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September 18, 2007

Iraq: The Jihadist Bug Zapper Theory

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I have long held a very simple theory towards the American and her ally’s efforts in Iraq. When many were clamoring for the total closure of Iraq’s borders, I stated why stop a good plan? Many a strained and weird expression was thrown my way, but I tallied that up to the lack of understanding of my theory. At times, there were calls for large offensives to vanquish al-Queda strongholds. I supported these to some extent but also held out that we could wait for them to come to us. So, what was, and still is, this great uber-theory I purported to have?

Well, it is a really easy theory that is almost brilliant in it’s simplicity. I had reasoned that for al-Queda and their allies to win in Iraq they needed to make our forces seem inept. The only way this could be accomplished would be to engage and defeat our troops at some point. This is where the theory comes in to play. It is modeled after those bug-zappers that make late August patio parties possible. They are these cylindrical units with UV lamps in the center surrounded by highly charges electrical plates. The insects are drawn to the lights and you hear that soothing sound, the ZZZzzzzzztt. Each and every ZZZzzzzzztt indicates another bug has been zapped. I figured our troops could play the part of Jihadists zappers. Each ZZZzzzzzztt, or more accurately BRAaaatt of a machine gun, meant a few more zapped Jihadists. From what we have witnessed to this point, this has been a very successful policy. Then again, what do I know?

Think what you wish, that I’m either insane, crazy, or inspired. It makes no matter but this theory does put a different light on much of our efforts to pick the time and place of our most concentrated efforts. In each case, you will find that by hook or by crook the Jihadists had become concentrated in that area making them prime targets for our Jihadist zappers. This could not have been by accident. I am sure our Generals have far more complex and intelligent sounding names for these operations. That is fine by me but I still prefer to refer to them all as our Jihadist Bug Zappers. ZZZzzzzzztt; we got another one.

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