Beyond the Cusp

October 27, 2010

Some Advice for my Few Remaining Democrat Friends

Most, if not all, of my remaining Democrat friends are old enough to remember President Kennedy. Unlike some who argue he was not that great a President, I think of him as the last true American Democrat President. When we view the basics that President Kennedy stood for, you find that three things jump off the page. First and foremost, he believed in equality for all people before government and the law. Second, he believed in keeping government, for the most part, out of people’s everyday lives. This included lower taxes to keep government out of the way of progress and economic health. Finally, he believed in a strong military, providing protection of our freedoms, so we would not ever be backed into a corner and cowed, remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. My feelings are that in many ways, as much as is possible, President Kennedy was the President Reagan of the Democrat Party. I know just putting my feelings about President Kennedy down on my blog and equating him with President Reagan will draw heaping loads criticisms, but what else is new.

Now for the bad news, today’s Democrats are not anything at all like President Kennedy. Almost everything President Kennedy stood for was murdered by President Lyndon Baines Johnson. I know many who call President Franklin Delano Roosevelt the man who destroyed America with his socialist policies. Where I agree FDR did indeed do a fair amount of damage, for me, it was LBJ who killed America’s bright future. Thanks to his policies we have lived on the edge of financial ruin ever since. Granted, since LBJ it has seemed like every Democrat President tried to double down on his programs, driving the country closer and closer to financial meltdown. And it appears that President Obama will succeed in attaining that goal. But the truth be told, President Kennedy was the last truly American Democrat President, and it was President Reagan who transformed the Republican Party into the party of less government, lower taxes, strong defense and true American values. I feel I must also give a tip of the hat to Barry Goldwater who stood first for this transformative movement within the Republican Party.

Time to make my concluding thoughts, here goes. Maybe you remember the saying back from the 1950’s and 1960’s, “If you want to live like a Republican, vote for a Democrat.” Well, today that phrase would say, “If you want lower taxes, less government and a strong, vibrant, healthy America, times have changed, the old Democrats are today’s Republicans.” Honestly, true traditional liberal values are no longer the calling card of the Democrats; the true Jeffersonian Liberals that can be found are from the Republican Party by in large. Contrary to the elite media’s deceit, the Republican Party is in the corner of the forgotten man, the everyday, work-hard, freedom-loving American.

Beyond the Cusp

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