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April 12, 2007

Princess Pelosi’s Grand Tour

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to the Middle East has ruffled the feathers of many who lean to the right politically as well as the White House. Actually, judging from the scathing editorial on-line from The Washington Post, she has stepped on more toes than those on the right. The problem with much of the outrage is it has ignored similar trips by other politicos. Stenny Hoyer took a trip to Egypt, not nearly as poor a choice as Pelosi’s trip to Syria, and a number of others to include Arlen Specter, Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, have also met with Syrian officials.

If it is wrong for one party to have members from Congress make official visits to Syria, then it is wrong for either party to do such. We need to have one set of rules that apply universally to all or all that is accomplished is name-calling and partisan bickering. It is not only bad policy for anybody outside of the Administration to attempt to negotiate or make policy statements, but illegal under the Logan Act. Perhaps the solution to this problem is the same as it is to all too many problems facing this country today, we need to apply the laws of the land universally and equally.

On the lighter side, I did find it rather amusing that Speaker Pelosi urged the Saudis to promote and allow more women into the halls of their government power structure. Well, I guess they could announce that in response to Speaker Pelosi’s request, the Saudi government will immediately increase the number of women in the halls of power by 10,000%. After all, 10,000% increase of zero is still zero.

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