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November 13, 2008

The Bailout and Fascism

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There are numerous problems with the government bailout. One is the fact that it is spreading like a virus throughout our economic landscape. It was initially supposed to be limited to those financial institutions that were failing due to the mortgage crisis. From there it spread to include insurance companies and investment companies. Then came the need to bailout Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are government subsidized semi-private enterprises to begin with. The ever-spreading virus called the bailout is now considering being applied to the three major car companies. I would not be surprised that if retail sales should falter this Christmas shopping season for the bailout to be applied to the cash strapped retail stores, except for Wal Mart, of course. While the government is giving away the store, maybe they should also bailout hospitals and other health care industries, and McDonalds and other fast food restaurants and anything else the mind can imagine. But the ever broadening of the bail out leading to every climbing price to the package is only one part of the problem.

Another problem is from where the monies for the cash hog bailout are coming from. Yep, it is supposedly coming from your and my taxes. Considering the eventual multi-multi-trillion dollar price tag, it will also be taken from our children and grandchildren and on forth through probably five or more generations. Another tool being used to pay for this bailout is simply to print tons and tons of more money, which is a root, cause for inflation, which devalues every dollar in circulation. This will make every single savings and retirement account worth less and less the more money they print. So we are not only going to take more money out of our pockets to cover some of the bailout, the money the government is gracious enough to leave us will be devalued, possibly drastically. This double whammy will be felt for decades with the possibility of getting worse and worse for the foreseeable future.

These listed problems and most of the other perceived problems of this bailout are problems we can live with, except one. The money we are supposedly giving to these companies to keep them solvent and maintain economic stability is not being given as a grant, or as a loan, or as a gift. The government is using the bailout as an excuse to buy stock and other interests in these companies. This will, in time, give the Federal Government a say in how these companies are run, what they produce, how they produce, and how they use their funds and any potential profits in the future. There is a word for this style of government interference in the economic, financial, retail, industrial and other business ventures. It is called Fascism! This is the huge threat we all need to be concerned with as this bodes very badly for the future of Capitalism and our freedom as we continue down this path. If we check history, we see that fascism often gets its foothold, its toe in the door, during times of economic distress. This is how it happened in Italy, in Spain, and in Hitler’s Germany. So, if somebody should ask you how you feel about the bailout, tell them it scares the life out of you seeing this ominous foreboding of fascism that is casting an evil shadow over our economic and financial base in the United States. This is the reason this bailout needs to be fought and brought to an end immediately. The longer it goes on the more it will grow and the further we will pass into a fascist system. This scares me silly and it should do the same to you.

Beyond the Cusp

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