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June 20, 2010

The Hellenization of Israel and the Jews

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Starting with the Greek colonization of the Jewish homelands and lasting until the Roman destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple and the dispersing of the Hebrews throughout the Empire was a period that saw what has been called the Hellenization Period. During this time, many Hebrews, Jews, adopted the lifestyle, morals, practices and even some of the religious practices of their Greek, and later Roman, conquerors. This caused great friction between what were conceived to be traditional religious practitioners of Judaism and those who adopted the more liberal and cosmopolitan Greek influenced Judaism that I will call Judaism Lite. The slide, or more like adjustment, of Jewish practices to include much of the Greek and Roman cultures was not a difficult transition as both traditions valued wisdom, knowledge and education. Of course, there were also those pesky little differences such as paganism, unrestricted dietary laws, liberated sexuality, and what the traditional Jews called a life of sinfulness. The division in the Jewish culture was total even to the point of including many of the priesthood and rabbinate. The friction between the two groups went well beyond polite discussion and often flared to violence, which had to be put down by the authorities. It is not difficult to figure out which side the occupying forces favored, which only added to the clash of cultures.

Once again, we are witness to a new Hellenization of the Jewish people. And once again one side gets more favorable representation in the world’s media coverage of Jews in general and all things Israel in particular. At the founding of the State of Israel, the Jews were divided between the Zionists and the anti-Zionists. A clear majority of Jews were Zionists and Israel was virtually uniformly Zionist. While these two groups remained the two major sides in any debate over Israel for quite some time, a new front has slowly made their presence felt and now have taken over the mantle of Jews against the Zionists. This new faction have been labeled post-Zionist. The post-Zionists are made up of mostly liberal Jews such as those belonging to Peace Now in Israel and J-Street and J-Call in the United States and Europe respectively. Where the old fight between the Zionists and the anti-Zionists was Biblically based, the battle between the Zionists and the post-Zionists is purely political. Where the anti-Zionists claimed that the State of Israel had no standing Biblically and should not have been formed until the coming of the Messiach, the Messiah, the post-Zionists question the right of Israel to be a Jewish State as versus a multi-ethnic democracy. In some ways, it very much appears that the post-Zionists take the same positions and arguments as many of Israel’s enemies yet claim to be fighting to protect Israel.  One might question from whom they are protecting Israel, the Jews or just being too Jewish or religiously Jewish?

The post-Zionists are not actually all that unique except in the level of danger they pose to the rest of the people living in Israel. In reality, the post-Zionist movement is just another manifestation of the post-modernist movement. The similarities between the two are extensive and the differences minimal. Both groups have total contempt for all tenets of nationalism. They are pure multiculturalism, holding that no culture is superior to any other, especially the previous prevailing culture of the West. They hold the concept of borders as so totally ignorant and only applicable to those unenlightened nationalists. They place themselves above the laws of the land because they do not recognize the right of any country to enact laws. And as is clearly evident, the post-Zionists see knuckle-dragging Neanderthal Zionists like me as some subhuman class of provincial beast frozen by borders, rules, and conventional thought unable to grasp the higher cerebral functions that guide them in what would be an utopia if only people like me would get out of the way.

What makes them truly dangerous is their belief that they need not obey the laws of the land, especially those that are in their mind needlessly discriminating even if they do so only to establish better security and a safe environment for all. This is made most evident in Israel where their actions can very easily permit terror actions to take advantage of this naïveté and cause massive loss of life and real and horrific pain and suffering and injuries. But the post-Zionist would dismiss their causal actions and blame the laws for creating an atmosphere that nurtures the necessity of terror actions in the first place. In their thought it is the restrictive laws that cause the terror, and not the terror that give necessity to the restrictive laws.

While writing this article, I came across another article written in that Zionist blinded news source Arutz Sheva titled  <a href=> “Another Haaretz Reporter Under Investigation”</a> that showed a near perfect example of the machinations of a post-Zionist mind. Thank you for tolerating my rant.

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