by requesting the North Korean allies in China to talk the situation down. The Chinese and the Russians instead gave the United States an ultimatum to break off their planned operations with South Korea and potentially end their support for the South Koreans. This is all simply another attempt to isolate the South Koreans and allow for North Korea to do the same thing to South Korea as happened to South Vietnam after the United States removed their support. The Cold War is back and as healthy as it ever was and Russia is hoping to make President Trump back off in North Korea as if they can push him around there, they will then do more threatening to force the free world to allow Russia to retake as much of their former satellite nations as they are able. That would bring the end to the freedom in the Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and potentially Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and even the Czech Republic, and this is simply Eastern Europe. Then there is Central Asia where Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and a few other nations north of Afghanistan. Once again, should Russia force President Trump to trip and retreat in the Korean Peninsula and then continue the pressure in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the break where the West would no longer back further and instead would be up in arms, just as in World War II, might very well be Poland again.


This hugely dangerous game of chicken is showing no signs of either side blinking and has every sign of reaching a breaking point. If North Korea launches an actual and undeniable ICBM capable of reaching any point on the globe and then start placing satellites into low Earth orbit, with some crashing back to the planet even striking within the United States or Canada, then all bets are off because telling the difference between a crashing weather satellite and an incoming ballistic missile is impossible. The one and most trusted way of knowing the difference is asking the launching nation and trusting their answer. This is not exactly something in which North Korea would be considered a trustworthy nation as far as truth is concerned. Further, once North Korea reaches such ability for launching ballistic missiles and the miniaturized warheads to place atop of these missiles, then everyone need decide whether they can live with a nuclear armed North Korea or would defanging the rogue nation be the only viable option. These two scenarios are on a crash course with reality and the decisions reached by President Trump and his advisors will be weighty and potentially threatening the peace in Asia. The results against the North Korean nuclear missile threat will also go a long way in resolving the war in Syria and whether or not the killing simply continues endlessly. The decisions made in the standoff on the peninsula will send ripples around the world. What is the right move for President Trump? Should he again return to the days when the United States stationed ballistic nuclear missiles in South Korea or place them in Japan or Taiwan as a message to China and Russia that their nuclear mischief in North Korea had its consequences for them equal or greater than the threat the North poses to the Western World? Let’s just say that we had all better wish him decent advice, certainly better and more useable advice than he appears to have received about the Middle East and Israel. If he is as ill prepared to judge Kim Jong-un as he appeared to be with Mahmoud Abbas and his pack of lies, then the world had best tighten their seat-belts, because a misreading of the ripples in this crisis result in a huge conflagration or an alteration in the power centers of the world, largely from Washington the power would flow to Moscow and Beijing. Best of all, everybody tread quietly and carefully as a misstep will be ruinous for all involved.


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July 22, 2017

But It Has a Happy Ending


Unfortunately, the beginnings are an intentional affront and a threat to Israel’s existence completely financed by Europe and numerous clandestine groups and Arab nations who prefer not to be identified. It all started quite a number of years ago when Israel had yet to be formed. The British were holding the Mandate to form the Jewish State. Their first step towards making that concept disappear was to take 78% of that area and make an Arab Palestinian State called Transjordan, today known as Jordan. This was insufficient, so while the Jews in Europe really could have used a place in which to run, the British held the number permitted in to theoretically 75,000 Jews per year. They let in only a fraction of this number throughout World War II while bringing in around 100,000 Arabs each year even if they had to be paid. The British knew that as long as there were more Arabs than Jews that Israel, the Jewish State, could never be formed. Eventually Israel was formed largely made possible by Jews running the British blockade after World War II ended. The really disgusting thing was after the war many Jews when returning to their homes found their home lived in by another family, always Christians, their business run by some Christians, and their neighbors just as likely to run them out of town roughly as they were to murdering them. Jews learned they no longer had a place in Europe. This was made perfectly clear in this incident which is one of many similar incidents most of which were covered up and never made it into written history as there were no Jewish survivors to tell the story, but they became known as warnings to Jews that returning home was not necessarily a good idea after surviving the Concentrations Camps or hiding out the entire ordeal.


