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November 17, 2010

Obama Lays Trap for Israel

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There has been a cacophony of responses to the Obama Administration purported generous offer for Israel to extend the building freeze everywhere, possibly except Jerusalem, for an additional ninety days. This would also call for an immediate stop to all building restarted after the September 26 end to the ten-month freeze. Thus far, for reasons that should be obvious, the Israeli’s are wary of Obama bearing gifts.

The first demand to come from the members of the Israeli Cabinet is for the proposed promises to be formalized in writing. Apparently, they remember the last time they depended on the word of a Democrat President Clinton. I would warn our friends and allies in Israel that just getting the proposal on paper is not sufficient to prevent a reversal by the Obama Administration after the fact. If they are looking for a form that would make this offer inviolable, demand it be proffered in the form of a treaty, complete with Senate ratification. Anything less is simply worth the paper it is written on.

Another thing that our Israeli friends need to have the Obama Administration verify is what exactly are the conditions that need to be met for the benefits offered to become viable. The way I have seen the offer worded, it is vague whether the freeze itself activates the agreement or if there need be an actual signed, sealed, and delivered peace agreement with the Palestinians in order to meet the requirement. Should it be the latter, this entire offer is bogus as such an agreement will not be possible once the Palestinians realize that Israel would make such gains. This appears to be a cleverly worded trap to get the freeze for an empty promise that requires both the freeze and an actionable peace deal. That would make this a “No Deal!”

One of my guiding principles in life has been the phrase, “Consider the source.” I advise our Israeli friends to heed that admonition. Obama, if nothing else, has proven to deal falsely, especially with those historical friends of the United States. His actions to date have shown nothing is too great an imposition for those previously our enemies, and no insult is sufficient for those who have been our friends. President Obama has not dealt fairly with the American people, he has not dealt fairly with either the Republicans or even those Democrats who are not lockstep behind him singing in the Amen chorus, he has not dealt fairly with American businesses, and he has not held himself to the honor and defense of our Constitution as was his oath when taking office. If nothing else, Obama has proven that nothing is sacred except for the person referred to as the Won, or is it the One. Israel would be wise to break this down and inspect it carefully, especially the wording, for traps and escape routes built into the promises. Empty promises for Israel to take such unprecedented and dangerous steps do not make for an honest and valid deal. Be forewarned.

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