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April 26, 2011

Syria on Verge of Hama Redux

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Back on March 24, near the beginning of the unrest in Syria, we wrote an article Will Dara be the new Hama? At the time there was still hope as most of the mainstream media was still quoting Secretary of State Clinton seeing President Bashar al-Assad as a reformer and who would bring change and not turn to wholesale slaughter of the protesters just as his father had done in Hama in February 1982. The last week has shown that like father, like son as President Assad is rapidly turning all of Syria into a large scale version of Hama, especially in the town of Dara where the protests began. Syria has begun using of tanks and other armored vehicles supporting infantry troops in quelling the protests that the Syrian government has started to refer to as rioters, revolutionaries and enemies of the State. This raising of the force used against protesters has even targeted people participating in funerals and has also targeted anybody on the streets whether they are part of the protest or simply going about their own business. This raises the question of why interfere in Libya under the pretense of the Right to Protect innocent civilians from criminal actions of the State but not using the same principle when Syria’s President Assad has acted in a similar manner as Col. Kaddafi.

We now have, as was predicted here at Beyond the Cusp, three countries who are murdering their civilian populations. The three countries are Syria, Iran, and Libya, yet only Libya has drawn action to prevent the government violence against the people while Iran and Syria have received only statements decrying their actions instead of intervention. Where it would be ridiculous to expect the United Nations, NATO, America, the EU, or any other country or groups to take the mantle of world police and protector of all the powerless, countries should at the very least attempt to be consistent in their actions and protestations. The reason behind the decisions to take down Libya’s Kaddafi while simply stating displeasure with similar actions of Syria and Iran comes down to one basic item, Libya has no friendly countries who would come to their aid while taking actions against either Iran or Syria would cause a fair number of countries to come to their aid and cause the conflict to expand greatly. Should action be taken against Syria, Iran would likely come to their aid which would include Lebanon joining the fight and possibly actions from Nicaragua, Brazil, Venezuela and possible Russia, China or others. This would trigger the possibility of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Countries to join in any fight against Iran which might then lead to other countries taking actions. What it basically comes down to is that should anyone take action against Syria or Iran there exist greater risks of the conflict broadening, while taking action against Libya ran no risk of a greater conflict as Col. Kaddafi lacks allies who would be willing to come to Libya’s aid. Eventually, none of these current decisions will avoid the coming conflagration. We can only hope and support those willing to take whatever actions necessitated to avoid the exploding of the serious threats currently simmering throughout the world.

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