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February 12, 2008

Can I Vote “None of the Above”?

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Well, the Republican nomination is all over except for the hand wringing and crying. The Democrat nomination is also over, even if many do not yet realize, to soon be followed by screaming and blame pointing. So, it looks like the two major candidates will be John McCain and Barak Obama. This was the only set of choices that would allow me to stand the stench and soul stains to vote for McCain. It is a case of taking the slow boat to oblivion and the rocket trip to total ruin; I’m picking to go at a leisurely pace.

I really wish we would modify our election procedures where we require that a candidate attain over 50% of the popular vote, even if that candidate loses in the Electoral College. I also want to have “None of the Above” as a legal alternative just in case we are left with choices like we are this year. Further, if “None of the Above” should exceed 35% we should give the parties 30 days requiring that they present different candidates. We should repeat this until a candidate acceptable to the voting public is placed on the ballot. Looking at the choices we have had forced upon us have really been lacking in quality or even general appeal in many elections, not only the Presidency.

Both of these present major candidates have some severe shortfalls. I’ll start with Mr. McCain. We know exactly what the Straight Talk Express leader will say at any of his campaign stops. It will be to back finishing the wars we started as well as pandering to whatever special interest his audience holds dear. He is not quite as bad as many others who chase after votes to gain office, but he still does play this game of twister, as do many other candidates. John McCain also suffers from a degree of temper tantrums, sometimes making him appear out of control. This presents some degree of apprehension in many of the public. Nobody wishes to have an unstable person within reach of “The Button” in the Oval Office. I believe that a McCain administration success will depend upon whom he chooses for his Cabinet and close advisers. I would love for him to place John Bolton in as secretary of state as he is the only person in my opinion who stands a chance of cleaning out the cesspool and begin to have the State Department actually become capable of doing their job and supporting America. The hope with McCain rests with his choices of those who will advise him more than some other choices that were not successful.

Barak Obama, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to pin down. Much of his campaign rhetoric consists of platitudes for change, generalities of hope, and a well laid out speech that slowly swells and ends in a roaring crescendo. His style is electric and many respond to his delivery and emotion without ever considering its content, or lack of content. He does have a few points on which he is consistent. These include an immediate and rapid withdrawal of our presence in Iraq regardless of consequences, an increase in taxes to fund grand ideas, universal healthcare, free schooling through college, and healing America by bringing us all together, though he does not explain how this is to be accomplished. He has repeatedly spoken of making a one America where we will agree and sing Kumbaya together healing all our wounds and differences. Needless to say, this is an impossibility that simply sounds great when standing on the stump speaking in generalities. He has made a few foreign policy statements, most of which I find abhorrent and troubling. Of course, they include an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Some others consist of implementing universal healthcare, talking with Iran where his personality would sway them to reason, holding a summit with all the Muslim leaders to reach an accord, also succeeding due to his shining personality, and also stating the possibility of sending troops into Pakistan to apprehend “high value targets” without informing the Pakistani leaders which is actually an act of war. Much of these positions can be attributed to naiveté, which might be resolved when he is presented with more information in his initial briefings upon taking office. I’m not sure I want to trust that this would change his bravado.

If the election on November 4, 2008 is between Obama and McCain, I see that on January 20, 2009 we will induct Barak Obama to the Presidency. I have my reservations that after his inauguration we will witness an immediate unifying of all Americans coming together as one. The partisan divide is not going to miraculously melt away before Barak Obama’s personality, no matter how strong his appeal. I wish there were a candidate that could reunify all of America, but I seriously doubt that such a person will be the most liberal Senator in Washington D. C. I equally doubt that it could be McCain, even when considering his reaching across the aisle or his self-styled moniker as a maverick. I doubt such a person currently exists within political America.

This may or may not be the most important election in American history, but it will be very important for the foreseeable future. No matter who is elected to the Presidency this November, my prayer is that the United States will be the United States that is recognizable come the 2012 Presidential election. There are so many pressing and important issues and threats facing America and the world that mistakes in the near future could have ramifications beyond our imaginations. I pray for the best, but I unfortunately feel I need to prepare for the worst as it may soon be coming, and not just to the United States but to much of our little blue marble. The fractures on all levels of the world society are grave and deep. To heal them will take a man inspired which just may be Barak Obama; I just want a better-known quantity leading our country into the future.

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