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August 18, 2007

How to Humiliate a Muslim

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Reading this article from Arutz Sheva I quickly came to the conclusion that it would be really easy to humiliate a Muslim. Apparently all it takes is for any non-Muslim (read infidel or kafir) to question or disagree with a Muslim for the Muslim to take offence. The reasoning being that as a follower of Islam one is superior in all possible ways to one who follows another religion or no religion. From these assumptions it is a short step to finding displeasure in having to tolerate those who are inferior in all things simply due to their wrongful choice of belief when they followed anything other than Allah and Islam. From this point the mere fact that these subordinate peoples of false faith may not presume to challenge the thoughts and correctness of the exalted followers of Allah and Islam. Thus any kafir who challenges a member of Islam or the Koran or Islam itself is attempting to humiliate all of Islam and thus every Muslim. Hopefully this may explain some of the illogical actions and protestations often heard when CAIR spokesmen are interviewed on the news shows.

After reading the article I realized that in many ways I had been insensitive towards my Muslim fellows. My disregard for their culture that holds me in such disregard and low esteem has been rampant. I had been treating them with the same respect I show anybody else. What a fool I have been not to recognize their innate superiority. I really hope that any Muslim I have offended by looking them straight in the eye will find it in their heart of hearts to forgive me, even though I am a lowly kafir not deserving of such respect. Now that I have been enlightened and realize the extreme nature of Muslim sensitivity I shall need to adapt my lifestyle to honor their insistence of superiority in all things. I pray this does not prove to be too difficult.

Giving this realization the serious thought it requires I believe I may have found what may be the best route to avoid ever insulting another Muslim by my impertinence. From this point forth I shall simply never instigate conversation with a Muslim so as to spare them the ranting of a lowly kafir. I will plan any trip I take to avoid passing within a fair distance of any mosque or known residence of a follower of Islam, I would not wish to contaminate their air. I may even have to never again shop at the Mall or the grocery store as they also frequent these places and their presence makes these places simply too holy for this infidel to tread. But then again, maybe I’m over-reacting. Perhaps if they no longer wish to be humiliated by the mores of our way of life in America they should leave. Why should I make all these changes to accommodate them?

Perhaps they should grow up and find a way to accommodate our little custom of equality of all persons. This is America where we took the disadvantaged peoples from all corners of the globe and built the greatest societal power in history based uniquely on equality for all and the precept of earned respect over presumed respect. We do not suffer fools and pretenders well and if you come to America expecting to be accommodated by being placed in higher esteem due to your religion, well think again. If our not kowtowing to your whims humiliates you then you have two choices, get used to it or pack up and leave, you will not be missed.

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