Beyond the Cusp

January 19, 2011

Sarah Palin’s Sin

There is a seemingly constant stream of news reports listing the newest and various misspeaks, gaffs, inaccuracies, and purported misuse of code words or special phrases such as the recent manufactured uproar over her using “blood libel’ in reference to the media placing blame for the Arizona shootings by a madman on her use of bullseyes on a campaign map to show seats considered competitive. Every week, sometimes daily, Mrs. Palin is dragged before the court of public opinion over something she said that somebody, anybody found distasteful, erroneous, or simply questionable, often on the flimsiest of grounds. But why is Sarah Palin so often, pardon the word, targeted by the liberal media icons and foot-soldiers alike? What is her crime that makes her so viscously maligned?

Sarah Palin’s sin is not simply that she is a conservative. It is not just because she did not attend the correct high minded schools. It is not because she speaks in plain words without any pretense or air of superiority. It is definitely not because what she says is untrue as if she makes the smallest of errors in speaking you would think the world was coming unraveled due to her simple misspeak. The real reason Sarah Palin is so viscously attacked is because she connects with people who hear her message. She makes difficult and complex ideas understandable by speaking in what can be called vernacular English rather than taking on a pretentious air using obscure references and what I like to call polysyllabic linguistics, simply put, big words. What makes her connecting with everyday people in a comforting manner even more dangerous is that she is explaining the tenets of conservatism allowing people to realize that what she says conforms to what they believe. Her simple, straightforward, honest, and easy style of speaking unravels all the fear and loathing the media pushes against conservatives in an effort to scare people. The attacks are out of fear that all the extensive and duplicitous efforts to push the liberal, post-modern, secular-humanist message as the only truth on the voting public will all be for naught by the plain speaking Sarah Palin. Because she connects with real people in a real and honest way that presents the conservative, Constitutional message in an easily understood and comfortable nonthreatening manner, Mrs. Palin is a constant threat to upset their apple cart. We can’t have that, now, can we.

Sarah Palin may not be another Ronald Reagan, but that does not mean that her style and her honest and forthright manner reminds many of President Reagan. Sarah Palin’s strength goes beyond her communication style to her brave, self-assured core which gives her the fortitude to withstand the near constant assaults made against her honor, integrity, and intelligence. It takes a rare person to step forward knowing that by doing so one is guaranteed to face a maelstrom of abuse and the vindictive barbs of a hostile media. After running for national office myself, I know of what I speak. I hope to never have to face such hostile vindictiveness again in my life and I hold the greatest respect for Mrs. Palin for stepping forward day in and day out week after week knowing full well what she faces. My hat is off to you, Mrs. Palin, and my gratitude.

Beyond the Cusp

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  1. She reminded me of Reagan right away. I did a double-take at the tv. I said it first, and then I heard others saying it on tv.

    There is something to that. I think it’s her similar believes, and her authenticity. I trust her. It takes a lot for me to trust a politician.


    Comment by Bill589 — January 21, 2011 @ 5:09 PM | Reply

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