Beyond the Cusp

May 6, 2011

Obama Goes to Ground Zero

President Obama made a trip to Ground Zero probably to give the country closure after the execution of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. I am not sure if all will see his visit as necessarily a positive event, especially since this is his first visit to Ground Zero since the campaign when he joined John McCain there for a joint appearance. President Obama did not even deem a trip to Ground Zero necessary on the two anniversaries of 9/11 during his Administration thus far for reasons only he can say. So, what can be made of this trip? Was it a shameless ploy? Will it become to be seen as the kick-off event of his 2012 campaign for reelection? Perhaps it will be viewed as a solemn and honest visit to signal a point of closure for the country. I guess your view may very well depend on your own view of President Obama.

Since this is my blog, I guess my view would be appropriate. The problem is I have no real feelings about his visit but I will search for the few shreds that are hiding in the vast empty space between my ears. It is my earnest desire that President Obama went to Ground Zero for an honest mission to portray the message that Americans had just passed a moment of importance in that it gives us a sense of closure and justice having been served. Hopefully, those who were seeking some message and action from the President to add a final and concluding piece to the ten year search and final successful completion to the manhunt that took national center stage after the horrendous events of 9/11 received just such a message from today’s Presidential visit to Ground Zero. And, for those who cannot see anything good, honest, or beneficial from anything President Obama does and suspect an ulterior interest driving his every action, please just this once keep your cynicism to yourself; there will be plenty of further acts more appropriate for scorn. I firmly believe that this one time, at least, we, as Americans, can and should see the actions by President Obama going to Ground Zero as a positive, honest, and honorable act. As I often say, time will tell how the different segments of our political spectrum react and how these differing reviews and comments will be received by the majority of Americans. With the deep divisions apparent in our society today, we should expect a wide variation in the reactions and editorials to come.

Beyond the Cusp

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