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January 23, 2009

So Much to Rant About; So Little Time

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With an inauguration of a new President and a change of parties in the White House is enough to make for a full plate. But, believe it or not, other news has continued to happen, How insensitive of it not to take a break for the coronation, oops, I mean inauguration. First things first, a look at the new direction of change and hope just sworn into office, then some of the other news.

Within the first few days, we have begun to see the change President Obama promised, but not everybody shares the hope also promised. Guantamino will supposedly be closed within the year according to reports from the White House. I have a feeling that Guantamino will not only be open next January, but will still be going in January of 2011 while new places to place the worst of the worst proves close to impossible. The only way around this reality will be to place the remaining few detainees into Military run federal prisons.

President Obama has set another aim for this year, the removal of all combat units from Iraq. In some ways this move will make little difference in the long haul, as I have always believed that no matter how complete a victory we might reach, Iraq would fall to the radical Islamists from Iran within a year and a half of our combat troops leaving that theater of operations. I feel sorry and worry for the support troops, aid agencies, and other westerners who remain after our combat forces have pulled out. Life could very well become quite perilous from that point forward.

President Obama has presented his revolutionary and new plan on handling Iran and their nuclear weapons program. His original approach will be the same one that has been in effect since it became known that Iran was pursuing weapons of mass destruction, namely to talk talk talk on and forever offering the same carrots and threatening with the same sticks that have proven so useless thus far. The innovative change will be having an United States representative at the negotiating table being just as useless as the European representatives have been for the last five years plus. Iran will probably officially go nuclear within eighteen months unless something more substantial, more drastic such as a military intervention to destroy or severely damage much of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Prevention is not looking good at this time.

There are numerous other foreboding events and appointments, especially appointments, but there will be time later to discuss these. Now to cover some of the events other than the Inauguration and President Obama. A former guest of the United States at Guantamino Detention Center, Said Ali al-Shihri was named the newest leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen. Said Ali al-Shihri, is suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the United States Embassy in Yemen. He was returned to Saudi Arabia in 2007 and the rest is, as they say, history.

For those who have been with Beyond the Cusp might remember the concern about Turkey probably turning from their secular rule to one more towards more radical Islamist governance. (Read Article Turkey at the Tipping Point?) I have read numerous articles of late lamenting the apparent changes in the way the Turkish government is sliding to a more radical set of positions. This was brought forcefully to the fore by the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza to try and quiet the Hamas fired rockets from targeting southern Israelis. This still bodes for a more watchful eye, as the loss of our Turkish ally would have deep repercussions for the Caucuses and for the Ukraine and Georgia in particular. The loss of an allied Turkey would close the Bosporus Straits and with them, all access to the Black Sea. This would give Russia complete control of the Black Sea and all the oil fields within the Caucuses making Europe even more dependent upon Russia for their petroleum and natural gas.

Bill Moyers, of PBS fame, while reporting, or should I sat editorializing on the Gaza war between Israel and Hams that the Jewish people, read all Jews, were genetically predetermined to be violent and warlike. He quoted from the Bible to back up his accusations. Poor Bill has fallen into the oldest hatred, anti-Semitism, Jew hatred. You can view the broadcast below.

After this outburst of pure hatred and vindictive insensitivity against a minority, why does Mr. Moyers still have a position at a taxpayer funded PBS?

And finally, one last event from the recent past that was passed over and ignored by the mainstream press. The United Nations, a bastion of tolerance and integrity, has chosen Iran to chair the 2009 governing board of the U.N.’s flagship agency, United Nations Development Program (UNDP). This is one of the United Nations flagship agencies with a budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The proposed budget for 2009 is approximately one and a half billion dollars, up from their 2000 budget of merely one billion dollars. With Iran chairing the UNDP and the countries who control the UN Human Rights Agencies being the worst abusers, the UN peacekeepers with their sterling reputations of high moral and honest standings, and the recently revealed fact that UNRWA employs numerous people from Hamas in Gaza and lends UN equipment for Hamas use to transport weapons and terrorists and all the other sell things out of the UN, tell me again, what is the use of the United Nations? In all honesty, Israel , the United States, and all freedom loving, human rights respecting countries should walk away from the UN before it further taints thier reputations.

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