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July 6, 2007

The Middle East; Why Do We Even Try?

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I just finished reading this Caroline Glick’s article “Don’t Worry, Be Happy. In this article she raised a number of really good points, something I have come to expect of her, and stirred a few more thoughts for me. First I will take a look at some of what she said, though giving her article a read would not be a bad investment of time.

Quoting a MEMRI translation depicting information gleaned from the Intelligence files Hamas gained from their take-over of Gaza she noted, “Hamas is sharing the treasure trove of intelligence it captured during the course of its takeover of Gaza with Iran.” As Ms. Glick points out, Hamas sharing of the treasure trove of sensitive information that documented almost all of Fatah and other security arrangements with Iran is going to lead to the destructing of much of the work that may have been underway. So, once again we are shot back to square one with another demerit against all efforts as the worst will be released with much fanfare and amplified volume.

Caroline Glick also noted, “Israel made its first payment of $120 million to Salam Fayad’s Fatah government, Fayad announced that the money will go to paying salaries of PA employees in Gaza.” Well, so much for the feed Fatah and starve Hamas strategy. Apparently Fatah’s ties to both Gaza and Hamas are not so dire as previously advertised. I pray and hope that this will disabuse any notion that we can differentiate between Hamas and Fatah. Their complicity in this deception of a separation was simply to reestablish the flow of funding from their benefactors in the West, namely Europe, Israel, and the United States. I wrote of this sleight of hand about a month ago in The Rush of Fools Over Gaza.

Caroline Glick also covered the release of the BBC journalist Alan Johnston’s release. She also makes note of some of the latest statements coming from the Olmert government, of Al-Queda, and more. So now, please allow me to add my two cents worth.

We have been looking at undeniable proof that Iran has been supplying arms, training, intelligence, personnel, planning, and every conceivable form of support to our adversaries in both Iraq and Afghanistan. These reports and other intelligence information proves beyond any doubt that Iran still pursues carrying out operations stemming from their declaration of war against the United States from the 1980’s. We ignore this reality at our own peril and thereby place our brave and precious troops in greater danger through complicit inaction. We have also allowed America, our allies, and the United Nations to basically ignore the mandate to disarm Hezballah and have even turned a blind eye to their massive rearming by Syria by its complicity with Iran and at Iran’s directions. Why do we even try, or are we even trying?

The world is following Europe and America’s lead in funding Fatah and assuring an abundant flow of aid to Gaza. Israel has been pressured, not much was necessitated, to supply electricity, food, water, medical supplies, and numerous other items to be transported into Gaza through the checkpoints under Israeli control. Meanwhile, no pressure or even suggestion has been put forth for Egypt to allow the use of the Rafah Crossing for the aid shipments. Add to this the feigned ignorance to the interconnection between Fatah, Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezballah, Al-Queda, and even the Muslim Brotherhood in surrounding Israel for a probable all-out war at worst and multi-pronged missile offensive at best this summer. Why do we even try, or are we even trying?

Add to all this confusion the fact that here on the home front we seem to be at odds with ourselves. Half the people and their elected officials see the WOT as instrumental to our interests while the other half are fully invested in our withdrawal which is tantamount to defeat. We downplay or even ignore terrorist attacks unless we can prove an existing connection to one of our “identified and approved” list of real terror organizations. We are seemingly blind to the fact that we are not fighting a normal war but rather an ideology that inspires, demands even, independent attacks from their followers. We continue to move with our blinders snuggly in place seeing only those things that it is possible to glean political gain. Why do we even try, or are we even trying?

Thanks to the outreach and cacophony of indignation, we narrowly avoided passing legislation that would have enabled terrorists to gain entry to the United States and be granted virtual citizenship through the Z Visa Program. I do give them their due to those Senators and Legislators who opposed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill from the start. I also recognize that this abomination would have become law if not for the outpouring of indignation and virtual rage exuded by many citizens. They even tried to sneak the legislation back in for a second try but that was also brought down. Unfortunately there exist forces that are planning on sneaking the worst parts of this legislation through using backdoor methods. At least We the People recognize that the border and immigration are an integral part of the WOT and resisting and curbing the efforts of the terrorists. This time I can proudly say we are trying, but will the will of the people be sufficient?

There are a plethora of other items in other areas but I promised to try to hold this to items dealing with the Middle East. I guess that does not allow for addressing these other items such as taxes, under manning of the military, under funding the military, constantly increasing entitlements, and the other usual schemes and antics that play out in Washington. Why do we even try? Perhaps because we care and wish to preserve all that made America the America we love.

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