The next bold statement of Jews refusing to allow their own defeat came in the form of the miracle of their surviving the six national armies attack on the morning of Israel’s birth. This was after the Arab League had turned down the United Nations partition offered in General Assembly Resolution 181. Once the Arab League refused the division, the entire resolution became null and void and could not be used as a binding document at any future time. General Assembly Resolutions are suggestive in nature and unless both sides agree, they have no further weight. The Zionist Congress and Israelis government agreed to the division, as anything was preferable to a war in which they would begin with no formal armed forces. They patched their groups which had fought the British occupation into a fighting force which only by the grace of Hashem managed to retain any land. Israel lost lands as Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) were lost to Egypt and Jordan respectively (see maps below).


Resolution 181 Division, Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948, Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank

Resolution 181 Division,
Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948,
Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank


The next act of audacity was for Israel to win the Six Day War , liberating Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) while gaining the Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula and then to follow that by surviving the initial attacks and then proving victorious in the Yom Kippur War and even threaten Cairo. That was until the United States, under the auspices of the Department of State, threatened Israel with military forces under United States command and the backing of the United Nations and the world at large if Israel did not halt all advances towards Cairo, Alexandria and Damascus and return to the armistice lines remaining from the Six Day War which were the starting point of that war. When Israel made peace with Egypt they offered to return all of the Sinai Peninsula as well as Gaza but Egypt declined to reapply their occupation of Gaza and returned these lands to Israel along with the large Arab Muslim population. Later when Israel made her peace with Jordan, they declined to reoccupy Judea and Samaria and returned them to Israel but left their citizens they had forced to move into the area while they occupied it giving their poorest citizens the Jews former homes and properties. Jordan also had destroyed Synagogues and desecrated Jewish cemeteries.


Israel having offered to return the occupied lands which Egypt and Jordan had occupied and returned to Israeli control was probably the beginning of another plan to dissolve Israel in a sea of Arabs who would take over the nation democratically, but Israel did not simply grant these Arabs left from Egypt and Jordan into her citizenry thus were not overrun by Arab voters. This likely led to the concept which was the real beginnings which came in September of 1993 and had a large amount of assistance from European nations, the United States State Department (again), and some rose colored glasses wearing extreme leftists who believed that if Yasser Arafat were granted respectability, then he could be given a Palestinian Arab nation, then a peace could be made which would assist in ending the stand-off between the Israelis and the Arab World, this was called the Oslo Accords. The Europeans and State Department saw this agreement slightly differently as they were targeting Israel for extermination, the nation and if that included the Jews living there, well, they could live with that as well. Now we get to go through a number of ill-thought-out choices by the leadership of Israel, more often than not under duress or leftist leadership which may have you doubting the intelligence of those who desired the path we have taken.


After the idea that Yasser Arafat was willing and desired to make peace should have been completely demolished after the Paris accords where he agreed that should Israel meet a set of terms which were far beyond anything Israel had ever even approached conceding which included East Jerusalem and borders based strongly with the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Green Line and President Clinton felt good about taking this to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Arafat was secure in the thought that there would be absolutely no way on earth that Israel would accept borders along most of the Green Line as well as giving back the Old City, Temple Mount and all of East Jerusalem. President William Jefferson Clinton must have felt wonderful as he went to sleep that night knowing he had just settled the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict as both sides had agreed to the deal. Yasser Arafat went to bed very nervous as President Clinton had not come back with any counter proposal which Arafat could turn down, repeat his demands safe in the knowledge that the Israelis would never give away Jerusalem, let alone the borders resembling the Green Line with over ninety percent of the Green Line being the future border and even the Jordan Valley along the west side of the Jordan River, a natural defensive position. Rumor has it that Arafat ordered his driver to be ready from 6:00 AM on and his plane to be ready for immediate takeoff along the same timeline. He suspected and feared the worst thing possible, that the Israelis had agreed to his demands. Well, President Clinton showed up for the meetings that morning confident that peace was at hand, Prime Minister Barak showed up for the meetings that morning confident that peace was at hand and Yasser Arafat showed up for that morning’s meetings with his bags in the limousine and the driver ready and when he heard Secretary of State Madeline Albright ask who was to sign the agreement, which she was holding copies of in her hands, first, Arafat bolted from his chair for the exit. Secretary of State Albright tried as best she could to catch the fleeing Arafat but simply resulted in her standing at the top of the steps waving papers as Yasser Arafat drove off towards the airport. Later, it was revealed that the Second Intifada had been planned before the negotiations had even commenced and Yasser Arafat never intended to negotiate in good faith but was instead ready to launch yet another offensive intended to drive the Israelis from their lands fleeing in stark terror before the waves of suicide bombings.


