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March 14, 2010

A Letter for Prime Minister Netanyahu

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Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

First, I would like to tell you that I am pleased that you are once again Prime Minister of Israel. I also hold the memory of your brother, Yonatan, Commander of the Raid on Entebbe, bless his soul. Now on to why I write. I wish to express my concerns and a little advice from the perspective of a Jew in the United States so called Bible Belt.

We are in the midst of a manufactured crisis. Reprimands, demands, and other course correspondence were intentionally opened up to the public and the world for the expressed purpose of placing Israel in a bad position, making her to appear weak. This dust-up, along with the other questionable actions taken in full view of the world by the Obama Administration, and often President Obama himself, have all been aimed to weaken Israel’s standing in any future negotiations as well as giving impetus and support to every Palestinian demand and even inventing a few more such as the call for a total building freeze on solely Jewish settlements and expansions in the West Bank and Jerusalem. From this Administrations view, it appears that Israel can do no right and the Palestinian Authority can do no harm. This is similar to the binding situation forced upon your first Prime Ministership by the Clinton Administration that toppled your government and forced new elections. My how no matter how much change we see, some things just stay the same.

The Obama Administration has made no secret of the fact that they would rather have Kadima and Tzipi Livni as Prime Minister instead of your Administration that truly stands strong for Israel and the rights of Jews. Perhaps the time has come to refuse to bow to the US pressure and revoke Israel’s acceptance of all the various schemes to take land from Israel’s Jews to form another terror state for Islam. Revoke Oslo, the Wye River Agreements, the Road Map to Peace, the Madrid Conference and all previous negotiations and declare that Israel has some preconditions. These preconditions could include a unified Palestinian Authority speaking for Gaza and the West Bank, six months of complete peace without even a single bombing, attack, or rocket fired against Israel, the recognition that an undivided Jerusalem will be the capital of the Jewish State of Israel, and completely free and unhindered access to the Temple Mount for all faiths, especially Jews.

Israel could possibly set a time limit after which all of the West Bank would be annexed as part of Israel. I have always had severe problems with the idea that Samaria and Judea, especially Judea, are not part of the Israeli heritage. The word Jew is derived from Judah and the vast majority of Jews alive today are the ancestors of the tribe of Judah, so how can Judea not be Jewish land. It is well past time for Israel to stand tall and proudly proclaim the same rights and respect afforded any other nation. Enough with the anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist treatment. We are Jews and we are Israel’s children and we will demand our rights to our Biblical land that has been ours for over three thousand years.

Stand firm against President Obama and his insults and belittling treatment Mr. Prime Minister. Make the Palestinians prove their desire for peace. Let them make the first sacrifice, the first concession this time around the well-worn track that has become the never ending circling called the Palestinian Israeli Peace Process. Let them give some land for peace and see if the shoe being on the other foot might bring results. The current Administration may be against Israel, but rest assured that a definitive majority of Americans support a strong Israel and will stand with you Bibi. Stand firm and we will raise our voices here to express your support in America from Americans who realize the unity and importance of our friendship. Be assured you can speak from a position of strength against the Obama onslaught.

Beyond the Cusp


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