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May 30, 2007

Borders, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Borders

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We have all heard that the new version of the 1986 Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill is not at all amnesty. Those who are chanting this Pied Piper tune must count on us all having very short memories. They touted the strong border enforcement and strict penalties for employers when they sold us almost the exact same bill back in 1986. For some unknown reason after the amnesty part had been accomplished everything else sort of fell off the cart never to be realized. Sure there were some enforcement raids and big border busts leading up to the vote, but afterwards there was absolute silence and action to match. This bill is so similar that Senator Kennedy barely had to change his floor speech outside of changing the year.

We were lied to back then and we are being lied to today. Remember the 700-mile border fence that was authorized without the funds set aside and all not quite ready to build? Guess how much has been built? The answer is less than 25 miles. They have set aside funding that is said to be for the border fence. Unfortunately they only set aside sufficient funds for around 350 miles or half the fence. Further, in the funding allocation are numerous conditions where the monies for the fence can be diverted to other needs and projects at the department’s discretion. They are now saying that much of the fence will be an electronic virtual fence. We already have sensors along the border and we have seen how wonderfully those have been utilized.

Where many borders are but a line on maps, the border with Mexico is largely defined by the Rio Grande. One would think this natural barrier would work in our favor when it came to protecting our border. This would be true if our efforts were to truly to enforce our border. Obviously, protecting our border is not much of a priority. Here we can equally blame both the Republican and Democrat Parties. Both are siding with their business supporters and probably both imagine they are importing votes in future elections. Where both of these excuses for not protecting our border are an insult to those who enter the country legally, the fishing for sympathetic voters out of the throngs of illegal immigrants being legalized is also a danger as it lessens the power of each and every voter in every state, more so in border states.

Where it does appear that the political machines in both parties have gathered enough votes to pass this travesty, we must still do what we can to try and influence our Congress and Senators to defeat this legislation. We, as a united people, need to insist that the government first secure the border and forget this comprehensive garbage they pushing on us. We must iterate how we feel. It is imperative to establish deterrence at our borders and instill that as a culture in border enforcement before we will countenance any form of path to citizenship for those already here. We also need to ensure that any path to citizenship for those here illegally has sufficient controls and structure such that we weed out those who may be considered a bad element. The current bill that requires a one-day end of business turn around for issuance of the “Z-Visa” is not acceptable. There will be no possible way a proper check can be run in that time period when we consider the number of applicants that are likely to apply. The government already requires a background check to purchase many firearms and allows seven days to complete said check but we are to expect a similar check for legal immigrant “Z Visas” in what will often be merely hours? Something here does not pass the smell test.

In these days of real terror threats our borders being secure is more than an economic interest, it is literally a matter of life and death. We recently had such exhibited by the fact that half of the Fort Dix Six group had entered the country through the Mexico border illegally. One can only imagine how many other terrorists, or potential terrorists, have already availed themselves of our porous borders. The closure and security of our borders is a far more important issue today than it was in 1986. It has become imperative that we secure our borders, both north and south, as we now have a life and death reason to know exactly who is entering our country. Please let us hope we do not learn this lesson the hard way. The cost of waiting will be far too dear to pay.

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  1. Here’s more to make a person upset about the border security issue.Yesterday, I wrote a < HREF="" REL="nofollow" TITLE="post"><>post<><> in which I examine what would happen if the logic being applied to construction of a border fence was used in areas such as bank, home and prison security. The results are downright frightening and produce one logical conclusion: No matter how you dress it up, a pig is still a pig. In other words, any border security proposal that fails to provide 100 percent-secure coverage of both our southern and northern flanks is a non-starter from the get-go.To read the entire post, < HREF="" REL="nofollow" TITLE="BMW Border-Fence Logic Post 5-29-07"><>click here<><> and let me know if you agree.


    Comment by Bob — May 30, 2007 @ 10:28 PM | Reply

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