But the surrender by Israel really began at the end of the Six Day War when Minister of Defense suggested that the Jordanian Waqf be permitted to return and be left to take over running the Temple Mount just as they had done before the war as a sign of good faith. Initially, the Temple Mount was open for visitors who could use any entrance to visit the holy site. That was the initial status-quo but did not remain that way as slowly the Waqf moved to prevent all people other than Muslims to be all but banned from entering the Temple Mount except for limited times each day at the whim of the Waqf who can close the site whenever they choose. They also provide guards who will order any person suspected of prayer or anything which might be deemed unacceptable to Muslim supremacy be removed and possibly arrested for such acts of offense. The entire situation has followed along a parallel path as well. Within half a dozen years of the Arafat debacle in Paris a new idea cropped up coming from Secretary of State (it had to be the State Department again) Condoleezza Rice, who was reported to have privately pointed out the obvious parallels with the black experience in the Antebellum South and the treatment of the Palestinian Arabs, and backed by George W. Bush, who was presumed to be one of Israel’s greatest allies to hold the office of President, that Israel turn complete control and allow the formation of an Arab state in Gaza as an opportunity for the Palestinian Authority to prove their ability to live peacefully and run an actual political entity. In August of 2005 Israel, with great emotional angst and a divided population tearing the nation apart, pulled all of their people, military and all institutions out of Gaza and an American Jewish group paid to leave the greenhouses in Gaza and in working order so as to allow for a basic economy to exist. The greenhouses were torn apart and used to make rockets and launchers and within two years, Hamas had taken complete control over Gaza evicting the Palestinian authority in a coup. Since then Israel has been forced into three wars to end rockets raining down on Israeli civilians with each round Hamas and Islamic Jihad proving to have rockets of greater and greater range with their latest capable of reaching Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and closing in on reaching Haifa. There has been proof that Iran had assisted Hamas off and on giving them greater rocket engine technology and also assisting Islamic Jihad and there have been rumors of IRGC advisors smuggled into Gaza with even greater technologies and training. Needless to point out, the Gaza experiment was nothing short of a complete and unmitigated disaster.


Over the years whenever the Western nations, read the Europeans and the Americans, particularly the State Department, have demanded that Israel, as a sign of good faith and proof that they really desire peace, give a concession of some sort, usually conceding control of lands in Judea and Samaria, to the Palestinian Authority just to have a photo opportunity for the President with the leader of the Palestinian Authority, either Yasser Arafat or Mahmoud Abbas, as they proved interchangeable, shake hands with the Israeli Prime Minister and that was often the actual only accomplishment. Should there have been actual meetings after that it was always the same picture, Israel giving up control of more territory until the Arabs broke off negotiations pocketing the territories gained and giving up nothing. The negotiations always broke off the instant that it became necessary for the Palestinian Arabs to give up even recognition that Israel is a Jewish State. The reason this cannot and must not be granted by the Palestinian Authority leadership is simply because their desire is to erase Israel from the map or change it into an Arab state, nothing less will suffice as far as they are concerned and everything they do is towards that end. The secret is that this is also the desired result being sought by the Europeans and the United States Department of State. Oh, they will never admit that this is their desired result, but they along with the United Nations and most of the Arab and Muslim worlds all target Israel with the intent of her destruction. The result of all these concessions and negotiations and promises from so many “well-meaning” souls has been that Israel has all but given away all of Areas A and B.


But there have been other developments since 2012 as a result of a concerted effort, replete with European Union makings of at least five-hundred illegal buildings, which they claim are for Palestinian Arabs when the final peace comes. They do not believe for a moment that there is any peace deal ever going to come. The European Union was intentionally building facts on the ground to assist the Arab claim that all the land belongs to them. They know that should they manage to force the Israelis out of Judea and Samaria that this will lead to the bombardment of Tel Aviv and the entire coastal region along with Jerusalem and that this, in their estimation, will force the Jews to surrender the entirety of Israel. Once the schemers get their wildest desires, and they will not surrender trying until the day that Jerusalem and the greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area and suburbs are left as a smoldering heap of massive damage from massive rocket attacks of tens of thousands launched as rapidly as the Arabs are able, the final conflict will have been initiated. This will be when the full force of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) will be felt. There will be no measured response and everything short of nuclear weapons will be unleashed on the Arabs who launched the attack as well as those who failed to prevent that action. They will all be driven across the Jordan River if they are fortunate, the remainder will be killed in the onslaught. The anger from the Israelis and their fighting force will be unleashed on whoever stands in opposition. Should Hezballah in Lebanon think this a good time to strike at Israel in conjunction with the Palestinian Arabs of the PA and Hamas, then Israel will also strike at Lebanon with equal ferocity as Hezballah and Lebanon have become one and the same thing as was proven in the Hezballah victory parade in Syria where they displayed their Abrams Tanks they procured from the Lebanese Army when the two forces merged. Simply stated, whoever pops their heads up and claims they want their piece of the war will find those heads removed in as rapid a fashion as feasible. Will Israel face destruction, probably quite a bit, especially along the Tel Aviv coast from Ashkelon to Haifa as well as around Jerusalem but buildings can be replaced, Israel must remain.


