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May 13, 2011

Obama and a Palestinian State

President Obama does not exactly have a stellar resume when it comes to Israel. Let us first review a few standouts from past performances by President Obama. There was the snubbing of Prime Minister Netanyahu with treatment reserved solely for the kind of people the President would not have wanted to be caught dead with. President Obama refused to have the usual obligatory photo op with Prime Minister Netanyahu even without a short Q & A session. Then there was the demand that Prime Minister Netanyahu enter the White House through a back door, wouldn’t want such an undesirable be seen entering the White House, would we. Then President Obama stiffed Prime Minister Netanyahu leaving him and his other officials alone and ignored without even a representative standing in for the President as Obama went to have dinner with his family. President Obama didn’t even offer to have food provided for the delegation from Israel. There was the meeting with Israeli President Peres held not in the White House but across the street in the Blair House. Why not meet the President of Israel in the White House?

Then there is the vote at the United Nations where the Arab League and the Palestinian UN Representative demanded the Security Council take a stand outlawing Israelis living beyond the Green Line making such a sanctioned act. Before the vote, it was fully understood that of the five permanent members of the Security Council, all were intending on supporting the sanctioning of Israelis with the only possible exception being the United States. It was also known that the American Administration had advised UN Ambassador Rice to abstain allowing the motion to pass leading eventually to the use of force to remove the Jews from the West Bank including suburbs of Jerusalem and those living in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was not until a number of major Jewish contributors to the Democrat Party threatened an end to their monies that at the last moment, Ambassador Rice received new orders to veto the call for sanctioning Israeli settlers. After the vote, Ambassador Rice told the press that the American veto was not made to support the Israeli settlers who the United States position demands they surrender the land to the rightful owners, the Palestinians, but that this was not the method the President supported over negotiations. This was an actual apology for doing the right thing, well, the right thing if you count Israel as a friend which is debatable for this Administration.

Now we are facing a September crisis approaching very fast. What is not known by all, but is extremely important, is that the General Assembly has recognized a Palestinian State twice in the past and doing so again carries no more weight than the last two except that this time it has received a greater deal of fanfare. In the end, a General Assembly declaration of recognition for a Palestinian State carries about the same weight as the paper it is written upon. Such a declaration does not hold the value of law, treaty, or anything more serious than a wish made by the World’s most corrupt body. But, should the Security Council recommend a Palestinian State and then the General Assembly ratify that recommendation, then the proposal for a Palestinian State holds the weight of international law, the same weight as a treaty, and would obligate the member states of the United Nations to enforce the founding of the Palestinian State. Such a move would literally make a situation where it would literally be Israel against the World. So, what are the chances that the Security Council will vote to establish a Palestinian State?

As it stands now, the Palestinian Authority has gathered promises from sufficient United Nations members to attain the needed vote in the General Assembly. This should not come as much of a surprise to anybody knowledgeable of the history of votes of the recent past in the General Assembly and virtually every other body associated with the UN, especially anything to do with Human Rights, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, or any number of what have become buzz words for UN making critical denunciations of Israel. The one exception has historically been the Security Council due to the permanent veto power given the permanent members and utilized by the United States to protect Israel. Under the Obama Administration this veto has become not only not guaranteed, but doubtful. Tallying the stated intentions of the five permanent members of the Security Council we see Russia in favor and China in favor as expected. Prime Minister Netanyahu was recently informed by British Prime Minister Cameron that the British Government will instruct their UN Ambassador to vote in favor of a Palestinian State. Prime Minister Netanyahu then proceeded to France where President Sarkozy intimated that the French were not likely to support a Palestinian State. Within two days of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit, French newspapers reported the French Government was likely to support a Palestinian State in the Security Council.

That leaves only the United States between Israel and the World imposing a Palestinian State upon her forcing the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes and a plethora of Israeli Companies facing moving their entire operations with many likely to simply give up and dissolve the company. Will another last minute threat by Jewish financiers of the Democrat Party to save Israel or will this not even be enough to deter President Obama from realizing his possible historic role in establishing a Palestinian State cementing his place in the history books. I fear this may be the straw that breaks the American support for Israel, at least till the next election. It is possible that may be too late as another attempt by Israel’s enemies to push the Jews into the sea and liberate all of Palestine might come almost immediately after Israeli Jews are dispossessed and deported from the West Bank and Jerusalem. This would allow the Arab Armies the advantage of catching Israel in a state of confusion and disarray. As many have pointed out, should Israel be forced back behind the Green Line, the 1949 armistice lines, the Auschwitz Borders, the Arab Countries would use such a reset to the borders from which they launched the 1967 War, to once again attempt to complete what they failed to do in 1967 and push the Jews into the sea.

Beyond the Cusp

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  1. I don’t think so. Between two evils ’tis not worth choosing 😦


    Comment by Dominic Owen — May 14, 2011 @ 2:59 AM | Reply

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