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November 22, 2010

Israeli Best Hope for Air and Military Superiority

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One thing that has become clear from the entire fiasco that the offers, threats, counter threats and general confusion around Israel extending the building freeze is the Israeli need for more fighter aircraft than they can currently afford. This has been much of the driving force behind the push by the Obama Administration to cajole Netanyahu and his supporters to extend the freeze in exchange for additional F-35 JSF aircraft in addition to everything else. Many supporters of the American offer list the promise to block harmful decisions in the Security Council and the promise to not request a further building freeze well behind the temptation of the offer of twenty additional fighters. But would additional F-35 JSF aircraft really provide Israel with sufficient depth to assure Israeli complete air superiority? Many experts claim that even should Israel purchase twenty and be gifted another twenty JSF aircraft; they would not necessarily maintain sufficient planes to guarantee superiority over a combined Arab force.

Israel should invest in a different route to establish air superiority through use of remotely piloted aircraft. Israel is already considered to be among the world leaders in the design and manufacture of UAV aircraft. Most military futurists claim that the future of combat will be robotic and remotely controlled aircraft, armored vehicles, and even robotic replacements or augmentations to the soldier in the field. Considering the predicament of being surrounded by a myriad of enemies that have proven in the past to join together whenever they determine an advantage that will allow them to drive the Jews into the sea, Israel would be best served to take whatever steps necessary to keep a technological and tactical advantage over the combined forces of all her neighbors including countries as distant as Iran and Libya or even further. The best path to retaining an advantage, Israel would be well served to use their technologically advanced leadership in computers, software and other hi-tech sciences to lead the world into the futuristic use of robotic and remotely controlled military systems in order to intimidate potential enemies.

The one statistic that has always put Israel and the Jews living there in constant jeopardy is simply numbers. Where there are over one billion Muslims living in the world, there exist not even fifteen million Jews. The combined armies and air forces of the combined Arab and Muslim world vastly outnumber the numbers in the IDF, even if every reservist were to be called and pressed into service. Tanks, aircraft, ships, rifles, or any military item you care to name the Israelis are outnumbered by anywhere from ten to one to a thousand plus to one. By fielding forces augmented by robotic units, Israel would be enabled to level the field of battle. Since this will be the future of military conflicts, then Israel would be best served to arrive at this future first with the most and the best. The numbers game is probably not going to change into Israel’s favor at any time in the foreseeable future. This would also serve to make Israel independent of their current addiction to others for their military equipment and thus her advantage, which has been growing slimmer and slimmer every year.

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