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February 16, 2007

Terror Attack at Trolley Square Mall, Utah

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The first reports I heard yesterday on this tragedy in Utah at the Trolley Square Mall reported that the teenage “Bosnian refugee” walked through the Trolley Square Mall silently with no expression shooting people at random. They further reported that there seemed to be no motive other than to kill as many people as he was able. He was reported to have a shotgon and a 38 calibre pistol with a backpack with additional shells (presumably for the shotgun). There was no mention of this possibly being a terror attack. One report went as far as to say it was definitely not terror related.

Well, guess what? This is another of those oft told lies we are fed to mask the full extent of the terror happening right here in the good old U S of A. Thanks to KUTV Channel 2 in Salt Lake City we have the raw footage they shot at the Trolley Square Mall during the violence. When listening to the video you can distinctly hear the “Bosnian refugee” shouting “Allah Akbar” at least twice. This comes near the middle of the video.

I had predicted that once terror attacks began to be perpetrated against our population in Malls, Schools, and other public gatherings that then real action would be taken. You can read my article Jihad and the American Future. I sometimes, well, actually usually, give the bureaucrats credit for at least understanding what would most rile the American Public. Since they wish to appear that the Government is doing a great job protecting us from terror here at home, it becomes necessary to paint over the truth when an actual terror incident occurs. This is why this event will be shuffled as quickly as possible into the dustbin of history with the hope that nobody will look beyond the superficial coverage this event received. Do not expect any in depth coverage or well-worded angry editorial comments on the Trolley Square Mall terror attack.

Take note of this coverup and start to look further into news events that just simply do not make sense as seemingly something is missing in the coverage. We cannot rely on others to protect and inform us, we must do this for ourselves.

Beyond the Cusp

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