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February 22, 2007

Exploding Poverty Creates Terrorists Myth

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We have all heard the claim that the root causes of terrorism are poverty and lack of a decent education. This claim is always followed by an equally powerful myth. From this it is claimed we cause terrorism because we do not support the United Nations and other organizations in the effort to eradicate poverty. It is also added that we are at fault as we have been irresponsible in our support to enable improvements in education worldwide. Of course this is due to our greed, which comes from our capitalistic society. Terrorism exists because we do not care enough by giving ever-greater amounts of aid to address poverty, hunger, education, health care and other presumed matters of consequence. Of course the logical conclusion is that until we release everybody on the planet from hardship and want then we will continue to be despised which then results in terrorism.

Unfortunately for those who wish to take our wealth and distribute it worldwide to equalize wealth and opportunity, this would not address the root causes of terror. We could spend ourselves into oblivion and terrorism would not be affected. Neither would this lead to gaining the United States the respect or recognition as is claimed. People and governments throughout the world would still find fault and declare we had missed the mark. Demands on the United States by the rest of the world will never be met and our efforts will seldom produce lasting recognition. This is especially true in the Middle East.

Now to get to the meat of the matter. A recent Gallup Poll of 10,000 Muslims in ten predominantly Muslim countries produced some very interesting, almost startling results. The Gallup Poll found that the radical terrorist supporting and/or participants were those Muslims who were better off financially and had better education, many with college degrees they received studying in Europe or the United States. These findings should silence the poverty produces terrorism people. Unfortunately this will not be the case. For reference on this poll here are a couple of articles on the results; the Times Online and,

Also found in this poll was that the feelings towards the United States are worsening among many people in the Middle East. This trend is found to be evident even from many of our “friends” such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Surprisingly the Iranians have a more favorable opinion of the United States. Now that the poverty as a root cause of terror myth has been exposed, perhaps we can approach the war to end terrorism with a new plan that targets the true source of terror, the well educated, wealthy minds who plan and plot from behind the everyday carnage.

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