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January 25, 2007

Iranian Discord

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Over the last few weeks’ articles have been wistfully and wishfully interpreting signs of disfavor towards President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This diversionary fantasy began when those favored by President Ahmadinejad did not fare well in local and council elections. This view has been buttressed by news of apparent squabbling and disagreement between President Ahmadinejad and a few “conservatives”, some “moderates”, and a number of “reformers” over the confrontational front he has had with the West over their nuclear program. This, we are informed by those who “know”, is a sign that Iran is about to crack, give in, capitulate over their “presumed” drive towards nuclear weapons. If only this were true. But if this is not evidence of a split in ideas and ideals, then what are we to make of this tempest in an Iranian teapot?

My view on this episode of play-acting is much the same as my reaction in my article from December 22 titled Iran Elects Moderates, So What! My reaction then and my reaction now is that this is all a grand show for the benefit of those in the West desperately seeking any sign that Iran is weakening in their resolve to fully develop their nuclear potential. This entire scenario has been designed to give different people in the Iranian power structure the plausible deniability if things start to turn badly for Iran on the international stage. By erecting this divide they are supplying those who seek talks at any price to avoid actually taking action the ammunition to prove to the willing that there are reasonable people through whom we can still make a deal. Does anybody who is not delusional really believe that Ayatollah Khamenei is a moderating voice of reason? I realize that the Iranians must think some such people exist or they would not have released the story of his refusing to meet with President Ahmadinejad.

I find it sad that so many find taking meaningful action so abhorrent that they are willing to grasp at any mirage to continue fruitless talks that play into Iran’s wishes. We have a feint by Iran to give the West a premise for further talks to produce a diplomatic solution so as to avoid the possibility of any meaningful action before they complete their nuclear goals. Iran is giving the world a lesson on how to buy time against a divided and fractured West. They are aware that any sign of hope sends most of Europe and many in the United States rushing to talk and talk and talk while holding off those who correctly feel that all the talking should be fini.

Our duty is to finally refuse those of the “we can talk this problem out” crowd that they’ve had close to four years to find a solution and now the realists are going to take over even if that means taking actual steps to curb Iran’s nuclear dreams. Every piece of evidence points to the fact that Iran will soon achieve their nuclear dreams. Once that occurs, then taking action just entered a whole new realm of consequences. This is one of those times that the old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine” is so very applicable. We must awaken everyone to the charades being played for our harm disguised as our benefit. The time has come to confront the demons and break their spells spun to project illusionary harmlessness while their diabolic plans and visions are brought to fruition. If we fail to act in time then a nuclear-armed Iran will exact a high toll to undo the evil endless talks produced. The price of waiting too long must be a crucial element of every action, reaction and decision that we now choose vis-à-vis Iran. Let us hope that people of such wisdom will soon take control of these perilous times and that they are heeded rather than scorned.

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