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July 25, 2007

What Happens When the Muslim World Turns?

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While most of us have our eyes focused on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, we are overlooking another major crisis that approaches like an out of control locomotive. We see a small part of this mostly ignored phenomenon when we slightly broaden our view and see Syria’s moves upon Lebanon. Many act and talk of concerns about the apparent strengthening of the Iranian influence over Syria, and through Syria, Lebanon, and the Iranians making inroads into the Americas via Venezuela. Somewhat less obvious, and often doubted, are the Iranian moves to support al-Queda in Iraq, Hamas in the Gaza, and arming plus training both Shiite and Sunni groups opposing our efforts in Iraq. But what else are being left uniformed and ignorant about or are we ignoring that may cause us great harm, death, and destruction in the near term?

In order to fully focus on all the tentacles of the beast we face we need to broaden our view to include Europe, the entirety of the Americas, with emphasis on Mexico and Canada on our borders, most of Southern Asia, and many of the South West Pacific Islands including Australia and the Philippines. We also need to expand our vision of the roots of these threats beyond Iran and Saudi Arabia. We need to also look at the Tri Border area in South America, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan and any other Muslim country currently having internal violence between their ruling class and the Islamists. Finally we must look to Europe, including the United Kingdom, the Balkans, Russia’s southern border states, and the western region of China, all places where Islamic forces are flexing their muscles fomenting dissent with different levels of success and in multiple stages of development.

If this sounds like an exaggeration of what we are facing, I understand your reluctance to accept this. I too sometimes am overwhelmed by the scope of the problems. Depending on where in Europe we look the root country that trains and sends Jihadists changes but is usually one of their former colonies. For Britain it is Pakistan, for France it is Algeria and Syria, for Spain it is Morocco, but all of them also have paths that often travel through Kosovo or Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Balkans. Much of these paths for and terror training points are well documented and we are told they are under surveillance. I sure hope this is true and not just said to calm the suspicions and fears of the general public. As we have seen in Spain, France, and others, caving in to the Islamic terror demands does not exempt one from their wrath. The terrorists have only one aim, to establish a new Caliphate that encompasses the world. The struggle between the United States and her remaining allies and the Islamist threat only has two possible endings; either the total victory over the Islamist expansion or a world Caliphate with Sharia Law being the only law over the world. Do not kid yourself and think there is any other alternative as we were not the ones who began this conflict, and as such, we are not the ones who are to define the terms. The Islamists have been fighting this war since nearly forever. The last great hope for a world Caliphate was the Ottoman-Turkish Empire. We are now once again in a period where Islamic forces are once again looking to expand and unite the world under their idea of Utopia. We either fight to permanently stop this dream, actually nightmare for those of us who treasure freedom, or face it to raise its head again in the future.

Right now we need to watch carefully events in Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, and Egypt. In Lebanon the double-barrel threat have Syria and Hezballah vying for preeminence where either will set up Islamic rule over Lebanon. This would make Lebanon another free zone for the terrorists. In Pakistan we have been looking at a game of Russian Roulette where President Pervez Musharraf has dodged bullets, literally, from a number of assassination attempts. The chance of a Pakistani Civil War has become more of a possibility with every passing day. Pakistan is probably a half-dozen people away from becoming a second Iran with the exception that Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. In Turkey the Islamist supporting Justice and Development (AK) Party has shown gains in each election cycle. Many suspect that the Islamists may gain enough support to become the undisputed ruling party. If they should move to enforce Sharia Law upon Turkey, it will then depend on whether or not the military has sufficient support to step in to disolve the government and return secular rule as allowed by the Turkish Constitution. In Egypt there is a similar situation where the Muslim Brotherhood, under aliases, has made gains in recent elections and are weilding more strength with each victory. The Muslim Brotherhood is keeping a lower profile as if awaiting some turning event. That event might be the death of President Hosny Mubarak where the chance of preventing Mubarak’s son, Gamal Mubarak, being allowed to rise to replace his father as this would be easier than overthrowing Mubarak. The first election after the passing of Hosny Mubarak should be very revealing.

Add to all these troubling possibilities, we also need to monitor the struggles in Northern Africa where many countries with sizeable Muslim populations are facing internal confrontations for supremacy. There is also a coming problem of the same style but a differing magnitude in a number of European countries. All these potential and contentious situations could lead to a situation even more dire than our current state. The best hope for retaining our freedom with the least amount of violence and destruction is to inform people now and face these threats before they can fully develop. Postponing any reaction to these threats will only serve to undermine and weaken our position and possibilities to emerge victorious. Time will tell; but time is fast becoming of the essence.

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