The Real Truth About Israel in Stark Relief Depicting the Combined Rocket Capability of Palestinian Arabs from West Bank and Gaza if Europe and the United States Force a Green Line Border

The Real Truth About Israel in Stark Relief
Depicting the Combined Rocket Capability
of Palestinian Arabs from West Bank and Gaza
if Europe and the United States Force a Green Line Border


When that day these Europeans and select Americans envision comes and the Arabs are able to rain missiles onto the Israeli cities, there will be a surprise. If such comes from the Palestinian Authority areas; then the leadership, at the least, and the entire population, if required, will be driven from lands which were promised Israel and the Jews under the San Remo Conference, Treaty of Severs and the British Crown. Israel will take the lands to the Jordan River and that will be the end of the entire farce the world has been perpetrating with the intent to drive Israel into the ground. Israel and the Jews are home again and we are not leaving no matter what the world may try. The Arabs will not drive us from our homelands and neither will the European Union. We do not want anything more than what was promised and the world knows exactly what was promised. They may lie and attempt to steal the land from under our feet but that is not going to happen, not now, not ever. That is the promise that every Israeli child who loves this land makes when they enlist in the IDF.


Definitive Map of Israel


The map above is the promise reached with the British Crown when they repurposed 78% of the Mandate to fulfill two promises, to give the Arab Palestinians (those two words order are interchangeable) and to give a nation to the second Hashemite son of King Faisal, Abdullah I bin al-Hussein, the first king of Jordan. They took all the land east of the Jordan River to the border of Iraq where King Abdullah I’s brother ruled as the other half of the promise. That left the remaining paltry 22% of the land for the Jewish State and this was to be considered inviolate protected by the British Crown. Well, we have now seen that the worth and weight, not to mention veracity of promises from the British Crown have become. Still, this was what was promised. We gave away Gaza but should Hamas be a part of this fight, that too can change. The only promise I would hope could be given is we will stop at these borders and if everybody else accepts that the war is done, then that will be the end and peace will come with these borders. Anything beyond them, which include all of Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights, but not Gaza on the map as we gave that away of our own accords, our own insanity of the moment while greatly pressured. And the lesson we learned should pay us dividends going forward. The result of Gaza should be fair warning. Does Israel have other problems? Yes, we have our internal difficulties, as we are a democracy and what nation does not have difficulties except, if you believe their propaganda, North Korea and Iran. Oh yes, Venezuela and Syria used to make that claim but making it today would be a ridiculous joke. In Israel the potential threats, which come from near and far with the far being the more troublesome, are simply part of everyday life and the ones from Europe and the United States State Department are some of the most feared with Iran a distant second. The Arabs in our neighborhood should remember that they have never witnessed the full brunt of what Israel today is capable of unleashing and we pray nobody ever requires such horrors from us; we prefer life even if our enemies worship death. Perhaps many do not remember Israeli history when we fought people who worshiped Ba’al which is another means of worshiping death as such belief included human sacrifice including the sacrifice of infants. We fought such back in the beginning and are amazed how little the barbarians have changed as they still sacrifice humans and even children in their craze to murder Israelis. If you listen to them, they are not targeting Israelis, they want to kill Jews which can be seen in their own words in videos captured and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, Middle East Media Research Institute and Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. For the record, should Israel receive her due and have the Jordan River and Golan Heights as her eastern border and peace finally achieved, that would be an extremely happy ending and then we could write about just Israel’s internal needs instead of watching the world so closely. We can wish and hope but Hashem will provide what we need when we need, and that is happiness too.


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