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April 15, 2011

If Not Israel Where do the Jews Belong?

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement lays out the claim that the Jews have no history, therefore no place to belong in the Middle East. As we were graciously informed by former Grand Dame of the White House Press Corps, Helen Thomas, “They (Jewish Israelis) should get the hell out of Palestine. Remember these people are occupied and it’s their land… It’s not German and it’s not Polish… They should go home… to Poland, Germany, and America and everywhere else.” This type of comment is not all that remarkable as most of those opposed to the existence of Israel as the Jewish State believe exactly the same that the Jews should go back from where they came. Unfortunately, these very same people get some form of vapor lock not allowing them to reply when asked where the Jews who ended up in Israel after being forcibly driven from the Muslim countries, most of these families had centuries of history living in these lands, should go as their countries of origin will not allow them to return and would kill every last one of them should they return. If they manage to recover, they will most often claim that there were no Jews exiled from Muslim lands, there are only Muslims thrown from their lands by Jews. So, if not Israel, where do the Jews belong?

Many claim they should return to the European countries, America or Russia from where they came. Where this might be applicable to Ashkenazi Jews, it is particularly not applicable to the Sephardic Jews whose roots are in the Middle East, with a significant number who have lived in Jerusalem and all the areas between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, especially Hebron, Cave of Machpelah (burial plot purchased by Abraham where the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs except Rachel are buried), Jericho, Shechem (Nabulus) and other areas now referred to as the West Bank. For argument’s sake, I will simply address the situation for the Ashkenazi Jews, avoiding the obvious problem claiming that the Sephardic Jews should be sent back to Europe where they had never lived. So, what problems might engage the Jews should they be forced to return to Europe, America or Russia and would it simply lead to another genocide of the Jews?

Looking back at history, there is a lot of reasons for Jews to wish to avoid being exiled to anywhere in Russia or Europe, but America might prove to be the exception. Taking the obvious problems of returning Jews to countries where they have often been persecuted at some level almost throughout their entire history with virtually every country at some time having the persecution boil over causing the murder of Jews at levels often reaching a genocidal level. Germany gave us the Nazis, Russia had both the pogroms under the Czars and persecution under the Communists to remove all religion from their regimes, Spain had the Inquisition, England exiled every Jew from its lands twice, there were the purifications of France and Italy that attempted to purify their lands of all who were not Catholic, and many blood libels leveled against the Jews blaming them for everything from the Black Death to economic difficulties, from a blight that destroyed crops to diseases that felled their herds, leading to the persecution of the Jews, sometimes among others, for everything from A to Z.

As already stated, the only country that seems to never have persecuted Jews is the United States, but is that honestly true? Going back to the 1950’s and before you would find country clubs, organizations, events, celebrations, and many private functions that included Jews among those who were not worthy of membership or allowed participation. In order to appear open and accepting, companies had a practice that was a poorly held secret of having a “company Jew” as well as having one of other minorities both racial, nationality and religious. After the Civil War, for a brief period, about a week or two, before the practice was brought to the attention of American leaders in Washington, the General in Military command of the Tennessee and Kentucky region expelled the Jews and took their land, giving it away. Truth be told, the United States and the American people are the most accepting, nonjudgmental peoples through their history. Yes, America had some dire inequalities at her founding, but the founding principles of the United States did inexorably lead to equality, and nurtured an environment of universal acceptance that has continued to grow and expand to tend towards universal acceptance. The American experiment has succeeded at this desirable eventuality more successfully than any other country to date, and with any luck combined with perseverance will continue this great heritage.

History has taught the Jews that no matter how advanced, principled, accepting, or liberated a country is, should the ugly demons of hate, discrimination, and persecution raise their strangling grasp, the Jews are almost universally one of the first selected targets of the bile receiving the brunt of the violence even unto genocidal rage. No matter how much people believe their society is above such base emotions taking hold, history teaches that under a particular set of circumstances that society is capable of anything, even that which was considered unthinkable and abhorrent previously. It happened in ancient Egypt, and happened again in Nazi Germany, and has happened in countries of every stripe between. The only way to allow true safety for the Jews is to allow them their own country, and what better location than their biblical home which lies in lands midway between the two major Jewish lines of heredity, the Ashkenazi Jews and the Sephardic Jews, those lands from where they were first divided by their Roman conquerors in 135AD. Looking at all of Jewish history, the only lasting periods of their safety has been under their own rule in their own country between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. Under every other set of rulers, no matter how benevolent the beginnings, as were had in Egypt, Persia, Spain, and Germany, in the end the Jews became persecuted and often this would lead to their attempted genocide. So, other than Israel, where do the Jews belong and where would the Jews be truly safe for all of the future?

Beyond the Cusp

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