Beyond the Cusp

December 9, 2010

The Whole Idea is Insane, Again

If the result of the current attempts to birth another Palestinian country in addition to Jordan was not a Middle East war, the whole situation might be considered comical. All one needs to recognize are the results of each stage of the path that has led to the current positions and then extrapolate on to the actual forming of this new state and you will quickly recognize the complete absurdity of the whole endeavor. What has been accomplished thus far?

Before the great minds of the world cooked up this wondrous idea to bring back Yasser Arafat to lead the Arabs living in Gaza and the West Bank to their own future with their own state and all that would encompass, they had one of the healthiest economies and water treatment, trash removal, and other infrastructure needs that were either being upgraded or installed for the first time. Israel got her arm-twisted, Arafat got a spiffy office in the West Bank, and that was the last act that could in any way be considered positive.

Within the first five years of the return of Arafat, the economy of the West Bank and Gaza had been changed by a factor of between five to ten fold. Unfortunately, one did not multiply by this number, one divided as their economy collapsed and unemployment skyrocketed. Before Arafat, under Israeli control, the West Bank and Gaza had one of the world’s fastest growing economies. After Arafat, they had one of the world’s fastest collapsing economies. This remarkable feat did finally bottom out and has pretty much kept pace at the bottom. The only people making a good living were the heads of terror groups and those who managed to get on the Palestinian Authority payroll. Even managing that, only a select few could be considered wealthy, the few cherry picked to be the leaders of this failed experiment.

It boggles the mind how the leaders of the West Bank and Gaza Arabs can muck up their economy so effectively with the influx of trillions of dollars in aid from Europe, the United States, the United Nations, some of their friendly Muslim countries and from NGO’s and the IMF. Somehow all this aid monies simply disappear into some black hole never to reach the people whose leaders wear the finest designer suits and whose families live a lavish lifestyle when they are not at home putting on the show of suffering just like the rest of the Palestinians. One perfect example of such opulence are Suha Arafat and her daughters, the wife and children of the late Yasser Arafat, who live in luxury in Paris, France wanting for nothing. Suha Arafat is reputed to still be receiving $100,000 every month simply to assure the image of Arafat’s family is being tended to quite comfortably.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. Currently, Israel is being pressured to come to a final solution for borders and conditions for establishing a new Palestinian State. One fact that is understood is that once borders have been decided, every Jew on the “wrong side” will have to leave and leave with great haste if they are to preserve their life. Looking back a few years, to about 2005, I seem to recall every Jew being removed from an area that it had been decided would be part of this new additional Palestinian State. This area is called the Gaza Strip. The idea championed by many in Europe, the United States, the United Nations, numerous NGO’s, Human Rights Groups, and a plethora of others, was that such a move would prove that Israel and Palestinians free of the evil Jewish presence would have peace and flowers and all meet at the border to have sing-a-longs around a campfire. The only music resulting from this magnanimous feat of generosity and faith has been the steady thud, thud, thud with accompanying explosions of rockets and mortar fire launched from Gaza at Israeli towns and cities sometimes hitting kindergarten rooms and schools and people’s homes and shopping centers. As time has progressed, the thuds have reached further into Israeli territories and the explosions have gotten louder as the yields of these munitions increase.

Taking all the wonderful ramifications of the Israeli Jews vacating Gaza so that the Palestinian people residing there no longer need fear having any form of contact with any Jew, why would any sane Israeli even give one iota of consideration of repeating this endeavor with the significantly larger West Bank that would place virtually all of central Israel including Ben Gurion International Airport within range of the same armaments being launched from Gaza? Why would such a consideration even enter a single mind when removing every single shred of Jewish presence, especially IDF and Shin Bet or other intelligence gathering units, from the Jordan Valley and the border region with Jordan of the West Bank would allow unfettered flow of every imaginable kinds of weapons into the West Bank to use against Israel. Since every sane, sober assessment of the results from Israel pulling out of Gaza has shown it to be utter folly with horrendous consequences, why would or should Israel give even a moment’s thought to repeating the exact same suicidal actions with an even more crucial security area? Nothing from the entire disaster after disaster from the very first thought of allowing for another Palestinian State to be cut from the heart of Israel has given even a glimmer of hope or possibility that doing so is anything other than a fools errand resulting in national suicide.

The most unbelievable absurdity in this whole fiasco is that the Palestinians, even without full citizenship, were economically far better off under Israeli rule than they have been from the very first moment of self-rule under kleptomaniacs such as Arafat, Abbas, and all the rest of the anointed and perfumed leaders who have stolen them blind. Should Israel allow for the formation of a Palestinian State west of the Jordan River? The answer is a simple, No. Should every Palestinian be given the right to vote in Israeli elections? Again, the answer is, No. Given time, yes, the Palestinians should be given a fair degree of autonomy, similar to Native Americans in the United States. Should those Palestinians who can prove loss of land or property be compensated for their loss? This may be a surprise, but I believe they should, though they might not be allowed to reclaim said property. The same argument can be put forward for the nearly one million Jews expelled from the Muslim world, though there I am not holding my breath. Finally, should Israel retain the right to exile anybody found guilty of planning, preparing, or executing any act of terror? Israel should also be allowed leeway to exile those known terror leaders and their supporting cell members at Israeli convenience. But forcing Israel to repeat the same exact mistake that was the experiment called the Gaza Disengagement, is like inviting somebody to play Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic with one bullet instead of a revolver. Lastly, for those Palestinians who feel they are unable to reconcile themselves with living in lands governed by Jewish infidel, they should receive a one time stipend and nonrefundable tickets for airfare and other transport to take them to the Muslim country of their choice, the farther away, the better.

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