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January 25, 2008

Eco-Friendly or Economy-Friendly

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We seem to be facing a choice between Eco-friendly and Economy-friendly, but not both. There does exist some people who will claim that we can do both with the available technology available. Often this claim is given a caveat that for this to be possible, we would need to make some alterations and modifications to our current lifestyle. There is a trend to not give specifics on exactly what alterations and modifications would be necessitated. When the cat is let out of the bag, we find that these changes include no more gas or diesel powered vehicles, an initial drop, probably fairly significant, in electrical uses, restructuring living quarters with an emphasis on multi-family dwellings (apartments) placed within walking distance of one’s employment, and other such energy efficient alterations. For the rest of the article we will check out the more realistic people who admit that, for now, this is an either or choice.

Those who are honest enough to admit that presently Eco-friendly and Economy-friendly are mutually exclusive fall into two groups. The Eco-friendly group purports that, despite any inconveniences or financial difficulties, we need to implement Eco-friendly immediately no matter what the burden and cost on the Economy-friendly side. I have always suspected that these people live on campus where they attend school or are professors, have a bicycle that probably is worth more than my two decade old Bronco II, and would not be called upon to make any drastic, life changing adjustments to see this come to pass. The rest stand on the side of Economy-friendly side of the equation believes that destroying a good size chunk of our economy is madness. Most of these people are homeowners and are raising families. Their fear comes from the fact that most are already living with a precarious balance in their budgets and suspect that an economic downturn coinciding with higher fuel, electric, food, and prices in general would cause severe hardship for their families. The further idea of giving up their suburban lifestyle and being herded into an Eco-friendly condominium is something they would really rather avoid.

So, what could possibly be a solution to this dilemma? I have lived over half a century and can remember vividly some of the pollution and other eco-disasters from the late 1960’s and through the 1970’s. I have seen the pictures on the news of Los Angeles taken from the hillside near the famous Hollywood sign where only the tops of the taller buildings were visible as they rose above the smog. I was living in Cleveland in 1969 when the Cuyahoga River caught fire. I also remember vividly the less than pleasant aroma whenever the wind was out of the north and Lake Erie’s stench wafted over the city and surrounding areas. In the late 1970’s, I had a job driving an airport shuttle from Ft. Collins to Denver’s Stapleton International Airport and seeing an orange brown bowl shaped haze where Denver was supposed to be. For those young folk who missed these wonderful and colorful stories growing up, ask you parents or older fellow employees and I am sure they will have a tale or two to tell. The point is to demonstrate how much progress has occurred in the last fourty to fifty years without disturbing the growth of our economy.

So, what is the solution as I see it? I feel we should trust in the advances being made in technology, in particular clean energy technology and give tax incentives to reward those companies and individuals who contribute to advancing a cleaner enviroment. Using this approach, advancing a cleaner Eco-friendly America will also go hand in hand with an Economy-friendly America. We can allow these new clean technologies to grow side by side with the rest of our economy and allow incentives for companies and individuals to invest in the application of these Eco-friendly technological advances. What is required now is what has been required since the enviroment became a cause celebra, patience and the proper rewards to work for a more Eco-friendly enviroment through Economic-friendly methods. Insisting on taking giant leaps now when they would be catastrophic to our economy would be self-defeating in the long run. By having patience we will reap the rewards of a cleaner enviroment through economically expedient advances, and that will make the efforts more comfortable for all and less destructive to our way of life.

Beyond the Cusp

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