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July 24, 2007

Government: Theory vs Reality

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Quite often talk show hosts comment on some government program or legislation, which they profess, is not within the actual power of the particular level of governance. They will often then state what they see as the primary legitimate function of government. At the local level the talk host approved functions are usually public safety (police, fire and rescue), infrastructure, education, and sometimes health of the public (an amorphous inclusive money trap). At the Federal level they usually list Defense against foreign enemies, Defense against domestic enemies, Infrastructure, Education, Health care, and to lesser extents caring for the poor and enforcing equality between all peoples. In each list the first three to four causes are, in theory, actually honest responsibilities of government. The unfortunate part is that these are almost always relegated solely to the theory and do not make it into reality unless they meet the all-important function of government in the real world.

In the real world the main function of government is to assure the continuation of the respective agency in question or the reelection of the politicians. The base method used is to assure sufficient funding to allow the continued unrestrained growth of government regardless of whether it is appropriate or justified. So, job one of government in the real world is to gather in money by whatever means necessary. Every vote and a plethora of activities that government injects itself are used to take in monies. This is why you must receive a marriage certificate. Most of us wed under the view of G-d, not the State, but the State demands their pound of flesh, or $50, whichever is more convenient. This goes for many of the licenses demanded by government for almost any activity you can name. Traffic cameras, red light cameras and speed trap cameras, are claimed to be for the public safety but the real reason is for the infusion of money from tickets. Any gains in safety are an incidental byproduct that allows the lie of it is for our own good. Most any time government says something is for our own good you can bet it is really for taking our own money and transferring it to government. There are many other examples but I’ll leave it up to each of you to make a more complete list (also I am not paid by the word, actually I’m not paid at all for this).

The theory of governance that this nation was founded upon was that government only was allowed those powers granted by the people. Somewhere along the way we have strayed seriously from that pure path. Today government is more likely to place restrictions on your personal activities and freedoms than we are able to restrict the growth of this monster we allowed to grow out of control. John Kay of Steppenwolf introduced the song Monster on the Steppenwolf live album saying, as best as I recall, “We need change in America but there are too many good things worth saving to let it all go down the drain.” He hit the nail on the head even if the song Monster was a tad over the top; it held some solid principles within. For those who never heard the song, or those who wish to hear an oldie again, click below, oh, and I do not endorse much of the accompanying graphics. But the monster they refer to is real.

Beyond the Cusp

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