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January 28, 2011

Brief Comment on News Coverage on Egypt Unrest

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If you have been following the fevered panic being passed off as coverage of the unrest in Egypt, I hope you are as amused by it as I have been. Even FOX News has been pushing the need for President Obama to step up and take the lead in offering a path to a peaceful solution that the rioting protesters in Egypt can follow to establish a new and democratic government. There have been people interviewed who claim that the Arab street is asking for President Obama to speak and inform them of the position the United States will take. On the other hand they claim that both President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton need to choose their words carefully if they wish to have a positive effect on the situation.

What a bunch of garbage. First, almost all media in Egypt has been shut down. Second, what our leaders have to say is the last thing the Egyptians in the street are waiting to hear. They are listening to their Imam and the local leaders. Third, the Egyptian military are the only ones who have the upper hand and can control the coming resolutions and form the future. Finally, Mubarak and his family should pack their bags, grab all the gold and money they can carry, and get while the getting is good. Should they wait too long, then the choice will not be his.

What will the immediate future hold for the rest of the world? Gas prices are going to spike and could remain spiked for the foreseeable future. The cold peace between Israel and Egypt is dead, done, over, finis! Hamas can stop digging tunnels as the Egypt Gaza border will most likely be opened for the importation of any and all weapon systems Hamas and the other terror groups in Gaza wish; they are making their shopping lists as you read this. The opening of the Gaza border with Egypt will be mostly one way allowing anything into Gaza but only select people and items will be allowed out of Gaza. In the end, the Muslim Brotherhood will most likely have a place in whatever government is formed at the back end of the unrest. Safe bet is that the Egyptian military and the people will reach an understanding and the violence will come under control by mid-week of the coming week. This will not end well as far as the West’s relations with Egypt but also will not boost Iranian standing as the Muslim Brotherhood is a competitor with the powers in Iran.

These are my best guesses and are worth as much as they pan out to be valid. Time will tell if I am all wet or prophetic.

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