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March 14, 2007

Mankind Responsible for Global Warming on Mars

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The data can no longer be ignored, Mars is getting warmer. There is evidence that the ice sheet of frozen carbon dioxide at the southern pole is melting. American satellites that orbit Mars gathering crucial data have measured this trend. The evidence of this warming has coincided with the introduction of human made rovers and scientific equipment that must be taken into account just as human produced machinery has lead to global warming here on Earth. No data exists showing any measurable warming on Mars until the arrival of our probes and satellites that are the obvious cause of this tragic change in the Martian ecosphere.

Some scientists have attempted to highjack the case for Martian global warming insisting it is due to the wobble of Mars in its orbit and higher output and solar activity from our Sun. This fraudulent hypothesis is no more relevant to the warming of Mars than it has as a contributing affect on the environment on Earth. Responsible scientists have taken up defending man-made global warming on Mars against these preposterous theories attempting to shift blame for global warming on both Mars and Earth to other than mankind’s production of greenhouse gasses. We must maintain the responsible and accepted source for global warming here on Earth, and also on Mars, which has little or nothing to do with orbits, planetary wobble, or solar activity but is largely, almost singularly caused by mankind and our disregard for both planets’ ecosystems.

We must insist that mankind not ruin the nearly pristine conditions on Mars by exporting our greenhouse gas spewing rovers and robots. We have allowed the destruction of Earth pushing us to the brink of ruin and destruction by our selfish relations with technology. We must start now to prevent allowing mankind to introduce the same destructive sources upon Mars. We must demand that the Mars rovers must be shut down before their greenhouse gas emissions commit more rape and destruction of the Mars landscape. We owe this to our children to leave them a pristine Mars rather than an ecologically destroyed Mars.

What? The Mars rovers and probes are solar powered and have no emissions? Then what is it that could cause the warming measured on Mars? There has to be something mankind has done to cause this damage. We know from all our models for Earth that there would be no warming if it were not for mankind. We must look into this further and discover exactly what mankind has done to cause warming on Mars. After all, if mankind is not responsible, then how can there exist global warming on Mars? This can be so confusing, Earth is warming due to mankind but Mars is warming without any assist from mankind. Perhaps we need to do some more research until we can reconcile these contradictions.

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