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August 10, 2007

We’ve Lost That 9/12 Feeling

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Here’s an experiment you can try yourself. One week ask your friends, fellow workers, and others, “What were your feelings on 9/11?” Then a week or so later ask the same people, “What were your feelings on 9/12?” On the first you will probably get a range of answers from numb, shocked, heart broken, sorrow, full of rage, anger, confusion, disbelief, vengeance, and other of this ilk. On the latter you will get many blank looks with a few scattered defensive, patriotic, or other answers similar to the 9/11 ones. The majority I have found gave a truly puzzled look as if they had no idea what I was referring to. The problem attached to these differing range of responses shows we need to reattach ourselves to those 9/12 feelings, to assure we do not suffer another 9/11 type attack or even worse. When many of us woke on 9/12/2001 we felt a kinship and responsibility to each other, a unity of purpose in mutual defense against those who had disturbed our lives in so many ways and sent nearly three thousand of our fellow Americans to an early grave, leaving many, many thousands of family and friends whose lives were shattered just the day before completely devastated.

We have lost sight of the unity of purpose and allowed ourselves to slide back into complacency that will leave us once again susceptible to further attacks. We have lapsed from our heightened awareness to our normal autopilot that guides us through our daily lives. We have lost the close camaraderie we felt, even for strangers, a feeling that we all had the same concerns and a unity of purpose. Some will blame President Bush for chasing a war in Iraq against Saddam Hussein when our real enemies were in Afghanistan. Some will blame the Democrats for discounting unity for partisan political gains. Still others will blame the comfort of our lives and the lack of a call for sacrifice to keep us united allowing our return to our own little worlds. The one constant in all these excuses is that each group blames the others and taking no responsibility themselves. Well, I have news for all of us; we ourselves are to blame for the loss of unity. We allowed so many distractions to come between ourselves and what should still be a unified front against the most urgent threat we all currently face.

Every group, person, political party, or alliance lays the blame for our disunity on that always favored enemy, others. Perhaps we should, along with our affiliations, take a long hard look as to what we have done or not done to sustain our national unity. If we spent the energy that is used to expound blame onto others and instead find common cause to face the potential threat of hostility from terrorists world-wide. We need to find a unified compromise that was inclusive rather than divisive. In this time of threat and uncertainty we need to unite and fight the needed fight externally, not scratch and fight internally for petty advantages. If we cannot find the means to forge a united front on our own we risk only finding this needed unity after another terrible loss of life. We have all heard the threat of an American Hiroshima. Even if this type of devastating terrorist act may be beyond the ability of al-Queda, there are many lesser but equally devastating potential attacks with commensurate loss of lives, property, and collateral damage that are within their ability. We also need to remember that before 9/11 that Hezballah had murdered more Americans than any other terrorist organization with the PLO terrorists coming in next. Both Hezballah and the PLO (now called Fatah which is supposed to give them a friendlier face) have groups and organizations supporting them within our borders. We also need to add Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others to some extent to this list. Any of these terror franchises alone or in collaboration could execute a serious terror attack upon the United States. This is why unity of our home-front is so vitally important.

One trend I have noted over the last year or so has me worried that we are facing a very treacherous future if we do not get our act together. We have had the usual Shiite and Sunni divide closing and many terror groups whom would never have cooperated in the past now pooling their resources, assets, funding sources, and other necessities that increase their potential for death and destruction. We have seen Shiite Iran and Sunni al-Queda unite against us in Iraq. We have seen secular Palestinian Authority and the radically Islamic Hezballah coordinate attacks on Israel. We have seen, despite the little show being perpetrated to gain funding and weapons from the West, the ultra-religious Hamas ally with the secularist Fatah in common cause. Lately secular Turkey has made overtures for closer relations with the radical Islamists of Iran. Even Saudi Arabia has taken a behind the scenes softer approach to some degree of cooperation with Iran. The supposedly secular government of Pakistan has negotiated a mutual hands off policy with their more radical and violent tribes who are sheltering both the Taliban and al-Queda. Almost anywhere one looks in the Islamic world they find that the usual bitterness and rivalries between differing sects, tribes, politics, or even the religious-secular divide being closed in the name of furthering Islam. Make no mistake; we are currently seeing moves towards solidarity of Islam in their designs to have the world under the rule of Sharia Law.

We are entering some dangerous times and we need to act responsibly and with unity. Our Islamic enemies are playing for keeps and we cannot afford to do any less. What is even more troubling is that in many instances we can see the backing of our Islamic enemies by both Russia and China. Russia and China are going to use this situation to further their own interests and ambitions, much of which is aimed at weakening the West in general and the United States in particular. We are also very likely to see the current aid we are giving to Egypt and Saudi Arabia being used against us in the future just as al-Queda was formed by the same Mujahideen we funded and armed in the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. We have already seen Fatah appropriating millions of dollars in aid given them recently to pay the salaries of Hamas security forces, read terrorists, for an entire year. We need to recognize that we have no Islamic allies in this war, only Islamic countries that are not yet attacking us. As they are uniting against the United States, the United States had better unite against this threat. We are facing a coming conflagration that our continuing disunity will only magnify the potential for the destruction, death, and devastation we will suffer. So, what were your feelings on 9/12?

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