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May 11, 2007

Electoral College? We don’t need no stinking Electoral College!

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Perhaps many of you have heard rumors of some states deciding to change the method for choosing their Electoral College Delegates. Well, it is no longer a secret, nor is it a problem in only a few states. California was one of the first to pass this legislation, which was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger. Hawaii passed the legislation and overrode governor Lingle’s veto and is pending further actions. But the first state to pass and codify the popular vote reform is Maryland. According to the law in Maryland, they will cast the State’s electoral votes for the candidate who wins the national popular vote no matter the wishes of the Maryland voters. There is a provision that this law will not be enacted until sufficient other States also pass similar legislation forming a majority of representation in the Electoral College. Below is a map of the status of this proposal in each state. For a larger version of the map click here.

Status of NPVIC related legislation acted on in 2007:
Blue passed into law (1)
Cyan passed in both houses (1)
Red passed in one house (2)
Green passed in one committee (5)
Black failed in the legislature (3)
Yellow introduced (28)
Gray no legislation pending (10 + DC)

The obvious danger of the logic behind these legislative actions is the invalidating of the voters of each individual state. It also weakens, actually kills, the protection the current Electoral College bestows upon the smaller States. Going down this road we walk away from being a Republic towards the mob rule of a Pure Democracy. But there is an even more sinister possibility that may come from this legislation. Once this is passed and enacted, providing it survives judicial review, it would be but a small step to alter the criteria such that the political hierarchy of these States would be able to select a President independent of the result of the vote and the will of the people. This is the first step to a possible fascist takeover of the United States. This is the thing I fear most.

Beyond the Cusp

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