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November 27, 2010

Shortcomings, Misdirection, or Wrong Direction

Lately, the lack of actionable response to the exploding situations around the world by our current leadership, such as it is, will only result in further escalations and new breakouts in even additional places currently just simmering needing just a slight push to rise to volatile and unstable situations. A short list, which is anything but comprehensive, gives a clue to the severity of situations threatening to topple the world from its current balance on the edge of the razor. Not in my lifetime have I seen the world in such a peril filled set of situations, not even during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Recently, from North Korea we had the revelation of their advanced centrifuge systems processing uranium to supplement their known plutonium nuclear program. When these facts did not get a rise, not even a small ripple in the waters, from the leadership of the free world, North Korea took further advantage with the deadly day long artillery barrage of what they believe to be a contested island in coastal waters. Such brazen aggression is solely made possible due to the timid, feckless lack of convictions or principles that is indicative of the soul of the Obama Administration complimented by a growing military and economic influence from the quiet giant of the Far East, China. Iran, despite serious conflict between a large sector of their society as well as severe splits between many in the Parliament in opposition to President Amademajad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, still is preceding full speed towards nuclear weaponry. What has finally been admitted by some in the West is the dark truth that even should the leadership in Iran change and fall to the so-called opposition, the pursuit for nuclear weapons expressly to be used for the destruction of the Zionist Entity, Israel, would continue unabated.

Another area of concern would be fellow NATO member state, Turkey. As I noted many times early in the life of Beyond the Cusp, Turkey has turned to the Islamic Sharia Law infected world. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Islamic Fundamentalist leaning Justice and Development Party has allied themselves with Iran. Turkey has even set aside the misgivings between Syria and Turkey to facilitate joining the Iranian run alliance. In the last few days, Prime Minister Erdogan has taken a trip to Beirut Lebanon making the threat to stand with Hezballah against any interference by Israel should Hezballah decide to take power through a coup. This anticipated coup to replace the remnants of a free Lebanon with the Iranian proxy and terrorist group Hezballah is anticipated to follow immediately after the release of the findings of the United Nations Special Tribunal into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri that leaks have led to the presumption that high ranking leaders of Hezballah will be implicated in the assassination. Hezballah has already had the ability to veto any action attempted by the Lebanese Parliament for a number of years putting them in virtual control of Lebanon. Once they have completely taken control of the governance via a coup, Hezballah will act as the Iranian proxy rulers of Lebanon leaving solely Iraq between Iran and complete control over the heart of the Middle East stemming from Iran through Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and also Gaza under the oppressive rule of the terror group Hamas.

Iraq and Afghanistan are another set of thorny disputes of ever growing concern. In both countries, Iran has been implemented playing a duplicitous role, offering support and encouragement to the formal governments while also arming and giving other support to the terror groups such as the Taliban and al-Queda in Afghanistan and Muqtada al Sadr and al-Queda in Iraq. This has allowed Iran to hold sway no matter who should end up with control in Afghanistan or Iraq. In the meantime, Iran simply bides its time waiting for the promised draw-down of American and allied troops from both theaters before taking steps to consolidate their influence, if not take total control over each country. Much of Iranian interference has been in conjunction with the Islamist influences inside Pakistan, another place playing both sides against the middle. All of this is being conducted with a minimum of secrecy or concealment of their intent. Despite these relatively obvious ploys by Iran, the current American policy is to draw down combat troop presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan to a point where their presence could be construed as meaningless as far as being an impediment to any moves Iran might make to take control. The only thing the few trainers that would remain could provide are as hostages held by Iran, a use they have proven throughout the Islamic rule to be very fond of using.

The last arena I will cover concerns Israel and her immediate neighbors. We have already pointed out the Iranian influence on much of Israel’s borders with controlling influence over Syria, Hezballah, Hamas, and lately, Turkey. Further muddying of this area has had muted coverage in the world press. That is the attempted mass terror attacks against the ruling family of Jordan, probably one of the few actual peaceful neighbors in the Israeli neighborhood. Egypt has held a cold, but mostly quiet peace with Israel. This could quickly change when Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak gives up his ruling position and allow conditions of the Muslim Brotherhood sweeping open elections, which would probably be the last free elections for quite some time. One must recall that the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the oldest and most influential Islamist organizations in the world. Despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood takes great pains to avoid being directly linked to any terror act, they are the parent organization behind Hamas, al-Queda, and numerous other terror supporting and terror sponsoring groups around the globe. The Muslim brotherhood also has ties to CAIR, ISNA, and other so-called Islamic Rights and Fundraising Charities active in the United States and the West who operate what is referred to as “Stealth Jihad.” Such a change in the leadership in Egypt would negate the peace with Israel. Syria has been making pushes to have the Golan Heights returned to their control, even if they have to promise a peace with Israel, one that would be as well enforced as the supposed peace resulting from Israeli disengagement from Gaza. The consequences of Syria being enabled to use the Golan Heights as a sniper haven would reach much farther into Israel than Hamas has from Gaza. Vast amounts of Israeli farmland and her heartlands would become shooting galleries for Syrian snipers, artillery and rockets. The last front facing Israel is the Palestinian occupied areas of Samaria and Judea. Should Israel be forced by world pressures to surrender the historic Jewish heartlands for the formation of an additional Palestinian State on top of Jordan, the original Palestinian State, within weeks Hamas would execute another coup thus establishing their rule over all of the new Palestinian entity. This would complete the encircling of Israel by her most viscous enemies, the growing empire of Iran. This would become increasingly evident as the Egyptian and Turkish navies and air forces, which were built by the United States, would complete the encirclement by swarming the Mediterranean coastline of Israel. The future for the Israeli little corner of the world looks perilous and fraught with danger. It seems that another full-blown war to drive the Jews into the Sea is unavoidable, dependent solely on the Israeli surrender of Judea and Samaria to Arab and Muslim control.

All of these situations do not include some other ominous and complex circumstances on the economic front and as a result of out of control immigration of nonassimilating peoples. Europe is having desperate problems in both areas with many European Union participating countries teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Another majority of European countries are also having growing unrest caused by immigrant peoples who are insisting that the European societies bend before their demands to drastically alter the basis of their traditions in order to implement a new base of laws. The United States is not as close to the abyss of oblivion as are much of Europe, but America is closing the gap at an alarming pace. But these difficulties shall await another time to allow me to close this already too all-encompassing article.

Beyond the Cusp

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